Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

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”He Profits Most Who Serves Best"

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Mountaineers Tapped For All District Honors Several of Coach John Smith's SAHS Mountaineer football players have been tapped for honors on the 10-A All-District team announced this week after Menard went down to defeat in the state playoffs Friday night. They are Vicente Frausto (senior) and Billy Joe Diaz (senior), both named to the 1st Team. Diaz as an offensive lineman and Frausto for his work in the defensive secondary. Named to the 2nd Team are Billy Wayne Thomas (senior), running back; Kevin Morris (junior), defensive linebacker; Johnny Diaz (soph), defensive down lineman; Joe Baugh (junior), defensive end. Roger Guerrero Gunior, SE/DB) was given the Fighting Heart award. Named to the Honorable mention team were Rusty Fleeman (senior), Tony Deleon Gunior) and Shawn Kerr (senior). All three were named to the offensive honorable mention squad. The 10-A All District team lines up as follows: 1ST TEAM OFFENSE: Center-Gabe Stansbeiy, Eden. . Lineman - Tony Lazona, Eden; Ray Ortegon, Menard; Dan Feather, Menard; Oscar Martinez, Irion County; Billy Diaz, Santa Anna. Tight End •=• Joe 'Kothmann, Menard; Dana Martin, Irion County. Wideouts - James Jennings, Menard; Vance Millican, Water Valley. ' Quarterback - Mark Gonzales, Menard (unanimous). Running Bade- Jason Treadaway, Water Valley; Brad Kuykendall, Menard; Clinton Baker, Eden. Kicker - Judd Kothmarin, Menard. MVP - Jason Treadaway, Water Valley. 1ST TEAM DEFENSE: Defensive End - Ryan McDonald, Eden; Don Feather; Menard. . Down Lineman - Ray Ortegon, Menard; Oscar Martinez, Irion County; Tony Lazono, Kody Krieg and Johnny Ortegon, Eden! Linebacker - Brad, Kuykendall, Menard; Gabe Stansbery, Eden; Joseph Cairierillo, Water Valley; Ryan Willman, Menard. Secondary-Clinton Baker, Eden; Mark Wyatt, Menard; Stanley Treadaway, Water Valley; Vicente Frausto, Santa Anna. Punter - Brad Kuykendall, Menard. 2ND TEAM OFFENSE: Center - Regan W illman, Menard. Lineman - Tony Perry, Miles; Cody Elliot, Water Valley; J.B. Crisp, Menard; Carter Rosson, Irion County; Kody Kreig, Eden: Jason Meadors, Eden. Tight end - Jason Coates, Eden. Wideouts - Judd Kothmann, Menard; Randy Roeder, Water Valley. Quarterback - Brandon Appleton, Eden; Trey Sisco, Water Valley. Running Back - Billy Wayne Thomas, Santa Anna; Ryan McDonald, Eden; Johnny Saucido, Menard. Honorable mention - Rusty Fleeman, center; Shawn Kerr, lineman; and Tony DeLeon, tight end, all of Santa Anna. 2ND TEAM DEFENSE: Defensive end - Trey Bailey, Irion County; Joe Baugh, Santa Anna. Honorable mention - Mitch McCain, Menard. Down Lineman - Andy Johnson, Menard; Carter Rosson, Irion County; Johnny Diaz, Santa Anna; CONTINUED PAGE 5

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Thursday, D ecem b er 3 ,1 9 9 2 * |

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town More Wheelbarrow Entries Needed For Parade

Billy Joe Diaz 1st Team

Vicente Frausto 1st Team


Billy Wayne Thomas

Kevin Morris

2nd Team

2nd Team

Santa Claus will be coming to town Friday when the annual Christmas Opening festivities unfold. A parade starting at 4:00 p.m. will be the highlight of the Christmas Opening events. This year's theme is "A Fairyland Christmas". For the first time, the parade will feature wheelbarrow floats as well as the traditional floats. Parade chairman Gary Absher says the wheelbarrow entries have been slow to come in and would like to hear from more people wishing to enter a wheelbarrow float In order to involve the entire community, the wheelbarrow floats have been added as special interest to those not wishing to construct a larger float. The only limitation will be that the wheelbarrow must be pushed with a rider for the entire

length of the parade. (The pusher and rider may trade places at any time during the parade). There are no limits to the number of participants in each category. The four best wheelbarrow entries will receive $25 each. The two best floats with the fairy tale theme will receive $75 each. The parade chairman is Gary . Absher, who may be contacted at 348-3781 for any information regarding the parade which is slated to begin at 4:00 p.m. Friday.

Lions Club ** Pancake Supper

No change is being made this year in cither the quality or price. Adults can eat all the cakes for $3.00 and children under 12 can eat for $2.00.

WTU Open House West Texas Utilities annual "Holiday Delights’ open house is slated at the local WTU office, Friday, Dec. 4. Those attending will receive the 1992 Holiday 'Delights Cookbook. Refreshments will be served and Decorations and Gift Ideas will be on display. TTie open house is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

New Library Open Fri. For Viewing

The Santa Anna Lions Club will be serving their famous pancakes again this year. Serving will be The new library building will be Friday, December 4 from 10 a.m. open from 2-5 p.m. on Friday, until 7 p.m. December 4 both before and after the parade. You are invited to come by and have a cup of coffee and see the progress that has been made. Paperback books will be available for the taking.

Santa Anna, Penetuhkah Comanche Chief By Linda Pelon

Joe Baugh

Johnny Diaz 2nd Team

Roger Guerrero Fighting Heart

2nd Team

Tony DeLeon Honorable Mention

The most well known role of a war chief was that of raider. An ' important responsibility which is not often discussed was the defense o f the band. The following account was taken from the Texas Indian Papers (Winfrey & Day), 1966, Vol. 5, pp 33-34; Letter from J. Pickney Henderson to Wm. L. Marcy, August 22, 1847). Action, it is said, speaks louder than words: ...I am informed that Santa Anna, the Comanche Indian Chief who lately left that section of country very suddenly & under suspicious circumstances with all' the women & children of his tribe, has returned and expresses eveiy disposition to be. friendly with the white people and to keep his people quiet and friendly as far as he can control them. He states as the reason for his late sudden movement as referred to above was that of learning that two companies of rangers were moving up toward Fredericksburg and apprehending some of his people who were suspected of having recently killed four men

Accident Victims Still Improving

who had been engaged in that ,, region surveying lands for the German immigrants and were missing, and fearing that those companies were about making war upon him he thought it best to convey the women & children Two.Santa Anna youths critically of his tribe to a place of safety & injured in a recent vehicle rollover return himself to give assurance southeast of Santa Anna are said by of his friendly disposition & family members to be improving. innocence of his people. He Ruben Guerrero, 16, son of Mr. states also that during his absence and Mrs. Roger Guerrero, who he had occasion to visit the received a severe head injury in the Wacoes on the upper waters of accident, is a patient at Hendrick the Brassos River and that while Medical Center, Abilene. He is there the Wacoes,had a "Scalp termed semi-conscious, however dance" and confessed that they had seems to know family members. killed the four men above named. He is allowed to sit up and is about Santa Anna complains much at to undergoing physical therapy for a the conduct of the Wacoes and broken hand. According to the says that-they are constantly family: member we spoke with, committing acts o | hostilities they are looking into other . against the white settlements and rehabilitation therapy in the Dallas in, that way involve the area, although it is not known at Comanches as those acts are this point when that»move might generally attributed to the take place. Comanches...Those who are best Michael DeLeon, 15-year old son acquainted with Santa Anna have of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie DeLeon, is a confidence in all o f his patient at Humana Hospital, > statements & professions of CONTINUED PAGE 2 friendship... __

Lack Of Parental Involvement Is Major Problem In Education By Jim McPherson, Superintendent of Santa Arina Schools

Rusty Fleeman Honorable Mention

Shawn Kerr Honorable Mention

Whats Happening *Thurs--Basketbali Tournament Begins *Fri-B asketball Tournament Continues *F ri-W T U Open House* 10 am - to 4 p.m, 1Frl~Vlsit Santa Anna Library, 2 to 5 p.m. *Frl~Llons Club Pancake Supper, 10 a m . to 7 p.m, *Frl-Cbristm as Parade, 4 p.m. *Fri~Mammogram Unit at Arrrf^ry (make appointment at City Hall) *Sat--Basketball Tournament *Suru— Each Sun, Community Choir rehearsals, 3:30 p.m. Presbyterian Church, *Tues,~~Dec,*8, SAHS Basketball, Baird, four games beginning at 4:00 p.m. (There) *Tues~~,!42n Each Tues. evening* 5:30. Mountain City Community Center. Everyone welcome. Tues— Brownie Scouts, Methodist Church, 6:30 p.m. ‘ W ed.— Friendship Luncheon, each W ed., noon, Mountain City .Community center, Bring a covered dish,

A few days ago, a new program most students said they would give cards" are nothing new: no time, to improve student success and re­ their parents a grade of "D" regard­ little direction, and precious little duce failures was put. into place in ing parental involvement in their assistance. Parents and children to­ grades 7-12 in Santa Anna ISD. education. The survey conducted by day must cope with a societal There are several reasons for the the Sylvan Learning Centers and environment that is a world away program, including reducing fail­ . the National A ssociation of from that of the 1950’s, 60’s arid ures, improving student responsi­ Secondary School Principals, also even 70's. Most children in the bility for their work at school, and •showed only 14 percent of students 1990's .come from either dual­ an effort to improve a parent's in­ polled said that their parents are income families (both parents volvement in their child's educa­ "heavily involved" in their school­ working) or single-parent families. tion. . ing, while 30 percent said their par­ According to the U. S. Bureau of. The latter listed above is one of ents are "rarely or never involved." Labor Statistics, less than 7 percent the major problems facing educa­ Wait, there's more. In a national of today's families fit the oncetion today. When a child receives a survey of 1,000 public school traditional mold of the two-parent report card with a failing grade on teachers, the Metropolitan Life family in which one spouse, it, or the child receives a progress Insurance Company found that usually the father, works and the ^report during the grading period, too many teachers are not satisfied with other spouse stays home and raises often the school or the teacher never their students' abilities and believe the children. It's the era of Murphy hears from the parent. NO one calls that Students are ill-prepared for Brown, not June Cleaver. While many authors and re­ to talk to the teacher, no one comes their studies. The reason? Sixtyto the school to have a conference five percent of teachers who cited searchers paint today's parental pic­ with the teacher about their child's student problems noted a lack of ture as one of rapid societal evolu­ lack of progress. parental support as a mqjor factor in tion in which parents arc victims as . well as their children, some go so In a survey of 1,300 American their students' academic failures. high school juniors and seniors, The reasons for bad parent "report CONTINUED PAGE 3

Paee 2 — Santa A n n a J tijW i. Thursday. D m mher 3' 1991

City Employee On Call This Iona Moore Mrs. Iona Moore, age 77, of Weekend Santa Anna, passed away Friday The City Crew member on call this weekend is Tommy Jackson. Call collect to 625-4753 or call mobile phone 348-5019. Watch the Santa Anna News each „ week for the cuy employee to call m case of a city utility emergency.

Cemetery Memorials The Santa Anna Cemetery Association has received a memo­ rial in memory of Gus Morgan from Denise McElrath.

The oldest military organiza­ tion in the United States id The S o c ie ty o f th e C in c in n a ti, founded in 1783 and named for th e R o m a n h e ro L u c iu s Quinctius Cincinnatus.

About The S A N T A A N N A N EW S Published each Thursday at 609 Wallis Ave, Santa Anna, Texas 76878 and entered as second class mail under the Act of Congress of March 2,1879. (USPS 481540) SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $15 per year POSTMASTER: Send change of address to: Santa Anna News P.O.Box 399 Santa Anna, TX 76878 (Any erroneous reflection upon the character of persons, firms, organizations appearing in this newspaper, will be glady and promptly corrected upon calling the Editor's attention to the article in question. POLLY WARNOCIC •• PUBLISHER/EDITOR CAROL HERRING-ASSISTANT t (915)348-3545 MEM BER

X *




morning, at Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. She was bom October 5,1915 in Coleman County, the daughter of Hugh and Bid Mills Phillips. She had,ived in Santa Anna for most of h£f life She married Pete Moore on December 24, 1935 in Santa Anna. She was a retired beautician and a member of the Northside Church of Christ. Services were Sunday, November 29, 1992 at 2:00 p.m. at the Northside Church of Christ \yith Aaron Lemond officiating. Burial was in the Santa Anna Cemetery di­ rected by Santa Anna Funeral Home. Survivors include her husband, Pete of Santa Anna; one daughter, Patsy Pollock of Hurst; and one son, Terry Moore of Fort Worth. She is also survived by one sister, Allen Souza of Bakersfield, California; four grandchildren, Theron Pollock, Weston Pollock, Traci Hooker and Rani Pollock and one great-granddaughter, Ashton Hooker. Pallbearers were Theron Pollock, Weston Pollock, Darren Hooker, Eddie Hartman, Stanley Hartman, Ronnie Hartman and Haloid Mills.

Thoughts From Our Pastors

Worth Hawkins LOCKEFORD, C A .-W orth Hawkins, 72; o f Lockeford, 'California died November, 1992 at a local convalescent hospital after an extended illness. ■ He was bom April 4, 1920, in Mullin, Texas and moved to Santa Anna frogp Goldthwaite at the age of 9 years. He lived in Santa Anna until he entered the U. S. Army during World War EL After the war in 1945, he returned to Santa Anna for a year before moving to . California where he made his home. Mr. Hawkins was a resident of the Lockeford area for 18 years. He was a retired general foreman who had worked for the Stolte Construction Co. for 25 years. He was a member of the Lodi Avenue Baptist Church and an avid gardener. Preceding him in death were a son, David Hawkins, in 1977; brothers, Roy, Allen, Troy, Lucian, Leo, Woodiow and L.P., and a sis­ ter, Dovie Qualls. Survivors include his wife, Margie of Lockeford; a brother, O. D. Hawkins of San Diego; and a sister, Gertrude Mauldin of San Bernardino. The funeral was held at 10 a.m. Tuesday, November 17 at Lodi Funeral Home, with the Rev. Mike Reed of Lodi Avenue Baptist Church presiding. Burial was at Cherokee Memorial Park.


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Tony and Geraldine Tucker joined Visiting with Laura Carpenter over the holidays were Carolyn and Rick and Jeannie Grissom, Jimmy Duane Wolfe of Medical Lake, and Stephanie at the home of Washington; Floyd Carpenter and Blackie and Jeanette Brock for Nancy Woodman of Golden, Thanksgiving dinner. Also with Colorado; Chrystene and John them for the day were Marie and Downs of Lancaster; Dorthea Virgil Lancaster. Geraldine and Tony visited over Edwards and Scott Childress of Abilene; Callie Edwards; Cody and the weekend in the Dallas area with Sylvia Johnson, Brandie, Chelsie her sister and family. Geraldine said that Stephanie now and Tiffeney, all of Abilene; Valorie, Blake and Zack Alvey of weighs 4 pounds and 10 ounces and Lancaster; and sister in laws, Sue doing just great after being released Carpenter of Snyder; Irene Smith of from the hospital on November 16. San Angelo and Vera Wells of What a Thanksgiving that family Santa Anna. Also visiting were had, knowing the baby is doing so cousins Joan/and Vohn Vann of well! Snyder. Thanksgiving visitors with Pete and Winnie Rutherford were Mr, and Mrs. Don Rutherford and Holly of Houston; Kevin of Mary Hardin Baylor University at Belton, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rutherford, Julie and Shanna of San Angelo; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rutherford, Stacie and Jackie of Anson. Joe and Anna also visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Omer Cullins.

By Ace Rei
way when you come to check the new library on Friday-pick up a free book or magazine.

Coleman County Medical Center Weekly Report Monday, November 23: Admissions: Ora Hoover, Coleman; dismissals: Alfred Thate, Burkett and Olene Modawell, Coleman, Tuesday, November 24; Admissions: none; dismissals: Lennie Brooks, Coleman; Wednesday, November 25: Admissions: none; dismissals: none; Thursday, November 26: Admissions: Frankie Matthews, Coleman; dismissals: B. R. Hargrove, Cross Plains Friday, November 27: Admissions: Roberto Guerrero, Coleman; dismissals: Frankie Matthews, Coleman Saturday, November 28: Admissions: none; dismissals: Louise Thompson, Coleman . Sunday, November 29: Admissions: none; dismissals: Roberto Guerrero, Coleman ER totals for the week are 58

Jasper McClellan Peace O ur Overseer—Righteousness O u r Taskm aster Who or what motivares'you?'Reflect on the past week and ask yourself what prompted you to do what you did, or did not do. Was it fear? Was it perhaps hate, or anger? Maybe peer pressure, social pressure or eco­ nomic pressure got you into action. What role did love play in your ac­ tivity last week? Was it perhaps the compulsion of life-long habit or tra­ dition or the coercion of selAshness? Is your motivation intrinsic or ex­ trinsic? In Isaiah 60:17 God promises that someday His covenant people would have . . peace as your overseer and righteousness as your taskmaster." Christians who are God's.New Covenant people should let peace, specifically the peace of Jesus Christ rule and reign in their hearts. Other motivations just can't measure up. When one is "in Christ" then one has the "peace of Christ" only when one is doing what is right. Peace, then, becomes the overseer, the supervisor, the manager, the direc­ tor, the motivator for life. The verse also says that righteousness should be our only taskmaster, i.e. is to be the force that directs our actions, our tasks. The Bible makes it clear we have no righteousness in and of ourselves. God has made us righteous only with the righteousness of Jesus Christ, when our lives are fully surrendered to Him. When was the last time you remember doing something simply because you knew it was the right thing to do? (And I'm not talking about oat­ meal!) Many people do only what their denomination tells them to do, THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT! Some do what their long-standing tradition has always had them do. THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT! There are folks Who vote for cer­ tain candidates because they belong to or don't belong to a certain party. THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT! Many people today; perhaps teenagers more than adults, though not necessarily so, do what they do because "everybody is doing it." THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT! Some are motivated out of fear, anger, hate or a get-even attitude. THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT! Many today let the love of money, power, position or prestige control their every move. THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT! Only when we let the peace of Christ rule and reign in our hearts, hav­ ing been fed on the Word of God, the Bible, guided by God's Holy Spirit, can we say that peace is our overseer and righteousness is bur taskmaster. I challenge all readers during this advent season and beyond, to let peace, the peace of Christ, be your overseer and let righteousness be your only taskmaster. . Maranatha! Jasper


& Anniversaries DECEMBER 3 Joe Guerrero Jr. DECEMBER 4 Dorothy Watson Lee Ray Huggins • DECEMBER 5 Ronnie Daniel TenyLishka Darlene Peacock Mr&Mrs Robert Robinett* DECEMBER 6 Yolanda Guerrero Buffy Jo Martin Charles Peacock Marixa Longoria DECEMBER 7. Shelly Carter Robert Davis Jimmy Kernes Carlton Watson DECEMBER 8 Kevin Fellers Shelly Gray LonellaRoesch Michael Salazar DECEMBER 9 Bill Garrett Kay Gray Gladys Hunter DECEMBER 10 Josh Eubank Gale Brock Jeanette Driskell


Time does not becom e sacred to us until w e have lived it. — John Burroughs

“ H ere’s a bargain, has low mileage cause it w u z drove only when I could git it started!”

Deposits Insured By FDIC Up To $100,000 Ask About Our Interest-Bearing Checking Accounts $1,000 Minimum Pass Book Savings BSMgw Certificate of Deposit vtfw&err

W e are so deeply grateful for all your thoughtful deeds during the past several months. Your presence and concern, the beautiful flowers, the food, ’‘and all the many uplifting cards have beeh such a blessing to us all. We appreciate the prayers offered in our behalf, the m any kind words, and the fond memories shared. Thank you for everything th at was done to make this difficult time a little easier.

S p e c ia l

DENTURES IRES ierset** *495 per set**

RELINES (Same Day)

75 Offer expires 12-31-92


per arch

Gary M. Easley D.D.S.

916 -356-5263 .• Comanche, Texas • 800 -452-1924 Dental Implants, S n a p on Dentures, Soft Lines .

SubstantialInterest Penality Is Required For Early Withdrawal.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Abilene. He is being evaluated for speech therapy and also for physical therapy for a badly broken leg and there is a possibility he may be moved to a rebilitation center in San Antonio. According to one source, a severe blow has apparently weakened muscles in the throat’and mouth ahd prevents :him from speaking. Michael also suffered a head injury but has been conscious since several days after the accident which took place about three weeks ago.

T xD o t P ub lic H earin g O n Future P rojects D ecem ber 9 Local citizens will soon have the chance to voice opinions and ask questions about the status of pro­ posed transportation projects. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will hold a public meeting on December 9 at 10:00 a.m. in the Adams Street Community Center, Room C which w ill focus on the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), the department's 3-year pro­ ject schedule. In this meeting the public will get a first-hand look at specific transportation projects that are scheduled to begin in the ninecounty area of District 23 in the next three years, said Brownwood District Engineer Wes Heald. "In large part, it is the public's input that helps us to develop this plan," he said. "Therefore, the pub­ lic is strongly encouraged to attend so that they can voice their con­ cerns and we can jointly address our tr a n s p o r ta tio n n e e d s ."

Thank You I

From The Family Of Iona Moore

Santa Anna National Bank

T o rn Departm ent o f Transportation

Accident Victims


** Prices m a y vary with additlonal or different materials, techniques used or individual needs of patient.


*ZTumdiyoufor all the. cards, Cetters, fCowers, phone cads and prayers during my stay in grapevine. Its afavays a pleasure to hear from friends at home. I miss aU o f you. — LuctfelVyUe

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Santa A n n a News. TJiUtodav, Peccm ber

1992— P ttg s .1

Education CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 far as to lay much of the blame squarely at the feet of the parents. In her book, SOS: Sustain Our Schools, author Patricia Graham writes that parental-apathy ranks with the toughest obstacles that Children must overcome, including high levels of poverty and empty hours of television. According to Graham, change is not likely unless families take the initiative to make education a priority. Too many households, Graham writes, are ruled by the "pleasure principal." Too many parents are not vitally concerned with their children's edu­ cational welfare, and too many par­ ents arc using the TV as an easy way to keep their children occupied at home, Graham says. Others argue that most parents are not apathetic-they simply lack the time and resources to make a Edd and Ruby Hartman are shown on a recent trip standing in front difference. Experts such as Dorothy of the building in Salado that was moved from Santa Anna and Rich, author of Mega Skills, says reconstructed there. Known as the Santa Anna Gas Company that concerned parents.want to sec building, located near the W TU office, it was torn down in the their children succeed in School, but they don't know how to help them. 1970's. The building front was later reconstructed at Salado. As the Because it has been estimated that building was being torn down, the stones were marked for only 13 percent of a person's first placement in the reconstruction. Ed and son Rpnnie helped with the 18 years are spent at school, mak­ tearing down of the building. Bill Watson trucked the rock to Salado. ing education a priority in the home It was first built in the early 1900's by T.T. Perry who also did the is crucial to any effort for student improvement. Potentially in con­ stone carving. . trol of almost 90 percent o f a child's time, parents are, indeed, a child's primary and most influential teachers. Education is a family af­ fair. The most important factor in the success of a child in school is a vv home where education is held at the highest level of importance in ev­ Novemer 27,1942 ’ eryday life. November 30,1962 Clyde A. Curry who recently en- : At Santa Anna ISD, we are Tommy Stewardson and Terry Mclver were placed on the District tered military service has arrived at committed to providing every child the Engineer Replacement Training with the best educational experience 10-A All District Football team. Center in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. we possibly can. The staff here is The annual Christmas opening Promotion of Pfc. Sanford D. exceptionally well qualified to do for Santa Anna will be held Friday, Ellis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam just that. It is important to us that December 7. The top event of the year for the Ellis of Rockwood to the grade of we have the parents' support in our efforts. It is also important to the Santa Anna Lions Club Will be corporal, has been announced. On Saturday afternoon Nov. 21 child that parents are involved in held Friday, December 7, when all members of the club join hands to Miss Evalyn Eubank and Staff Sgt. their educational experience,on a put on their annual Lions Club Marlin r. Hibbs of Paris, Arkansas daily basis. were wed. It seems that too often the only Pancake Sale. In a quiet ceremony last Saturday time a parent comes to school is iti Debra Lynn Cuny, 2-month old daughter of Mir. and Mrs. Roland night Miss Ilene Hodges became response to a disciplinary problem,, and in the process of dealing with Curry of San Angelo was found the bride of William A. Emhart. , Miss Beatrice Irene Pennington those situations there is frustration dead in her crib early Sunday mom' ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. become the bride of Pfc. Curtis R. on the part of the parent and Berry on Monday evening, everyone involved. Parents and Leroy Curry here. November 16. school personnel must have the The Santa Anna Future Miss Odell Brown was married to opportunity to communicate Homemakers of America Chapter . honored their sponsor, Mrs. Winnie Sgt. O. E. Collins Wednesday, regularly in an effort to solve November 18. potential problems/before they be-, .1 McQueen ; with a; surprise birthday Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Parsons an­ contest factor; in the teaching-learn­ ■ party in :the high school; homemak­ nounce the marriage of Emma Kate ing process. ing lab last wek. ‘ to Adrain Speck, on August 25. There would seem to be a hesita­ tion on the part of parents to come December 2,1932 ■'Novemer 28,1952 Talk about pop com, the editor to school to visit with the teacher. The Santa Anna Junior Mountaineers completed football has it. One J. W. Richardson liv­ The reasons are many. I will be the season Thursday night by defeating ing out of Route 1, brought us in first to admit that school personnel have been hesitant to contact the Bangs Dragons. 100 pounds last Saturday and turned parents and discuss their child. I Drought breaking rains fell over it in on his subscription to the think there is a feeling of intimi­ most of Texas Sunday and Monday, Santa Anna News. dation felt by both sides, and a lack The First Christian Church of Thirty-two members of the*Santa Anna will be host church to Johnson family met Thanksgivi^^ of trust that either party has the the annual Thanksgiving Service on Day at the Johnson Ranch home in best interest of the child at heart. We all have a tendency to be protec­ Wednesday evening, November 26. the Rockwood community for a The monthly concert of the Santa family reunion honoring "Grand­ tive of our own position and inter­ Anna High School Band will be dad" Johnson on his eighty second ests. This has a direct effect on the Sunday, December 14. birthdav. ■ A son, Johnnie Pat was born to Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Camjpbell in the Overall Hospital on November 2L The Santa Anna Hospital Auxiliary has been organized, with Mrs. Ed Jones heading it up.

Recalling Memories

The Way We Were

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Fundrens ob­ served their 58th anniversary on November 23. The Otto Lange home in the south suburbs of town on the Trickham road was completely de­ stroyed by fire early Tuesday night. David J. Hardin, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Hardin recently arrived in Korea for a tour of duty. Funeral services were held at the First Baptist Church on Saturday, November 22 for Mrs. Richard B. Sheldon. Rev.’ C. L. Carroll has resigned as pastor of the North Side Baptist Church and has accepted a pastorate of the Baptist Church at Crews. Rev. Jack Payne of the Methodist Church announced that copies of the recently published "History of the Santa Anna Methodist Church" are available for sale.

Jim @ M cA n ally 11i Commercial ^ .C o le m a n , Texas I P 6 2 5 -4 3 4 3 ■

Suit FarmMum! AutomoUt kuinnca Cotmi? HomoOffice: Bloomington,Blnols


Work is progressing at the building on Wallis Ave that wi I one day be the site of a new library in Santa Anna. Volunteer workers are shown here on a recant Saturday, giving of their time to help with the renovation of the building. Many have volunteered work during the past few months. On this particular day, those involved were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spillman, Mr. and Mrs. David Key, Mr. and Mrs. LB . Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. Curly Gatlin, Tex Wright and Montie Guthrie. Wallboard, donated by McCoys, was being installed as this picture was taken Most wiring has b8en done and ceiling material is on hand waiting for a volunteer crew that will soon install it. All changes necessary have been made to accommodate physically impaired visitors to the library. Funds have been donated for heating and air conditioning for which bids Ire being taken. Volunteers are working about two days a week at the site and if you can volunteer your assistance or funds for the project, please notify Mr. Spillman or Mr. Key. You are in ked to visit the building Friday from 2-4 p.m. and see the progress being made.

communication process, and ulti­ mately on reaching a solution that will most benefit the child. Cooperation is the key in providing the proper school-home relationship to best serve the children of this community. Let this serve as an’open invitation to every parent to become more involvea in their child's education. Contact the school offices and make appointments to talk to the teachers. Visit the school to. see what is going on in the educational process. Most important, make your child's education a priority in your home. Get involved in your child's life, both at school and elsewhere. I feel certain you will see a change for the better in your child' success at school.

Herring-Huffhkan Wed Nov. 16 Mr. and Mrs. Vernor Herring have announced the marriage of their daughter, Lori, to Raymond Huffman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Huffman of Odessa. The couple married Monday, M . ,, . n , .. November 16 in Colenan wUh Nance Campbell Justufe of the ^efSc’ conducting the cere tnony. . ?,r.icle a graduate of Santa Anna High School and attended £ exas W °men s Mnive,sity and Howard Payne University. The §r