Spring & Summer 2010

American Cemetery Supplies Spring & Summer 2010 Manufacturer & Distributor Cemetery, Funeral Home, Burial Vault, and Cremation Supplies x x x x...
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Cemetery Supplies

Spring & Summer 2010

Manufacturer & Distributor Cemetery, Funeral Home, Burial Vault, and Cremation Supplies

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Phone: 800-515-0400 1

Satisfaction Service Quality Price


Tents Hill and Lawn Cemetery tent

Standard Top & Steel Frame $1145.00 Tops and Frames Available in 15’ x 15’

15’ x 20’

20’ x 20’

Specifications For a Standard Top: x x x x x

Lock Stitching on All Seams Hooks & Straps -OR- All Straps 1-1/2" wide webbing reinforcement from corner to top Hand pulls in each of the four corners Vinyl reinforcements in each corner and the top

Make it a Deluxe Top For a $100.oo more x x x x x x

Leather reinforcements in each corner and the top Steel plate sewn into the inside center Four Bargards One set Guy Ropes One Tent Top Bag One free Name in white heat sealed twill lettering

Frame: x x x x x 2

Heavy Duty Aluminum OR Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Eight Stakes Forged (Points / no head) Tent Frame has Casted Corners Safety Pin Lock for each rafter Thumb Button Side Rail release

Tent Wall Windows Dress up any wall Clear windows also available

Straight Wall

Northern Style Wall Slant Mound

Sun Roof Extension

Portable PA System MA-705PA

Personal Wireless 50-Watt (RMS) PA System


CD/USB Player Module with Remote Control

MRM-70 (6A)

Plug-in UHF 16-Channel Diversity Receiver Module

Simplicity Flexibility Portability

ACT-707HE Cardioid Condenser Handheld (6A) Transmitter Microphone SC-50

Protective Cover with Side Pouch


Tripod Speaker Stand for MA-705

New Tent Register Solid Oak $199.00 3


Portable 15’ x 15’ Soft top

Top: x x x x x x x

Frame: 2” X 2” Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel Square Tubing x No Welding required for assembly x

Tires: x x


Available in 15’x15’ 15’x20’

Lock Stitching on All Seams x Steel plate sewn into the inside center Leather reinforcements in each corner and the x top 1-1/2" wide webbing reinforcement from corner to top Hand pulls in each of the four corners One free Name in white heat sealed twill lettering Manufactured with ACS Lacing Band

2 - four position locking wheels 2 - free swivel wheels

call for price

Portable Hard Top Chapel

Top: 8 ounce Commercial grade translucent “smooth both sides” fiberglass x Fiberglass is Fade resistant and Corrugated with a 2-1/2” x ½” ridge. x Metal top also available x Fastened with self tapping screws / Sidelap Seam Grommets which are included x

Frame: Galvanized Steel Frame Legs: 2” Square Tubing Top Frame: 1-1/2” Square tubing x NO WELDING REQUIRED for assembly x x x

TIRES: x 2 - four position locking wheels x 2 - free swivel wheels 5

Available in 14’X20’ #20727

14’X16’ #20725

Tow Package available

Hy-Luster Chair Covers *



for standard colors


Standard is labeled with a


Available in : Material x x x

Hy-Luster #22112 $15.95 Polyester #22099 $24.95 Other materials also available

Monogramming available Call for pricing

Drapes are also available in these colors $139.00



Casket lowering device Telescoping stand x x

Galvanized Steel Square Tubing 8" Cast Aluminum Top Plates

$295.00 6

for non-telescoping


Frigid Lowering device Imperial Device plain Our plain devices ship with straps and bronze crank handle.

Master Lowering Device with placer set Includes 4 placers with guide rods, 1 end roller and 1 end stop.

Lowering device Straps

Safety Chains

Available in : Green, Black, and Blue # 22502

15’ for 6’ grave


# 22504

17 1/2’ for 7’ grave


# 22506

20’ for 8’ grave


# 22508

22 1/2’ for 9’ grave


# 22510

25’ for 10’ grave


# 22522



Safety Straps

Hand Straps



Casket Lowering Device Crank $16.95 #22700


$29.00 #22554 Casket Lowering Device Covers Head Covers Made out of Cordura material with padding on the inside to protect your heads from scratches. Sold in Sets of 4 #22712


Top Seal


2(6’ x 14’)’s 2(6’ x 8’)’s 2(T)’s Item#21004 x x x x x

Grass is also sold by the foot

2(6’ x 14’)’s 2(3’ x 9’)’s 2(3’ x 8’)’s Item#21006

Each piece is surged Completely washable with water Lightweight for easier handling Euraloc backing will not crack or peel under normal conditions Guaranteed to not absorb/retain moisture, rot, fade, or mildew

COCOA MATTING 3’ x 15’ special $40

x x x x x


Our standard is 36” width Jute binding is sewn on the ends to prevent unraveling. Makes nice pathways to protect your families during bad weather. Custom widths & lengths are available The Custom Widths Available are 18”’,27”, 45”, 54”, and 72”

Tarps Choose from many different types of tarps to protect your investments, and to help you with any other type of job that you may come across. Material Available: x Vinyl — laminated or coated x Canvas x Polyethylene With or without Grommets All sizes available


Dura Deck is a unique molded plastic mat that is durable, lightweight, and extremely strong. Sections are engineered to provide ground protection and access over soft surfaces and will provide a firm support base and traction for numerous activities. Dura Deck sections can be carried by 1-2 persons and positioned easily as required on a job site. No tools are required for installation or removal

Unlike Plywood, Dura Deck does not: • Absorb water • Get heavier when wet • Lose strength over time • Warp when wet • Contain a risk of rotting or getting eaten by termites Provide safety hazards such as splinters, loose nails,

• or broken boards

Sizes x 2’ x 8’ x 3’ x 6’

x x

3’ x 8’ 4’ x 8’

Out Rigger Pads also Available

Trax Plus Designed for equipment under 30,000 lbs. Out Rigger Pads also Available


Reuse over and over for years

Won’t rot like plywood

No ruts to fill and reseed

UV / Chemical / Oil resistant

Lightweight composite

Unaffected by temperatures

Factory direct prices

Reduce man hours per grave site

Won’t fold up like plastic

Textured for excellent traction

Sizes 22” x 96” 31” x 96” 45” x 96”

Bargards & Red Stake Covers Tent Replacement Hooks To Fit aluminum frame #20450 To Fit steel frame #20449

$3.00 ea.

$1.25 ea.


$1.25 each


Safety /Keeper Pins With or Without Cable

Tent Guy Ropes $18.00 per set

Without #20458

$2.95 With #20459


Tent Top Bag

Double Headed Tent Stakes with point 3/4” x 36” $10.99

$19.95 #20431


Tent Patch Kits

Tent Waterproofing #82031 #82033

1Gallon $24.00 5 Gallons $115.00 TERMS

$12.95 #82009

All items are F.O.B. factory. Customer is responsible for examination of goods upon receipt for any shortages, product damage, and/or packing damage prior to signing common carrier manifest. Any hidden shortages/damage must be reported to common carrier ASAP (less than 18 hours). Leave carton intact and save all packing materials for common carrier inspection. ACS is to be notified immediately (less than 18 hours) Shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility unless otherwise noted. Returns require pre-authorization from American Cemetery Supplies, Inc. to be accepted and may be subject to a re-stocking fee. Custom goods are non-returnable. Accounts not paid to terms are subject to 1.5% interest per month. Accounts over 120 days subject to 25% collection cost.


Polymer Urn Urns are sold in cases of 4 at $29.95 each ($29.95 x 4 = $119.80) Available in x Black Marble x Pearl x Walnut x Sandstone A Customizable Urn. Internal volume is 230 Cubic inches Designed to withstand a crush test of 5,000 lbs / sq. ft. With the marbleized feature, each pattern is unique to each urn Made of high quality polymer, which endures indefinitely Up to four engraved plates on each urn for name and dates, military insignias, university or club emblems x Four available 4x6 inserts for pictures, programs, obituaries, and more x x x x x x

Identification Tags

Temporary Cremation Containers

#87001 Minimum of 250

94-CE TCC-1 $2.60 each


94-CE SC2 90¢ each Order in multiples of 36

75¢ each Absorbent Pads

Cremation 31” x 71”

$2.20 each Order in multiples of 20 #90-3171 11

77¢ each

18”Long x 2.50 O.D. With a .25” wall thickness Sold 60 per case #87024 $46.20 per case of 60

Model 24 Multi-Level Cot, One-Man® Mortuary Cot

Specials !

Model 102 Folding Operating Table

x x

First Call Pouches Cot Covers

Model 87 Church Truck Also available in Model 88


Model 101-H Hydraulic Operating Table

Patient Transfer Board Easy Slider

Flexible Stretcher with Built–in Restraints

Constructed of 18-ounce nylon and solid oak slats, the flexible stretcher's heat-sealed seams protect the slats and reinforce the overall construction. Three 2" web straps secure the carrier around the body and the six handles make it easy to carry the body.

$129.00 94-CC1772W

Available in : international orange and burgundy

Body/Casket lift Deluxe Hydraulic model by ACS 1-Ton Plus Hydraulic Jack Handle grips on the back 2” Polyester Straps with D Rings and Buckles # 24012


Replacement Straps Set of for #22580

$110.00 ID Bracelets


Refrigeration for Your Mortuary or Crematory

Available in 3, 4, and 5 body capacities x Energy Efficient—Unit can be operated for pennies a day. x Simple Installation x Removable and Adjustable Shelves x

Standard Features •On/Off Switch •Door Mounted Thermometer •Self-Sealing Magnetic Door •Self-Contained Refrigeration Church Truck Surround

Large Baby Bier / Urn Carrier


Chairs and Chair Accessories Chair Cover Storage Bag

Standard Steel Folding Chair 50 Series


McCourt Stackable Folding Chair Series 5

Chair Storage Bags



Casket Cover Quilted Blue #22480 $30.00 each Umbrella’s 68” Round #82046


Traffic Cones & Cone toppers $19.95

each Funeral Down 2 Sides

Traffic Signs 15

Stainless Steel Lot Markers ACS ‘s stainless steel lot markers are the finest quality, ground survey marker ground level lot markers available. For use as grave markers, cemetery markers, any kind of lot marker, plot marker available in 3 1/2” and 4 1/2 “ disc Bolt sold separately.

High Impact Polymer Heads x

High Impact Polymer Heads

x x

Galvanized steel spike (easily located with a metal detector) Available in 4" Round or 5" Square


Computer engraved characters sharp, clean, finely detailed


Durable quality at an economical price

Cast Aluminum Lot Marker

Aluminum Lot Markers - solid hand cast aluminum, with an 8" galvanized spike, raised 1" letters and numbers, various configured letter and number formats. Comes with spike or spline. Available: x5" x 5" x3" & 4" round x2 ½" x 5"

Temporary Grave Marker

Reusable $3.90 each #81161

Cemetery Vases

Many different styles To chose from 16

Grave Markers Grave Markers Crown Tilted C166 #101

Order in lots of 25


Order in lots of 25 #89171

Monument Hand Trucks

Setting Compound Starting at $32.95/gallon

With casters & brake #85250 Without casters Or brake #85253

Monument "Liftall"

Sod Lifter $89.00

Earth Tamper $48.00


x x x x

Capacity 2500 lbs. Weight 47 lbs. Ships UPS. For monuments only, 3-1/2" to 15" thick.



Sling Yoke With Shackles & Rollers Capacity: 4 Tons - Weight: 34 lbs. For Slings up to 4½” wide 15” between center of slings It is about 15” from inside of top arch to top of rollers



Cotton-Faced Nylon Slings

x x x x x x


5' is the most common size/type used. Continuous Loop Sling. A pair of 4"width with a 5' hanging length heavy-duty slings has a safe work load of 8,000 lbs. Material is a Stone Handling Webbing and has a cotton face on the inside. Tagged OSHA approved when you receive them. Other sizes and styles available

Memorial Placer/Lifter x x x x x x x


500 lbs. capacity 44” wide (inside) and 67” long (outside) A-frame is 4’ high 9’ overall length 14” wheels are bolt-on and can be mounted inside or outside the frame. 2” welded square steel tubing #23601 31:1 Gear ratio worm gear winch For off road use only


Silver, black, or red

WACKER's BS 50-2, 2-stroke engine powered by the exclusive WM 80, the only 2-stroke engine specifically designed and built for vibratory rammers and meets EPA and European air emission standards. Wacker’s rugged rammers are designed for maximum production, performance and durability.


Bobkart Vault Dolly Built by people that use them Will carry 3,000 lbs. up a 30 degree incline Will brake 3,000 lbs. up a 30 degree incline 12 volt DS no engine to start No hydraulics to leak

#83391 18

x x

Manual Eight wheel Vault dolly Durable 8 wheel dolly, rated at 3000 lbs. Designed to move heavy loads over soft ground


Heavy Duty Trash Receptacles $99.00 24” top diameter

33” height Lids also available 19-1/4 bottom diameter Capacity: 45 gallons

Light Weight Trash Receptacles $100.00 Set of six 19-1/8” top diameter 26-1/4” height 13-3/4” bottom diameter

Submersible Grave Pumps x x x

Durable and compact. Efficient dewatering and residue/utility pump Powerful sand and trash handling pump

Single-phase agitator pumps suspend solids when pumping sand and debris Model HS2.4S-62 Discharge Bore (inch)

Shipping Weight

Cable Length








Mighty Vault Probes

Standard 4’ Vault Probe is the most economical way to locate buried items. The 3/8" steel rods used in this probe has been carefully selected. The handle is a 3/4" T bar which provides additional weight and support for easier penetration.

x x x x x

$24.95 19


Standard 3/8" Round Rod Provides additional weight and support for easier penetration. Shaft High quality alloy steel resists bending and bowing. Threaded for replaceable tip. Special alloy steel, heat treated for longer life.




Vault Butyl Tape x

Available as a 1” half moon by 20’4” x

Minimum order is 8 cases x

5 rolls per case

Vault Cover Heavy Duty Canvas Or Vault Cover Cordura

Vault Liner Adhesive

Vault Power Gold, Silver, Copper, and Antique Bronze Container Size 25lb. can

Vault Bronzing Liquid

Special dry Solvent based liquid 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum 20


With or without grommets


Made to fit your manufacturer/franchise’s vault

Vault Enamel Paints

Antique or Orchid 1 Gallon cans / 4 per case

Vault Latex Paint Gold, Silver, Copper, Antique, Bronze, & Orchid (Available in other colors ) 1 Gallon cans/ 4 per case

Decorative Emblems Nameplates – 20 per box Handles – 50 per box

Roses, Wreaths, and Crosses 20 per box

Crucifixes 10 per box

Vault Handles: $1.80 each #84201 Nameplates: $1.65 each #84211 Wreaths: $1.65 each #84271 Crosses: $1.65 each #84291 Roses: $1.65 each #84281 Crucifixes: $1.65 each #84311

Make your vaults more attractive with decorative emblems and name plates. Emblems are made polystyrene in a matte finish, which is easier to paint. They are durable and constructed to cosmetically enhance the appearance of the vault lid.

Vault Hardware Vault Concrete Inserts

1 2 3 6 8

4 7 9

Call For Pricing 21



18¢ each Bright orange Ƙ” Polymer threaded inserts for concrete Order in multiples of 1,400

A.C.S. Vault Lowering Device

$2,968.00 #23002 Vault Lowering Device manufactured by ACS can be easily transported, set-up and lower a vault safely and efficiently. By changing out the T-rails and lid clamps you can lower concrete vaults or metal vaults with ease and precision.

x x x x

50/1 gear ratio browning gears SS heads with cross over tubes Cast aluminum cable drums 3/16” or ¼” aircraft cables

x x x

Casket adapters plates lid clamps with hand tightening device; no ratchet to lose features precision made gear box with lifetime guarantee on gears

Vault head covers

Casket Adaptor Plates

Vault Lowering Device Cables 22

Tribute Carrier

$1,595.00 #24018

Aluminum Roller Bars Three bars in each set One with brake $445.00 #24052 Roller Bar Bag $65.00 #24072

A.C.S . Aluminum Grave

Boards 14” wide x 10’ long $445.00 #24002

Channel boards Next To Grave $495.00 per pair #24007 Overtop Grave $990.00 per pair #24008 23

10’ Or 12’ lengths

Collapsible Cremation Stands Set up includes x x x

Table Drape Bag

Set ups start at


Crypt Drapes

Mausoleum Beads Available in: Plastic & Glass

$34.95 & up

Crypt Sealers

Power Gripers

Mausoleum Trays


Several styles available



Starting at $23.00 each

Steril Chapel Tent The Original Oval Tent Since 1924 Tent Maul

Call For Pricing

Push Pole Available in: 15’ x 15’ & 20’ x 20’

Ridge Pole Available in: 16’ x 16’ & 16’ x 18’


Flags United States Flags 3'x5' Nylon "200 Denier" U.S. 4’x6' Nylon "200 Denier" U.S. 5’x8' Nylon "200 Denier" U.S. 6’x10' Nylon "200 Denier" U.S.

$ 17.14 $ 25.86 $ 39.43 $ 56.72

No-Fray Stick Flags Starting Price .19 each Flag Poles


x x x x x

Auto Flags 26

Vinyl flag bag with canvas back. 23" x 12". Zips close. This bag holds up to 5 x 91»2' sized flag. Great for transport or storage.

Flag cases & Stands

Veteran Collapsible Cremation Stand & Chair Covers

Veteran Flag & Flag Holders

3'x5' POW-MIA Doubleseal $36.14 4'x6' POW-MIA DoubleSeal $40.71

Military Emblems


3’x5' set

4’x6' set



Prices subject to change without notice. 27


Spring & Summer



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