Shalom Springfield. The Newsletter of the Jewish Federation of Springfield, Illinois. Available online at

February 2016 Shevat/Adar 1 5776 Issue No. 155 Shalom Springfield The Newsletter of the Jewish Federation of Springfield, Illinois Available online a...
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February 2016 Shevat/Adar 1 5776 Issue No. 155

Shalom Springfield The Newsletter of the Jewish Federation of Springfield, Illinois Available online at

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21 3:00-5:00 pm at Temple B’rith Sholom 1008 S. Fourth Street Springfield, Illinois


PARADE OF HATS To enter, send in your hat description with your reservation. Guests will group vote for best hat by table.

      

Guest Chefs Mark Forinath, Café Moxo Patrick Groth, Incredibly Delicious Michael Higgins, Maldaner’s Chip Kennedy, 5 Flavors Catering Larry Langley, Sangamo Club Ozma Rahman Anita Myers & Mark Deluhery Plus FANTASTIC RAFFLE PRIZES from local businesses

$25 in advance/$30 at the door Reserve a table of 8 for $20 per person, if paid in advance RSVP by Monday, February 15 787-7223 ext. 18

This event is sponsored by Bank of Springfield, Bird Armour LLC, Rishi Tea, Signature Event Rental & Hickory Glen Active Senior Living,

Harold Grinspoon Foundation selects Jewish Federation of Springfield, IL  as a LIFE & LEGACY program partner 

    The Jewish Federation of Springfield, IL was recently selected  to  participate  in  the  Jewish  Federations  of  North  America/Harold  Grinspoon Foundation’s LIFE & LEGACY program as one of only eight  Small Federated Jewish communities from across North America.         “The  Harold  Grinspoon  Foundation  is  very  excited  to  be    partnering with the Jewish Federation of Springfield, IL  to establish a  culture of legacy giving in Springfield, Illinois,” said Arlene D. Schiff,  National  Director of the LIFE & LEGACY program. “ The time is right.   This     legacy program will make the most of the generational transfer of wealth, change the language and           landscape  of  giving  and  provide  generous  and  forward  thinking  members  of  the  Springfield  Jewish             community  with  the  opportunity  to  express  their  passion,  purpose  and  commitment  to  their  most  valued  Jewish organizations.”      LIFE  &  LEGACY  is  a  2‐year  program  that  assists  communities,  through  partnerships  with  Jewish       Federations, to promote after‐lifetime giving to benefit local Jewish day schools, synagogues, social service  organizations and other Jewish entities.  LIFE & LEGACY’s goals are to:   Educate,  train,  motivate  and  empower  Jewish  organizations  to  engage  their  loyal  stakeholders  in   conversations to establish legacy gifts.   Increase community awareness of the power of bequests, other legacy vehicles and endowments.   Integrate legacy giving into the philanthropic culture of the Springfield Jewish community.      "So often our focus is on our current annual budget, rather than ensuring that we have resources to  sustain  our  community  into  the  future.    This  grant  will  help  all  our  Jewish  organizations  that  have  local       Legacy funds and choose to participate. I am so proud our community was chosen and that Nancy Sage was  able to complete the application process in her first weeks as Federation Executive," states Anne Morgan,  President, Jewish Federation of Springfield, IL      LIFE & LEGACY is the newest initiative of the HGF, the visionaries behind PJ Library and the JCAMP180  programs, which has committed $30 million dollars over the next ten years to engage communities in legacy  building efforts to secure the future of vibrant Jewish communities.       Since  the  LIFE  &  LEGACY’s  launch  in  the  Fall  of  2012,  289  organizations  in  23  communities  and  13    Hillel  Campus  Affiliates  have  secured  more  than  6,700  legacy  commitments  with  an  estimated  value  of     $257M in future gifts to the Jewish community.  

Shalom Springfield is generously underwritten with support from the following community partners: Bank of Springfield, (217) 529-5555 Bisch and Sons Funeral Home,, (217) 544-5424 Rita Victor, Broker, Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell, (217) 726-3101 Feuer-Brozgold Legacy Fund

DO GOOD EVERYWHERE FROM ANYWHERE     Yotan  and    Roni    are  standing  outside  a  bomb  shelter  in  Beer Sheva. This particular shelter  has been converted into  a  storage  facility  where  members  of  the  community  can  borrow  and  swap  household  tools.  Yotan  and  Roni  were  Shlichim  (Emissaries)  from  Israel  to  communities  in  the  United States.  The emissary program of the Jewish Agency  for  Israel  (JAFI)  is  a  people  to  people  program  designed  to  increase  connection  between  American  and  Israeli  Jews.   While  American  communities  learn  about  Israelis,  it  works  both  ways.    Both  of  them  were  equally  influenced  by   American  volunteerism.    So    when  they  returned  to  Israel  they wanted to start a community‐wide, volunteer program.    This  is  a  wonderful  example  of  the  impact  we  have  on  Israeli  society.  Your  gift  to  the  Jewish  Federation  brings Jews and  Jewish values together.    Your gift to the Jewish Federation's annual campaign allows you to   Do good Everywhere from Anywhere!    ‐ Mark Wancket, 2016 Campaign Chair  A Message From Your 2016 Campaign Chair To those who have made their pledges for 2016, “thank you.” With your generous gifts, we have reached 85% of our goal of $275,000. To those who have yet to make a pledge, I encourage you to take action. Please respond to the card you received via mail or included in this newsletter. If you receive a call from a volunteer within our community, please make a pledge. You can also pledge your support at the Federation website, At the main page, select the link to “Support Us.” No matter how you choose to do it, your support for our Federation is needed. Your continued – and ideally increased – support is essential for the many Federation sponsored programs and services in the Springfield area, our country, Israel and other parts of the world. With your support, we can truly “Do Good Everywhere – from Central Illinois.” Mark Wancket 2016 Campaign Chair



About Our Mailing List The Jewish Federation of Springfield does not publish our mailing list. It is the policy, and always has been, of the Federation to refuse requests for copies of the mailing list. When local Jewish organizations request the list to share information for an event, either the Federation creates and mails the information or the organization will receive names and addresses only for that specific purpose. These local organizations include Temple B'rith Sholom, Temple Israel and their respective sisterhoods, as well as the local chapters of Hadassah and B'nai B'rith. Those organizations reciprocate by publicizing our events. Members of the Board of Directors and committee chairs do have access to the mailing list to be used only for Federation business.

The Federation Presents:

KNOSH & KNOWLEDGE A monthly hour of relaxed discussion on current events or topics of interest. From Seed to Cup: The Story of Your Coffee At Wm. Van’s Coffee House 503 S. 7th Street Store and café open at 9:00. Presentation begins promptly at 9:30 a.m.

Wednesday, February 24 9:30 a.m. RSVP to Linda by Friday, February 19 at 787-7223 ext. 11 or [email protected]

Mitzvah Mobile Food Pantry Save the Date: May 14, 2016 Jews and food: what a natural combination! Join the Jewish community in partnership with the Central Illinois Food Bank in giving away free food to our low- and no-income neighbors. When we distributed food last May, this positive experience was valued both by the grateful recipients and our volunteers. If you are a child old enough to not require adult supervision, or if you are an active 90 year old – or anyone in between – with the time and interest in volunteering, we’ve got a place for you May 14 at Temple B’rith Sholom between 9 or 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Partial shifts are possible, particularly for those who attend Shabbat services at Temple Israel. Please contact Jordan Litvak by email, [email protected], to volunteer. Funds have been received from Federation and will be solicited from other Jewish organizations, as we did last time, so we are not asking for money. However, if you want to bake a sweet treat or something gluten-free, that would be most welcome. Contact me (Lisa) at 546-7282 or [email protected] to do that. All of us on the Mitzvah Mobile Food Pantry Task Force (Jordan Litvak, Sonia and Ed Gerson, Mary Beth Cohen, Ralph Loewenstein, Steve Stone, Nancy Sage for Federation and Edyee Schultz) are excited to do this mitzvah for our neighbors, and hope you will join us to make it happen. Sign up and bring your friends! Lisa Stone Task Force Chair














4:45 pm Hebrew 5 PM Super Sunday Follow Up 7:30 pm Fed. Bd. Mtg.

6:15 pm Hadassah Book Club



9:30 am Hebrew 10:15 am Religious School 10:30 am TBS S’Hd Brunch & Film 5 pm Super Bowl Party

14 No Hebrew or Religious School 4 pm TBS Exec Bd Mtg TBS Trip to STL IMAX film Valentine’s Day


1pm TI S’Hd Book Club


President’s Day


9:30 am Hebrew 10:15 am Religious School 3-5 pm Chai Tea @ TBS



7 pm JCRC @ Fed


7:30 pm SBJE Bd Mtg


7:15 pm TBS Bd Mtg 7:30 pm Fed Exec Bd Mtg


4:45 pm Hebrew 6 pm Hadassah Gen Mtg


No Hebrew 7:30 pm TI Bd Mtg

24 9:30 am Knosh & Knowledge 4:45 pm Hebrew 7 pm Hadassah Bd Mtg

5:30 pm TBS Family Shabbat 6 pm TI Service


7 pm TI Adult Ed


Super Sunday Follow Up


5:30 pm TI S’Hd Night Out

12 5:30 pm TBS Shabbat & Dinner 6 pm TI Shabbat Lincoln’s Birthday


5:30 pm TBS Shabbat 6 pm TI Shabbat


5:30 pm TBS Shabbat 6 pm TI Shabbat


9:30 am Hebrew 10:15 am Religious School

JEWISH FEDERATION OF SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS 1045 Outer Park Drive, Suite 320 Springfield, IL 62704 Phone: 787-7223 Fax: 787-7470 Email: [email protected]

9 am TI Service 10 am TBS Service


9 am TI Service


9 am TI Service


9 am TI Service 6:30 pm TBS Trivia Night

I want to help Federation change lives in our community and around the world. Here’s my tax-deductible gift to support the Jewish Federation of Springfield, Illinois’ 2016 Annual Campaign.

2016 Annual Campaign  Do Good Everywhere From Anywhere 

Your gift will be published in  our Annual Report    

President’s Circle   $20,000 +  ** Please consider increasing your pledge by $10 or more per month **    $10,000 ‐ $19,999  I hereby pledge to support the  Annual Campaign with a gift of $_______________   $7,500 ‐ $9,999     $3,600 ‐ $7,499  ________________________________________________________________________________ Signature         E‐mail (please print clearly) 

____________________________________________________________________  Date  



Cell phone # 





I will pay my pledge  by December 31, 2016       

 Monthly             Quarterly           Semi‐Annually             Annually        by Check           Visa or MasterCard  online at  


Pacesetters   $2,800 ‐ $3,599   $2,000 ‐ $2,799   $1,200 ‐ $1,999   

Friends   $750‐$1,199   $500‐$749   $175‐$499   Up to $174 

THANK YOU TO….Chaverim Celebration volunteers Mark Deluhery, Barb Rabin, and Mark Wancket; Gloria Schwartz for assisting at the Lonnie Nasatir event; Steve Rambach for taking photographs at the Lonnie Nasatir event.

From the Springfield Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)


The goal of peace depends on both Israelis and Palestinians working together with international support towards the mutual goal of a negotiated two-state solution. In contrast, BDS tactics are one-sided and are focused solely on pressuring Israel, thus creating a distorted picture of the region. Rather than improve the situation, it advocates are undermining the internationally-backed peace process that is premised on the development of mutual understanding and respect. Economic boycotts and divestment actions will not help the Palestinian people. The path to the two-state solution depends on creating an atmosphere of peace and reconciliation combined with economic development and political achievement. Boycotts are not new. Ever since Israel’s establishment, the Arab world has tried to use an economic boycott to isolate and weaken Israel politically and economically. While Egypt and Jordan have trade links with Israel, most Arab countries do not trade directly with Israel. The Roadmap Peace Plan to resolve the IsraeliPalestinian conflict (proposed by the United States, European Union, Russia and the United Nations) specifically calls for the normalization of relations between the Arab states and Israel, including the return of trade links.


Those seeking to foster peace should support programs and efforts that promote reconciliation and coexistence, rather than tearing down either party as advocated by the BDS Movement. We need to support efforts that help the parties move toward a “two states for two peoples” solution that would create a Jewish and democratic state of Israel, alongside an independent State of Palestine. There are many positive opportunities to build the Palestinian economy and infrastructure, as well as encourage economic cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians. It is through these types of activities that we can help both Palestinians and Israelis live together, side-by-side. While the safety and welfare of Israel is of great concern to the entire American Jewish community, it holds diverse views on what will bring peace in the Middle East. Nevertheless, the vast majority of the community, including organizations such as Ameinu and J Street, seeks peace with Israel’s neighbors and has consistently opposed the approach, methods and goals of the BDS movement. Natalie Silverman, JCRC Chair

Betsy Salus, JCRC Vice-Chair

LONNIE NASATIR SPEAKS TO JEWISH COMMUNITY    Lonnie Nasatir, Midwest Director of the Anti‐Defamation League (ADL), spoke  at  a  community  meeting  on  Thursday,  January  21st  sponsored  by  the  Jewish    Community  Relations  Council,  Israel  and  the  Middle  East  Committee.    He        explained  the  process  by  which  ADL  surveys  and  measures  anti‐Semitism  in  the  world.  Respondents  are  asked  to  answer  a   series of questions relating to their   perceptions of Jews (e.g., do Jews have too  much power? Are Jews more loyal to   Israel than to the countries in which they  reside?) A greater number of affirmative responses is taken to indicate that the  respondent  harbors  anti‐Semitic  attitudes.  Lonnie  explained  and  described     current  manifestations  of  anti‐Semitism  with  a  particular  focus  on  the  BDS  (Boycott,  Divestment  and  Sanctions)  movement  on  college  campuses  and  the  effect that it has on both Jewish and non‐Jewish students. 


Financial assistance is available from the Jewish Federation of Springfield, IL and the Joni Ann Wolfson Campership Fund of the Federation. Application form is available at Click on Programs tab and then Culture and Family.

BunkConnect™: Making Jewish Camp a Reality for Every Child Jewish camp is more than just camp, it is camp with a soul. This incredibly powerful experience impacts a child and their family long after summer has come to an end. We understand that sending your child(ren) to overnight camp may feel like a luxury that is out of reach and unaffordable. Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) believes that every child should have the opportunity to experience the magic of Jewish camp. After all, spending summers at camp is how kids discover who they really are, build connections to the Jewish future, and create memories they’ll hold onto for their entire lives. And, perhaps more importantly to the campers themselves, it’s just plain fun! The camp experience is transformative regardless of the global economy. And like you, we are always looking to get our kids off the computer, out of doors without the cries of “I’m bored!” We understand that camp may be expensive and are here to help. FJC offers One Happy Camper grants for first-time campers. This incentive is NEED blind - Visit to learn more and apply. With over 150+ traditional and specialty summer experiences to choose from, there's a Jewish overnight camp for every child. Search available overnight camp sessions at today. Don’t miss this chance to give your kids the summer of a lifetime! was created and launched initially as a pilot program to help make camp more affordable for eligible families, made possible through the generosity of our donors and in collaboration with the camps. We are in the process of developing different approaches to help address affordability for future summers.

Save Money on Overnight Camp For nearly a century, generation to generation, Camp Chi has been enlivening campers with a summer experience beyond compare. Everything from our 600 pristine acres, our extensive activities and specialties, staff that support and inspire, and the beauty of Shabbat, exemplifies what makes Camp Chi so special. JCC Camp Chi provides a range of opportunities to encourage families to choose Jewish overnight camp and save money on the cost of camp. To find out more about Camp Chi and to see if your family qualifies for any scholarships, go to


Mark Your Calendar! TBS Trivia Night Sat., Feb. 27th Doors open 6:30 PM Trivia starts at 7:00 PM $100/table, 10 people max. Get your team together now! RSVP to TBS 525-1360 Bring your own munchies & BYOB. Soft drinks/water will be available for sale. Events of Jewish Interest: Two foreign films of Jewish interest are being shown in Springfield in February as part of the Springfield Art Association’s Molly Schlich Film Series at AMC Parkway Point Cinema, 3025 Lindbergh Boulevard: Phoenix (German 2014). A disfigured concentration-camp survivor, unrecognizable after facial reconstruction surgery, searches ravaged postwar Berlin for the husband who might have betrayed her to the Nazis. Shown on February 7 at 1:00 & 4:00 pm and February 9 at 7:00 pm. Labyrinth of Lies (German 2014). A young and idealistic public prosecutor attempts to bring former Nazis to justice, exposing the conspiracy of prominent German institutions and government branches to cover up Nazi crimes during World War II. A blend of truth and fiction. Shown on February 14 at 1:00 & 4:00 pm and February 16 at 7:00 pm.

Chaverim celebrated Tu B’Shvat (New Year of Trees) on January 26 with a seder led by Rabbi Datz. We savored all the seven species (wheat, barley, grapes, olives, dates, figs, and pomegranates) as well as fruits with peels, nuts with shells, fruits with inedible seeds, and finally fruits that are completely edible. We watched our grape juice darken from white to deep red as we read and sang our way through the seder. Thanks to all involved. Our next Chaverim Celebration will be in anticipation of Purim on March 15….and you can guess what we will be preparing for refreshments. Remember that Chaverim Celebrations now start at 10:00 (at the suggestion of regular attendees) in the hope that more may be able to attend. We have volunteers who will provide transportation, so please don’t let that stop you from attending!

SAGE NOTES    When the Springfield area recently experienced heavy rains and flash floods, I was  contacted by the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), the national organization to  which our local Federation belongs. Fearing that we might be facing a crisis, JFNA reached  out to us and offered to provide any necessary assistance. Fortunately, after checking out  the local situation with the Red Cross, I was able to answer that there was no immediate  need  for  outside  help.  I  expressed  our  community’s  thanks  for  their  offer  and  promised  that I would keep them posted.      This  is  but  one  small  instance  of  what  JFNA  does  best  –  reaching  out  and  providing  assistance  to    communities in time of disaster and crisis. In 2015, JFNA was on the scene in Houston, in Nepal and in Paris  among other locales to help victims of natural disaster and of terrorism. This is in addition to the everyday  work of Federations, offering social services and humanitarian aid to Jews in need here, in Israel and around  the  world.  Our  local  Jewish  Federation  participates  in  that  work  by  assisting  members  of  our  community    facing  crisis  situations.  Federations  collectively  touch  more  Jewish  lives  than  any  other  organization,  and  you, through your support, are a vital part of that endeavor.      Over  the  past  year,  Jewish  Federation  of  Springfield  and  the  Jewish  Community  Relations  Council  (JCRC)  sponsored  over  40  events  and  programs  with  attendance  totaling  nearly  1400.    Programs  were         designed to educate, to entertain, to serve, and to bring us together as a community. These programs and  events included our own Film Festival, Wine Tasting JCRC Mitzvah Mobile Food Pantry and mayoral candi‐ dates’ forum, Young Adults, Knosh and Knowledge, Chaverim, the annual Chai Tea, and community events.  We featured speakers, movies, entertainment, food, supported the Sunday School (B’rit Ysrael) and offered  the  opportunity  to  perform  such  mitzvoth  as  feeding  the  hungry.  The  Federation  and  JCRC  calendar  of  events for 2016 promises to be just as busy and as varied.      “Do good everywhere from anywhere” is the 2016 Federation campaign theme. I can’t think of a bet‐ ter description of Federation’s work both locally and nationally, and I am grateful to all of you for your sup‐ port, which makes that work possible.    ‐  Nancy Sage, Executive Director 

TO: Eli Seidman, on his graduation from Kansas State University Alan & Roberta Cherrick, on the birth of their granddaughter, Vaida Lillian Cherrick, born December 8.. Parents are Dale Cherrick & fiancé Jennifer Cameron. Melinda Kaye, on being named “Adjunct of the Year” at LLCC for 2015. Kayla Worker, on her engagement to Seth Morrison.

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Cary Israel, honored by Collin College in McKinney, Texas for his 16 years of leadership and distinguished service as President by dedicating their newly constructed showcase building the “Carey A. Israel Health Sciences Center.” Barry Seidman, for his appointment to the State of Illinois Holocaust and Genocide Commission.


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Phone: 800‐776‐1619  [email protected] 


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1045 Outer Park Drive, Suite 320 Springfield, IL 62704

Springfield, IL PERMIT NO. 301

Phone: 217-787-7223 Fax: 217-787-7470 Email: [email protected] Website: ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Feuer-Brozgold Fund Maurice Pell, from Yetta Marantz

Joni Wolfson Fund In Memory of: Liz Lippa, from Barry & Barbara Seidman Frieda Lesorgen, from Barry & Barbara Seidman Morrie Pell, from Barry & Barbara Seidman



Condolences to the famillies and friends of Mary Frooman, mother of Hilary Frooman Maurice Pell, brother of Frances Feuer, Veronica Carlin Herzog, mother of Carol Herzog, Freida Lesorgen, sister of Harvey Rothschild Gerald Pitt, father of Melinda Pitt Kaye James W Hillyer, father of Teena Myers Z”l

The mission of the Jewish Federation of Springfield, Illinois, is to serve the Jewish people locally, in Israel and throughout the world through coordinated fund raising, community-wide programming, social services and educational activities.

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