November 24, 2016

Rotary Club of Euroa Chartered October 12, 1946 P.O. Box 33 Euroa 3666

s President Bill Sargood 0429 447 103 [email protected]

Upcoming Program Date

No meeting this Thursday in lieu of Seymour Monday night

Saturday, December 10

Secretary Peter Morley 0439 953 073 [email protected]


Thursday, December 1 6:30 for 7:00



Golf Club

118 Boundary Road South, Sargoods’ home


Guy Cameron

Christmas Party


My Papua New Guinea Experience Brian Bamford

Vice President Mandy Edwards Past PresidentInternational David Rutledge Treasurer Neville Harris Club AdministrationPresident Elect Richard Nettleton Community Service Neil Tubb Michael Stubbe Membership/Vocational Roman Kozlovski Dennis Rebbeck Youth Service Rob Morphet Programs Ken McLennan Public Relations Foundation Linda Bennett

Chair Bar

6:30 for 7:00

John King David Cerini (Res)

Stewards Neil Tubb Michael Tehan Michael Stubbe Sargent

Bernie O’Dea

Apologies and guests to Noel O’Meara on 5795 2783 by Thursday 11 am

Could any suggested changes to the Eurota roster please be emailed to the Editor. It is too difficult to take note of changes at the meeting on the hop.

Billy’s Blog It seems like so much has happened since our last meeting that it was much longer ago than just last Thursday. A beautiful spring morning to be back in the park for our market – a local winner for our trailer and contents raffle – two busy but fulfilling days at the Open Gardens – a celebration of 50 years with the Alexandra Rotary Club and a fascinating address from an international award winning humanitarian at our interclub visit to Seymour on Monday night has all happened over the last 5 days since our last meeting. I think the opportunity to work with members of the Melbourne based clubs involved with the organisation of the Open Gardens was rewarding, along with the chance to work with some willing friends of Rotary from whom I have already received notes from saying how much they enjoyed the day. It was hot and it was dusty – but it was successful and our club will do quite nicely from it - as will the new Euroa Aged Care Facility. Please check your rosters for the Seven Creeks Country Fair this Saturday and make sure Michael Bell is aware of any changes you may wish to make. After this weekend you can all sit back and relax to prepare for our Xmas party. It will be at 118 Boundary Road South on Saturday December 10th. DON’T FORGET – No meeting this Thursday – Next meeting December 1st. See you then.

Last Thursday’s Meeting Dr Bob Irving was the club’s guest last week. He and his wife, Faith, live in Branjee Road and he spoke about his life’s work involved in the study and application of Nanoscience. Nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all the other science fields such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science and engineering. In his role as Scientific and Commercial Director of Nanotechnology Victoria, Bob has proven himself to be a pre-eminent leader of engagement with industry to successfully deliver nanotechnology and commercialization outcomes. After a career in post-doctoral and industry research with the CSIRO, Bob commenced as the Scientific and Commercial Director of Nanotechnology Victoria in April 2004 and has been responsible for the development of the project portfolio and commercialization of new nanotechnology solutions for Victoria.

Chairman Michael Tehan and President Bill Sargood are pictured with Bob & Faith Irving

Monday Night’s Seymour Meeting Stephanie Woollard

Eleven members of our club travelled to Seymour Rotary on Monday night to hear inspiring Stephanie Woollard talk about founding the Seven Women Project in Nepal. She sums up her program as follows: ”Our approach is to give a hand up, not a hand out. All it takes is for one generation to learn how to break the cycle of poverty and pass their learning down to the next to transform a village forever. Stephane used her last $200 to pay for two trainers to up-skill the women to manufacture products appropriate for sale abroad. Literally started in a tin shed, the Seven Women project has since changed the lives of over 1000 disabled Nepalese women through employment, training and the sale of their ethically manufactured goods. Stephanie’s full story appears in this month’s Rotary Down Under magazine.

Open Gardens

Part of the hard working team on the weekend manning the barby at the Falls as part of the Open Gardens run by the Rotary Club of Melbourne Central. With the Farmers’ Market and the commitment to help out our fellow Rotarians, our community service was out there in force. Well done to all! Farmers’ Market & Garden Club Rose Show

Garden Club Members pictured with Joan Sargood

Richard Nettleton with the array of roses.

Margaret Cerini arranges some of the blooms.

Trailer Raffle Drawn

The trailer raffle was drawn at the market on Saturday and a very happy Dozer Kubeil was the winner. He came up at 11:30 and bought one last ticket, maybe that was the winner! $100 prize winners were Ray Trotter, Andrea McEachem, Pat O’Neil, Sue Chester and JL.

December Birthdays Ronnie Doxey 5 Herbert John Heal 13 Heather Bamford 14

Anniversaries Nicels 22

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Euroa Village Farmers’ Market: December 17, January 21 Saturday, November 26: Seven Creeks Country Fair Saturday, December 10: Club Christmas Party Thursday, January 5: Breakfast in the Park Thursday, January 12: Chinese Restaurant Social Night Thursday, February 16: Bowls Night Saturday, March 18: The Euroa Gift March 18-20: 9790 District Conference