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perfect rooms english software for perfect interiors. the company. palette cad at a glance. The idea was to develop a 3D CAD program specifically...
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perfect rooms english

software for perfect interiors.

the company.

palette cad at a glance.

The idea was to develop a 3D CAD program specifically for planning interiors. It was to be as simple as a kitchen planner yet as powerful as a CAD program and tailored to the needs of designers, craftsmen and specialty retailers. To date, the software has attracted more than 10,000 users the world over and has received multiple awards. You’ll be amazed at the way Palette CAD offers exactly what you’ve always dreamed of for sales and the planning of high-grade interiors. In 1995, Palette CAD was founded as a start-up company in Stuttgart by Dr. Walter Zinser. His start-up rested on a solid foundation consisting of teaching and research in the simulation technology field, management experience in industry and consulting for a large, international business consultancy firm.

the design software facts. Design any 2D or 3D floor plans you may require. Automatic generation of standard rooms. Extensive general catalogues and manufacturers’ catalogues for diverse sectors. Create or import your own catalogues. Import architectural plans. Parametric objects for fast and straightforward designing. Powerful and precise editing functions enable virtually any kind of free design. Dimensioning, scaled output, variable parts lists and NC linking. Integrated, high-quality photorealistic images with “1-Click Renderer”. Integrated artistic presentations as a “sketch” or “watercolour”. Integrated architectural-style automatic colouring with marker pens. Integrated quotation folders with a dynamic link to the design – “Exposé”. Presentation mode for large screens or projectors – “Public Viewing”. Virtual reality for live tours through the design. Generate panoramas, films, 3D images or animated sketches and link up to the “Palette Move” app. A convenient and fully-integrated total package offering “everything from a single source.” OPERATING SYSTEM AND HARDWARE - Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 bit and 64 bit). - Graphics-capable PC/laptop with a suitable graphics card. - Plans and catalogues can be installed on a network.



[introduction craftsmanship. design. high-tech.]

craftsmanship. design. high-tech.

and one software package that brings it all together: palette cad. high-tech to meet the most exacting demands


With Palette CAD you can create convincing visualisations, flexibly accommodating your client’s wishes. Generate manufacturing drawings and parts lists directly from your design and even program NC machines. You can do it all with Palette CAD.



design without limits


Creative ideas and persuasive design plans are essential these days when it comes to winning new clients. With Palette CAD you’re on the cutting edge and enjoy every freedom you need to design perfect interiors.


your craftsmanship in the spotlight Nothing can replace your experience and your attention to detail. Your creative expertise is the prerequisite for ensuring that everything works out properly in later stages. Palette CAD empowers you – in every respect.


x at a glance

the company


the design software facts


craftsmanship. design. high-tech.


design perfect interiors


bathrooms and tiling


carpenters and joiners


stoves and fireplaces


natural stone


interior architects


specialist designers


one program that simply does more








so many good reasons


perfection through innovation


the wow factor for your clients



[introduction design perfect interiors]

design perfect interiors. with palette cad design software.

3d design software tailored to meet your needs exactly Palette CAD 3D design software was developed specifically for the needs of craftsmen and designers. Our drawing program can now be found everywhere that custom craftsmanship is in demand: in the design of bathrooms, with tiles and natural stonework, with carpentry and joinery work, in stove and fireplace construction, interior fit-outs and much more. Individual designs can be realised simply and, above all, efficiently, with Palette CAD.

Discover a vast array of new possibilities for design and persuasive presentations for exacting clients at your fingertips. Impress them in the presentation phase with a masterly performance that makes your craftsmanship shine. And the practical advantages of Palette CAD don’t end there. Use the data you’ve already created to generate perfect manufacturing drawings and to conveniently program NC machines.

Design individual objects within a room or entire complex interiors and then create sophisticated presentations of the results, all using the program’s easy-to-learn functions. And do it in record time: A professional 3D design goes up to three times faster with Palette CAD than with conventional methods.

the european cad specialist

Perfect for interior architects and designers.


Ideal for craftsmen in all areas of interior finishing.


[sectors bathrooms and tiling]

bathrooms and tiling.

bathe in the wealth of possibilities palette cad offers. an excellent outlook


Bring your design to life with Palette CAD’s wide range of breathtaking images featuring sky and nature motifs. Of course, realistically integrating your own photos is child’s play as well.

brand-name products for beautiful bathrooms Industry brand names are available for use in your designs as a partner of ARGE Neue Medien, the German SHC association.



a huge selection of tiles With over a quarter of a million tiles from renowned international tile manufacturers as well as from creative brand names, your design will look exactly the same as your client’s real bathroom later.

ideal for getting the customer excited dr. moritz gamper, e. innerhofer, plumbing and heating, italy

In the area of bathrooms and fixtures, we find that Palette CAD is the ideal tool for getting our customers excited about their projects. Because of its photo-realistic rendering, the customer has a better idea of how his or her bathroom project will turn out. Palette CAD is a key tool for the success of our products and services and for convincing the customer.



[sectors carpenters and joiners]

carpenters and joiners. custom, made-to-measure designs.

everything in its time Design quickly and easily for quotations and add the details later when they are needed. That’s what we call professional efficiency.

creativity with standard components

x more than just free-standing cabinets


Make complex designs and creative solutions a success with Palette CAD.


The Furniture Configurator will guide you step by step through the construction of furniture.

fittings and cnc


Design fittings and joints while you’re at it. The interface to Blum’s Dynaplan software is an especially convenient feature. And with the integrated NC export function, you can transfer your designs directly to your NC machines.

convincing on all fronts michael ehle, schreinerei ehle for furniture and interior finishing, germany

As a medium-sized specialist firm, we work for exacting private clients as well as for architects and designers. We produce our designs, construction drawings and presentations using Palette CAD and also control our manufacturing processes with Palette CAD as well. We’ve been doing it this way for over 10 years. I guess that just about says it all, doesn’t it?



[sectors stoves and fireplaces]

stoves and fireplaces.

so that your clients can feel the cosy warmth – even in the design phase.

creative and professional


Design unique stoves with an unlimited interplay of shape, colour and material.



A host of reputable manufacturers assist Palette CAD with sample designs and training courses.

design using original products


When you design with Palette CAD, you’re working with the European design program for Stove and Fireplace Construction making over 100,000 items from reputable European manufacturers available for use in your design.

easy-to-use, great results alessandro gazzola, cerampiù s.r.l., casella d'asolo, italy

As designers and manufacturers of ceramic majolica stoves, our customers expect customtailored, creative and complete designs. Thanks to this fast and easy-to-learn software and its easy-to-use layers, intuitive features and wide range of objects, we are able satisfy almost any customer expectation. And whenever we have questions, we can always count on a courteous and skilled specialist to help us on the Palette CAD customer support hotline.



[sectors natural stone]

natural stone.

your clients will be able to virtually feel the natural stone texture. hard facts for hard stone


Because it has to fit. Design down to the last millimetre with Palette CAD.

the fascination of natural materials


Clients who opt for natural stone want to be able to see the stone’s texture right away in the design phase. Palette CAD has perfected the presentation of stone and offers realistic imaging for more than 500 types of natural stone.

every stone is different


Bring natural stone to life. Simply photograph the exact slab which you wish to use. Palette CAD can even divide one slab up into individual tiles.

palette cad is a perfect tool adrian pientka, pientka & sohn gmbh – ideen aus stein, germany


We opted for Palette CAD because this software is a perfect tool: simple, intuitive to operate, and – a key factor for us – it can be used in all sectors. The program is so flexible that you can construct anything imaginable yourself. In addition to the presentation feature, the workshop preparation function is essential for us. Whether you need a parts list or a detailed section of a drawing, you can get it fast with Palette CAD. What’s more, every visualisation is only the press of a button away from your CNC machine, which reduces the number of possible error sources.


[sectors interior architects]

interior architects.

a professional tool guarantees the best design results.

import architectural plans

x over 30,000 objects and materials

You can import plans already prepared by an architect and base your design on them.


Our General Catalogue contains more than 30,000 products and materials that will bring more life and realism to every design.

more than just “run of the mill”


Palette CAD doesn’t limit you. Simply produce creative designs or items which you can’t find in the catalogues yourself or import them from the Internet.

inspired by palette cad alicja marzec, wizart, pracownia projektu, aran acji i wizualizacji wn trz, poland

My work as an interior designer is a passion which started with making my first design of a fireplace, using Palette CAD software. Its visualizations positively surprised clients, thus making my work immensely satisfying. For more than seven years, this software has been the main tool I use in my work. It is now so advanced that you can use it to design any type of interior. It is very accurate. Properly performed visualizations are virtually indiscernible from photographs.



[sectors specialist designers]

specialist designers.

palette cad is astonishingly versatile.

typical applications – Furnishing of properties – Shop construction – Exhibition stand construction – Workshop fit-out – Drywall construction – Event and stage technology – Backdrop construction – … – Architecture – Decoration of prefab houses – Spa facilities and swimming pools – Ready-built bathrooms and hotel bathrooms – Air heating installation – Estate agents and facility management – Wheelchair-accessible and seniors’ apartments – Medical practices and operating theatres – Amusement arcades and fitness centres – System kitchens – Conservatories – Playgrounds – Horticulture and landscaping – Cemeteries – Stairways –… – Technical documentation – Creation of product literature – Animation – …

it facilitates our everyday work routine norbert linnemann, libo ladenbau, germany

Palette CAD has made our everyday work routine as a medium-sized business simpler and more successful. Everything goes more quickly now that we are designing with Palette CAD, especially because we can use the same data for our presentations. Discussions with our clients are also much better due to the attractive presentations!



[functions one program that simply does more]

one package that contains it all.

the program that does everything you need it to. It’s a good thing there is a CAD software package specifically developed for interior finishing. It delivers impressive presentations and offers fast, precise designing with great dimensional accuracy. It’s so good, in fact, that manufacturing preparation is a snap. And, everything runs on a Windows-based PC – just the way you’re used to!

create more attractive presentations Palette CAD software offers you a great breadth of possibilities for high-grade presentations. And with the program’s easy-to-learn functions, you can effortlessly create a professional 3D design in record time using Palette CAD.

+ design better The more quickly and precisely ideas can be incorporated into a CAD design, the more orders can be planned and carried out. That’s why so many details and steps in Palette CAD are “pre-planned” or automated. You can create dimensionally accurate floor plans with only a few clicks.

+ manufacture with dimensional accuracy Palette CAD is programmed for the highest level of dimensional accuracy because even the smallest deviations in production can cause major problems later. Parts lists are generated automatically already during the design phase and production is also supported by powerful interfaces.



[functions presentations]

successful presentation. order in the bag!

it’s as easy as that to acquire new clients with palette cad.

powerfully persuasive. palette cad presentations. Involve your clients in the design process early on – and present your ideas to them with Palette CAD. Play around with your client's proposals, with patterns, surfaces, materials, perspectives and views. If you want, your client can even experience the design “live” and inspect the results at once on the screen. Or, you can present your client with an impressive presentation folder which, of course, you have created with Palette CAD.



[functions presentations]

the perfect spatial experience. with persuasive views.

visualise ideas – top quality with only a few clicks of the mouse Clients have high expectations and every client is different. Palette CAD offers you the ideal style for every presentation – at the press of a button.

whatever style you may choose Palette CAD is your marketing package offering the most diverse options for every application. Read more on page 35.

watercolour black and white


Understated black and white line drawings leave a lasting impression on your clients and give free rein to every aspect of your imagination.


This presentational style is also possible with Palette CAD. Use design images with the appearance of top-quality drawings coloured in with marker pens to enthuse your clients, architects and the judges of design competitions.



Create a watercolour with Palette CAD that looks as if it were hand-painted – with both a “temporary” flavour which leaves it open to clients’ suggestions, and with a unique and exclusive touch.

photorealistic markers



Create an astonishingly realistic image with great ease. With a simple mouse click (“1-Click Renderer”), the newly designed interior can be captured dramatically with indirect lighting, backlit surfaces or the softening effect of slight blurring. It’s as fast and easy as using a digital camera.


[functions design]

design faster and more reliably. it all comes down to this.

simple and powerful Intuitive operation combined with powerful CAD functions are the secret for Palette CAD’s success. design in 3d Design using 3D objects in the floor plan, in the wall view or in the room. Work intuitively, just as you would in a workshop or on the job site. everything’s included Huge catalogues with brand-name manufacturers and general catalogues independent of specific manufacturers guarantee fast and efficient designing. Adaptable objects along with many automated functions eliminate inaccuracies and do much of the thinking for you. This saves valuable time, avoids mistakes and creates room for ingenuity. transparent and variable Create your own objects and catalogues and import objects and finishes from other formats, even from the Internet, if you wish.



[functions design]

get results in a few simple steps.

that’s how easy it is to design with palette cad. 5


impressive results – in just moments Palette CAD closes the gap between simplistic and inflexible run-of-the-mill design programs and highly-specialised, ultra-complex CAD applications. Consequently, the program is ideally suited for everyone who wants to design faster, better and with greater success yet with less effort. Even novices can achieve admirable results with Palette CAD in the twinkling of an eye, designing interior landscapes that will leave clients with a lasting impression.

Now select a kitchen cabinet body for both the kitchen island and the row of standing cabinets from the library and position the objects as desired in the room.

a design example


First define the outer walls. The dimensions of the walls define the floor area.


Select a floor covering and laying pattern from the library. Complement the fireplace insert with a fireside bench to which you can add a finish either now or later, for instance, with a natural stone look.



In the next step, select doors and windows from the library. As they are intelligent objects, they automatically incorporate themselves into the walls with the dimensions previously entered. Now you can position a fireplace insert, for instance, as an object at the desired location.


Then complete the wall with a fireplace front which you can adapt to the respective requirements.


Finally, provide the kitchen island with a counter top and a stove top. Generate a finish for the row of cabinets and the kitchen island using ashlars. Then place an exhaust hood of your choice above the kitchen island.


Now set up the dining table with seating. You can combine objects such as the table and chairs to form a group and save them in your own library. That will save you time in your next design.

Copy the objects and adapt the dimensions to transform the individual cabinets into the island and the row of standing cabinets. Now equip each with a base.


With a mouse click, you can generate the properly dimensioned recesses in the row of cabinets needed for installation of the electrical appliances. Give the walls and wall coverings a coat of paint or a finish with some other material, if you wish.


Give your design a homely atmosphere using decorative elements from the library, such as tableware, flowers, pictures and other accessories.


[functions manufacturing]

on your marks, get ready, go!

palette cad gets your manufacturing moving.

whether in the workshop or at the job site: you’ll have a firm grip on all your workflows with palette cad. Perfect work scheduling and manufacturing go hand in hand with a professional presentation and design. That’s why these phases are closely linked when working with Palette CAD.

calculating and nc machines

One of the many advantages of Palette CAD is that you can put together your own “tool box” by choosing the focal areas you require. Whether for calculation, order management or programming NC machines, Palette CAD offers you powerful interfaces.

precise drawings

Precise and dimensionally accurate drawings are a fundamental prerequisite for manufacturing and installation. With Palette CAD, you can develop them very easily directly from the presentation for your client. Design in joints, dimension curves and cross sections and create laying drawings and technical installation drawings. Do it all either with the 2D function or work with automatically generated dimensioning for floor plans or intelligent panels.

automatically generated parts lists

Even while you are still designing on the computer, Palette CAD is already generating a complete parts list which you can print out as an Excel file or export to another software program. That means you won’t order one part too many – or even worse, too few. You’ll save plenty of time, trouble and money.



[at a glance so many good reasons]

so many good reasons.

ultimately, everyone is enthused about palette cad. Your clients, because they can visualise your designs; you, because you can design and manufacture more quickly and easily; your wallet, because you can handle profitable orders with less work.

request an information pack now:

intuitive operation Working with Palette CAD is very intuitive. You’ll have your first design finished in only a matter of hours. top-quality presentations Create the highest quality presentations in exceptional display styles easily with Palette CAD. The result will be more successful quotations, better orders and more satisfied clients. design faster With Palette CAD you can design up to three times faster than with conventional methods and can realise time savings of up to 90% for work preparation. extensive catalogues Palette CAD includes catalogues containing over half a million products from brand-name manufacturers. But the best thing of all is that the program is open, permitting you to import, photograph or design individual objects yourself. precise manufacturing drawings With Palette CAD, you can automatically create detailed, dimensionally accurate manufacturing drawings and parts lists. open interfaces If you would like, Palette CAD can integrate seamlessly into the control system of your NC machines and your commercial administration system. the latest trends Thanks to ongoing dialogue with partners and close working relationships with trade associations, Palette CAD incorporates the latest industry developments and trends.



taking the lead through innovation. “made in germany”.

the “wow” factor for your clients! palette cad – your versatile marketing tool.

The “Tracking Shot” function produces a film clip that will move you. 3D films bring your presentation to life even more.

Tracking shots and 3D films: Take your clients along on their first trip through their new interior. Every turn with the tablet computer corresponds to the same motion in the room.

a few examples. Palette CAD started as an innovation: The program was the the first and only design program worldwide specifically for stoves and fireplaces and Palette CAD developed from this. Intelligent objects: This ingenious idea is the secret behind Palette CAD’s high degree of adaptability and ease of operation. Ambient lighting: Our innovative renderer generates realistic images with true-to-life light distribution surprisingly quickly and is as simple as an automatic camera.

Palette Move: Let your clients experience their room in virtual reality on a tablet or smart phone. In Palette Sketch, your pencil moves on the monitor or screen as if by magic, drawing what you have just designed. With the Public Viewing function, your client is actively involved in the design.

Watercolours and marker pens – a veritable global first: The drawing techniques of professional interior architects are replicated on the computer with deceptive realism. The configurator: Palette CAD solves the classic dilemma between predefined processes and free CAD using an ingenious trick. Creating “Automatic objects” within Palette CAD integrates the manufacturer’s specialised trade know-how into the design without placing limits on the designer. Palette Move: Display panorama images from Palette CAD on a smart phone or a tablet with this app. Place modern multimedia directly in the hands of your clients. Palette Sketch: Watch the computer as it draws a sketch. Fascinated amazement will fill your showroom. Enthusiasm for the possibilities afforded by new technology remains the driving force behind Palette CAD. Why don’t you come along!


Palette Sketch and Public Viewing: Watch as step by step your design takes shape.

the strengths of palette cad:

The software not only helps you to design with perfection and efficiency, but, above all, enthuses your clients, persuading them of your results.


perfect rooms

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