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2016 Show Results Newsletter 14th Annual Competition & Convention March 18-20, 2016 Watertown Event Center - Watertown, SD PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT ...
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2016 Show Results Newsletter 14th Annual Competition & Convention

March 18-20, 2016 Watertown Event Center - Watertown, SD PRESIDENT


Derick Wenck 500 Rosewood Drive Harrisburg, SD 57032 (605) 881-8474 [email protected]

Jamie McNutt 17417 404th Ave Doland, SD 57436 605.460.1221 [email protected]

SECRETARY/TREASURER Newsletter Editor/Webmaster


Glenda McNutt 17417 404th Ave Doland, SD 57436 605.460.2133 [email protected]

Tom Hansen * Ronn McDaniel John Willer * Lance Johnson * Kyle Schlesser

Mike Nakielski Mallard #237

Pro Taxidermy Iron Ridge, WI

Best of Show ~ Sponsored by Breakthrough Magazine Best Waterfowl ~ Sponsored by Ducks Unlimited, SD Chapter Competitors Award, Masters ~ Sponsored by Matuska Taxidermy Supply McKenzie Choice Best Bird - Taxidermist Choice Sponsored by McKenzie Taxidermy Supply Best of Category - Masters Division, Waterfowl

Letter from the President

DERICK WENCK I would like to start off by suing thanks for electing me as your president. Wow what a show we had ! I would like to thank everyone for coming this year and congratulations to all those who won awards. The show always seems to go by so fast every year, I always wish it could be a few days longer. We have everything secure in Watertown for the next 2 years back in the convention center. Let's make next year even bigger I have heard that Pennsylvania has moved their show off out weekend so we are hoping to add more vendors for next year. The bigger we make our show the easier it is to get vendors to come. I sure hope everyone has lots of fun things planned for this summer. My family will be traveling to Canada in July for a week really looking forward to the shore lunch and catching lots of walleyes. If any of you are in the Platte are this summer I will be out at my camper almost every weekend at Platte Creek, so feel free to stop by. Derick Wenck, SDTA President

Letter from the Vice President JAMIE McNUTT First of all I would like to say WOW WHAT A SHOW! Secondly it is an honor to be the Vice President of this association who is like family to Glenda, Dalton and I. I was a member the very first year of the SDTA and have watched it grow from the very beginning and hopefully continue to watch it grow. It was very encouraging to see some new faces competing at the show as well as the younger taxidermists that have really started to bring some nice pieces. I definitely need to up my game! I would also like to thank the past board for recognizing me with this year’s Distinguished Service Award; it is quite an honor to be given this award. I have spoken to Rick Krane a couple of times and will be taking a contract out to the Western Regional to get him to judge our fish in 2018 and 2019. Speaking of fish I think I have forgotten how to catch them! I have been to the Missouri river twice for Northerns and have been skunked both times. I also have been walleye fishing half a dozen times and have only caught three. They were TASTY! The CARPON have been easy to catch though. If you don’t know what a CARPON is it fights like a tarpon only it is a carp! LOL Thank you again for nominated me as your 2016 Vice President, I hope I can continue to be an asset for this great association. Jamie McNutt, SDTA Vice President

2016 Sponsors A Trophy of a Lifetime Taxidermy Studio Al Holmes Supply Company Ave’s Bluffcountry Woodworks Breakthrough Magazine Burns Taxidermy, Lance Burns Certified Testing Services Inc Char’s Kitchen City of Watertown Coteau Hills Elk Hunts Custom Barnwood Plaques Diggers Taxidermy, Derick Wenck East Coast Capes Four Season Bait & Tackle Glacial Lakes Outdoors/Top Notch Taxidermy Grizz’s Taxidermy, Eric and Charity Newman Hansen’s Taxidermy, Tom and Dori Hansen Head Quarters Keystone Fur Dressing Koehler Taxidermy, Wes Koehler Martin Wiley’s Taxidermy Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company McKenzie Taxidermy Supply Moyle Mink & Tannery North-Woods Woodworking Nothin’ But Feathers, John Willer Ohio Taxidermy Supply Payer Eyes Pheasants Forever, Spink County Chapter Pheasant Hollow Taxidermy, Daryl Keyes Pittsticks Wood Pro-1 Performance Chemicals Renegade Photography, Kelsi LaMont Research Mannikins Inc Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, SD Chapter Roostin’ Ridge Woodworks SCI-Sioux Empire Chapter Second 2 Nature Taxidermy Supply South Dakota Ducks Unlimited South Dakota Star Fish Replicas Still Nature Taxidermy, Ronn McDaniel Taxidermist Directory Taxidermy Today Magazine The National Taxidermist Association The Wildlife Gallery United Taxidermist Association Van Dyke’s Taxidermy Supply Walnut Creek Hardwood, Inc Wasco Watertown CVB West Sioux Ceramics Whitetails Unlimited, Glacial Lakes Chapter

Letter from the Secretary/Treasurer GLENDA McNUTT I am going on my fifth year as Secretary/Treasurer and it is so great to see my SDTA Family each and every year and to welcome new members to our association; we just have a fun time, just look at the pictures. Each year as I’m doing registrations I keep my fingers crossed on beating the past years entries and guess what, we did it… AWESOME JOB SDTA, this is our biggest show so far!!!! I hope I can continue to be a part of this great association and watch it continue to get bigger. Remember, it takes all of you to do so. With that being said, I’d like to welcome our new President, Derick Wenck. It will be different working with Derick as I have worked all but one term with Kyle. I’d also like to welcome our new Vice President, Jamie McNutt. Don’t worry, I’ll keep him on his toes throughout the year! J I believe these two along with the other board members, we have a great team and I hope we continue to see new ideas and changes that are for the best for our association. I know we have said it time and time again, but remember you can always bring forth suggestions to us as we are always looking for new and improved ideas. Well, I’m going to close so I can finish up this newsletter and get it to the printers. I then have to recreate the website because Go Daddy decided to do an update on their part, therefore making us update our site and of course our theme is not in the updates so you will be seeing a whole new website before long. Then I’ll have some time to hopefully go drink some Summer Shandy’s and rip some lips!!! Thank you again for nominating me back for another year. Glenda McNutt, SDTA Secretary/Treasurer

Cash Winners Lance Burns and Zach Johnson - $100 Combined Artist Entry Doug Dexter - $100 Species Challenge Entry Aaron Reiling - $100 4 or More Entries Travis Roberts Novice Winner of - $100 GC to McKenzie Dalton McNutt - Winner of $200 GC to Research Mannikins

Balances as of 4-20-2016 Checking $29471.84

CD $10159.24

2016 Show Stats Mount Entries - 172 Registered taxidermists at show - 67 Total Memberships for 2016 - 74 Non-residents at show - 25 Prior memberships not renewed - 16 States represented-SD, MN, IA, ND, NE, WI NEW MEMBERSHIPS FOR 2016-17 (47 SD, 15 MN, 3 IA, 4 ND, 2 NE, 3 WI)

Letter from the Past President KYLE SCHLESSER It has been an honor serving as a board member for 1 year, Vice President for 1 year, then President for 4 years. As I write this, I sit back and think back over the years on how much the show has changed, for the good, and grown over the last few years. I also look at all the people I have met that are now a part of my second family. I want to thank Glenda for putting up with me; I can honestly say I don't know what I would've done without her. There is a lot of work and decisions to be made to keep a convention like this organized and going smoothly so thank you for keeping me on my toes. Dalton can relax now as we won’t be calling each other quite as much…he had this fear that I was a secret lover! For the Vice Presidents, Kyle Monteith, Shane Augeson, and Derick Wenck, you all had a big part of the SDTA growing and changing, thanks for all your help. I feel very confident with the board and Derick at the helm, the SDTA is only going to continue to get bigger and better. I have to say, it is the greatest honor any person can get when you have past judges and world champions coming to compete at your competition; taxidermists calling and tell you how great the show is from year to year; other board members from surrounding states calling to inquire what changes they can do to make their show the go to state show. I started saying this year at the show, which fits any taxidermy show, YOU CANT BE A WORLD CHAMPION WITHOUT BEATING ONE! Thank you everyone for helping the SDTA make this possible, you should be very proud to be a part of this organization. Thank You All for everything, Kyle Schlesser, SDTA Past President

Total Entries: Amateur - 0 Novice - 14 Professional - 87 Masters - 41 Commercial - 21 Combined Artist - 3 Original Art - 6 Upland Bird Novice - 5 Professional –14 Masters - 7 Waterfowl Novice - 3 Professional - 9 Masters - 9 Fish Novice - 1 Professional - 5 Masters - 2 Gameheads Novice - 1 Professional - 19 Masters - 4 Whitetail Deerheads Novice - 2 Professional - 24 Masters - 5 Large Life-Size Mammal Professional - 1 Masters - 2 Small Life-size Mammal Novice - 1 Professional - 10 Masters - 7 Reproduction Novice - 1 Professional - 5 Masters – 4 Reptile Masters - 1

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Top First Place Score is Winner of * Best of Category Blue = Score of 100 - 90 Red = Score of 89 - 80 Yellow = Score of 79 - 70 Green = Honorable Mention





Entry #

Last Name

First Name

* 92 91 89 79 79

Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads

Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail

218 229 230 206 222

Smith Lakey Lakey Erickson Stoppleworth

Jason Kyle Kyle Tyler Ron

* 92 60

Fish Fish

Perch Walleye

210 224

Erickson Wenck

Tyler Derick

* 93 89 88 87

Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads

Mule Deer Mule Deer Mule Deer Elk

232 211 231 223

Lakey Hansen Lakey Stoppleworth

Kyle Tom Kyle Ron

87 75

Large Lifesize Mammal Large Lifesize Mammal

Coyote Mountain Lion

212 216

Hansen Larson

Tom Royce

* 93 92.5 91 86

Reproduction Reproduction Reproduction Reproduction

Perch Perch Perch Crappie

207 209 208 213

Erickson Erickson Erickson Keyes

Tyler Tyler Tyler Daryl

* 94






* 96 95 95 94 93 82 79

Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal

Bobcat Wolverine Wolverine Red Fox Squirrel Bobcat Bobcat

200 225 226 234 214 215 233

Piatt Schmidt Schmidt Wiley Larson Larson Wiley

Jeff David David Marty Royce Royce Marty

* 95 94 89 85 76

Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird

Pheasant Crow Lady Amherst Pheasant Lady Amherst Pheasant Pheasant

227 238 205 204 241

Cahoy Nakielski Monteith Monteith Schlesser

Sam Mike Kyle Kyle Kyle

MASTERS DIVISION continued 75 75

Upland Bird Upland Bird

Pheasant Pheasant

239 240

Wold Schlesser

Larry Kyle

* 97 96 96 95 94

Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl

237 235 236 202 203

Nakielski Nakielski Nakielski Monteith Monteith

Mike Mike Mike Kyle Kyle

89 89 79 79

Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl

Mallard Wood Duck Wood Duck Wood Duck Wood Duck Wood Duck/RingNecked Pintail Gadwall Snow Goose

219 242 220 228

Ogren Cahoy Ogren Cahoy

Alex Sam Alex Sam

PROFESSIONAL DIVISION * 92 91 90 90 89 89 89 88 88 87 86 86 86 86 86 83 82 79 79 79 79 70 69 68

Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads

Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail

152 130 101 129 121 132 154 173 180 158 112 126 153 166 191 137 196 157 169 174 184 181 187 117

Genereux Johnson Bach Johnson Larson Zwick Genereux Burns McNutt Koehler Kaup Hursman Genereux Wooledge Burns Cahoy Newman Flatt Newman Johnson Schlesser Whirledge Schoeppner McAlpine

Nick Lance Justin Lance Royce Adam Nick Lance Jamie Wesley Derek Devin Nick Mark Lance Sam Eric Scott Eric Zach Kyle Larry Jeremy Rob

* 90.25 90 80 78 78

Reproduction Reproduction Reproduction Reproduction Reproduction

Crappie Silver Arowana Crappie Grayling Trout

113 138 171 125 150

Kaup Cahoy Newman Dexter Genereux

Derek Sam Eric Doug Nick

PROFESSIONAL DIVISION continued 85 76 73 70 68

Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish

Bluegill Northern Walleye Walleye Northern

143 170 167 176 175

Reiling Newman Wooledge Burns Johnson

Aaron Eric Mark Lance Zach

* 94 91 90 89 88 88 88 87 85 85 82 80 79 79 79 79 77 75 73

Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads

Javelina Mule Deer Mule Deer Wildebeest 1/2 Black Bear Elk Buffalo Giraffe Aoudad Impala Elk Moose Corsican Blesbok Mule Deer Spring Bok Mule Deer Antelope Mule Deer

183 145 146 161 147 148 177 110 149 160 159 165 155 156 182 190 168 119 164

Lyons Genereux Genereux Koehler Genereux Genereux Burns Heintzman Genereux Koehler Koehler Wooledge Flatt Flatt Whirledge Keyes Newman McAlpine Wooledge

Olaus Nick Nick Wesley Nick Nick Lance Roger Nick Wesley Wesley Mark Scott Scott Larry Daryl Eric Rob Mark


Large Lifesize Mammal

Mountain Lion




* 93 91 89 88 85 85 84 82 77 76

Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal Small Lifesize Mammal

Otter Coati Bobcat Raccoon Mink Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat African Wild Cat

151 111 128 127 109 172 105 188 124 192

Genereux Heintzman Ogren Ogren Soukup Wold Houser Schoeppner Dexter Heintzman

Nick Roger Alex Alex Clate Larry Dale Jeremy Doug Roger

* 94 90 86 84 84 83

Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird

Pheasant Pheasant Pheasant Peacock Pheasant Peahen

131 142 104 123 135 122

Johnson Reiling Houser Dexter McNutt Dexter

Lance Aaron Dale Doug Dalton Doug

   

Brian Olson– Whitetails Bret Kirk– Birds Jeff Mourning– Fish and Reptiles Doug Roffers –Gameheads Thank you for an amazing job!!

PROFESSIONAL DIVISION continued 82 80 80 76 76 74 68 68

Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird

Pheasant Pheasant Ruffed Grouse Pheasant Pheasant Pheasant Pheasant Pheasant

179 114 162 115 193 118 194 195

McNutt Willer Wiley Willer Soukup McAlpine Soukup Soukup

Jamie John Marty John Clate Rob Clate Clate

* 92 91.5 88 88 88 88 85 84 78

Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl

Blue Wing Teal Wood Duck Bufflehead Mallard Bufflehead Wood Duck Wood Duck Shoveler Blue Wing Teal

186 139 100 116 136 140 141 106 185

Schlesser Reiling Bach Willer McNutt Reiling Reiling Keyes Schlesser

Kyle Aaron Justin John Dalton Aaron Aaron Daryl Kyle


Deerheads Deerheads

Whitetail Whitetail

306 314

Roberts Peterson

Travis Matthew















Small Mouth Bass





Small Lifesize Mammal





72 71 70 70 68

Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird Upland Bird

Pheasant Pheasant Pheasant Pheasant Pheasant

312 300 301 302 316

Wolf Roberts Roberts Roberts Peterson

Anthony Travis Travis Travis Matthew

85 80 78

Waterfowl Waterfowl Waterfowl

Gadwall Goldeneye Wood Duck

311 309 310

Wolf Wolf Wolf

Anthony Anthony Anthony

COMMERCIAL DIVISION 95 94 93 92 91 90 90 85 85

Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads Deerheads

Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail

614 615 606 603 612 602 608 607 613

Bach Newman McNutt Wooledge Houser Koehler Erickson McAlpine Flatt

Justin Eric Jamie Mark Dale Wesley Tyler Rob Scott

88 85

Fish Fish

Northern Pike Silver Salmon

617 604

Mikel Larson

Jeff Royce

93 90 90 85

Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads Gameheads

Antelope Bobcat Shoulder Mule Deer Cape Buffalo

605 611 619 600

Wold Wold Newman Houser

Larry Larry Eric Dale








Small Lifesize Mammal






Upland Bird





85 82

Waterfowl Waterfowl

Wood Duck Ross Goose

601 610

Reiling Ogren

Aaron Alex

Buffalo Perch/Walleye Old Squaw

503 502 500


Gameheads Fish Waterfowl

LANCE JOHNSON Whitetail #129 Best Wall Mount Whitetail Deer

Lance Burns, MaraNatha Wiechmann, Daryl Keyes,

Zach Johnson Eric Newman Derek Kaup



Bobcat #215 Best Mount Walnut Creek Panel/Base Masters Division

Small Mouth Bass #317 Best Mount Walnut Creek Panel/Base Amateur Division


Whitetail #614 Best Commercial Whitetail Deer, Best Commercial Overall

JEFF MIKEL Northern Pike #617 Best Commercial Fish

LARRY WOLD Antelope #605 Best Commercial Gamehead

ADAM ZWICK Skunk #618 Best Commercial Small Lifesize Mammal

CHARITY NEWMAN #55 Original Art

AARON REILING Wood Duck #601 Best Commercial Waterfowl, Professional Division Walnut Creek Base/Panel

DALTON MCNUTT Pheasant #135 Willer - McNutt Avian Challenge

JEFF MIKEL Pheasant#616 Best Commercial Upland Bird

KYLE SCHLESSER Blue Wing Teal #186 Best of Category - Professional Division Waterfowl

Renegade Photography Kelsi LaMont, Owner/Photographer 605.881.4151

NICK GENEREUX Whitetail Doe #152 Best of Category - Professional Division Deerheads, Best All Around Whitetail Deer Otter #151 Best of Category - Professional Division Small Lifesize Mammal Elk #148 Best Elk Mount Best All Around Taxidermist with score of 351 Competitors Award, Professional Division

OLAUS LYONS Javelina #183 Best of Category - Professional Division Gamehead, Best Gamhead in Profession Division




Crappie #113 Best of Category - Professional Division Reproduction

Mule Deer #232 Best of Category - Masters Division Gamehead

Pheasant #131 Best of Category - Professional Division Upland Bird

SAM CAHOY Prairie Chicken #227 Best of Category - Masters Division Upland Bird

TYLER ERICKSON Perch #609 Best Commercial Reproduction

TYLER ERICKSON Perch #210, #207 Best of Category - Masters Division Fish, Best of Category - Masters Division Reproduction, Best Overall Perch, Best 360 Fish, Polystranspar Award, Star Fish Replicas, McKenzie Choice Best Fish, Most Artistic Award, Artisan Award




Iguana #217 Best of Category - Masters Division Reptile, Best Exotic Animal

Whitetail Deer #218 Best of Category - Masters Division Deerheads, McKenzie Choice Best Whitetail Deer, Pro-1 Award

Wolverine #226 Best Out of State Award, McKenzie Choice Best Lifesize Mammal, Old Man of Mikeno Mask




Mule Deer #212 People’s Choice Award, Best Mixed Group, Best large Game Head with Open Mouth

Bobcat #200 Best of Category - Masters Division Small Lifesize Mammal, Species Challenge

Whitetail #229 Best Pedestal Mount Whitetail Deer




Bluegill #143 Best Fish

Mountain Loin #216 Best Large Lifesize Mammal

Red Fox #234 Best Small Lifesize Mammal, Mayors Award, Most Original and Creative, Lookin’ Sharp Award, Woody Award



Pheasant #142 Best Pheasant

Gadwall #311 Best Mount Walnut Creek Panel/Base Novice Division

LANCE BURNS, ZACH JOHNSON Buffalo #503 Combined Artist

KYLE LAKEY Whitetail #230 Habitat Challenge Award

Jamie McNutt, A Trophy of a Lifetime Taxidermy Studio, Doland, SD

LANCE JOHNSON The Doppelganger Award

TOM HANSEN The Nair Award


First Name

Bach Berg

Justin Josh

Burns Cahoy Coyle Dexter Erickson Flatt Gusso Hanson Heintzman Hellman Houser Johnson Koehler Lyons Martinmaas McDaniel McNutt Mikel Monteith Newman Ogren Peterson Piatt Powers Roberts Schoeppner Seitz Sell Soukup Wenck Whirledge Wiechanann Wold Wooledge McAlpine Schlesser Willer Augeson Blach Genereux Hansen Hein Larson Nelson Reiling Satre Wiley Wolf Zwick Hursman Johnson Smith Stoppleworth Kaup Keyes Lakey Nakielski Schmidt

Lance Sam Mike Doug & Ardelle Tyler Scott & Stacy Kerry Shawn Roger Brian Dale Zach Wesley Olaus Becky Ronn Jamie, Glenda & Dalton Jeff Kyle Eric & Charity Alex Matthew Jeff & Ranae Stephen & Kelli Travis & Rechelle Jeremy & Krista Brandon Bubba Clate & Karla Derick Larry MaraNatha Larry Mark & Shayna Rob Kyle John Shane Carol Nick & Katrina Tom Bradley Royce & Lynn Randy Aaron Mark Marty Anthony & Samantha Adam Devin Lance Jason Ron Derek Daryl Kyle Mike David

Business Name Bach Taxidermy Mean Woman Taxidermy Burns Taxidermy Studio Showpiece Taxidermy Coyle Taxidermy Glacial Lakes Taxidermy Top Notch Taxidermy Bones To Life Gus' Taxidermy Long Spur Creek Taxidermy Roger's Taxidermy Studio, LLC Hellman's Wildlife Taxidermy Dakota Plains Taxidermy Burns Taxidermy Studio Koehler Taxidermy Lyons Taxidermy Studio Mean Woman Taxidermy Still Nature Taxidermy A Trophy Of A Lifetime Taxidermy Studio Prairie Wings Taxidermy Monteith Taxidermy Grizz's Taxidermy Crow Peak Wildlife Studio Jeff's Taxidermy Roberts Taxidermy Muddy River Taxidermy Hang'em High Taxidermy Bubba's Taxidermy Cowboy Taxidermy Digger's Taxidermy Taxidermy By Larry A Tail For Tales Master Taxidermy Twin Lakes Taxidermy McAlpine Taxidermy Schlesser Taxidermy Nothin' but Feathers Wallhangers Taxidermy Studio Blanch Camp Taxidermy Outdoor Addictions Taxidermy Hansen's Taxidermy Hein Taxidermy Willow Taxidermy Nelson Taxidermy Wildfur Taxidermy Whitetail Run Taxidermy Martin Wiley's Taxidermy Fur Fins & Feathers Taxidermy Hursman Taxidermy Willow Creek Taxidermy Smith's Taxidermy Studio Stoppleworth Taxidermy Pheasant Hollow Taxidermy Twisted Tines Taxidermy Pro Taxidermy Dave's Taxidermy

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Florence Orient


State Zip Code SD 57235 SD 57467

Email Address [email protected] [email protected]

Phone 605-520-2897 605-392-2365

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Travis Roberts Robert’s Taxidermy, Wolsey, SD Travis is a part time taxidermist in the novice division who enjoys mounting birds. He plans on using this scholarship money towards continuing education on his bird taxidermy. He plans to train with Shane Augeson of Wallhangers Taxidermy Studio in Milan, MN.

Clean Healthy Animals Beautiful, Rugged Terrain

14567 468th Ave Twin Brooks, SD 57269 605.432.6138

Congratulations Travis!!!

Left to Right – Lance Johnson/Board Member, John Willer/Board Member, Jamie McNutt/Vice President, Glenda McNutt/Secretary Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Derick Wenck/President, Kyle Schlesser/Board Member, Tom Hansen/Board Member and not pictured Ronn McDaniel/Board Member.