Simple Machines Lab Simple Machines Simple Machines MIT 1. Draw and Describe all six simple machines. Inclined Plane

Name:________________________________________ Period:________ Simple Machines Lab Simple Machines Simple Machines MIT 1. Draw and Describe all six s...
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Simple Machines Lab Simple Machines Simple Machines MIT 1. Draw and Describe all six simple machines. Lever Inclined Plane





Ed Heads! Go into the house and find all the machines in each room list and describe each machine. 2. The Garage

3. The Bedroom

4. The Kitchen

5. The Bathroom

The Pulley 6. Draw and describe each pulley.

Eureka The Pulley 7. What mechanical advantage does a pulley give you?

8. Why is it called a pulley?

9. How does a pulley work?

10. What is the difference between a single fixed pulley and a single movable pulley?

11. Explain why when you lose force you gain distance.

12. How do you calculate mechanical advantage with a pulley?

Simple Machine Mini Quiz 13. Take the quiz, how did you do?

Simple Machines: The Game 14. Play the game, click on the house and explore each room. List and describe each machine found.

Mechanical Advantage and Friction Eureka Mechanical Advantage 15. What do Machines do?

16. What is Mechanical Advantage? 17. Describe the professor’s experiment.

18. How do you calculate Mechanical Advantage?

19. What is an input force?

20. What is an output force?

21. Why is a lever better then and inclined plane to lift the book?

22. What is friction?

23. How is friction good?

Mechanical Advantage 24. Describe mechanical advantage.

25. What is the formula for Mechanical Advantage?

26. What is the Mechanical Advantage of a Nutcracker ____, Pliers _____, and a Screwdriver ____.

27. Why do only two of the three machines increase force? Leonardo’s Mysteries 28. Draw each of Leonardo’s Machines. Each one is made up of Simple Machines working together. List and label each simple machine found in his compound machines. Machine 1 Machine 2

Machine 3

Machine 4

Machine 5

Machine 6

Machine 7

Machine 8

Friction 29. Describe how the car travels on Vinyl.

30. Describe how the car travels on Wood.

31. Describe how the car travels on Carpet.

32. Describe how the car travels on Ice.

33. Why do you think the car travels different distances? Explain your Hypothesis.

How to Stop a Bike 34. How do the bike brakes on a bicycle stop the wheel from moving? 35. What simple machines are part of a bike brake? 36. What stops the forward force? 37. What happens when you increase the friction?

The Lever Eureka The lever 38. What is a fulcrum?

39. How can you balance two different weights on a teeter totter?

40. How is distance affected when you gain mechanical advantage?

41. When you double the distance you half the ______________.

42. How can people use levers? Give examples.

Levers: Simple Machines 43. Who and When were levers first described?

44. What is a lever? st

45. Describe and draw a 1 class lever. Give examples.

46. Describe and draw a 2


class lever. Give examples.


47. Describe and draw a 3 class lever. Give examples.

The Wedge and lever Wedge 48. Make a prediction of what might happen with extreme shaped wedges. i.e.: an extremely long wedge or a very short, almost-flat wedge. Might there be problems at both extremes? Explain your prediction.

49. How did the force which was applied to the wedge change as you changed the length of the wedge?

50. What is the relationship between the wedge and the force required to use it?

Lever 51. Predict fulcrum placements which will not be successful.

52. Why won't these placements be successful? Record your prediction in complete sentences in your lab packet.

53. Select a placement for the fulcrum by clicking and dragging it toward or away from the stone. Click on [lift]. If Harry can lift the stone, the amount of force applied and the distance he had to exert this force will appear on the chart. Move the fulcrum and try again. Explain what happened?

54. What do you notice about the amount of work done in each successful trial?

55. Compare the effort distance (DE) and effort force (FE) in all trials. What happens to the amount of (FE) as the (DE) increases? Use the term "inverse" or "direct" to explain the relationship between effort force and effort distance as you adjusted your lever. (Use complete sentences)

56. What are the advantages of using a lever to lift this stone? Hints: [Could you lift the stone without the lever or any other piece of equipment? In what direction did Harry apply the force?]

See Saw 57. The fat kid should sit __________. 58. The skinny kid should sit __________. 59. The fulcrum should be placed at __________. 60. After you have successfully balanced the kids. Do it again differently this time. _____,_____,_____. Finding Mechanical Advantage of a Lever 61. What is the length of the resistance arm?

62. What is the length of the effort arm?

63. What is MA of the see saw above?

64. What is the resistance force in the diagram?

65. How much effort force would be needed to overcome the resistance force?

66. Is this a first, second, or third class lever?

Medieval Levers 67. What affect does different size levers have on the Trebuchet? 68. What affect does different size slings have on the trebuchet? 69. What affect does different weighted loads have on the trebuchet? 70. Fire away at the castle, and describe your results!

Inclined Plane Eureka Inclined Planes 71. How does an inclined plane make work easier?

72. How are force and distance related?

73. Describe an inclined plane.

74. Give examples of inclined planes that people use.

Ramp and Pulley 75. Find the maximum effort our crew member can sustain to push the stone up the inclined plane.

76. What is the length of this inclined plane?

77. Would this be the ideal length to use for the inclined plane?

78. What happens to the effort force needed as the length of the inclined plane increases?

79. What do we call this kind of relationship?

Using an Inclined Plane 80. Calculate the Mechanical advantage of the 5m ramp to lift 1500N.

81. Calculate the Mechanical advantage of a 10m ramp to lift 1500N.

Finding the Mechanical Advantage of an Inclined Plane 82. What is the height of the inclined plane?

83. What is the length of the inclined plane?

84. What is the mechanical advantage of the inclined plane?

85. How much effort force would be needed to push the dump truck up the mountain?

Engineering Using Simple Machines Game 86. Play the game. List and describe all the simple machines you use.

Compound Machines 87. Describe the complex machine from the lobster all the way to the toilet! Describe each simple machine that makes up the complex machine.

The Cog! 88. Watch the video “The Cog”. Carefully describe each simple machine from beginning to end!

End of Lab Survey 89. Fill out the Survey and Submit.