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Spiritual & Moral Development ----------------------Technical Expert: Ms. Tasneem Sarwar Draft Video Content Outline 1. Oneness of Allah • Lecture O...
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Spiritual & Moral Development ----------------------Technical Expert: Ms. Tasneem Sarwar Draft Video Content Outline

1. Oneness of Allah •

Lecture OR Poem o The objective is to tell students about the Oneness of Allah. o For this purpose in the video either a teacher is shown delivering a lecture about the creations of God OR a relevant poem is used. o Visuals (stills) should be shown which are relevant to the message being given in the video. (God’s creations like nature)

2. Learning about Bismillah • When to say Bismillah o Children will be told about when to say Bismillah and in the

video the various activities will be shown before which Bismillah should be recited like eating, washing hands, drinking, writing/reading, ablution etc. o Then to reinforce the same message a group of children will be shown reciting a poem about Bismillah with performance.

(Voice Over will be used for the first part where students are being shown activities before which Bismillah is to be recited)

3. Courtesy & Manners •

Salam, Khuda hafiz, Subhan Allah, Insha Allah and Thank You o In role play among children the use of above mentioned will be shown.

(Voice Over will support the actual role-play of students to establish the situation)

Video Requirements: • Activity 1

o Animation + Classroom based shoot o Exact points for the script o Teacher & Students

• Activity 2

o School based shoot o Students

• Activity 3

o School based shoot o Child characters for role playing


Personal & Social Development ----------------------Technical Expert: Ms. Lubna Zahid Draft Video Content Outline

1. Physical Development (Fine Motor Skills) •

Thread Game & Basic Art Activity o A traditional thread game that is played by taking a thread in the hand and making design patterns. o Children will be shown making different objects using 3 shapes only (a square, a circle and a triangle).

(Voice Over will explain fine motor skills in the beginning for teacher and students. Then the narration will explain how to conduct the activity. It will explain how a design pattern is made with thread in the hand. The Voice Over will also explain the benefits of conducting these activities.)

2. Sensory Development • Familiarity of hard and soft objects o A box or carton with hard and soft objects mixed will be put in front of the children. They will be asked to take out objects one by one and tell if that object is hard or soft.

(Voice Over will narrate the activity that is taking place, real audio in the classroom will also be used)

3. Self Protection •

A short story o A short story will be shot with a character Ali. o This character will be shown playing with a matchbox and matchsticks. o The story will continue until the character gets hurt. o The message at the end of the story will tell children about things they are not supposed to play with or use.

(Voice Over will narrate the story)

4. Traffic Rules •

Learning about Zebra Crossing o A video will be shot with a child who does not use the zebra crossing and one who uses it. o A child is shown crossing the road without looking right and left and not from the zebra crossing. As soon as a car nears him and applies brakes suddenly the video is paused and reversed to show the same child looking for the zebra crossing, walking to it, looking right and left and then crossing a road.

(Voice Over will be used to explain to children about zebra crossing)

5. Traditional Games (+ Gross Motor Skills) •

Kokala Chapaki o This is a traditional game played in all four provinces. (We will be demonstrating the game using the song in Punjabi). o The video will show students preparing for the game. o Then they will be shown playing the game.

(Voice Over will be used to explain that this is a game of all the four provinces, how the game is played and how gross motor & fine motor skills are being developed)

Video Requirements: • Activity 1

o Classroom based shoot o Various items to be used in the shoot (related to activity) o Teacher & Students

• Activity 2

o Classroom based shoot o Various items to be used in the shoot (related to activity) o Teacher & Students

• Activity 3

o Animation + Location based shoot (a home) o A child character

• Activity 4

o Animations + Outdoor Shoot (on the road) o A child character o Vocals for traffic signals poem

• Activity 5 o o o o

Outdoor shoot (playground) Various items to be used in the shoot (related to activity) Teacher and Students Vocals for the kokala chapaki song + music


The World Around Us ----------------------Technical Expert: Ms. Raheela Awais Draft Video Content Outline “VIDEO 1” 1. Important Places Around the School •

A Story of a Boy and his Grandfather o The boy and his Grandfather set out on a journey from home to the hospital. o Along the way they pass different places like the School, Main Road, Mosque, Police Station, Bank, Garden, Market and Post Office. o Both of them will also see some domestic animals as they pass a house. o They will rest in the Garden and will interact with a Gardner (Mali) there. o Through their dialogues familiarity of these places will be established for the students. o When they talk about these places various images and shots of the places and its professionals will be shown on screen. o As they reach the hospital we will show the interaction of these characters with the hospital personnel. (The Procedures in detail) o The child’s interaction with the doctor will also be included.

Various topics will be covered • • •

Garden – Gardening, Littering and how to be gentle with plants/flowers Market - Polythene bags Main Road – Pollution

Some questions will be asked by the Grandfather and the child will have previous knowledge about them like about Mosque and Market. At most locations the child will ask questions and the Grandfather will give answers.

“VIDEO 2” 2. Slide Show 1 • What is Family? (An animated slide show)

o o o o

Giving the students a concept about family. Show family of animals (Lion and its cubs). Define Family Members (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister). Show things used by or related to each family member.

3. Slide Show 2 •

Positive and Negative Behaviours at Home (An animated slide show showing Dos and Donts) o In Dos we can show:  Tidying up the room.  Taking care of toys.  Helping with the dishes.  Gardening.  Brushing teeth  Waking up early  Importance of food for growth  Healthy diet (fruits, vegetables)

o In Donts we can show following with a cross mark on them:  Using matchbox  Using scissor or knife  Untidy room  Standing on a tall stool  Listening to loud music or TV  Using medicines  Junk Food

4. Slide Show 3 •

Positive and Negative Behaviours at School (An animated slide show showing positive and negative behaviours at various places like playground and classroom) o Negative Behaviours:  Littering in the playground.  Misuse of water in washrooms.

o Positive Behaviours:  Throwing litter in dust bins.  Proper use of water taps and water.

5. Slide Show 4 •

Familiarity with Weathers (An animated slide show) o Four weathers to be introduced. o Fruits, Dresses, Eatables etc. to be shown with respective weathers. o Teacher to be instructed to create 4 corners in the classroom for all weathers and ask students to paste relevant items in each corner.

Video Requirements: • The Story

o Outdoor Shoot + Location based shoot (Hospital) o Two Main Characters: Child and Grandfather o Additional Characters: Mali (Gardner), Doctor

• Slide Show 1

o Animated video o Either sketches/drawings or real images to be used

• Activity 3

o Animated video o Real images to be used (photography involved)

• Activity 4

o Animated video o Real images to be used (photography in school required)

• Activity 5

o Animated video o Either sketches/drawings or real images to be used.


Parents & Community Involvement for Mobilization of Resources and Support for ECE ----------------------Technical Expert: Ms. Mussarat Sadiq Draft Video Content Outline (The video starts by showing parents arriving at school with children. Some generic shots of parents with their children in various locations of the school are shown. Stills may also be used. The Titles of the various activities given below will appear on screen before it’s video.)

1. Parents Involvement in Arts Classes •

Cutting, Pasting, Sketching Activity o Teachers will be shown forming groups and assigning parents to each group. o With groups formed the activity will begin. o Various shots will show children and parents interacting in the activity. o Teacher will be shown guiding the groups. o All will be shown to have a jolly good time while learning.

2. Celebration of Special Days • Mother’s Day o Students will be shown planning to celebrate Mother’s Day o

o o o

(making a poster). Using their arts skills they will make invitation cards for the event. They will also make low cost or no cost gifts for their mothers. The actual day will be shown celebrated in school. Mothers will come to school and children will give them the gifts they have prepared.

3. Arranging a Walk •

Planning, Arranging and Executing a Walk against Pollution o Students will prepare placards, posters, brochures against pollution. o Parents will be shown involved in this activity at school. o Parents and teachers will take students out for the walk. o Children will distribute brochures to other community members. o Community members will be shown joining their walk. o At the end the walk participants will go to a nearby park and shown making short speeches.

4. A Day with Professionals •

A Visit of some Professionals to School o A Doctor, Firefighter, Policeman to visit the school (in their professional attire) o They will interact with students in the classroom. o They will explain students about their jobs / duties.

Note: According to the requirement of the Technical Expert, there should be no Background Voice OR Narration and the whole video should only have background music OR a poem related to the topic.

Video Requirements: • Activity 1

o School and classroom based shoot o Various items to be used in the shoot (related to activity) o Parents, Teacher & Students

• Activity 2

o School and classroom based shoot o Various items to be used in the shoot (related to activity) o Parents, Teacher & Students

• Activity 3 o o o o

School / classroom and outdoor shoot Various items to be used in the shoot (related to activity) A Park/playground Parents, Teacher & Students

• Activity 4

o Classroom based shoot o Professionals in their respective attire o Teacher and Students


Learning of English Alphabets and Vocabulary Words ----------------------Technical Experts: Ms. Saadia Adnan & Dr. Zafar Iqbal Draft Video Content Outline “VIDEO 1” 1. Sounds of each English Alphabet and Vocabulary Words •

A Poem o A poem has been provided to us by the technical expert which is to be sung. o An animated video that supports the lyrics of this poem is to be produced. o The poem teaches students about the phonetic sounds of each English alphabet and some vocabulary words.


2. Learning Vocabulary Words • Picture Story o An animated video (cartoon) based on the story of a thirsty crow will be produced.

o Words of all alphabets will be covered in various scenes of

the story. o The words are to be covered in proper sequence of the alphabets. o Words will be covered by incorporating objects in the various scenes of the story and the voice over will narrate them.

Video Requirements: • Video 1

o Vocal talent for poem o Animation based video

• Video 2

o Voice over narration o Animation based video


Learning of Urdu Alphabets Reading ----------------------Technical Experts: Mr. Taaj Muhammad Draft Video Content Outline

Urdu: Reading Skills Duration: 6-8 minutes

Technical Expert: Mr. Taaj Muhammad Primary concept for teachers is to understand how to impart Urdu reading skills and that “ educating a child requires the instructors to move from known to unknown” Teacher’s Kit: A chart of Urdu Alphabets to be used as a wall hanging Books (Qaidas) of Urdu Alphabets Alphabets made from plastic Video Concept As the introduction a voice over will explain the current methodologies being used to teach urdu reading and why they are not effective.

Mr. Taaj will then be shown delivering a lecture to teachers of ECE regarding the current way of teaching and its inefficacy (1st and 2nd pattern of Alif, Bay, Pay). Mr. Taaj will then be shown explaining to teachers the 3rd pattern and the new methodology which is effective and advisable to use.

It will be an interactive learning session for teachers. (Interaction between the trainer which is Mr. Taaj and the teachers to be recorded).

At the end the teachers will be shown advocating through testimonials the 3rd pattern of teaching urdu reading as explained by Mr. Taaj.

During the lecture Mr. Taaj will be shown using the items from the teacher’s kit to explain the teaching methodology to teachers. (As per the expert’s advice in this limited time he will only be able to explain the teaching methodology of 1 alphabet and the message would be to replicate the same methodology for all other alphabets)

Video requirements: Classroom Shoot

Teachers (as audience)

Learning of Urdu Alphabets Writing ----------------------Technical Experts: Mr. Naseeruddin Draft Video Content Outline

Urdu: Writing Skills Duration: 6-8 minutes

Teacher’s Kit: Colour Pencils, Colour Papers, Flash cards, Lead pencil and pocket board.

In the beginning a voice over will narrate the concept of interactive learning and why it is necessary for students to effectively learn urdu writing. Then we go on explaining the items to be used (teachers kit) for the activity to follow. The narration will continue to explain the activity that is going to be performed.

Activity • • • •

Distribute the colour papers and markers amongst students. Children would be told to draw lines in horizontal, vertical or any direction. Through animated video lines would be picked. They will be connected and alphabets made on screen. These will be roughly similar to actual alphabets and then with animation we will show the proper writing of the same alphabet. In the next stage, a split screen will be used to show students writing the alphabets properly on flash cards and put them in the pocket board (on one side) and on the other side animation of proper writing will be shown. A voice over will support this writing activity for example in case of Alif the voice over will tell students the way to write it like: “Upar se neecay seedhi line” All alphabets of urdu to be covered in the same manner.

Video Requirement. • • •

Classroom Shoot Animations. Teacher and students.


Basic Mathematical Concepts ----------------------Technical Expert: Mr. Saleemullah Draft Video Content Outline “VIDEO 1” Objective#1: Geometrical Shapes Concept: Square A bread slice appears in the centre of the screen;

The slice vanishes leaving behind the 4 equal corner lines; Voice Over: This is a Square. It has 4 equal sides *Concept replicated with windows. Concept: Triangle A Sandwich appears on the screen, having 3 equal sides;

The Sandwich disappears leaving behind the 3 equal lines forming a triangle; Voice Over: This is a triangle. It has 3 equal sides. *Concept replicated with triangular tiles Concept: Circle A cycle standing still, camera zooms into its wheel; The wheel vanishes, leaving behind the circle;

Voice Over: This is a circle * Students now portray the above shapes, by making formations in groups. Animated lines border the group, these lines then are animated on the screen by showing them in different colors, breaking and forming the respective shape again.

Objective#2: Measurement of Length 2 boys appear on the screen

Voice over: 1 boy is long and one is short

An animated scale appears on the screen reinforcing that one boy is short and the other is tall and then disappears. Concept replicated with: Trees

Giraffe & Zebra Pencils

(Note: According to the requirement of the expert a short poem regarding each topic, which are already available with the expert, should be included in the end of each topic just to add colors and interest. The videos are downloaded from youtube so the solution for copywrights issue is to add the name of the source that has produced that video).

Video Requirements: Real Life Images

Classroom shooting Animation


Basic Mathematical Concepts ----------------------Technical Expert: Mr. Saleemullah Draft Video Content Outline “VIDEO 2” Objective#1: Numbers (0-9) Sun appears on the screen Voice Over: The sun is 1. Eyes on the screen

Voice Over: These are two eyes Husband, Wife and son appear on the screen Voice Over: These are 3 family members Similarly, 4. Plates

5. Mangoes 6. Cars

7. Buildings 8. Persons 9. Apples

The apples now decrease one-by-one, helping child to number the quantity in reverse order 9,8,7, 6…0

Objective#2: Identifying Colours

Green A Leaf appears on the screen

Voice Over: This leaf is green. *Concept replicated with a green shirt Red Traffic signal appears on the screen. Voice: The signal is red.

Concept replicated with a red rose. Black Black shoes appear on the screen. Voice: The shoes are black.

Concept replicated with a black cat. Objective#3: Understanding the concept of Heavy & Light (Classroom activity)

Teacher asks a student “Please pick-up this pencil” The student easily picks it up.

Now the teacher asks the student to “Pick a chair” The child is not able to do that.

The teacher explains, “ The pencil is light & the chair is heavy”.

Video Requirements: Classroom shooting (for objective 3 – Concept of Weight) Teacher and Students Animations


Creative Arts Use of Waste Material for Creativity ----------------------Technical Expert: Ms. Anwaar Jehan Draft Video Content Outline (In the beginning Trash heaps and wasted paper/cartons are shown and the message is given that this may seem as trash and unusable but on the contrary these things can be used very effectively to teach creativity to students.) 1. Paper Recycling •

Process of Paper Recycling (A voice over tells us why paper recycling is important…the message will be to save trees and reuse trash)

o The process of paper recycling will be explained through a teacher demonstration and the students will be shown following. o Then using that recycled paper various creative items will be prepared. Teacher will demonstrate and students will follow.

(Similarly various other items will be used for creativity, like pet bottles, waste boards, paper plates)

o The sequence of the demonstration video will be:  Material  Use  Finished Creative Item

Video Requirements: Classroom shooting

Teacher and Students

Real life images (stills + videos)


Creative Arts Collage + Preparing Creative Items with Stones etc. ----------------------Technical Experts: Ms. Farhat Zafar & Ms. Amna Tariq Draft Video Content Outline (In the beginning there will be a short introductory narration that will tell about using no cost items from the surroundings to enhance creativity and prepare art products. Then the narration explains the concept of collage and what items can be used for the activity to be conducted).

Teacher’s Kit:

Wasted newspapers Magazines Toffee-wrappers Leaves Cardboard White glue

Assemble: 10 Groups each having three to five students. Classroom Activity 1. Teacher distributes the kit amongst each group.

2. Teacher draws an outline of a bat on a cardboard, for each group.

3. The teacher now puts a sample of previously drawn bat (with the help of newspapers and toffee wrappers) in front of students asking them to make exactly the same.

4. Children tear the newspapers into small pieces/bits.

5. Then glue the pieces and paste them within the outline.

6. At every step teacher instructs and guides them, until the completion of the collage.

(Similarly other objects can also be shown) (The narration now explains about how stones and pebbles can be used for creativity).

Classroom Activity 1. Teacher is shown with the students in class.

2. Teacher is shown explaining the items that are being used and how they can be used to prepare creative items.

3. Students are shown following instructions and preparing creative items.

Video Requirement: • Classroom Shoot

• Teacher & Students =============================================

Health & Hygiene ----------------------Technical Expert: Dr. Saleem Draft Video Content Outline 1. Teaching Children about Health & Hygiene •

Dos and Donts o The video will compare children with healthy and hygienic habits and children with unhealthy and unhygienic habits. o The children with unhealthy and unhygienic habits will be shown the consequences in animated format (showing germs and their relation to illness). o Topics to be covered include:  Personal Hygiene  Food Hygiene  Hygiene at Home  Everyday Hygiene

Video Requirements: • •

Animations + location based shoot Child characters ========================================

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