Sight Words. Question: What is the difference between the Dolch and Fry sight words?

Sight Words Question: What is the difference between the Dolch and Fry sight words? Answer: The Dolch list was created in the early 1900’s and is made...
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Sight Words Question: What is the difference between the Dolch and Fry sight words? Answer: The Dolch list was created in the early 1900’s and is made up of the first 220 basic sight words. Between 50-75% of all words used in school books, library books, newspapers, and magazines are in the Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary of 220 words. These words are “service words” (pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs) which cannot be learned through the use of pictures. Because they are used to hold thoughts together, these words must be recognized at a glance before a child can read with confidence. Click here for the Dolch list. The Fry list was created as an updated list based on the changes in language and is made up of 1000 of the most commonly used words in the English language. It is ordered by frequency so all of the Dolch words are embedded in this list. These words make up about 90% of all written language. Click here for the Fry list. Sight words are a primary word knowledge focus for both the first and second trimester benchmarks. Whether you use these words to address your benchmarks or to implement a word wall, remember that assessment drives instruction. Print out the word lists and make copies of the words for each child in your classroom. Individually meet with each student and have each student read the word list(s) to you. By highlighting the words your students do not know, you will have a quick and visual way of determining which words to teach first. Also, student writing journals are helpful in determining which words to teach. Look through the journals regularly for words students misspell or misuse in their writing. Lastly, as you listen to students read orally, note which sight words the students cannot decode and which sight words students mispronounce.

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Third Grade List about clean drink full hot kind much own show ten warm

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carry draw far hold keep long only shall start try

Fry’s Instant Words First 100 Words (approximately first grade) Group 1a the a is you to and we that in not for at with it on can will are of this your as but be have

Group 1b he I they one good me about had if some up her do when so my very all would any been out there from day

Group 1c go see then us no him by was come get or two man little has them how like our what know make which much his

Group 1d who an their she new said did boy three down work put were before just long here other old take cat again give after many

Second 100 Words (approximately second grade) Group 2a saw home soon stand box upon first came girl house find because made could book look mother run school people night into say think back

Group 2b big where am ball morning live four last color away red friend pretty eat want year white got play found left men bring wish black

Group 2c may let use these right present tell next please leave hand more why better under while should never each best another seem tree name dear

Group 2d ran five read over such way too shall own most sure thing only near than open kind must high far both end also until call

Third 100 Words (approximately third grade) Group 3a ask small yellow show goes clean buy thank sleep letter jump help fly don’t fast cold today does face green every brown coat six gave

Group 3b hat car write try myself longer those hold full carry eight sing warm sit dog ride hot grow cut seven woman funny yes ate stop

Group 3c off sister happy once didn’t set round dress fall wash start always anything around close walk money turn might hard along bed fine sat hope

Group 3d fire ten order part early fat third same love hear yesterday eyes door clothes though o’clock second water town took pair now keep head food

Fourth 100 Words (approximately fourth grade) Group 4a told Miss father children land interest government feet garden done country different bad across yard winter table story sometimes I’m tried horse something brought shoes

Group 4b time yet true above still meet since number state matter line remember large few bit cover window even city together sun life street party suit

Group 4c word almost thought send receive pay nothing need mean late half fight enough feel during gone hundred week between change being care answer course against

Group 4d wear Mr. side poor lost outside wind Mrs. learn held front built family began air young ago world airplane without kill ready stay won’t paper

Fifth 100 Words (approximately fourth grade) Group 4e hour glad follow company believe begin mind pass reach month point rest sent talk went bank ship business whole short certain fair reason summer fill

Group 4f grade brother remain milk several war able charge either less train cost evening note past room flew office cow visit wait teacher spring picture bird

Group 4g egg ground afternoon feed boat plan question fish return sir fell hill wood add ice chair watch alone low arm dinner hair service class quite

Group 4h spell beautiful sick became cry finish catch floor stick great guess bridge church lady tomorrow snow whom women among road farm cousin bread wrong age

Sixth 100 Words (approximately fourth grade) Group 4i become body chance act die real speak already doctor step itself nine baby minute ring wrote happen appear heart swim felt fourth I’ll kept well

Group 4j herself idea drop river smile son bat fact sort king dark themselves whose study fear move stood himself strong knew often toward wonder twenty important

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