Spelling Bee Word List. Year 4

Spelling Bee Word List Year 4 • • • • • Word Themes Planets World Countries Plants Animals Music – need more abbreviate accept acid adjective affai...
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Spelling Bee Word List

Year 4 • • • • •

Word Themes Planets World Countries Plants Animals Music – need more

abbreviate accept acid adjective affair airline aloud ambush anniversary antonym approach arch artificial assign atmosphere attract average axe Page 1 of 13:

absent accordion acorn adjust afford aisle altitude anchor annual appetite approximate arctic ash assortment atom audience avoid axle

absorb accuse acrobat admire agriculture alfalfa aluminium ancient antelope applaud apricot ark aspen athlete attach auditorium awe babble

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

accent ace actual admit aid algae amaze ankle anthem appreciate aquarium arrest aspirin atlas attend auto awkward background

balance ballroom banner barrow basin battle bedspread beige bid blacksmith blaze blizzard blush bonus bough bouquet brass bride brisk bruise buffet buoy butler cable Canada capable capsule carbon carriage Page 2 of 13:

bale bamboo banquet barter bat bawl beer belch billion blade bleach blood bobsled bookworm boulder brag Brazil brief broad buddy bullet burp butte caboose canary capacity capture career carton

ballad bandage bargain base batch bay beet beyond biography blank bleat blouse bold booth bound brake breast brilliant bronze budge bulletin burrow buttercup calendar cancel capillary caramel carnation cartwheel

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

ballpoint banjo barrel basic baton beagle behold bibliography birch blast blind blurt bomb border bounty brand brew brim brow budget bully bushel cabbage calorie cane capital carbohydrate carnival cash

casserole cavern cement champion chapel chariot chemical chip chord chubby cinder clank click closet clutch cocoa coil colony commercial compose condition consist contagious control cord cottage counter courtyard cradle Page 3 of 13:

cassette cast cedar cello centimetre century channel chant chapter character charm cheap chestnut chill chirp choir chore chorus chuck chug cirrus citizen clarinet clasp climate cling clump clumsy coal coarse cod coffee collect college comet comic committee communicate compound concentrate congruent conjunction constellation constitute contain continent convenient convince core cork cougar cough couple coupon cousin coward crate creak Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

cauliflower cellophane challenge chap charcoal checkers China choke chow cigar clang clatter clink cluster cobra coffin collie comment compass concert consider construct contrary cooperate cot council courteous coyote create

crew crook crumb cuddle cure cylinder date deaf decrease degree deny deputy detergent diagram diet dip discourage dissolve dodo dove drama drill duke dungeon echo electron elsewhere England entire Page 4 of 13:

crib crossword crunch culture current dam dawn death defend den depend deserve detour dial dine disappoint discuss ditch dome downpour drape drizzle dunce earthquake educate elegant embarrass enlarge envelope

crime crouch crush cumulus custom damage daze deciduous define denomination deposit desperate develop diary dingo disaster disguise divide doodle doze drawbridge drought dune ease effect element emergency enormous equal

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

croak crowbar crystal cupboard cycle dart deadline decimal definite dense depot destroy dew dice dioxide discipline displace dizzy doubt drab dribble duel dung echidna effort elk empire enthusiasm equilateral

error estimate example exercise exist expert eyelash faith favour festival fin flask fling flood foam forearm fort France fret fungus further gang gauze genie gigantic glaze gloom goal golf Page 5 of 13:

erupt evaporate excellent exhale expect express factor fame fawn fetch finch flavour flip fluff folk forehead fortune freckle friction furnace future gangplank gear geography glacier glimpse glossary goblin gong

essay event except exhaust expensive extend fade fashion fee file flannel flea flipper fluid forbid foreign foul freeway frustrate furnish gallop gap general geranium glance glisten glow goggles gossip

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

establish evidence exchange exhibit experience eyebrow fail fasten ferry film flare flesh flock flute ford foreword fraction freshman fumble furniture gander garter generous Germany glare glitter gnaw golden grace

gradual grasshopper graze grill groom gulf gut hail handcuff harrow hazel health hemisphere hind history hockey holly hoof household humid hydrogen icebox ignite immediate India inner inspect interrupt invisible

graduate grate grease grind grouch gully guy halo hardware harsh headdress heave hesitate hinge hitch hoe holy hoot however hunch hymn ideal image improve individual inning instant intestine inward

gram grateful greenhouse grip grunt guppy gym hammock harmonica haul

Page 6 of 13:

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List


heaven hiccup hint hobby holiday homespun horizontal huddle hush hyphen idle imagine increase industry innocent instruct introduce iodine

grammar gravity greyhound groan guide gurgle gypsy handball harpoon hazard heal hedge hike hiss hobo holidays homonym horror humble hutch iceberg igloo imitate indent influence insist intelligent invent irrigate

itch jellyfish journal junk kettle kimono Korea laboratory lantern latch layer legend liberty limp llama locket lope luggage macaroni maintain manufacture marigold mash math mechanic memorial menu metric mission

jabber Jerusalem juggle Jupiter keyboard knit knuckle lack lark launch leap lens lily lipstick loan lodge lord lumber magma manage manure marmalade mast mattress medium memory Mercury midnight mister

Japan jewel junction kangaroo kid koala lab ladle lash lava lease lever lime litter lobby London loss lunar magnificent mane maple Mars master maypole melody mend mermaid minnow mittens

Page 7 of 13:

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

jaw jewellery junior kernel kidney kookaburra labour lame lass lavender ledge liar limestone liver locate loom lotion lurch magnify mantle marble mascot material meanwhile melon mental meteor minor moccasin

mock mollusc Moscow muffin multiply muscle myth native necessary nitrogen novel numb oar oboe omit orchestra orient ostrich overalls pantry paraffin pardon partner patio peace peck pennant permit phrase Page 8 of 13:

model monitor motion muffler mumble moustache naked nature Neptune nook nozzle nun oasis observe ooze ordinary oriole ounce owe papoose paragraph parenthesis passenger patrol peak peer percussion petunia pickle

moderate mood mount mug mummy mustard napkin naughty nibble nor nucleus nuzzle oats occupation operate organ ornament outfit pad parable parallelogram

participate patent pause pearl pelican perennial pheasant pickup

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

moist mop movie muggy munch mutt nasty navy nightmare notch nudge nylon oblong occur opportunity organize ornery outskirts padlock parachute parcel particular patient pave pebble penetrate perfume photosynthesis


pill pinwheel pixy platform plop plump poet polka poncho porcupine portfolio postmaster practical precipitation preposition principal process proofread prowl pullover puncture quadrilateral quarrel quotient raft ramp ray receive reduce Page 9 of 13:

pillar pistol planetarium platter plot plural poison poll poodle porpoise position postpone prairie predicate prevent prism product property public pulse purpose quail quartet racer rage rapid razor recipe redwood

pinch pit plaster platypus plum Pluto policy pollute popover porridge positive posture preach prefer pride prison program proton publish punch putter qualify quilt raccoon rail rattle realize recognise reed

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

pineapple pity plateau plaza plumber pod polish polygon popular port postage poultry precious prefix primary private proof protrude pulley punctuate pyramid quarantine quiver racket railway raw receipt recover regard

region remark research result rhinoceros rinse route ruff runt rustle salary satellite scalp scout screwdriver seafood secrete senor sewer shallow sherbet shorthand shrill sideburns similar situation skinny slam sleet Page 10 of 13:

regret repeat reservoir reveal ridge rise routine ruffle rural rustler salmon Saturn scene scowl scrimp seam secure sensitive sewage shame shift shortstop shrub sideways simile skid skittish slang slender

rein represent respond revoke rifle rot royal runaway Russia Sahara sandal sawmill scent scramble scripture seaweed seek series shack shampoo shipment shoulders shrug sift siren skillet slab slant slick

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

rely rescue responsible revolution rigid rough ruby rung rust sake sash saxophone scoot screw scum secretary seldom sermon shale shawl shortening shred shuffle silverware sissy skim slacks slash slight

slim slug smith snail snip snort soccer soggy solve soothe soybean spangle spatula spectacles spinach splinter spore sprout squat staff stale staple steak sting stock strait stride struggle stump Page 11 of 13:

sling sly smog snapdragon snoop snub social solar somersault sore spa spaniel spear sphere spiral sponge sport spur squaw stage stalk startle steel stingy stockade streak stroke strum sturdy

slip smack smokestack sneak snooze snug sofa solid somewhat source spaghetti sparrow species spice spit sponsor sprain sputter squirm stagecoach stall steadfast steep stink stopwatch stretch stroll stubborn subject

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

slop smear smudge snicker snore sober softball solo sonar souvenir Spain spat speck spike splice spook spread squash squirt stain stallion steady steeple stitch strain strict structure stumble submarine

subway sufficient sum supply suspect sway swift tab talent tardy teeter telltale tennis text theft thong thrill thus timid tiresome tomahawk toot tough trampoline trim troop truth turnip typewrite Page 12 of 13:

succeed suffix sunflower support suspender swear syllable tablet tambourine tassel telegram temper termite texture therefore thorax thud thy tingle tissue tomboy topic tow trapeze trinket trophy tuba twine umpire

suck suggest super suppose swamp sweat synonym tack tame tee telegraph temple terrier thaw thimble thorn thumbtack tide tinsel toadstool tone torch trademark treble trio trousers tuck twinkle unicorn

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

suffer suitcase superior surround swan swell synthesis tackle tank teenager telescope tend territory thee thistle thou thump tilt tint tale tong total tramp tricycle trombone trundle tumble twirl uniform

union Uranus vary veil vessel view vocabulary vulture walrus wealth wee wheelchair whirl wizard wreath youth

Page 13 of 13:

universe urgent vase vein veterinarian vine volcano waddle waltz weasel whack whiff widow wombat wrestle zero

upland vampire vegetation Venus vibrate vinegar volume wade wasp web wham whine wilderness workout wrinkle zone

Year 4 Holy Family Spelling Bee List

upright vapour vehicle veranda video violet vote wallaby wax wedge wharf whinny windpipe worship xylophone