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Technical Manager: Dr.Roberto Cossio, E-mail: [email protected] Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Emanuele Costa, E-mail: [email protected] Lab. Personnel: Dr. Simona Cavagna, E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 011-670.5177 Phone 011-670.5133 Phone 011-670.5330


 Scanning Electron Microscope JEOL JSM IT300LV (High Vacuum – Low Vacuum 10/650 Pa - 0.3-30kV)  Energy Dispersive Microanalysis (EDS) Oxford INCA Energy 200  EDS detector: INCA X-act SDD thin window.  Emitech K950 high vacuum graphite coater for qualitative and semiquantitative microanalysis.  JEOL JEC-530 Automatic Carbon Coater with Thikness Monitor for quantitative microanalysis

Main applications:  Morphological observations and imaging.  Quantitative analysis on polished samples and qualitative - semiquantitative determination on unpolished – untreated samples.  Spatial correlation image-analysis (Point & ID).  EDS compositional mapping. Specifications:  Morphology and imaging in high vacuum mode, with secondary electrons detector [SED] (3 nm resolution at 30 kV) – Magnification can vary between 5x and 300 000x.  Stage: 5 axes (X, Y, Z, R, T) motorized and controlled by CPU, R axys Eucentric. Maximum sample size: 203 mm (180 mm observable), max weight 2 kg (tilt not allowed over 1 kg)  Backscattered electron detector topographic imaging [BED-T] for morphology in High Vacuum and Low Vacuum Mode (10 Pa to 650 Pa) (4 nm resolution at 30 kV, 10 Pa).  Backscatter compositional Detector [BED-C] for the observation of chemical differences in the sample - BED-S signal combining for more tridimensional pictures.  Chemical analysis by EDS microprobe: elements from Z = 5 ( boron ) to Z = 92 (uranium) could be detected with a detection limit (LOD) of about 1000 ppm.


 

Quantitative analysis: performed after calibration on Polaron standards, requires an appropriate sample preparation (polishing). X-ray compositional maps: acquisition of multielemental qualitative and semiquantitative compositional maps on polished samples, also on wide specimen and large area.


Backscattered electrons image of a zoned clinopyroxene. Andesite, Stromboli, Magnification ca. 50x

Pyroxene-plagioclase symplectite intergrowth structure observed using backscattered electrons Magnification ca. 600x

X-ray map of Ca (left) and Mn (right) distribution in a zoned garnet

Calcite rombohedral crystal overgrowing aragonite aggregates. Magnification 2000x

Zircon from tuff showing two individuals in parallel growth. Magnification 1100x

Conservation of cultural heritage: Fungine Hyphae on a middle-age fresco

Biological investigation: Bacteria in lacustrine mud

Archeological investigation: Cuprorivaite (Egyptian Blue) pigment (light gray) in a decoration of a roman age domus


ASBESTOS ANALYSIS - CERTIFICATION by the HEALTH MINISTRY In 2010, the DST SEM-EDS laboratory has obtained from the Ministry of Health the validation to carry out analyses of asbestos, having successfully passed the tests of quality control program and possessing the necessary requirements to perform analytical operations on asbestos, indicated by the Ministerial Decree of 14 May 1996 Annex 5 (see link below): (The DST SEM-EDS laboratory is one of the regional workshops which has got the same qualification (together with CNR- ISMAC, Biella; ARPA Piemonte - Polo Asbestos, Grugliasco; SCDU of Industrial Toxicology and Epidemiology, CTO, Turin) .

In 2003, the SEM-EDS DST lab had already passed the first quality control carried out by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (National Institute of Health), for laboratories performing analyses on asbestos. Earth Sciences Micromineralogical analysis, compositional analysis, investigation of rocks constituents, statistical analysis of sediments, soil analysis, geothermometry analysis, metamorphism, ore deposits analysis and identification of mineral deposits, research on new mineral species, research on mineral alteration, crystal growth structures, crystal growth morphology, crystal microgrowth, microfossils classification and populations studies. Materials Science Metallurgical analysis, chemical analysis of new biomaterials, analysis of alloy corrosion for implantology, analysis of materials deterioration and fatigue, ceramic materials and glasses analysis. Determination of crystallization parameters on pharmaceutical products. Characterization of synthetic mineral phases for future applications. Cultural Heritage Analysis of recent and ancient stone artifacts, degradation of stones, analysis of pigments in paintings and wall decorations, analysis of mortars and lime from ancient buildings, analysis of metal alloys for ancient jewelry or other archaeological finds, analysis of medieval and recent glasses, analysis of surface degradation, analysis of gemological materials. Biological Sciences Analysis of biological samples (flowers, leaves, plant tissues, biominerals), morphological analysis of fungi and bacterial populations statistics, analysis of biodegradation, chemical analysis of bone materials and tissues, photomicrograph of samples of biological interest (insects, fungal fruiting bodies, hyphae, structural parts of organisms). Chemical/Physical Sciences Material characterization, cathodoluminescence, phonon vibration and lattice defects analysis, composite materials studies, determination of compositional anomalies. Nanoparticles and entrapment nanocomposites studies.

Environmental Sciences Study of asbestos and other potentially harmful minerals in rock samples, water, soils, artifacts, waste, tissues and biological fluids (in collaboration with medical and veterinary personnel at university and hospitals).

Examples of researches These research products of the last years involved the equipment in the DST SEM-EDS Laboratory : 2014 BORGHI A., D’ATRI A., MARTIRE L., CASTELLI D., COSTA E., DINO G., FAVERO LONGO S.E., FERRANDO S., FORNO G., GALLO L.M., M. GIARDINO, GROPPO C., PIERVITTORI R., ROLFO F., ROSSETTI P. & VAGELLI G. (in press). Fragments of the Western Alpine chain as historic ornamental stones in Turin (Italy): a new geotouristic approach for the enhancement of urban geological heritage. Geoheritage, CASTELLI D., COMPAGNONI R., FERRANDO S., GROPPO C., ROLFO F., HIRAJIMA T.: Metasomatism from & to ultramafics: the UHP continental Brossasco-Isasca Unit. GFT – Geological Field Trips. Periodico semestrale del Servizio Geologico d'Italia - ISPRA e della Società Geologica Italiana. ISSN: 2038-4947. 36-64. CASTELLI D., COMPAGNONI R., LOMBARDO B., ANGIBOUST S., BALESTRO G., FERRANDO S., GROPPO C., ROLFO F.: The Monviso meta-ophiolite Complex: HP metamorphism of oceanic crust & interactions with ultramafics. GFT – Geological Field Trips. Periodico semestrale del Servizio Geologico d'Italia - ISPRA e della Società Geologica Italiana. ISSN: 2038-4947. 8-35. CIGOLINI C., LAIOLO M. & COPPOLA D. (submitted). Revisiting the last major eruptions at Stromboli volcano: inferences on the role of volatiles during magma storage and decompression. Eds. Edmonds M., Straub S. & Zellmer G.F. (eds). The Role of Volatiles in the Genesis, Evolution and Eruption of Arc Magmas; Geological Society of London, Special Publications. LIU Y.C., DENG L.P., GU X.F, GROPPO C. & ROLFO F. (in press): Application of Ti-in-zircon and Zr-in-rutile thermometers to constrain high-temperature metamorphism in eclogites from the Dabie orogen, central China. Gondwana Research. MARTIRE L., BERTOK C., D’ATRI A., PEROTTI E., PIANA F. (2014) Selective dolomitization by syntaxial overgrowth around detrital dolomite nuclei: a case from the Jurassic of the Ligurian Brianconnais (French-Italian Ligurian Alps). Journ. Sed. Res. MINO L., BORFECCHIA E., GROPPO C., CASTELLI D., MARTINEZ CRIADO G., SPIESS R., LAMBERTI C. (in press). Iron oxidation state variations in zoned micro-crystals measured using micro-XANES. Catalysis Today ROLFO F., BENNA P., CADOPPI P., CASTELLI D., FAVERO-LONGO S.E., GIARDINO M., BALESTRO G., BELLUSO E., BORGHI A., CÁMARA F., COMPAGNONI R., FERRANDO S., FESTA A., FORNO M.G., GIACOMETTI F., GIANOTTI F., GROPPO C., LOMBARDO B., MOSCA P., PERRONE G., PIERVITTORI R., REBAY G., ROSSETTI P. (in press). The Monviso Massif and the Cottian Alps as symbols of the Alpine chain and geological heritage in Piemonte, Italy. Geoheritage, DOI: 10.1007/s12371-014-0097-9

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