September 4, 2016

Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

2718 Overbrook Drive, Raleigh, NC 27608

Join us !! As we welcome Sr. Therese Bauer, our School Principal on Sunday, Sept. 11, after the 9am Mass at the Pancake Breakfast.

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Saturday 5:00pm Sunday 9:00am, 11:30am & 5:00pm

Saint Mother Teresa The Catholic nun, a Nobel laureate born Agnese Gonxha Bojaxhiu who died in 1997 at the age of 87, is most famously known for the work she carried out in the slums of Kolkata, India. She founded the Missionaries of Charity there in the 1950s, which quickly spread throughout the world. She was affectionately known as the “saint of the gutters.” Popes have had to approve saints since 1234. The process will be swift for the nun at only 19 years; since 1590, the time between death and sainthood has averaged 181 years, according to research by Harvard economics professor Robert Barro quoted by The Guardian. Usually, the church has to wait five years before it begins its fact-finding mission about the candidates for sainthood. But Pope John Paul II waived this requirement and accepted evidence of Mother Teresa’s first miracle in 2002. (she cured a woman of a stomach tumor in Calcutta.) Mother Teresa was beatified a year later which is when the pope declares the deceased person is now in heaven. After beatification, the church has to recognize a miracle in order to begin canonization, where the person is officially declared as a saint.

Pope Francis recognized this second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa last year. She supposedly healed a Brazilian man with several brain tumors in 2008— 11 years after her death. In doing so, the Vatican also waived a 1917 rule that a minimum of 50 years should


Sunday - Sept. 4 08:30 am Pro Life Rosary 99:00 am Mass Intention 10:30 am Hispanic Young Adults 11:30 am Mass Intention 2:00 pm Prayer Group 5:00 pm Mass Intention 6:30 pm Hispanic Prayer group

Father John Forbes, Pastor

861.4604, [email protected]

Father Robert T. Schriber, Parochial Vicar

861.4608, [email protected]

Sister Renee Murphy, Admin. Asst. Faith Formation

861.4613, [email protected]

Monday - Sept. 5

Deacon Myles Charlesworth, Deacon

8:00 am Mass Int. 6:00 pm Boy Scouts 6:30 pm Hispanic RCIA

[email protected]

Deacon Byron Champagne, Youth Minister

0 Adoration Chapel Mary Jane Haugh 201 Robert Noir Church People of the Parish Church


Labor Day Judy Stevenson Fallon 202

861.4607, [email protected] Deacon Tom Mack, Deacon

Tuesday - Sept. 6 8:00 am Mass Int. 1:30 pm Rosary Makers 5:00 pm Liturgy of the Hours/Evening Prayer 6:00 pm Pro Life Rosary 7:00 pm Legion of Mary

861.4602, deac[email protected] Dorothea Bitler, Director of Development

861.4601, [email protected]

Joan Rose Brown, Minister of Faith Formation

861.4614, [email protected]

Wednesday - Sept. 7 78:00 am Mass Int. 12:00 pm Reconciliation 3:30 pm Jr. Legion of Mary 7:00 pm Alcoholics Anonymous 7:00 pm Knights of Columbus 7:15 pm Bread of Life Prayer Group

Nan Dickman, Director of Music

215.4882, [email protected]

Mary Dudas, Fallon Center Director

861.4643, [email protected]

3 Mary Burke 201 Adoration Chapel Adoration Chapel 201 5 Thomas Aldridge, Jr. Church Lounge 201 225 Church

Vjeko Bartula, Parish Manager

861.4605, [email protected]

Thursday - Sept. 8 The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin 8:00 am Mass Int. Julius Marco 8:45 am Legion of Mary Lounge 8:45 am Women of Grace Graduates 202 10:00 am Full of Grace 224/201 10:30 am Altar Guild Fallon 5:00 pm Liturgy of the Hours/Evening Prayer Adoration Chapel 6:00 pm Full of Grace Fallon

Robin Biggie, Maintenance

861-4606, [email protected] Alice Kehoe, Accountant

861.4609, [email protected] Mary Angelini, Parish Secretary

861.4603, [email protected]

Friday - Sept. 9 8:15 am Mass Int. 7:00 pm Hispanic Faith Formation

Maria House, Receptionist

861.4600, [email protected]

Sacramental Emergency 919.740.6216

Saturday - Sept. 10 3:00 pm Reconciliation 5:00 pm Mass Intention

SCHOOL STAFF Sister Therese Bauer, School Principal

Sunday - Sept. 11 18:30 am Pro Life Rosary 99:00 am Mass Intention 10:00 am Pancake Breakfast 10:30 am Hispanic Young Adults 11:30 am Mass Intention 2:00 pm Swahili Mass 5:00 pm Mass Intention 6:30 pm Hispanic Prayer group

861.4618, [email protected]

Michael Chinneck, Assistant Principal

861.4623, [email protected]

Pam Mueller, Director of Admissions

861.4635, [email protected]

Pastoral Council

Finance Council

Bill Barrett/Chair

Frank Janasiewicz/Chair

Paul Billow Dorothea Bitler Stefanie Boone Richard Connors Hillman Duncan Laurie Huger Jim Marco Marolyn Palmer Gavin Parsons Barbara Quinby Candace Sperati

Vjeko Bartula Dorothea Bitler Paige Dickerson Tom Dunham Alice Kehoe Jason Sandner David Wiley Curt Williams Jeff Yardley

School Advisory

John Daly/Chair Thomas Henson Carole Anne Hussey Daniel Jess Susan Kelly Anthony Marinaro Mike Rogosich


St. Peter Claver John & Judy Stevenson 202/201 Blessed Virgin Mary Katherine Joan Williams 1 Adoration Chapel Christopher Hogan Fallon 201 Victims of 911/People of the Parish St. Mary Glass Church

ILL PARISH MEMBERS Louis Agnolutto Nat Barbara Lauren Bradley Tim Cahalan Liam Canard Michael Cassata Dexter Cooley Frances Costello Bob Davis Mary Jane Davis

ADORATION 1 Critical Need 45 prayer partners needed.

Mary Ann Ellstrom Bob & Anne Locke Pilar Macapanas Joanne Fleming John Carlton Pitman Ron Franzel Ian Shields Brenda Gibbs Anne Suber Douglas Hobbs Katie Simmons Michael Johnson Norma & Andy Kleitsch Katherine Smith Isabella Kong Richard/Nancy Streeter Brian Larson Jackson West Lauro Lazo Anna Yanoschak

Please prayerfully consider spending an hour with Jesus in the Adoration Chapel.

ILL FAMILY MEMBERS & FRIENDS Daniel Alexander, Brother of Marion Quigg Bridget Anderson, Niece of Mimi Floyd Avalon Marie Balley, Grandchild of Sandra Stoudt Danny & Bethany Baril, Son & DIL of Marolyn Palmer Joe & Amy Baril, Son & DIL of Marolyn Palmer Peggy Becker, Friend of Clara Burley Carla Berendes, Daughter of Carl & Jean Berendes Jim Brewer, Uncle of Lindsay Jess Susan Brothers, Wife of Al Brothers Debbie & Denise Burney, Daughter & Granddaughter of Kitty Maynard Mike & John Cammerota, Siblings of Mary Angelini Frank Cefalu, Brother of Sal Cefalu Robert Chianese, Grandson of Carol Chianese Josie Currin, Friend of Amy Atayek Maria DeLourdes, Mother of Regina Lopez Bill Dupere, Friend of Jane Wiley Michael Doran, Brother of Kathy Klein Dr. Michael Fajgenbaum, Friend of Louise Guyton Troy Fullwood, Grandson of Louise Guyton Maggie Grant, Granddaughter of Carl & Jean Berendes Marina Guanga, Mother of Gerald Guanga Heather Jester, Friend of Nancy Urben Anita Klan, Sister of Gail Kelley Michael Kolenut, Brother of Cindi Messina William Martens, Father of Katherine Schultz McClear Family, Friends of Cox Family John McMorran, Husband of Barbara McMorran Kathy Meade, Niece of Harry & Doris Gribbon Fred Myers, Father of Nicole Royster Rita Miller, Mother in Law of Ken Maldonado Louise Molnar, Friend of Father John Claudia Morrison, Cousin of Cecelia Flanary Family of deceased son Chrul Nay Bob Orr, cared for by Beverly Thomson Andrew Ostrosky, Friend of Cassie Barbara Rachel Pasternak, Daughter of the Bogan’s Reynolds Family, Cousins of Mary Bridges Denise Ritchie & Diane Blake, Sisters of Dan Ritchie Mellissa Riveglia, Daughter in law of Ed & Alberta Riveglia Sarah Roque, Niece of Lisa & Tom Dunham Rossettie Family, Daughter of Nat & Cassie Barbara Angie Royal, Friend of Amy & Dan Robinson Terry Schwartz, Friend of the Perricio’s Shelly Smith, Friend of Ann Marie Robbins Jan Sprink, Mother of Jill Putze Lillie Sulak, Grandmother of Lindsay Tess John Sullivan, Friend of Joe & Pat Perriccio Luther Taylor, Father of Sabra Hamad Emmalee Thelan, Sister of of Cassie Barbara Jeffrey Tucker, Jr., Brother of Christine Slinsky Hampton Van Dyke, Student at OLL Michele Zaytoun Waters, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Henry Zaytoun Mike White, Cousin of Fr. Forbes Breda Wiggs, Friend of Ann & Bob Locke Jean Wilkinson, Mother of David Wilkinson Mary Ann Wilson, Cousin of Mary Angelini Emily Zima, Mother of Lorraine Anderson

Division Leaders Midnight to 6am: Dan Ritchie: 801.9559, [email protected] 6am-12pm: Mary & Ed Dudas: 602.7951, [email protected] 12pm-6pm: Sister Renee: 889.9990, [email protected] 6pm-12am: Candace Sperati: 306.4935, [email protected] Gerald & Lani Guanga: Head Coordinators: 260.1059 Beverly Thomson: Head Coordinator: 280.1759



Rebecca Baylock, Niece of Margaret Petit Joshua Brophy, Son of Greg & Evelyn Brophy Adam Chappell, Son In Law of Marion Quigg Sean Cockrell, Son of Mike & Mary Cockrell Joshua Deschaines, Nephew of Helene Murphy Jared Dudley, Son of Roy & Mary Anne Dudley Kevin Jagusch, Nephew of Sandra Stoudt Jimmy Nemec, Cousin of Mandy Howard Tyler Smith, Grandnephew of George Smith Russell West III, Son of Bernice West


INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT THE CATHOLIC FAITH? The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process to learn about Catholicism, and to prepare for the sacraments of Baptism and/or Confirmation & Eucharist. The RCIA sessions will meet at 6:30pm on Tuesdays in the Fallon Center Lounge beginning Sept. 13. For information, contact [email protected] or 919-861-4614. ***

Classes resume September 18, 2016. *** SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION FOR FIRST COMMUNION Sacramental preparation is a two-year process, beginning in Grade 1. Students must be registered at OLLS or attend Faith Formation class the year prior to receiving the sacraments. For children over the age of seven who did not receive First Communion, contact the Parish Office to register for classes, 919.861.4600. ***

ADULT FAITH FORMATION SUNDAY MORNINGS LECTIO DIVINA 10:15 - 11:15 ~ OCTOBER 2, 9 & 16 St. Bernadette Center ~ Rm. 224 An introduction to scriptural reading, meditation and prayer, Lectio Divina dates to the early monastic tradition of the Church. As a Scripture passage is read several times, we are invited to listen with the heart and prayerfully reflect on the Word of the Lord. If you seek quiet & quality time with the Lord, join us on this journey. All are welcome! ***

Parent Volunteers Needed! Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) offers children, ages four to seven, a special liturgy in the Fallon Center, led by parent volunteers during the 9:00 Mass, beginning this month. Contact Coordinator Amy Light, [email protected] *** Celebrating and Supporting Parents Sunday, September 25 6:00pm Fallon Center Hall Meet after the 5:00pm Mass, share a meal, discuss best practices in raising, living & loving children of all ages, for parents of all ages. To register, contact the Parish Office at 919-861-4600 by September 22. ***

SHARING CHRIST ~ A SEVEN WEEK MISSION Tuesdays 7:00pm Oct 11-Nov 15 plus a retreat on Saturday, Nov 19. Fallon Center Hall. Registration information will be available soon. The ChristLife series continues... *** 3

Joan Rose Brown, Minister of Faith Formation, 861.4614 or [email protected]

YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT MINISTRIES Youth Faith Formation and Youth Ministry NOW IS THE TIME! REGISTRATION IS OPEN Youth Faith Formation

The Youth Formation program for 6th,7th,8th grades and Confirmation classes. At Our Lady of Lourdes, we believe faith formation is an ongoing process meant to draw us into closer relationship with Christ and the Church. Faith formation is much broader than simply “instructing the faith,” rather it is the term that represents the curriculum of the whole Church, including community, liturgy, proclamation and teaching. Youth Faith Formation 6th,7th,8th grade & Confirmation classes Parent Meeting. September 11th 2016 Time: 6:15pm till 8:00pm. Location Fallon Center Hall.

Youth Ministries Youth Ministry gatherings for Edge Middle School. Y-Disciple Life Teen. At Our Lady of Lourdes we offer spiritual, social and service programs for Middle School and High School youth to allow them to mature through leadership and development of their faith journey. Youth Faith Formation and Youth Ministry forms can be found under forms on our website.

Current Core Team and New Volunteer Interest September 11th 2016 Time: 12:30-2:30pm Location: Fallon Center Hall

We believe that solid ministry is built on relationships between adult staff and teens. Relationships are key to teens feeling loved and accepted so that they can understand the love of God in practical ways. This is when real spiritual growth takes place in a teen’s life. Youth Ministry: Edge Middle School & Y-Disciple Life Teen & Parent Meeting September 18th 2016 Time 6:15-8:00pm following the 5pm Mass: Location: Fallon Center Hall

Deacon Byron Champagne, Youth/ Faith Formation Minister, 861.4607, [email protected]


PARISH PAGE Altar Guild Luncheon The Ladies of the Altar Guild are inviting all the Ladies of the parish to our first Luncheon/Meeting for the 2016 planning year. It will be our Salad & Dessert Luncheon on Thurs., Sept. 8, at 11:30am in the Fallon Center. We are looking forward to a wonderful year serving our Lord & Church. Come Join Us! We need you!

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School Is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Download applications from or at the school office. Pam Mueller, at [email protected] or 861.4635. St. Padre Pio Prayer Group We have a new Mass schedule. Sat., Sept. 3 at 9am, & on the FIRST Sat. thru May 6. Our yearly celebration will be Fri., Sept. 23 at 6pm with Italian buffet at Capri's, Restaurant, 6325 Falls of Neuse Rd. Cost is $15. RSVP by 9/15.

Are You Separated Or Divorced? A divorce healing program will begin on Sept. 12, at 7pm in the Fallon Center. Using the Catholics Divorce Survival Guide, the 12-week program features a 30-min. DVD with discussions. Whether you are separated, divorced 10 days ago or 10 years ago, the program offers insight for everyone. Cost is $17 pp. Contact Christine Martin at [email protected] or Ann Franzel at [email protected].

Free Flu Shots: St. Joseph Primary Care in Raleigh invites you to receive free flu shots on Sept. 13, from 9am-2pm at 4400 Falls of Neuse Rd., Suite 101. First come first serve. All are welcome to participate. Priority will be given the uninsured & families in need. Those with health insurance, bring your insurance card/information. Appointments are recommended. Phone: 919.386.6866.

Spiritual Book Club Come join us on Sept. 15 from 7-8pm in the Fallon Center Lounge for the Spiritual Book Club! We meet 5 times a year to discuss spiritual books we have read. Bring along a book or two to recommend to the group. Email Pat Moell at [email protected].

Service Hours for Middle Schoolers Does your middle schooler need service hours? Would they be interested in working in the church nursery on Sunday mornings for the 9:00 Mass? They can help Miss Yessy Anorve-Basoria with children 6mos-3 years old. Contact Cathy Gephart at [email protected].

Altar Flowers

Flowers on the Altar are in celebration of the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Bob & Maryann Ellstrom & The 67th Wedding Anniversary of Harry & Doris Gribbon

Need: Kids Bikes The Refugee Resettlement team is assisting a Burmese family of 7 that has relocated to Raleigh & is renting a small home in Knightdale. We are bikes for boys ages 15 & 11. If you would like to donate, contact Jerome Harrison at 919.414.0554 or [email protected]. Thank you!

Thank you to all Our Lady of Lourdes Parishioners for their very generous contributions to the 2016 Diocesan Special Collections! The following was collected: Ecuador Earthquake Relief $ 427.26 Catholic Home Missions Appeal $ 1,532.41 Catholic Communications Campaign $ 1,006.82 Collection for the Holy Father $ 1,226.00 Flood Victims Relief $ 617.10 Mission Co-operative $ 3,107.65 Finance 8/21/16



Ushers Needed We need ushers for the 5:00pm Saturday & Sunday Masses. Contact Andy Kleitsch at 848.0222 or [email protected] Would you consider becoming a Lector? Our Lady of Lourdes Church needs you! Training & support are provided! Contact Jimmie Brown at [email protected].

Actual Last Yr.

Pro Life Corner

YTD Offertory 7/1/16 - 8/21/16


YTD Priests Retirement 7/1/16 - 8/21/16




“Only with prayer—prayer that storms the heavens for justice & mercy, prayer that cleanses our hearts & souls— will the culture of death that surrounds us today be replaced with a culture of life.” — Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities A




Statement of the U.S. Catholic Bishops

PARISH PICNIC PULLEN PARK Sunday, September 18 1:00pm-4:-00pm Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Provided by Knights A– P bring side dish Q-Z bring dessert






AROUND THE DIOCESE Thinking about Separation or Divorce? Is your marriage or a friends heading for divorce? Do you feel helpless to do anything about it? Retrouvaille is designed to help troubled marriages regain their health by rediscovering the love, trust & commitment that brought them together. The program is highly successful in saving hurting marriages, even bringing reconciliation to couples who have already separated or divorced. For confidential info or to apply for a weekend on Sept.16 call 800-470-2230 or email: [email protected] or visit

JustFaith & the Guatemala Student Support Group Are hosting the 5th GSSG Fundraising Banquet at St. Michael’s in Cary on Sept. 16 at 6:30pm. Our special guest will be international recording artist, Tony Melendez! The cost is $25 for adults, $10 for students, $5 for children 7- 12 free for children under 7. The banquet supports the educational costs for our impoverished Guatemalan students studying in the US 7 Guatemala. For tickets contact Tom Goehl at [email protected] or 919-467-2650. Single/Single Again Masses On Sept.,18, Oct. 16, Nov. 20 & Dec. 11 at 5:30 at Cardinal Gibbons HS. Info: Celia Keator [email protected].

Join Campaign Nonviolence NC Week Become a part of the movement to build a community that stresses nonviolence in North Carolina by participating in CAMPAIGN NONVIOLENCE, Sept. 17-24, in the Raleigh area. Campaign Nonviolence envisions a culture of nonviolence that addresses issues of war, poverty, the climate crisis, & the epidemic of violence. We will begin with a Prayer Vigil on Sat., Sept. 17 at 7pm at Sacred Heart Cathedral. During the week, churches & groups will show films, provide speakers, offer workshops & peace related activities.

Family Honor "Come & See" Event with National Executive Director, Brenda Cerkez Sept. 25, 2:30-4:30pm,Raleigh area location TBD. Join Family Honor team for an encouraging update on the work of Family Honor! Find out how families can live out their mission in a culture that does not respect the traditional family. What might the Holy Spirit be calling you to do to help strengthen the family? Refreshments. Linda Gaviria, 467.5527, [email protected]. Financial Peace University Teaches God's ways of handling money. Through videos, class discussions & small group activities, FPU presents biblical, practical steps. This plan will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend & save wisely. Sept. 13, 7:00-8:30pm in the Sacred Heart Cathedral School Hall, 204 Hillsborough St, Raleigh.

Want to enrich your spiritual & social life? You are invited to join us at the Handicapped Encounter Christ (HEC) fall retreat on 9/30 –10/1 at the Short Journey Center in Smithfield. We are in need of able-bodied partners for our physically disabled members. Training is provided. Cost is $60. Scholarships are available & no charge for college students. Contact Charlie & Marty Coe, 919.832.7237 or [email protected].

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends Sep 30 - Oct 2 Myrtle Beach OR Nov 4-6 Atlantic Beach. Visit: or call 704-315-2144. [email protected].

The Transitus of St. Francis of Assisi Join us on Oct. 3 at 7:00pm at St. Francis of Assisi,11401Leesville Rd. for the annual commemoration of the Transitus. This is the night when the faithful throughout the world reflect on the passage of St. Francis of Assisi from life through death into eternal life. The Transitus includes songs, readings from scripture & from the life of St. Francis. Light refreshments will be served. Contact Louis Coker OFS at [email protected].

6-Night Catholic Single’s Cruise Join Fr. John Hanic & area Catholic Singles (single, divorced, widowed) on a 6-Night Cruise out of Charleston, SC on the Carnival Ecstasy, Oct. 2 -8. Prices begin at $487pp & includes all port fees & taxes. Daily Mass, $50 onboard credit, bottle of wine per cabin. Terri DeLuca at 704.774.7779 or [email protected].

Wedding Anniversary Mass Bishop Burbidge invites all couples celebrating 25, 50 or more years of marriage to honor their vocation of marriage on Oct. 16 at 4:00pm at St. Michael Church, 804 High House Rd, Cary. Register through your Parish office or call 821.9771 or Families welcome.

Project Rachel Support Group Abortion is one of the most common procedures in the US, experienced by millions of women, many of whom are Catholic. Abortion creates a wound in post-abortive women & men, resulting in spiritual & emotional problems. The Project Rachel ministry assists women & men who have been wounded by abortion to find truth & healing. If you have experienced an abortion contact us 852.1021 or [email protected] or Weekly Prayer Vigil A Woman’s Choice on Drake Circle in Raleigh each Sat. at 8:30am. Meet at the corner of Myron & Harden Sts. Contact Eileen Mayhew at [email protected].


An Introduction to the12-Steps: A Spiritual Gateway to Elderhood For Seniors age 55 or older, you are invited to a contemplative retreat to discern what God expects of you as you continue your senior years of life. In the course of 8 weekly sessions, the retreat will combine Contemplative Prayer, Lectio Divina, Journaling, & Christian Fellowship in the context of a 12-Step program. Wednesday mornings, beginning 9/7/16. LaVerna Center at St. Francis of Assisi. Call 323.1139 Or email: [email protected].

Following Jesus Every Day: GOSPEL MEDITATIONS FOR DAILY LIVING Ninety days’ worth of Gospel verses and reflections including a meditation, a prayer, a simple activity for the day and a related verse from the Old Testament. Ideal for Lent and Eastertime, or for any time of year!



Saint Margaret Sunday Missal

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