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KOTTAYAM KERALA, INDIA, Pin 686 560 (Established by Kerala State Legislature by Notification No. 3431/ Leg CI / 85 / Law dtd. 17th April 1985)

Phone: 0481 – 2730491 (Office) 0481 – 2731325 (Director) website - www. E-mail - [email protected]

Offcampus Centres - Operations Manual 01. The functioning of the Offcampus Centrers are governed as per the terms and conditions of the MoU signed between the University and the Centrers subject to the provisions of the Mahatma Gandhi University Act, Statutes and Regulations in force besides the formalities and directions of the Govt. of Kerala and its subsequent modifications, if any. 02. The conduct of the Centre is vested with the signatory of the MoU with the University. 03. The Co-ordinator who is in charge of the Centre is responsible for all matters pertaining to its day to day functioning. His responsibilities are as good as that of a Principal of an affiliated college in academic, administrative, financial; examination and other relevant fields as detailed below. (a) All communications with the University. He has to ensure the maintenance and proper upkeep of the following Registers. (b) Admission Register of students (in the form appended) (c) Attendance Register of Students (d) Fee Remittance Register (e) Fee Refund Register (f) Registration cancellation/ Dropout Register (g) Result Register (h) SC / ST / OBC students enrolment Register (i) Readmission / Notional Registration / Centre Transfer Register 2

(j) Marklist Issue Register (k) T.C. Issue Register (l) Attendance Register of Teachers (m) Bio-data of Teachers. (Keep attested copies of testimonials and produce it for verification, if directed by the University). 04. Sign & forward all applications of students for admission, readmission, inter centre transfer, exam and other applications to the University, wherever required. 05. Forwarding of half yearly/ annual report regarding all aspects of functioning of the Centre. 06. Online registration of students / allied matters. 07. Collection of prospectus, Self Learning Materials, Marklists and other materials from the University and distribution of them among students. 08. Distribution of marklists to the students. 09. To make necessary arrangements in connection with the visit of officials from the University. 10. The co-ordinator is responsible for collection and remittance of all fee due to the University. 11. To submit hard copies of all required documents at the University. 12. To submit assignments / project works etc. if any, for different Programmes at the section concerned in the Exam Branch / School of Distance Education, as the case may be. 13. To participate in the process of Examination/help to maintain confidentiality of the Exam, as per directions.


14. Applications for re-admission prior to 2010 Admns and all applications for stream change (from regular/private to off campus stream) which have obtained prior sanction from the University Academic Branch shall be uploaded in the SDE portal for registration of students at the stipulated dates. 15. Responsible for providing quality infrastructure and other facilities at the Centre. 16. Facilitate the timely completion of theory / practical sessions of the programmes as per directions / requirements from the University. 17. To implement the course curricula as prescribed by the University. 18. Maintain secrecy of confidential documents. 19. Not to conduct any activities that may be competitive or detrimental to the interest of the University 20.Not to make financial commitment with any person/ organization on behalf of the University; 21. Produce / handover all records/ information, and co-operate fully with any official/person deputed by the University. 22. Manage all operating expenses (rent, energy charges, telephone bill, remuneration to staff members, advertisement charges, teaching aid, laboratary equipments etc) of the Centre. 23. Assist the University in conducting the examinations as scheduled. 24. Obtain / ensure all legal and local statutory obligations to run the Centre/ course as per the existing rules of the state / country.


25. To refer complaints (academic, administrative and financial) if any received, regarding the functions of the Centre to the University. 26. To forward applications for supplementary examinations to AR XVI (Exams) with all details of the candidate including enrolment number. A list of such applications shall be submitted to the Director, SDE. 27. Migration Certificate, Qualifying Certificate, Transfer Certificate etc should be submitted at SDE in the first year of the course itself, if not submitted at the time of admission. Special care should be taken by the Co-ordinator to collect marklist of such candidates from the University. 28. Feedback from the students should be submitted at the SDE at the end of the academic year. Students can directly submit the same to the Director, SDE. (use the proforma appended) 29. A Parent-Teacher-Association committee is to be constituted at every Centre. Minutes of the PTA meeting endorsed by the Co-ordinator is to be submitted to the Director, SDE at the end of each semester. 30. Documents demanded from the Centre should be submitted at the SDE for verification. A certificate in this regard will be issued from the SDE, without which the Centres cannot go ahead with the process of admission in the next academic year. 31. Conduct of classes as per directions from the University.

Infrastructure & Other Requirements The Centre should ensure that the infrastructure and other requirements as specified in the guidelines attached in the notification No. 3224/SDE III/ 4/ 2011 dated 31.05.2012 is made available. They include: 5


carpet space of at least 2000 sq. ft.


At least 2-3 classrooms with a seating capacity of 20-40 students per class room per course.

(iii) Each class room should be equipped with a white board and an over head projector with markers. (iv) The chair in the class room should have a writing pad. (v)

TV/OHP and audio facility to be organized for audio/video sessions wherever required.

(vi) Library facility should be provided to the students with adequate reference books of concerned subjects and should have adequate space to accommodate students. (vii) Computer lab with the following facilities: LAN with Server and at least one node for 2 students for each practical batch along with internet connection, necessary printers, scanners etc. (viii) Convenience – Toilet, reception area etc. (ix) Teaching Faculty Every Centre shall empanel a list of faculties with post graduate qualification (preferably with M.Phil/Phd/Net) with suitable teaching experiences, as per UGC norms. There should be a fulltime faculty for each subject. (x)

The Centre shall get the panel of faculty approved by the University.

(xi) The inspection team may also make a decision as to which courses may be offered by the Off campus Centre.


General Information / Instruction 1. Address for correspondence (administrative and academic matters) Director, School of Distance Education, Mahatma Gandhi University, (P.O) Priyadarshini Hills, Kottayam 686 560, Kerala, India 2. Address for Communication (for Exam related matters) Controller of Examinations, Mahatma Gandhi University, (P.O) Priyadarshini Hills, Kottayam 686 560, Kerala, India 3. Contact Numbers: Director SDE

0481- 2731325

Office SDE

0481- 2730491

Controller of Exams

0481- 2731000


0481- 2731020


0481 – 2732650

4. Email id of the school [email protected] 5. Web address: 6. For searching information about School of Distance Education. Log on to '' – click the link TechnoZone – Search – Distance Education Management. 7. PRN number, enrolment number, examinations register number of the students must be clearly mentioned in all documents/ correspondence. 7

8. Application forms for various purposes can be downloaded from the official website of the University. A fee of 25/(subject to revision) should be remitted towards cost of downloaded application forms. 9. “Pay – in – slip exclusively for School of Distance Education with A/C No. 67150831515” (available in the website) alone should be used for remitting various fee due to the university from offcampus centres in Kerala. This includes course fee, re-adimission fee, Inter Centre transfer fee, fee for TC & CC, fee for Official transcript of syllabus, Registration canullation etc. 10. DD will be accepted from National / International Centres only. In such cases it should be ensured that the validity period of the DD should not be less than two months from the date of receipt of the same at this office. 11. The contents of this manual is subject to change without prior notice as per administrative decisions taken in future. 12. Check your e-mails from the University on a regular basis and respond / acknowledge accordingly. 13. The contents included in this Operations Manual are equally applicable to all offcampus centres sanctioned by the university hitherto. 14. This manual is published by the Director, School of Distance Education, M.G. University for circulation among Offcampus Centres only. This issue of the Manual supersedes all previous issues. 15. Arrange to attend invariably all meetings/discussions etc at the University as directed. 16. Comply with the instructions / directions from the University with regard to financial matters including payment of various remuneration (TA/DA etc) for the conduct of exam. 8

17. Pay-in-Slip meant for credit of MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY FUND, available at the cash Counter of the University alone should be used for remitting Exam fee, Supplementary exam fee, fee for migration certificate, fee for duplicate mark list, fee for provisional degree/degree certificate fee for official transcript of mark list, Exam registration cancellation etc.

Procedures to be followed for: I. Admission Generate MGU pay-in-slip with A/C No. 67150831515 from the Centre and make payment at the designated branchers of SBT. Download application form and prospectus. Generate Admit Card with photo at the Centre after verification at the SDE, System Administator will provide necessary details for online registration. II. Re-admissions a. Download application form from the website. b. Submit the filled in application endorsed by the Co-ordinator of the Centre concerned at school of Distance Education. c. Attach the University copy of pay-in-slip or DD(original) towards payment of required fee. d. Upload all relevant data of such applications pertaining to admissions prior to 2010 at the Centre. III. Stream Change (From Regular/Private to offcampus stream) Application addressed to Registrar detailing the course/ scheme of study/college of study/off campus centre to which the student wishes to join. The Principal of the college shall recommend the transfer and also should endorse that the student 9

has not indulged in any malpractice in the University exam. The Co-ordinator of the Centre to which the student wishes to transfer shall also endorse his willingness to accept the student. The offcampus Centre should offer the course to which the student wishes to study. Fee of 500/- to be paid in the pay in slip. IV. Inter Centre Transfer a) Download application from the site. b) Fill in the application as instructed in the form. c) Attach University copy of MGU pay in slip as above towards payment of fee (General Information item 09). d) Submit the application at the office of the SDE on the date prescribed. V. Registration Cancellation Submit request quoting Admn. No/PRN to the SDE along with University copy of MGU pay in slip towards payment of fee (General Information items. 9). VI. T C & Conduct Certificate a) Download application form from the site. b) Forward the filled in application signed by the co-ordinator along with Admission Card (original) issued from SDE to the Director, SDE. c) Remit 50/- by way of MGU pay in slip towards cost of Admission card, if the same cannot be produced. VII. Migration Certificate a) Download application form for Migration Certificate from the site. b) Remit the required fee by way of MGU pay in slip towards fee and attach the same with the application form (See No.17) c) Submit the application. 10

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