Slave Trade

(1) brought religious unity to Europe (2) shaped the Reformation and the Counter MC  R eview   S pain/New   W orld/Slave   Reformation Trade   (3) end...
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(1) brought religious unity to Europe (2) shaped the Reformation and the Counter MC  R eview   S pain/New   W orld/Slave   Reformation Trade   (3) ended the Glorious Revolution (4) expanded the importance of the Orthodox Church 16 Which nation had the most influence on the colonization of Latin America in the 1500s? (1) Spain (3) England (2) France (4) Netherlands 17 What was one goal of mercantilism? (1) removal of trade barriers (2) elimination of private property

influence on the development of the Inca Empire? MC  Review  Spain/New  World/Slave   (1) deserts (3) river valleys Trade  (4) mountains (2) irregular coastline 18 What was one reason the Spanish conquistadors were able to conquer the Aztec Empire? (1) The Spanish soldiers made effective use of their military technology against the Aztecs. (2) Aztec religious beliefs promoted nonviolence. (3) Spain joined the Incas in their fight against the Aztecs. (4) The Spanish cavalry outnumbered the Aztec warriors. Global Hist. & Geo. – Jan. ’08


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19 Which statement describes an impact of the Columbian exchange on the lives of Europeans? (1) The combination of new products and ideas promoted economic growth. (2) Native Americans immigrated to Europe and competed with Europeans for jobs. (3) Millions of Europeans were killed by new American diseases. (4) Introduction of the Native American religions resulted in the decline of the Roman Catholic Church.

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(3) protected the human rights of all citizens (4) R selected political leaders through democratic MC   eview   Spain/New   World/Slave   elections


15 After contact with Europeans in the 1500s, millions of native peoples in the Americas died as a result of (1) new foods, which the native peoples could not digest (2) religious persecution resulting from the Spanish Inquisition (3) new diseases to which the native peoples had no natural immunity (4) slavery and the terrible conditions on their sea journey to Europe 16 During the Age of Absolutism (1600s and 1700s),

(1) promote trade and collect tribute (2) establish in AfricaW and India MC   Review  colonies Spain/New   orld/Slave   (3) seal off China’s borders from foreign Trade   influence (4) prove the world was round 16 What was one effect of the Columbian exchange? (1) rapid decline in European population (2) economic instability in China and Japan (3) introduction of new foods to both Europe and the Americas (4) spread of Hinduism into Latin America 17 From the 15th to the 18th centuries, absolute monarchs of Europe and Asia sought to

(1) Charlemagne MC   eview  ISpain/New  World/Slave   (2) R Elizabeth (3) Peter the GreatTrade   (4) Suleiman the Magnificent 15 Which geographic feature of Spain and Portugal most enhanced their ability to engage in exploration? (1) peninsular location (2) mountainous region (3) extensive river system (4) fertile plain 16 The journeys of Vasco da Gama, Bartholomeu Dias, and Christopher Columbus became

(2) mountainous region (3) extensive system MC   Review  river Spain/New   World/Slave   (4) fertile plain Trade   16 The journeys of Vasco da Gama, Bartholomeu Dias, and Christopher Columbus became possible in the late 1400s because of the (1) support of exploration by the English government (2) trade connections established by Ibn Battuta (3) effects of the Atlantic slave trade (4) development of new navigational instruments and technology 17 Which





(1) domestication of cattle (2) use of a steel plow MC   Review   Spain/New   World/Slave   (3) terracing of mountains for farming Trade   (4) development of floating gardens 18 What was a significant effect of the Columbian exchange? (1) The Aztec conquered a vast empire. (2) Potatoes were introduced into the diet of some Europeans. (3) Prince Henry the Navigator established a school for sailors. (4) China closed its borders to foreigners. 19 What was a direct result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade on African cultures?

some Europeans. (3) Prince Henry the Navigator established a MC  school Review   S pain/New   W orld/Slave   for sailors. (4) China closed itsTrade   borders to foreigners. 19 What was a direct result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade on African cultures? (1) Many African communities faced economic disaster. (2) European industrial factories were established throughout Africa. (3) Animism was no longer practiced in Africa. (4) Africans across the continent hired Europeans to train their military.

(1) an important religious reformer (2) a supporter of laissez-faire practices MC   World/Slave   (3)Raeview   leader ofSpain/New   independence movements (4) an absolute monarch Trade   20 A major impact of the Columbian exchange on western Europe was the introduction of (1) Christianity that led to the rise of the Catholic Church (2) new food crops that improved the European diet (3) new military technology that weakened local rulers (4) diseases that drastically reduced the population of Europe Global Hist. & Geo.–Aug. ’09



in this quotation? (1) establishment of the line of W Demarcation MC   Review  Spain/New   orld/Slave   (2) creation of the Hanseatic League Trade   (3) Columbian exchange (4) Glorious Revolution 19 The social class system in Latin America during the 16th and 17th centuries reflects the (1) dominance of Spanish-born nobility (2) emerging equality between classes (3) influence of mestizo economic power (4) increasing social mobility of Native American Indians 20 One way in which Suleiman the Magnificent and Akbar the Great are similar is that they both



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MC  Review  Spain/New  World/Slave   Trade   21 Which statement accurately reflects population changes that occurred as a result of the Age of Exploration? (1) Most Latin American populations became more culturally diverse. (2) One third of Europe’s population died due to exposure to diseases from the Americas. (3) The introduction of goods from the Americas caused a decline in Asian populations. (4) Native Americans migrated to Africa causing increases in African populations. 22 Enlightenment




are similar is that they both (1) defeated Spanish conquistadors MC   Review  the Spain/New   World/Slave   (2) developed advanced architectural techniques Trade   (3) lacked strong central governments (4) settled primarily in river valleys 19 One effect of the encomienda system in Latin America was that it (1) eliminated the use of guilds (2) promoted isolationism (3) exploited indigenous peoples (4) reduced Spanish influence 20 The Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, and the English Bill of Rights led the English government

MC  Review  Spain/New  World/Slave   Trade   9 During the European Middle Ages, guilds were created to (1) obtain better working conditions in factories (2) standardize goods and prices (3) regulate the money supply (4) increase competition

Base your answer to question 15 on the diagram below and on your knowledge of social studies.

Social Structure of the Spanish Colonies Most Power

10 Both Ibn Battuta and Mansa Musa demonstrated their religious values by (1) meditating along the banks of the Ganges River (2) converting Africans to Christianity (3) making a pilgrimage to Mecca (4) visiting the wailing wall in Jerusalem

Peninsulares People born in Spain

Creoles People of European descent born in the colonies

11 Which action is linked to the spread of the Black Death to Europe during the 14th century? (1) trade with Asia (2) conquest of Japan (3) trade across the Sahara (4) exploration of the Western Hemisphere 12 What was one ideal of Renaissance humanism? (1) training as a knight and practicing chivalry (2) obeying divine right monarchs and the church (3) living apart from the world and taking monastic vows (4) investigating areas of interest and fulfilling one’s potential 13 • Captured the city of Constantinople in 1453 • Benefited from rich trade along the Mediterranean Sea • Ruled by Suleiman the Lawgiver Which empire best fits these descriptions? (1) Roman (3) Mongol (2) Ottoman (4) Songhai 14 One way in which the Ming dynasty in the early 1400s and the Spanish monarchy in the late 1400s are similar is that both governments (1) promoted religious diversity (2) encouraged democratic reforms (3) emphasized equal rights for women (4) supported the expansion of overseas trade

Fewest People



People of mixed Native American and European descent

People of mixed African and European descent

Native Americans and People of African descent Least Power

Most People Source: Goldberg and DuPré, Brief Review in Global History and Geography, Prentice Hall, 2002 (adapted)

15 Which conclusion about Spanish colonialism in the Americas can be drawn from this diagram? (1) The fewest people in the population had the greatest power. (2) Africans and Native Americans were politically powerful. (3) The peninsulares made up the majority of the population. (4) Mestizos and mulattoes controlled the most land in the colonies.

These events in history occurred during the rule of the MC  Review  Spain/New  World/Slave   (1) Mughal dynasty in India (2) Abbasid dynastyTrade   in the Middle East (3) Ming dynasty in China (4) Tokugawa shogunate in Japan 16 What was the primary economic policy used by the Spanish with their Latin American colonies? (1) embargoes (3) boycotts (2) tariffs (4) mercantilism 17 In Two Treatises of Government, John Locke wrote that the purpose of government was to (1) keep kings in power