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Sample Resume Student Name ________________________________________________________________________ Street address, City, State, Zip - telephone numbe...
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Sample Resume Student Name ________________________________________________________________________ Street address, City, State, Zip - telephone number - e-mail address OBJECTIVE To obtain a [full time, part time, co-op, internship] position in Accountancy EDUCATION Raj Soin College of Business, Wright State University Bachelor of Science in Business

Dayton, Ohio Graduation Date

Accountancy [Accountancy and Management Information Systems; Accountancy and Finance] Minor in Management Information Systems GPA: x.x (no need for three decimal places) Eligible to take the CPA examination in month, year COURSEWORK ONLY for those seeking co-op, internship, part time positions before graduation u` list relevant business/major courses COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage) Other software/skills such as Visual Basic, C++ Programming RELEVENT PROJECTS Access Database Project

Wright State University

Month, year Created database from scratch using Access and entered information into organized tables Implemented tables to create professional reports for presentation

Maintained working database that could be used in any environment WORK EXPERIENCE Employer



Dates to present Audit Perform Develop

| | Use present tense, start with active verbs |




Dates Prepared Applied Utilized

| | Use past tense |

ACTIVITITES Show leadership, membership; omit personal information such as (reading, hiking, cooking) Do NOT use personal pronouns such as I, you, we, us. Careers in Accounting Public Accounting—About half of the nation's CPAs work in the field of public accounting. CPAs work for both large and small firms, offering their services to businesses, industries, and individuals who contract for their services on a fee basis. The principal specialties within public accounting are: o



Auditing —CPAs examine clients' financial statements and express a professional opinion on the fairness of the presentation. Investors, consumers, creditors, and other interested parties rely on accountants' opinions in using the audited financial statements for making decisions. Tax Advisory Services—Tax accountants have broad responsibilities, including tax advice and planning, preparing tax returns and supporting documents, representing clients before governmental agencies, and helping clients comply with tax laws. Management Advisory Services—Companies engage independent CPAs for assistance on such matters as devising reporting systems for better control and decision making, installing cost accounting systems or computer operations, improving production control mechanisms, and developing organizational plans and defining duties and responsibilities.

Management Accounting Management accountants are trained to determine the financial effects of contemplated management actions to achieve the objectives of an organization. Management accountants' responsibilities include preparing records and reports on which operational planning and control depend. These reports and analyses are essential ingredients of most decisions about finance, investments, and pricing policies. Management accountants participate in virtually every phase of business problem solving and decision making and are usually members of the top management group. Not-for-Profit Accounting The need for financial measurement, reporting, and control over the activities of governmental, educational, religious, and charitable agencies is now fully recognized. The public sector of our economy has grown greatly in the last quarter century. Noncommercial organizations, have become more affected by inherent requirements for financial reporting and controls, require professional accountants. Governmental Accounting The federal government hires accountants in many of its agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI, General Accounting Office, and the Defense Contract Audit Agency. The Internal Revenue Service, among other things, audits individual and company tax returns. The General Accounting Office is the audit arm of the U.S. Congress; it assists in investigations to determine policy compliance and performs a broad range of other activities. The Defense Contract Audit Agency concentrates on audits of defense contractors and their operations. Forensic Accounting Forensic accounting deals with using accounting evidence to assist in various investigations involving financial matters. The U.S. Post Office, and various law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, CIA, state, and local police departments utilize forensic accountants to help trace the sources of various financing schemes. Forensic accountants are frequently used in fighting terrorism, unraveling insurance frauds, gathering evidence against drug dealers, and providing expertise in divorce settlements. Career Opportunities Accounting Educator Accounting-System Expert Appellate Conferee Appraiser Auditor Bank Examiner Budget Accountant Bursar City Auditor Controller Corporate Accountant Cost Accountant Cost Analyst

County Auditor FBI Agent Field Auditor Finance-Records Examiner Forecast Accountant Forensic Accountant Fraud Examiner Government Auditor Governmental Accountant Internal Auditor Machine-Processing Accountant Management Accountant Office Auditor Payroll Auditor Procedures Accountant Program Analyst Property Accountant Public Accountant Public Finance Specialist Rate Engineer Revenue Agent Systems Accountant Tax Accountant Tax Analyst Tax Auditor Tax Examiner Valuation Engineer Who Hires Our Grads Battelle & Battelle Brady Ware Champion International Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Co. Deloitte & Touche Erhardt Petroleum Ernst & Young Flagel, Huber, Flagel & Co. LexisNexis Ohio Casualty Pohlman & Talmage, CPAs, Inc. Premier Health Partners PricewaterhouseCoopers Procter & Gamble Reynolds & Reynolds

Speedway Super America Standard Register State of Ohio Auditor's Office Wright Patterson Air Force Base

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