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SharePoint Team Site Navigation Microsoft SharePoint Services SharePoint Services Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services is accessible through Denver P...
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SharePoint Team Site Navigation Microsoft SharePoint Services SharePoint Services Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services is accessible through Denver Public Schools’ Intranet, which enables users to build team and project Web sites. Team members can use their browser to access an existing site and share documents, calendars, announcements, and more.


The following login screen will be displayed. Please enter your Domain Name\User Name and Password in lower-cased letters then click on the OK button; e.g., then click Ok.

Bread Crumbs – Links to previous pages and Home page located under the title of the web page.

PC - dpsuser\jsmith for User Name. MAC – enter the Domain name in the space provided.

Navigation Bar – left side of the screen

Rules of Use Users should adhere to the usage guidelines outlined in the current Board of Education Policy (EGAEB) – Internet Policy. The entire contents of the policy can be found at:

When certified to manage SharePoint sites all content, pages, etc., must be maintained by the administrator responsible for the website.

Your SharePoint site will display.

The administrator will be able to add, edit, and delete information on the assigned website. All others are assigned as a Contributor or a Reader.

Announcements The announcement will display on the Meeting Workspace home page.

Call Hotline for Help at 720-423-3888 Logging On 1.

Using Internet Explorer., in the Address box, type in the web address for your team site in the address field and press Enter.

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Team Workspace Home Page Navigation

Check often for Department Announcements

Links on the upper menu top right


SharePoint Team Site Navigation Shared Documents


click File, Save As


Select where the file is to be saved, click Save. The file will be saved in the specified location.


Document Libraries are created in order to share forms standard files. The Link will be on the left Navigation Pane under Documents. Click on the Shared Documents link. Or the Document Library web part to open the library.


When choosing multiple files click in the box to select all the files to be uploaded then click Save and Close.

Web Part Link

Open a Document 1.



Click on the document link to open.

Click Ok to the message below.

Word will open and display the shared document.

Add Item to Document Library 1.

Click Upload document


Click Browse button to locate one file at a time. Or Upload Multiple Files link to upload more than one file.

You will be returned to the document list in the Document library with !New listed next to the file name.

Delete File in Document Library 1.

Click on Shared Document link either on the left Navigation bar or the web part if it is displaying.


Hover over the file you wish to delete and click on the drop down arrow to select X Delete.

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SharePoint Team Site Navigation



Click Ok to continue

Click Home to take you back to Home page if you are in the Document library. If you used the Document web part when you click on Home you will be returned to the Home page where the web part is located.


Click on one of the choices below, then OK


Type the information about the changes if they are being tracked, then Ok. You will return to the Document library.


When modifying is complete, click on the drop down arrow and select Check In


When you click Check In the box below will appear, choose one of the options. SharePoint defaults to Check in documents.

You will be returned to the Document Library with the name of the person checking out the documents.

Edit Document Checked Out 1.

Click on the drop down arrow again and choose Edit in Microsoft Office Word.


Word will launch and the changes can be made then saved, click Ok to Explorer window.


Click File, Save


Click File, Close to return to Shared Documents

Check Out Documents 1.

Click either the Shared Documents in the left Navigation bar or the web part link to select a document to Check In/Out. Menu Options in Document Library

New Document – Launches Word to begin a new file Upload Document – allows additional documents to be added New Folder – helps organize the information in different folders 2.

Filters and Edit in Datasheet – NA Hover over the file with the mouse, click on the drop down arrow, choose Check Out.

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SharePoint Team Site Navigation 9.

Comments are optional - type in information, then, click Ok to return to the Document library.

10. Information will update on the documents screen and the name will move from Checked Out To to Modified By.


Priority – Choose

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Status – Choose % Complete – Type the % Task is Complete Assigned to - Choose name from drop down list Start Date – Date Task Begins Due Date – Date Task is Due to be Complete Optional: Attach a file if needed Click on Save and Close to end, information will display. You will return to the Tasks list.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

11. Click Home link in the upper right of the screen to return to home page


Type Title * Type or select the Beginning date and time, using the formatting below Enter the End date and time, using the formatting below Type Description of the Event Type Location of the Event Choose the Recurrence, Pattern, Start date, and end date information Check the box if you want to create a workspace for each meeting automatically. Leave Blank if this is not needed. Click Save and Close to end.

Task A task is a unit of work assigned to someone on the team. A task has a title and optionally, a priority, status, percent complete, description, starting and due dates, and an attached file. You can assign a task to any member of your team or leave it unassigned. 1.

Click on the Tasks link on the left Navigation bar under Lists.

The Task list screen will display

12. Click Home link in the top right or the screen to return to Home page.

Events 2.

Click on New item

Add an Event 1.


10. The information about the event will display on the home page

Create a new Event by clicking on Add new Events

Title * - title of the task

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SharePoint Team Site Navigation 2.

Change the All Events view to a Calendar View by clicking on Calendar link in the left navigation bar.


The Calendar View will display with the Events listed. Click on the link within the calendar to view the Event information.

Editing Events 1.


Click on the blue Event link in the list or the Event link on the web part

Add a Link 1.

Information about the Event will display with a menu at the top. Click Edit Item link. 2. 4.


Make changes, click Save and Close.

If you are in a browser window already click on again to open another the Internet Browser window. Locate the web page you want to add to the Links library. Right mouse click in the Address field to display the menu, choose Copy from the menu

Click the Home link to return to the Home page.

Links Library Links allow users to gain quick access to other Web

resources. Links can point to objects on the Internet. Links can also point to a file itself or to a specific location within a file if posted on the Internet. Under DPS Links you will find helpful links to the DPS Home Page and the Feedback link where you can provide feedback directly to the Hotline.

Using a web link - Click on the link already available and you will be taken to the assigned web part

View Events SharePoint Workspace views will default to a list 1. Change the View by clicking on Events link on the web part.

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3. 4. 5.

Click on the Home page where you want to add the link Click Add new link


Back Space the http:// as it is already included in the copy command we just copied.


Right mouse click to Paste the web link in the URL * field or type web address.


SharePoint Team Site Navigation The Workgroup Areas can be reached using the link on the Navigation Bar under the Lists library OR the Web Part Workgroup Areas webpart links created by the Administrator. 8.


Meeting Workspace

Test the link by clicking on the (Click here to test). The web site will launch to check for accuracy.

Type the description of the web page for a title to display instead of the URL in the Links library.

10. Click Save and Close to return to the Links Library and display the additional link

A Meeting Workspace is used to track meeting participants, agendas, a set of tasks and action items. A complete online record is available to the participants after the meeting is completed. In a meeting request, a hyperlink could be included to direct you to the workspace site where invitees can learn the details and see the materials.

The Navigation Bar will display all the dates for the meetings including recurring meetings. Click on the meeting date link to open the Meeting Workspace.

Joining Discussion Groups 1.

Click on the Discussion Groups below Discussions link.


Click on New Discussion


Type Subject *, Text, and Save and Close. (Optional – Attach File)


The question will be posted with response information.


Participate in Discussion Groups

You will be able to view Objectives, Attendees, Agenda, Document Library, Tasks and Decisions related to this meeting. Workgroup Meeting Space Home page will display with the link to the Meeting Workspaces links.

11. The new link will display in the Links library. 1.

Edit a Link 1. 2.


Click on Links web part. Point to the link you want to edit, For the PC: Click the down arrow on the menu that appears, and then click Edit Icon. For the MAC: Click on the Edit Icon next to the menu Link.

Click Save and Close to save and go back to the Link library

Click on Meeting Workspace link created by the Administrator. Or click the + sign next to the Meeting Workspace on the Navigation bar, then choose the Meeting Workspace. Meeting Workspace Link

Meeting Workspace Link from Navigation Bar

Workgroup Areas Contributor2, Last printed 9/28/2009 4:23:00 PM


SharePoint Team Site Navigation 6.

Click on the Discussion link to see what has been posted.


Click on the Subject link to participate in the discussions.


Click Post Reply

11. Click Home link from the menu at the top right to return to Home page.

Site Administrator will be adding users for the workspace.


1. 2. 3.

Click on Site Settings


Click on Add Users


Click Address button, locate the member to be added, then click TO button for each member and when done click OK.


Popup window for Microsoft Outlook displays


Click in the check box to allow SharePoint to access your email account for 1 min. and click Yes button

A contact is an entry in the List section that corresponds to a person. Contacts are used to store pertinent information about the people on your team. Each Team participant should add themselves as a contact in the team site. Add yourself as a contact by following the instructions below.

Add a Contact

Click Manage Users

1. 2. 3.

Click Contacts under the List section. At the top of the list, click New Item. In the Last Name and First Name boxes, type the name of the contact. The field for last name is required.

PC TIP –Select the down arrow next to the posting and select reply.


Type the Text, Attach File if needed following the menu options, the Save and Close.

A contact can have any of the sixteen optional characteristics; including an email address, phone number, etc. 4. Type information in the remaining boxes as desired. E-mail addresses are necessary to communicate directly from the Contact list. 5. Click Save and Close.

Edit a Contact 1. 2. 3. 4.

10. Information will display when you click on Expand/Collapse.

2. 3. 4.

Click Contacts under the List section. For the PC Point to the contact you want to edit. Click the down arrow, and then click Edit Item. Change the fields as desired, and then click Save and Close. For the MAC Click on the contact you want to edit. Select Edit Item. Change the fields as desired, and then click Save and Close.

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SharePoint Team Site Navigation Alerts notify you when information changes on the site. You can define your areas of interest and identify how and when you want to be alerted.

Add Alerts 1.

Click on Site Settings in the navigation bar.

Surveys Link Surveys provide a way of polling team members. Surveys ask you pointed questions and provide a structure to gather the responses. The site administrator will create the survey.

Respond to a survey 1. 2. 8.

Click the rights assigned to the user(s) and click Next

3. 4.


Confirm the users

2. 3.

Click on My alerts on this site. Click Add Alert. The New alert screen will appear.

10. Optional- Uncheck the box if you don’t want an email sent right away. 11. Type a standard email message to all users 12. Click Finish

Click on the name of the survey under the Survey section. At the top of the survey, click Respond to this survey. Answer the survey questions by filling out the form. Click Save and Close.

To see the results of the survey 1.

On the page that displays the survey, under Select a View, click Graphical Summary, or click All Responses. Note: The person who created the survey might have specified that respondents' names not be visible in the survey results.

Where Do I Get Help? You can get help in a variety of ways. • The Feedback link will send your feedback to the DoTS Hotline. A technician will respond to your help request. • You may call the Dots Hotline (720-423-3888). For internal dialing: x33888

13. You will return to the Manage Users window and all users listed will display. 4.

5. 6. 7.

Alerts Contributor2, Last printed 9/28/2009 4:23:00 PM

Choose the List or Document Library you wish to receive alerts on. Note: only one choice can be made at one time. Click on Next. To have alerts sent on All changes and via an email notification, click OK Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each list/library you want to receive alerts for.

Glossary Announcement A short piece of news and information to share and display on the home page. Contact


SharePoint Team Site Navigation An entry in the Contact list that corresponds to a person you or members of your team communicate with. Discussion An online forum for conversations between team members. Discussion boards contain zero or more messages, presented in a threaded or flat format Event A short piece of information about upcoming meetings, deadlines, and occurrences, and displayed on the home page. Library A collection of files that team members share. You can create one of three types of libraries: a document library, a form library, or a picture library List A set of related information to be shared among team members, such as a collection of announcements, events, or links. Quick Launch Bar Place holder for Hyperlinks, Documents, Lists, Discussions, Surveys or Tasks. Survey A Web-based questionnaire. Task A unit of work assigned to someone on the team. Team Web Site A Windows SharePoint Services Web site that contains hyperlinks to site pages, a content area, a home page and Quick Launch bar. Thread A series of related messages; also called a discussion. Excepting the original message, all of the messages in a thread are replies to an existing message. Workspace A Windows SharePoint Services Web site contained within your team Web site, and focused on one document, meeting, or other shared resource. Contributor2, Last printed 9/28/2009 4:23:00 PM

Main Menu Breadcrumbs – Location of the Web Site Title

Custom Site Image

Quick Launch Bar User Content


Suggest Documents