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SOME THINGS IN LIFE ARE TOO GOOD TO MISS Digital Video Recorders with Online Electronic Program Guide

KiSS DP-558 KiSS VR-558

It’s not just about playing DVDs

Introducing KiSS Digital Video Recorders Ultimate Home Entertainment: KiSS DP-558 and KiSS VR-558

* ** ***

TimeShift: Pause Live Television

Record directly onto the Hard Disk

KiSS Online Services for work and play

Pause and play live television whenever you want it. Just press “pause” to freeze the screen, the television program will start recording on the hard disk.

Record up to 450 hours of television program* directly on the player’s hard disk. 3 hard disk sizes available to fullfil your needs, just choose: 80 GB, 200 GB or 300 GB.

Find out exactly what’s on TV and set it to record, tune to thousands of radio stations, check global weather forecasts and get your daily stock market fix.**

Schedule Recording On-The-Go

Your PC’s perfect partner

Nero’s on board

Log-in onto the Online Electronic Program Guide anywhere you are and schedule recording directly from your PC, your mobile phone or your PDA.

Directly access all your favorite audio, video and picture files from your PC – and see them on your TV, plasma or widescreen. No more burning disks.***

Meet all your encoding needs with three types of Nero Digital Software included: Nero Recode 2-CE, Nero ShowTime 2-CE, and Nero MediaHome CE.

Depending on the chosen recording quality. Requires a Broadband Internet Connection KiSS PC-Link requires a PC with Windows XP. A Macintosh Compatible version is available for download on KiSS’ WebSite

The center piece of your digital home The next generation of video recorders

RECORDING THE FAST WAY Next Generation of Digital Video Recorders, the DP-558 and VR-558 both have built-in Hard Disk to record television. So, now you can record as much as you want without having to burn countless DVDs and, you can delete a program once you have watched it. There are three models of KiSS Digital Video Recorders, each with a different Hard Disk size. You can record up to 120 Hours of television program on a DP-558 - 80 GB Hard Disk, 300 Hours on a

KiSS DP-558

DP-558 - 200 GB Hard Disk and 450 Hours on a VR-558 with 300 GB Hard Disk. Get the best of recording with the free KiSS Online Electronic Program Guide. Connect your player to Broadband Internet to view what’s on TV tonight. KiSS Online EPG enables you to browse through all your television channels, to get extra information about movies such as plot or cast and at a press of one button schedule a recording. Schedule a recording on-the-go with KiSS Remote EPG. Simply log on the web from your PC at work,

your mobile phone in the street or your PDA at the airport. View what’s on TV and set a recording to schedule. Your player will be notified and will start recording at the given time. PAUSE LIVE TELEVISION Pause live television whenever you want it. An important call during a movie? No problem, simply press pause on your remote control, the picture freezes and your DP-558 or VR-558 starts recording. Just press play when the call is finished to resume watching your television program. If an

advert comes, just fast forward. Now you won’t even have to watch the boring stuff. ONLINE GOODIES Any more goodies? Just log on KiSS Online and access the extra service your Digital Video Recorder can provide. Just view the weather forecast anywhere in the world, check your stock exchange info, listen to thousands of internet radio stations with WebRadio 3 or play games. KiSS Online is an ever-expanding service, extra features are made available with time.

KiSS VR-558

GETTING CONNECTED Connect your computer to your PC and watch or listen to any video, music and picture content on your television. Simply list them in the provided KiSS PC-Link Software to make them available and view or listen. HARD DISK, NOT JUST FOR RECORDING No more storage space on your PC? Use the builtin hard disk of your DP-558 or VR-558 to store your video, music and picture content. Just view the

content of the recorder’s hard disk on your PC’s Internet Browser and copy any content you want. You can also view your recordings, rename them and copy them to your PC if you want to burn them onto CD or DVD. PLAYBACK YOUR LIBRARY Play all content on your Digital Video Recorder. From DVD to DivX and Nero Digital via MP3 and Jpeg. The DP-558 and VR-558 are also fully upgradeable with free online downloads from KiSS. So technology will never outrun your machine.

KiSS Online – all the extras The world at your fingertips

KiSS Online Portal

Online Electronic Program Guide

WebRadio 3

By hooking up your Player to a Broadband Internet connection, you can access countless online extras for fun and convenience.

Check all the latest TV programs directly on your TV screen and set them to record. Click on a program to read details and even create a personal favorites list.

Listen to over 3000 different radio stations from all over the world. Select your favorites based on genre, radio station or country.

Online Weather


Online Games

Check the weather forecast for any continent, country or town. You even get access to a five-day outlook and satellite pictures.

How are all the main financial markets doing today? Find out with StockView. You can even check and convert currency values.

Play your favorite online interactive games on your TV screen. Take on other online players. Four games are included on the machine: Klondike, Minesweeper, Reversi and Checkers.

KiSS DP-558 & VR-558 Connections Plugging you in to possibility a







KiSS VR-558 L

















Front Panel

r a











e h

KiSS DP-558


a b c d e

TV Antenna Input SCART Input Composite Video Output Coaxial Audio Output Composite Video Input

f g h i j



Trigger 12 V Input On/Off Button AC Input TV Antenna Output Ethernet 10/100



k l m n o

SCART Output S-Video Output Component Video Output Analog Stereo Output Optical Audio Output

p q r s

S-Video Input Component Video Input Analog Stereo Input Trigger 12 V Ouput

KiSS DP-558 & VR-558 Specifications Choose what is best for you KiSS DP-558

KiSS VR-558

Product Description

Digital Video Recorder

General Features

Hard Disk Recorder, Adjustable Recording quality, DVD Player, TimeShift, KiSS Online* (Online Electronic Program Guide, WebRadio 3, Online Weather, StockView, Online Games), Remote Electronic Program Guide (Schedule recording from your PC, mobile phone or PDA), KiSS PC-Link**, Hard Disk FTP Access, Nero Digital Software (Nero Recode 2-CE, Nero ShowTime 2-CE, Nero MediaHome CE)

Recording Capabilities

Up to 120 Hours

Up to 300 Hours

Up to 450 Hours

Hard Disk Sizes

80 GB

200 GB

300 GB


Ethernet 10/100 Base T

Video Playback Formats

DVD, MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX 3.11, DivX 4, DivX 5, Nero Digital, XviD

Audio Playback Formats

Audio CD, WMA, WMA Pro, MP3, MPEG, MPEG-2

Picture Playback Formats


Compatible Media Type


Maximum Resolution

1280 x 1024

Television System


Video Output Connections

SCART, Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video

Video Input Connections

SCART, Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video

Audio Output Connections

Analog Stereo, Optical Audio, Coaxial Audio

Audio Input Connections

Analog Stereo

Analog Stereo x 3, Optical Audio, Coaxial Audio

Other Connections

TV Antenna In and Out, Ethernet 10/100

TV Antenna In and Out, Ethernet 10/100, Trigger 12V In and Out

Package Content

DP-558 or VR-558 Unit, Remote Control and batteries, SCART Cable, Composite Video Cable, Analog Stereo Cable, Power Cable, KiSS PC-Link Software, Nero Digital Software, User Guide

*Requires a Broadband Internet Connection

KiSS Technology A/S Slotsmarken 10 DK - 2970 Hørsholm Denmark Phone +45 45 17 00 00 Fax +45 45 17 00 60

SCART, Composite Video x 2, S-Video x 2, Component Video

**Requires a PC running Windows XP. A Macintosh Compatible version is available from KiSS Website