Smart Cost Control and Product Lifecycle Management with Smart Factories

Smart Cost Control and Product Lifecycle Management with Smart Factories. Sales Flexibility Market share Output Efficiency OEE Profit What you...
Author: Imogen Kelley
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Smart Cost Control and Product Lifecycle Management with Smart Factories.



Market share


Efficiency OEE


What you are expected to increase …


Energy consumption COGS

Budgets Resources Training costs

Time to market

Labour costs

… and what to decrease at the same time. Meet the expectations and reach your goals.

Running a modern company requires foresight and sound decisions that lead to quick results. At the same time, company leaders often face contradictory expectations of stakeholders, employees, unions, the public and, of course, themselves. With two decades of experience as a partner in PC-based control solutions, Beckhoff can help you

as the automation solution provider to meet these expectations – by maximising your production efficiency while minimising all cost-relevant factors at the same time. Curious? Take a brief look and discover how to save money every day with Beckhoff, PC-based control technology and the advanced XTS (eXtended Transport System).


Realise both. With PC-based control from Beckhoff.

PC-based control Powerful control and motion plattform based on open automation and IT standards

Motion Advanced eXtended Transport System (XTS)

Approximately 900 engineers The Beckhoff culture of innovation

Your strong global partner for automation and drive technology: W Sales 2014: 510 million EUR (+17 %) W Staff worldwide: 2,800 W Subsidiaries/Branch offices worldwide: 34 W Sales network worldwide: > 70 countries


The Beckhoff New Automation Technology advantage centralises all automation intelligence in software, minimises use of hardware components and enables you to tap the full potential of future hardware performance developments. At the same time, our eXtended Transport System (XTS) enables you to reinvent the architecture of your production processes.


Less hardware components with PC-based control

W Reduced service requirements, maintenance

efforts, stock and costs W XTS enables individual product transport with a continuous flow of material

Tap the full “smart factory” potential. With an intelligent production architecture. Cloud, Big Data




Manufacturing Utility





PC-based control W Secure horizontal and vertical communication W Consistent machine control W Central cyber-physical data acquisition







The new value of data: Integrated connectivity between all manufacturing assets. Providing factbased continuous improvement with integrated analysis of production, engineering, quality and financial data. Do this and more with PC-based control.

What can you do to optimise your production architecture for Industry 4.0? With its New Automation Technology, Beckhoff enables you to benefit from all Smart Factory advantages with an integrated, interconnected process design – while XTS reduces your factory’s floor and energy costs and optimises your footprint at the same time.


Open control technology

W Improved efficiency and flexibility W Reduced

operational costs automation architecture W Modular, adaptive manufacturing systems W Improved resource efficiency W Reduced footprint W Lean


Meet changing market needs and grow with them. With flexible manufacturing.

Flexibly and profitably change on the fly right along with evolving market preferences in terms of colour, formats, batch sizes and more. With XTS and PC Control.

More and more markets are subject to rapid changes: Manufacturers have to offer more complex products and product varieties to meet the consumers’ needs, and they have to enable a flexible adaption and modification of their products in different countries. Therefore, XTS provides a production flexibility that enables quick “push button” changes.


Realise different products, sizes & varieties

W Realise product change “on the fly“ W Do “push button“ changes for flexible packaging sizes and units (even single products) W Reduce time to market W XTS enables product tracking W XTS enables personalisation


Generate rapid results. With optimised production processes. Up to

50% reduced footprint*

Up to

Up to

50% better shelf density*

40% reduced packaging material*

Up to

60% reduced conveyors*

* Contact the Global Market Manager for Food, Beverage and Tobacco: [email protected]

The earlier you involve Beckhoff into your factory planning and in your product development process, the bigger are the savings you can realise. Our technology quickly reduces production time, packaging material, maintenance, lifecycle and energy costs. And it quickly enhances output, throughput and a defect-free production flow.

W Continuous production (no start/stop) and optimised flow W Reduced transport costs W Reduced promotion/presentation area W Realise “1 piece flow” and minimise buffers W Track & trace your products W Lower costs of goods sold



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