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CONTENT Welcome Selection of windows Product portfolio KRONE pine KRONE mahogany KRONE COto Environment KRONE doors Freedom to design History The production Info


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WINDOWS AND DOORS FOR THE HOME Welcome to KRONE WINDOWS – a world of fulfilled dreams. Here you can explore and find the windows and doors suitable for your new home or for renovating your existing home.



When you choose new windows for your house there are several circumstances to be aware of. For instance, which window types and materials fit your house the best.


If you are looking to replace your existing pine Windows, you now have the opportunity to Choose from a range of maintenance-free windows either: Wood / aluminum windows. With the warmth of timber on the inside and almost maintenance-free aluminum on the outside . With the KRONE windows’ COto system you also get the most optimal solution energy wise, where you can tone reduce the energy loss as well as raise the comfort inside the house with reduced draught and downdraft. When you replace windows in your house you must be aware of the aesthetic effect new windows will have on the house. Therefore decide if you wish to match the existing windows and door so as keep as close to the architect’s original design. Alternatively, you could consider the possibility of upgrading the appearance of your house. Either, just with the windows or by a larger renewal of the façade. It is worth noting that in many houses from the 1970s and 1980s, this could result in a significant increase in value if carried out correctly. However, please be aware that there are many pitfalls to avoid when you change the appearance and therefore it can often be an advantage to seek assistance regarding the aesthetics via a window specialist or an architect. Especially in houses constructed before the 1940s where the importance of the windows and the impact on the whole experience of the home - both internally and externally can be significant. Such as the inclusion of such details as, beautiful profiling (carving and details) of the frames, casements and sash bars.


A WIDE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO KRONE WINDOWS combine tradition and innovation in the development and production of windows and doors. We offer you a wide selection of quality products with the flexibility of design to satisfy all requests when it comes to shape, color and size. The crucial element in our production is still wood – also in the latest development of windows where the strong materials of nature are combined with maintenance-free aluminum profiles.





KRONE PINE KRONE fir is strictly made out of long-lasting pinewood with a share of heartwood of more that 90 percent. For centuries, heartwood has been the foundation in the production of long lasting windows. Within recent years, the quality of windows made of pine has increased significantly and KRONE WINDOWS leads the way in the use of heartwood.

As with other construction materials, price and quality go hand in hand. One of the most notable differences between cheap and expensive windows is the share of heartwood within the frames and casements The heartwood prolongs the service life of the window because it among other things consists of more resin and thereby withstands elements better. Heartwood is therefore requested when it comes to pine windows. Also KRONE Windows applies knotless heartwood and thus, there is no risk of seeing the knots through the paint finish.





KRONE MAHOGANY KRONE mahogany is produced out of 100% heartwood. Mahogany is a species of hardwood with a high density and the supplemental oil treatment in the factory contributes to making our mahogany products a long-lasting investment. The windows are provided with the same profiles as KRONE Pine.





KRONE COto KRONE COto unites tradition with renewal. Wood on the inside and aluminum on the outside is a strong combination of quality materials, which saves the buyer time and money on unnecessary maintenance. The wood/aluminum products are available in several colors and include the same profiles as the rest of our products.

It is a matter of taste whether a new material would fit with the colors and surfaces of the rest of the house, but you should consider how the new material would fit with other materiels in the house, the roof material and its color as well as the surface and color of the brickwork.




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KRONE DOORS All our doors can be made both inward and outward opening, mounted as terrace doors or front doors which are to be provided with either hardwood cills or low aluminum cills. Inward opening doors made of wood/aluminum and are only supplied with aluminum steps. In some cases, the door’s can be joined with the side lights. . .


THE ENVIRONMENT Windows and doors from KRONE WINDOWS are made of the most durable wood species and from recognized suppliers. The use of heartwood eliminates environmentally damaging treatments. Instead we give the wood an environmentally desirable surface processing. Along with the use of super low-energy glass we think ahead, both in production and environmentally.

NEW SUPER ENERGY-SAVING WINDOW From now on, home owners can save money on heating costs with KRONE WINDOW’s new and extremely energy saving product; KRONE COto. The window has a documented U-value of 0.65 on the entire window and improves sustainability. Therefore, compared to traditional insulating glass, only a quarter of the heat escapes. The window can be ordered in all shapes and sizes and thus KRONE WINDOWS accommodates the needs of the home owner whether refurbishing or constructing a new house.


THE ARCHITECT’S FREEDOM TO DESIGN Freedom to design is a world without limits. At KRONE WINDOWS we think that every construction should be unique And so this calls for unique solutions to create the desired result, one such area is when it comes to windows or facade solutions.


HISTORY At one time, the carpenter visited the customers and took measurements of windows and doors. After that, the doors and windows were hand made at the carpenter’s workshop – using time served traditions and good craftsmanship. Fundamentally we do the same today - more or less half a century after the company in Harken was established and produced its first windows and doors. These windows and doors are still produced on the foundation of craftsmanship and using the best possible materials. Therefore, we use heartwood to ensure durability, as has been done for centuries.

Therefore, the traditions are the same but the modernisation has made our windows and doors even better than before. Windows and doors have been produced in Harken since 1953 where the founder of the HP concern, Henning Pedersen, established the firm. In 2005 the company was taken over by the present group of owners, all of which work within the company. Production of windows and doors is overseen by Kaj Bundgaard who has worked in the company since 1975.

The big, decisive difference is the advanced, high technological production machinery we use in order to renew traditions and ensure our customers competitive prices. Moreover, the aluminum profiles have made windows and doorframes almost maintenance-free on the outside and the development of super low-energy glass has reduced the heat loss significantly.

KRONE WINDOWS is today an independent company which has experienced a major technological development throughout the recent years. The experienced staff ensures that the traditions of good craftsman are upheld.


OWN PRODUCTION The production at KRONE WINDOWS takes place in Denmark within modern high tech surroundings thus ensuring a healthy work environment. The development department is constantly optimising the capacity of the windows - including maximum insulation, so giving the sales department the best point of departure. A good dialogue between the management and the employees has made the company a desirable workplace. Of course, we live up to the new tightened energy requirements and we are constantly investing in ongoing resources in order to be market leaders. An energy marked window is characterized by the fact that both construction and the choices of material combine in giving the window the best energy qualities possible. By choosing an energy marked window you get a high performance system with low energy wastage, a comfortable indoor climate without draughts and heat loss.

In the summer of 2006 we installed a brand new electrostatic painting process the first of its kind in Denmark. This is founded on the newest technology within industrial surface treatment. The paint is applied by robot sprayers after each element has been scanned and an electronic charge of the elements has been applied, thus ensuring that the paint covers all parts of the element even where a normal paint brush can’t reach. Hereby, it is possible to achieve an extremely high uniformity and optimum thickness of the painting layer.


INFO Trickle vent Locking Mechanism Frame Receiver Plats Sash Handle Glazing Gasket Draught Seal Glazing Bead Espangnolens Lock Glass Lockside Hingeside Window sill Butt hinge

Buttom bead



9010 Pure white

9005 Jet black

Obscured glass

Abstracto 187

9001 Creme

5010 Genetian blue



7035 Light grey

8016 Mahogany brown



7042 Traffic grey

Green Umbra ( Danish colour)



7016 Antrasite grey

3009 Ruby red

Georgian wired




Is a 100 percent Danish owned made-toorder concern and for more than 50 years it has been producing windows and frontage doors in high quality.


Is today among the marked leaders within development of energy saving window solutions.


Is, of course, subject to Danish Window Certification (Dansk Vindues Certificering)

KRONE VINDUER A/S Aalborgvej 570 · Harken 9760 Vrå Telefon: 96 24 28 60 Telefax: 96 24 28 61