Royal Canadian Pacific Calgary, Alberta

Royal Canadian Pacific Calgary, Alberta Company Information Address: 201-9th Avenue S.W. Calgary AB Canada T2P 1K3 Phone: (403) 508 1400 or 1 (877)...
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Royal Canadian Pacific Calgary, Alberta Company Information Address:

201-9th Avenue S.W. Calgary AB Canada T2P 1K3


(403) 508 1400 or 1 (877) 665 3044 (in North America)


(403) 508 1409


[email protected]




(403) 508-1400 [email protected]

Product Description Explore Canada’s West in the comfort of the World’s Finest Luxury Train. When it comes to luxurious rail travel, the Royal Canadian Pacific offers the finest experience in the world. Launched in 2000, our fleet consists of ten fully restored vintage (1916-1931) Canadian Pacific Railway business cars. The silver settings, brass fittings, burled tables, brocade chairs, wall paneling of circassian walnut and bird's eye maple imported from Russia, and open vestibules are the pinnacle of a bygone tradition of elegance. Subtly add all the modern amenities the discerning traveler would expect along with exceptional gourmet cuisine, fine wines and unsurpassed hospitality and service, and you are presented with the Royal Canadian Pacific. European Royalty, Prime-Ministers, and Hollywood Celebrities have all traveled aboard over the years. Sir Winston Churchill used his private office in the signature Mount Stephen observation car during the 1943 Quebec Conference and it is still a favorite sitting area for our guests as they watch the spectacular scenery of the Canadian Rockies pass by.

Our journey begins in Calgary, Alberta at the Canadian Pacific Railway Pavilion. The marble spiral staircase of the pavilion, coupled with the magnificent glass domed rotunda attached to the great hall that house the Royal Canadian Pacific carriages, bring to life the nostalgia associated with the romance of rail travel. A reception prior to each trip allows guests the opportunity to meet each other and the hospitality team that will serve them throughout the voyage; here the beginnings of many life-long friendships are forged. As clients board the train, the Royal Canadian Pacific service is highlighted by our team of hospitality professionals. From a warm welcome aboard to evening turn-down service, exceptional food and beverage service to history and area knowledge, our Hospitality attendants ensure that the guest experience is unparalleled and every need is not just met, but anticipated. Our onboard culinary team consistently transcends the epicurean expectations of all types of palates. Royal Canadian Pacific has partnered with some of Canada's most elite tourism experiences at various destinations throughout our excursions. These off-train activities include golf at some of the world's most renowned championship courses, fly-fishing on Canada's pristine rivers and lakes, and interpretive tours that share Canada’s unique heritage. Life on board the Royal Canadian Pacific is relaxed, pampered…in short, fit for royalty. Stepping on board is akin to stepping back in time to an era of elegance, grace and classic luxury; a place where the view outside your window is unspoiled and timeless - oblivious to the rush of today’s world. A Royal Canadian Pacific experience is about leaving the world of everyday life behind and relaxing, revitalizing in an environment of rail travel … the way it was meant to be. Limited public excursions are offered from June through September; with only 32 guests on board, clients must book early to attain passage on one of these elusive rail journeys. The Royal Canadian Pacific is also available for private charter, providing the ultimate "get-away" for guests wanting to escape with friends and family into a completely private, uniquely customized vacation package, or as a corporate retreat. Details on our excursions with route maps are available through our website

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q. What is the Royal Canadian Pacific? A. Royal Canadian Pacific is a luxury Rail cruise train based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and offering rail experience through the Canadian Rockies Q. How old is the Royal Canadian Pacific? A. The Royal Canadian Pacific was established in 2000 utilizing Canadian Pacific Railway business cars from the early 20th century. The cars, themselves were built in 1916 through 1931 have been all restored to their original splendor. Q. Where does the Royal Canadian Pacific travel? A. Our public excursions are focused in Western Canada and the Canadian Rockies. Route maps are available on our website All our public excursions are multi-day voyages; Royal Canadian Pacific does not offer a public day-trip to Banff or Lake Louise. It is, however, possible for the train to be privately chartered for single day excursions. We travel to eastern Canada at least once a year to participate in the CPR Holiday Train – a fund raiser for local food banks across Canada and the northern U.S. The Canadian Pacific Railway is a network that extends over 14,000 miles, connecting the port city of Vancouver in Canada’s west and the Port of Montreal in the east with the heart of North America. The Royal Canadian Pacific travels over 35,000 miles on Canadian Pacific track each year. Q. Who travels on the Royal Canadian Pacific? A. Royal Canadian Pacific offers a limited number of public excursions every year – the Royal Canadian Rockies Experience, the Royal Clubhouse Golf Excursion, and the Royal Fly-Fishing Adventure – which are open to anyone who would like to join us. Guests of the Royal Canadian Pacific are eighteen years or older. The Royal Canadian Pacific is also extensively used for individual and corporate private charter. Royalty, presidents and prime ministers, and present day celebrities have all traveled on board the Royal Canadian Pacific rail cars. Q. What makes the Royal Canadian Pacific such a special experience? A. Heritage. The Royal Canadian Pacific story encompasses the history of Canada. Development of the national railroad united the east with the west and cemented the political nation of Canada. The rail cars that comprise the Royal Canadian Pacific were used by Canadian Pacific Railway executives as the network developed and carried some famous visitors to Canada such as Winston Churchill during the Quebec Conference, and Princess Elizabeth shortly before her Coronation. The Royal Canadian Pacific cars were built between 1916 and 1931. They have undergone an intensive restoration process to be displayed in their original elegance. Original tin ceilings, brass fittings, circassian walnut paneling, burled tables brocade chairs, and open vestibules are the epitome of 1920’s rail travel romance. All modern conveniences have been subtly added for the comfort of our guests. Hospitality. Offering friendly, yet professional service, Royal Canadian Pacific focus is anticipating our guests every need. Our culinary team consistently transcends the epicurean expectations of even the most discerning palate. With exceptional food and beverage service, product and area knowledge, and a desire to exceed expectations, our hospitality attendants make sure that the guest experience is unparalleled. Location. One of the world’s most anticipated destinations, the spectacular vistas and unique wildlife of the Canadian Rockies speak for themselves. Most excursions travel

through Banff and Lake Louise, with a choice of turning south and traveling through the Columbia Valley to Crowsnest Pass and back to Calgary, or west to the port city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Exclusivity. The Royal Canadian Pacific carries a maximum of 32 guests on any given trip. Guests stay on-board the train in 19 staterooms, each with private ensuite. Activities are arranged specifically for Royal Canadian Pacific groups. Private charters are fully customized to the client including, but not limited to, excursion routing, activities, and menus. Q. How much does it cost to take a Royal Canadian Pacific luxury rail excursion? A. The average per person price of a Royal Canadian Pacific 6 day/five night luxury rail cruise is CAD $8000 plus 5% tax. Q. Where can I get more information? A. Please contact: Royal Canadian Pacific T (877) 665-3044 (in N.A.) or (403) 508-1400 F (403) 508-1409 E [email protected] Or visit us at: Canadian Pacific Railway Pavilion 201-9th Avenue S.W. Calgary AB T2P 1K3

ROYAL CANADIAN PACIFIC PRODUCT LINE The following opportunities are available through Royal Canadian Pacific: 1) Multi-day Public Luxury Rail Cruises • Royal Canadian Rockies Experience • Royal Clubhouse Golf Excursion • Royal Fly-Fishing Adventure 2) Luxury Private Charter Rail Excursions • Multi-day luxury rail cruise • Single day luxury rail cruise • Royal Banff Dinner Trains 3) Private Railcar Dining • A customized private dining experience on-board the Royal Canadian Pacific’s elegant Craigellachie Dining Car while stationary at the Canadian Pacific Railway Pavilion in Calgary, AB. Dinner includes a cocktail reception in the Mt. Stephen observation car. 4) Meeting and Convention Facilities • Canadian Pacific Railway Pavilion (

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