Simply Fabulous Products for Cleaning your Home... Simple. Maid. Cleaning

Simply Fabulous Products for Cleaning your Home... Cleaning Maid Simple For the Bathroom Bright & Beautiful Bathroom Cleaner Rinse & Run Shower C...
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Simply Fabulous Products for Cleaning your Home...




For the Bathroom Bright & Beautiful Bathroom Cleaner Rinse & Run Shower Cleaner

In the Kitchen Hi there! Maid Simple has been created to help home lovers everywhere get more from their cleaning experience! You cannot escape the need to clean, but it can be fun and enjoyable. The products you use don’t have to be boring. Our fabulous range of cleaning products for the home make cleaning a breeze! Put us to the test and try one of our gorgeous products. With love from

Lovely Bubbly Washing up Liquid Buff it Up Stainless Steel Cleaner Spick & Span Kitchen Cleaner Bug Bashing Anti-bacterial Cleaner Lavish Lustre Marble & Granite Polish

Around the House Let it Shine Glass & Mirror Cleaner Done & Dusted Furniture Polish Easy Glide Ironing Water

Maid Simple


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For the Bath

Add sparkle to your shower and brilliance to your bath!

Easy Peasy Cleaning

Bright & Beautiful Sherbet Fizz

Bathroom Cleaner An effective bathroom cleaner to help make cleaning easy and fun, and it has a fabulous fragrance too!


Use a pink sponge for the bath & blue for the loo so you don’t get them mixed up!

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Rinse & Run Shower Cleaner

Burst of Blooms

With just a quick daily application, Maid Simple’s Shower Cleaner will keep your shower area soap scum and limescale free. It also reduces water marking and mould and mildew staining. Super!


When you shower, leave a door or window open to allow air to circulate and discourage mildew!

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In the Kitchen

Don’t flirt with dirt - be the Queen of Clean!

Lovely Bubbly p Washing-u Liquid Turn a chore into a treat with Maid Simple’s Washing-up Liquid. With its fabulously fruity scent, you’ll be making up excuses to do some washing up!


Apply hand cream then slip on your washing up gloves. Result? Super soft hands!

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Fragrance Lemoncello

Buff it Up Stainless Steel Cleaner Maid Simple’s Stainless Steel Cleaner will help you to have a spotless kitchen in no time. Help your stainless steel to shimmer and shine with this easy-to-use product!

Tip When cleaning stainless steel use cotton wool or a soft cloth to avoid scratches!

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Spick & Span Kitchen Cleaner

Fragrance Sassy Citrus

Give your kitchen the love it deserves with Maid Simple’s Kitchen Cleaner. Before you know it you’ll have it looking its best and smelling simply splendid! Tip Use an old toothbrush to clean behind your kitchen taps and other hard to reach places!

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Bug Bashing Fragrance Zesty Lemon

Anti-bacterial Cleaner Maid Simple Anti-bacterial Cleaner has been specially formulated to make your kitchen a hygienic heaven! It kills the usual culprits in food preparation areas that can give you an upset tum.


For added protection against germs clean cupboard handles, taps and bins!

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Lavish Lustre Marble & Granite Polish For wonderful worktops that are free from smudges and smears, Maid Simple’s Marble & Granite Polish is your little daily helper adding sparkle to your surfaces!


Marble is porous and can stain, so wash off spills straight away and use coasters for cups and glasses!

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r stone work surfaces

Fragrance Luscious Lemon

Around the House

Dirt and grime is a crime, so keep your nest at its best!

Let it Shine Glass & Mirror Cleaner No-one wants mucky mirrors and gloomy glass, use Maid Simple’s Glass & Mirror Cleaner, it’s quick, easy-to-use and effective – perfect! Tip

Wash the outside of windows with car shampoo to remove grit!

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Done & Dusted Furniture Polish

Fragrance Sweet Spice

Wax-free, Maid Simple Furniture Polish with the homely fragrance of cinnamon, cloves and vanilla buffs quickly to a beautiful shine. A special anti-static formula reduces dust build up making cleaning a breeze!

Tip Dusting delicate items? Use a clean make-up brush

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Easy Glide Ironing Water

Fragrance Fresh Cotton Sheets

Maid Simple’s Ironing Water makes ironing easier and gives long-lasting freshness to your laundry!

Tip Place aluminium foil under your ironing board cover and the reflected heat means you will iron both sides of your clothes at the same time!

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Easy Peasy Cleaning

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