Kentucky’s Affordable Prepaid Tuition School Contact Information Listed below is contact information for several financial aid and billings offices a...
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Kentucky’s Affordable Prepaid Tuition

School Contact Information Listed below is contact information for several financial aid and billings offices as provided by the schools to KAPT.



Alice Lloyd College

Asbury College

Beckfield College

Bellarmine University

Berea College

Bowling Green Technical College

Cheryl Thaxton Phone: 859-371-9393 Fax: 859-371-5096 Email: [email protected] Lindsey Motley Phone: 502-452-8134 Fax: 502-452-8486 Email: [email protected] Tammy Taylor Phone: 859-985-3319 Fax: 859-985-3914 Email: [email protected] Mike Hills Phone: 270-901-1003 Fax: 270-901-1144 Email: [email protected]

Brescia University

Campbellsville University Central Kentucky Technical College Centre College

Chris Tolson Phone: 270-789-5013 Fax: 270-789-5079 Email: [email protected] Sue Mattox Phone: 859-246-2400 ext. 2218 Fax: 859-246-2622 Email: [email protected] Elaine Larson Phone: 859-238-5365 Fax: 859-238-5373 Email: [email protected]

BILLINGS OFFICE Arlene Watts Phone: 606-368-6035 Fax: 606-368-6002 Email: [email protected] Shirley Boatman-Parks Phone: 800-888-1818 Fax: 859-858-3921 Email: [email protected] Patricia Nettleton Phone: 859-371-9393 Fax: 859-371-5096 Email: [email protected] Jeani Guinn Phone: 502-452-8294 Fax: 502-452-8094 Email: [email protected]

Rita Dye Phone: 270-901-1120 Fax: 270-901-1146 Email: [email protected] Gina Powers Phone: 270-686-4238 Fax: 270-686-6422 Email: [email protected] Carrie Gaddis Phone: 270-789-5302 Fax: 270-789-5060 Email: [email protected]

Cumberland College

Daymar College

Decker College

Eastern Kentucky University Elizabethtown Community and Technical College

Financial Planning Office Phone: 606-539-4220 Fax: 606-539-4515 Email: [email protected] Trisha Dukes Phone: 270-926-4040 Fax: 270-685-4090 Email: [email protected] Financial Aid Office Phone: 502-583-2860 Fax: 502-583-5800 Email: [email protected] Shelley Park Phone: 859-622-1754 Fax: 859-622-2019 Email: [email protected] Laura Lamb Phone: 270-769-2371 ext. 3213 Fax: 270-769-0736 Email: [email protected]

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Galen Health Institute

Gateway Community and Mattie Watts Technical College Phone: 859-442-1165 Fax: 859-292-6415 Email: [email protected] Georgetown College Rhyan Conyers Phone: 502-863-8024 Fax: 502-868-7733 Email: [email protected] The Hair Design School Tammy Simmons Phone: 502-491-0116 Fax: 502-491-4336 Email: [email protected] Henderson Community College Hopkinsville Community College

Vincent Shykes Phone: 270-886-3921 ext. 6190 Fax: 270-886-0237 Email: [email protected]

Betty Pierce Phone: 270-706-8453 Fax: 270-766-5224 Email: [email protected] Valerie Smallwood Phone: 502-964-9204 Fax: 502-964-9205 Email: [email protected] Theresa M. Eiler Phone: 502-582-2305 ext. 228 Fax: 502-581-0425 Email: [email protected]

Tammy Simmons Phone: 502-491-0077 Fax: 502-491-4336 Email: [email protected] Melanie Sawyer Phone: 270-830-5264 Fax: 270-830-5390 Email: [email protected] Ann T. Holland Phone: 270-886-3921 ext. 6112 Fax: 270-886-3095 Email: [email protected]

Indiana Wesleyan University Jefferson Community College Jefferson Technical College Kentucky Christian College

Angela Johnson or Lisa Schrenger Phone: 502-213-2141 Fax: 502-213-2498 Email: [email protected] Toya Flanagan Phone: 502-213-4275 Fax: 502-213-4095 Email: [email protected] Jennie M. Bender Phone: 606-474-3226 Fax: 606-474-3155 Email: [email protected]

Kentucky Community and Technical College System Kentucky Wesleyan College Lexington Community College

Lindsey Wilson College

Louisville Technical Institute

Vivian J. Rinaldo Phone: 270-852-3130 Fax: 270-852-3133 Email: [email protected] John D. Adams Phone: 859-257-4872 Fax: 859-257-6274 Email: [email protected] Marilyn Radford Phone: 270-384-8022 Fax: 270-384-8503 Email: [email protected] Judy Hicks Phone: 502-456-6509 Fax: 502-456-2341 Email: [email protected]

Maysville Community and Technical College Midway College

Morehead State University

Susan Alexander Phone: 800-234-5327 option 2 Fax: 765-674-8028 Email: [email protected] Larry Mattox Phone: 502-213-3564 Fax: 502-213-2530 Email: [email protected]

Wilma Whitt Phone: 606-474-3245 Fax: 606-474-3154 Email: [email protected] Buddy Combs Phone: 859-246-3239 Fax: 859-246-3192 Email: [email protected] Annette Johnson Phone: 270-852-3108 Fax: 270-852-3112 Email: [email protected] Linda Terry Phone: 859-257-4872 ext. 4247 Fax: 859-323-4344 Email: [email protected] Angela Jones Phone: 270-384-8015 Fax: 270-384-8200 Email: [email protected]

Ruth D. Marshall Phone: 606-759-7141 ext. 66104 Fax: 606-759-7174 Email: [email protected] Katie Conrad Phone: 859-846-5410 Fax: 859-846-5751 Email: [email protected] Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Phone: 606-783-2011 Fax: 606-783-2293 Email: [email protected]

Murray State University

Student Financial Aid Phone: 270-762-2546 Fax: 270-762-3116

Northern Kentucky University

Student Financial Assistance Phone: 859-572-5143 Fax: 859-572-6997 Email: [email protected] Bernice Ayer Phone: 270-686-4520 Fax: 270-686-4566 Email: [email protected]

Owensboro Community and Technical College Rets Institute of Technology

Betty Mason Phone: 502-968-7191 Fax: 502-357-9956 Email: [email protected] Angie Marrett Phone: 859-336-5082 Fax: 859-336-5031 Email: [email protected]

Saint Catherine College

Somerset Community College Southeast Community College Spalding University

Shawn Anderson Phone: 606-679-8501 Fax: 606-679-4369 Email: [email protected] Charlotte Lockaby Phone: 606-589-2145 Fax: 606-589-5423 Email: [email protected] Peggy Hill Phone: 502-585-9911 ext. 2242 Fax: 502-585-7128 Email: [email protected]

Spencerian College

Transylvania University

Trend Setters Academy of Beauty Culture, Inc. Union College

Sarah Delaney Phone: 270-809-4226 Fax: 270-809-2273 Email: [email protected] Brandon Billiter Phone: 859-572-6607 Fax: 859-572-6087 Email: [email protected] Fee Payment Office Phone: 270-686-4510 Fax: 270-686-4433

Financial Aid Office Phone: 859-233-8239 Fax: 859-281-3650 Email: [email protected] Linda Smith Phone: 502-937-6816 Fax: 502-937-6704 Email: [email protected] Sue Buttery Phone: 606-546-1224 Fax: 606-546-1264 Email: [email protected]

Gina Dixon Phone: 606-589-2145 ext. 2084 Fax: 606-589-5725 Email: [email protected] Vicki Jones Phone: 502-585-9911 ext. 2787 Fax: 502-588-7189 Email: [email protected] Tracy Smith Phone: 502-449-7821 Fax: 502-447-4574 Email: [email protected] Karen Czarnecki Phone: 859-233-8150 Fax: 859-281-3506 Email: [email protected] Franci Buckler Phone: 502-937-6816 Fax: 502-937-6818 Email: [email protected] Deloria Faulkner Phone: 606-546-1203 Fax: 606-546-1264 Email: [email protected]

University of Kentucky

University of Louisville

West Kentucky Community and Technical College Western Kentucky University

Updated August 6, 2008

Rita Wells Phone: 859-257-3172 ext. 229 Fax: 859-257-4398 Email: [email protected] Angela Black Phone: 502-852-8346 Fax: 502-852-0182 Email: [email protected]

Kimberly R. Weilgus Phone: 859-257-3406 ext. 271 Fax: 859-257-9590 Email: [email protected]

Rhonda Faye Beach Phone: 270-534-3154 Fax: 270-534-6301 Email: [email protected] Brookie Henry Phone: 270-745-6277 Fax: 270-745-6584 Email: [email protected]

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