SharePoint 2013 Can you make it work for your firm?

SharePoint 2013 – Can you make it work for your firm? OUR PANEL Dora M Tynes Chief Knowledge Officer Sheppard Mullin LLP James Tuvell Director of Kn...
Author: Jared Green
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SharePoint 2013 – Can you make it work for your firm?

OUR PANEL Dora M Tynes Chief Knowledge Officer Sheppard Mullin LLP James Tuvell Director of Knowledge Services Fox Rothschild LLP Matt Van Ordstrand Director, Practice & Client Services Winston & Strawn LLP Mark Soriano Application Development Manager Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Sheppard Mullin: Firm Stats International law firm with large presence in California •

15 Offices

2nd largest law firm in California as of Q2 2014

650 attorneys in 15 offices

Over 1300 users

IT = 62

KM = 3 teams [KM (5)/ Library (9)/Lit & Trial Support (8)]

1 Developer ‘light’ + 1 SP UI/Content Administrator

Fox Rothschild: Firm Stats National law firm that provides a full range of legal services to public and private companies. •

Roughly 1300 users and 600 attorneys representing

19 offices in 9 states coast to coast

KM Department consists of o o o

Library Services [9] Business and Competitive Intelligence [5] Knowledge Solutions [6]

Winston & Strawn: Firm Stats International law firm headquartered out of Chicago with 18 offices around the world. •

Roughly 1900 employees, 450 partners

Large IS division comprised of: o o o o

IT Library Services Records & Docket Practice & Client Services

Practice & Client Services o o o o

SharePoint Developers Business Analyst Data Integrity

Seyfarth Shaw: Firm Stats International law firm that incorporates the core principles of Lean Six Sigma to deliver legal services •

800 attorneys in 14 offices

Over 1800 users

Development Team o

1 SharePoint Architect


1 SharePoint Administrator


1 User Interface Designer


1 Release Engineer (Certified Scrum Master/Product Owner)


6 Developers

Sheppard Mullin: Existing SharePoint Environment SharePoint 2007 – still in production •

Firm Portal/Intranet

IUS Enterprise Search for DMS, Westkm, SP content

Conduit to various LOB data via iFrames or web parts: o

Financial, Docketing, Business Intake, Conflicts, Etc.

SharePoint 2013 – in staging mode •

Enhanced firm Portal/Intranet

New enterprise search solution

Deeper integration with LOBs

Fox Rothschild: Existing SharePoint Environment Sharepoint 2010 [2 Farms] •

Extranets o

Client Deal Rooms


Custom Templates


Lateral Recruitment

Intranet o

Content Publishing


Team Collaboration (Attorneys and Staff)


Custom Solutions

Winston & Strawn: Existing SharePoint Environment SharePoint 2007 •

Firm Intranet

Client Extranets

Matter Workspaces (non DM docs)

Countless point solutions

SharePoint 2010 • • •

DM Houston Office Enterprise Search Various point solutions

Seyfarth Shaw: Existing Environment How we use SharePoint • •

Extranet - Collaboration platform for clients/attorneys Intranet - Enterprise Custom Apps, Firm News, Directory

SharePoint 2010 • • • •

Not mobile responsive Web Controls - Server-side approach Search crawling slow Search results not intuitive

Sheppard Mullin: Why SharePoint 2013/ Justification Sheppard Mullin – First law firm to implement SP 2007 •

Move off SP 2007

Enhance user experience

Clean up clutter

Return to FAST for Enterprise Search

Ready for Office 365 & Mobility

Slowly push out social components

Fox Rothschild: Why SharePoint 2013 Microsoft Answers our Complaints Two Complaints and a Wish: • • •

SharePoint had no upgrade path. We can’t find enough development talent. The Wish: Microsoft wants everyone on Sharepoint in the Cloud.


Fox Rothschild: Why SharePoint 2013 Relationship Status: It’s Complicated Thumbs Down:

Thumbs Up:

• •

• • •

No “Power User” Development Most (if not all) code must be redeveloped Learning Curve for Existing Staff

• • •

Better Upgrade Path! Services Based Architecture Standards Based Development • (aka: More developers can work in the environment) No Managed Code Mobility out of the box Works better with Office

Winston & Strawn: Why SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) project • • •

New Search New DM New Intranet

Foundational Platform for future • • • • • •

Collaborative One electronic client file Find stuff Document Management Mobility (One Drive for Business) True working environment for our lawyers

Seyfarth Shaw: Why SharePoint 2013 Mobile Responsiveness •

SeyfarthLink - Seyfarth Shaw’s client collaboration platform needed to be supported on mobile devices

Search • • •

Faster Office Web App Document Preview

Performance • •

Browser Compatibility Client-Side Scripting

Sheppard Mullin: How Are We Doing It Survey & focus group interviews with heavy attorney participation •

Confirm priority of areas for improvement

Technology committee participation in build out process •


Fully fleshed out design (look & feel w/color & fonts)

Partnered with various vendors along the way

Lots of checkpoints along the way •

Sign offs at every phase completion

Getting ready for initial live testing

Fox Rothschild: How are We Doing It? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? … Where are we anyway?

We are at the very beginning. •

Complete, Ground up, re-Architecture

App Metaphors

HTML5, Fluid, Mobile First Design

No Native Mobile Apps Planned

Winston & Strawn: How Are We Doing It Envision • • •

Reimagine Intranet Understand what lawyers do and how they do it Vendor Partner

Design • •

Diligent requirements gathering Wireframe / creative design

Build • • •

Build in iterations Vendor + In-house development staff Migration

Change Management Evangelize!!

Seyfarth Shaw: How Are We Doing It • • • • • •

Microsoft Premier Support discussion New SharePoint Installation New Infrastructure Extensive QA Testing Custom mobile responsive design Search centric server architecture

Seyfarth Shaw: Things to Think About Functionality Changes • • •

Datasheet View vs. Quick Edit Uploading folders structure and documents Content Admin and Hierarchy Manager actions

Migration • • •

Couldn’t restore content database due to customizations 900+ Site Collections and content to migrate Synchronizing content from date of migration to cutover

Sheppard Mullin: Interesting SharePoint 2013 Features •

FAST Search

Flexible page design

Social components

App store

Enhanced/Extended native functionality o

Ability to retire 3rd party web parts


Fox Rothschild: Interesting SharePoint 2013 Features Meet the new boss… same as the old boss.

• • • • • • •

Search Based Applications Content Type Design Very Mobile Friendly Litigation In Place Holds (Sharepoint and Exchange) Service Based Architecture Web Standards Development (JQuery, REST) Abstracted Development (Custom is now outside of Sharepoint)

BE CAREFUL: Many of the old features are still there. o o

Old Workflow Managed Code

Winston & Strawn: Interesting SharePoint 2013 Features • • • •

Conversations (SP News Feed) Following OneDrive for Business Mobile (Responsive site)

Seyfarth Shaw: Interesting SharePoint 2013 Features

Document Preview

Office Web App



Get a preview of the document

Edit Office documents without Office installed

Sheppard Mullin: The Future •

Leverage HTML5 to further enhance user experience

Customize pages for each practice group and department

Facilitate portal for increased group collaboration o

Allow their page to tell their story

Extend portal data/functionality to mobile devices o

Become device agnostic

Sheppard Mullin: But First Things First It all starts with bottom line numbers (financials) •

Simple financial dashboards •

Drill-down for details

Expanded client/matter/team information

Round up all data about a matter or entity

Single place to work •

Create simple workflows

Fox Rothschild: The Future • • • •

Intranet and Extranets into one Farm (SharePoint 2013) Fluid Mobile Intranets and Extranets Push targeted ‘apps’ via Mobile Device Management Solid architecture designed to grow, adapt and migrate

Winston & Strawn: The Future • • • • •

Foundational Platform Document Management Email Management Internal eDiscovery Evolved extranets

Seyfarth Shaw: The Future • • •

Document Rights Management Document Classifications Upgrading Intranet to SharePoint 2013

Questions We’ll now open it up for questions

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