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Overview Expertise Product/Services Client & Project Reference

Overview • Established in year 2008 • Focusing on Information Technology Services • Run by experienced team • Broad range of expertise in Information Technology • Various client reference across vertical market from small medium business to enterprise and government organization.

About Us • Information Technology Company • Focus on delivering high quality IT services for clients in Indonesia and overseas • Our technology expertise are in: - Infrastructure Connectivity

- Network Security - Unified Communication - Sofware/Apps & Web Development

Our Service Offerings Our IT Service offering: • Consulting • Outsourcing

• Managed Infrastructure Services • System Integration • Custom software development • Web design & Internet Marketing

Our Product Offerings Over the years we have been in the business, we have sucessfuly develop

our own product as follows: • SMARTHIS (Hospital Information System) • Prime Business Suite (Business Software) • Prime Doc (Document Management System) We have access to the source code of those software, and we can

customize to match your business needs.

Our Product – SMARTHIS (Hospital Information System) SMARTHIS SMARTHIS is our Hospital Information software product that offers complete

integration between front office and back office of the hospital business. Our strength is on our flexible tariff system as

well as strong back office/financial module. SMARTHIS is built using the robust and multiplatform JAVA programming language.

Hospital Information System (SMARTHIS)

Our Product – Prime Business Suite Prime Business Suite Prime Business Suite is our easy to use with real time access and fully

customizable business software that lets you manage your entire business with one fully integrated system. Our system also offers scalability for faster growth, streamlined operations, and greater productivity. Our business software specifically designed for merchants, stockist, distributor, manufacturing, and retail/wholesale business.

Prime Business Suite - Modules 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Inventory Management Purchase Order Processing Sales Order Processing Work Order Processing (Manufacturing) Delivery Order Processing Invoicing & Payments Returns Dashboard Financials & Reporting Accounting Payroll & Timesheets

Prime Business Suite – Dashboard

Prime Business Suite – Dashboard

Prime Business Suite – Financial Report

Our Product – Prime DOC • Prime DOC is a high-performance, intuitive document management system that offers the power of enterprise document management to mid-sized companies and large organizations. Prime DOC can help any kind of organization anywhere in the world gain control over their documents, with a particular focus on fast content retrieval and business process automation. • Our solution enables your team to create, co-author, and coordinate any number of documents. Increase collaboration and productivity in your organization using Prime DOC’s next-generation

web interface, simple integration into Microsoft Office and Outlook, and automatic import from your shared folders.

Prime Doc - Features Overview • Intuitive and easy to use web interface • High portability (works well on broad range of hardware & supports for mobile devices) • Integrated and powerful workflow (Share & Collaborate with other workers)

• Secure • Cost Effective

Prime Doc - Document Management System

Reseller Partnership

Project & Client Reference

Client Reference – By Industries • Health Care • Prodia Laboratories • RS Sentra Medika • RS Harapan Keluarga • RS Carolus, Sumarecon Serpong • RS St Yosef, Priok • RS MMC • Banking & Financial • Trinity ReInsurance Brokers • Bank CIMB Niaga

• BCA Finance • Bank Mandiri • Bank Danamon

Manufacturing • PT Daya Adira • Indofood Fritolay Retail & Services • Ben Line Shipping Agencies • Martinizing (Dry Cleaning & Laundry) • Budi Purnama (used paper recycler) • PT Harpa Sekawan (rental car) • Globalindo Express Cargo

Government • Kementrian Keuangan (sub contracted by PT Telkomsigma) • Pertamina


Client Reference – Hospital Information Sytem • RS Sentra Medika, Cibinong • RS Harapan Keluarga Cikarang • RS Harapan Keluarga Jababeka • RSIA Carolus, Sumarecon Serpong

• RS St Yosef, Tj. Priok • RS Sari Asih Group (5 Hospital)

• RS MMC (Kuningan)

Client Reference – Software Development Martinizing (Dry Cleaning) • Web based point of sale Budi Purnama • Web based (PHP) core business operation PT Harpa Sekawan (on-going) • Custom ERP system development. Bank Mandiri • Mandiri Fiesta Point Mobile Apps Page  21

Client Reference – System Integration Ben Line Agencies • Microsoft Active Directory & Exchange BCA Finance • Microsoft Active Directory Audit Software Daya Adira Mustika • Help Desk System Thiess Contractor • Enterprise Network Monitoring Angkasa Pura • Helpdesk System • IT Helpdesk Staff Outsourcing Kementrian Keuangan • System Integration, Data Centre & DRC Consolidation Page  22

Project Reference – IT Blueprint Client Name: Prodia Laboratories Project Description: IT Blueprint for 6 different area: • • • • • •

Strategic IT Planning ERP Software Network Infrastructure IT Operations IT Security Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Strategic IT Planning for Prodia Laboratories (Sample Blueprint)

Project Reference – Enterprise System Integration Client Name: Ministry of Finance Project Description: We have successfully completed 3 years system migration and implementation for Ministry of Finance, working together with Telkomsigma (a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia). This project involves various hundreds of devices across multiple technologies such as virtualization, data centre, security, email, etc

Project Reference – Active Directory Manager & Audit Client Name: Bank Danamon Indonesia & BCA Finance Project Description: Bank Danamon as well known and reputable bank in Indonesia, requires a system to manage and audit its Active Director for its 60,000 employees. We have successfully implemented Manage Engine Active Directory Manager & Audit. We also have successfully implemented Active Directory Audit for BCA Finance is a subsidiary of Bank Central Asia, specializing in automotive finance.

Project Reference – Network Monitoring Client Name: Thiess Indonesia

Project Description: Thiess is an Australian Company for commercial building contractors, which has significant presence in commercial building project in Indonesia. We have successfully implemented network monitoring with Manage Engine OP Manager for approximately 500 devices.

Project Reference – Information Security Client Name: • Eko Kapital Sekuritas • WKCAB – S188 (Malaysia Online Gaming Company) • Beehause Project Description: • Vulnerability Assessment • Penetration Testing

Sample Report - VA & Penetration Testing

Project Reference – Mandiri Fiesta Mobile Apps Client Name: Bank Mandiri Project Description: • Develop early version of Mandiri Fiesta Point mobile apps (iOS & Android) • Setup & managed services cloud hosting (with firewall and load balancer)

Project Reference – Web design & Social Media Campaign Client Name: Indofood Fritolay (Qtela)

Project Description: • Built website, and social media games for Qtela Tempe and Qtela Krupuk Launching • Successfully execute Social Media campaign on Facebook and twitter, that brings significant brand awareness.

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