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Rolled steel | Pipes | Stainless steel | Aluminium | Plastics | Raw materials We work for your success © 2006 Carl Spaeter GmbH, Duisburg Alle Rech...
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Rolled steel | Pipes | Stainless steel | Aluminium | Plastics | Raw materials

We work for your success

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Vision and solid business EXPERTISE

130 years of partnership as equals Dual responsibility

More than the sum of both parts Materials with added value

The fascination of steel Optimal warehouse solutions

Quality on demand Unlimited market opportunities

Central management, Europe-wide coverage

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Variety, individuality and precision


Close to customers


Tailor-made for you

Independent consultancy and on-site service

Near to you – easy to contact

Specialists for your business

Sales offices in Germany and Europe



Vision and solid business EXPERTISE

“Without Carl Spaeter and its corporate vision, we would not be where we are today.” In Koblenz in the year 1875, the company’s founder, Carl Spaeter, laid the foundations for a success story which has since continued to thrive – along with our customers, employees and suppliers. Carl Spaeter’s strong business personality is still evident today in the

130 years of partnership as equals

companies of the Spaeter group. His economic

We manage our business from our headquarters

instincts allowed him to successfully link

in Duisburg and have also taken on a leading role

vision and economic security.

in the European steel industry. Our history over

Today, we trust the experience that has made us one of the 500 highest-earning German companies. Our customers know that their interests are also our interests. We truly live our partnerships and all that goes with them: trust, respect, reliability. We work together with strong partners, avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy.

more than 130 years acts as an incentive to us and focuses us on working towards the future. Thus we consciously combine tradition and innovation.


“Our team is our strength.” As a family business, we take our responsibility to our employees seriously. We there­­­­­fore provide comprehensive educational and advanced training opportunities as a matter of course. In addition, we actively pursue an open-door communication policy – because trust and transparency are an important part of teamwork.

Materials with added value

We listen to our employees and involve them in

and effectively together, which reassures our

decision-making processes. Our flat hierarchies

customers that their needs and wishes are always

also ensure that innovative ideas can be put

at the forefront. Our employees think in terms

into practice quickly and without unnecessary

of the company and take responsibility for their

bureaucracy – a huge advantage in an industry

decisions. That motivates them and ensures that

where time is a known competitive factor.

people enjoy working for SPAETER.

Many of our employees have been with us

This is beneficial both to us and to our customers.

for a long time and are highly qualified in

Service and customer orientation are part of our

their fields. This means that our customers

everyday work.

often have the same contact persons for years and therefore enjoy dedicated, reliable and competent advice. Their comprehensive experience allows all SPAETER employees to work very efficiently


“The steel market is growing – and we’re growing with it.” Over 1.1 billion tonnes of steel are produced worldwide each year. German steel producers can produce more than 2,000 different types of steel. Germany ranks sixth in the list of steelproducing countries.

The fascination of steel

Steel is an elementary material that has

Traditionally, we have close relationships with

accompanied and shaped human history. However,

steel processing industries such as the auto-

it was only during the Industrial Revolution

motive industry and tool producers. Architects,

around 150 years ago that steel production gained

too, value this versatile material, which is easi-

in importance. With the invention of the steam

ly worked, durable and stable. The material is

engine, a huge workforce potential became

constantly being developed further to meet the

available for the first time and the development

challenges of the market. Demand for steel is in-

of coal mines provided the coke necessary for

creasing worldwide, and we are prepared to meet

the production of steel. Finally, improvements in

it, with well-stocked warehouses all over Germany,

infrastructure ensured that the steel market

with innovative preproduction facilities and with

could be developed and expanded. Steel trading

modern and efficient logistics.

was and will remain our speciality: approximately three quarters of our turnover is from steel and stainless steel. In addition, aluminium is also becoming increasingly important, and of course our portfolio also includes other non-ferrous materials and plastics.


“We know our customer base and what is important to them.” In the last 15 years, SPAETER has made a concerted effort to invest in the expansion of modern warehousing and order-picking technology. We manage our stock locally, which enables us to respond to the demands of our customers promptly and affordably.

Quality on demand

The companies in the SPAETER group also carry

end, we are constantly optimizing our pro-

a full range in many products and can therefore

cesses further, which means effective processes,

provide even specialized materials quickly and

delivery reliability and fewer complaints for

flexibly on customer request: we currently have

our customers. Last but not least, our customers

approximately 30,000 different items in stock

also have the advantage of not having to main-

throughout Germany.

tain their own warehouses.

We have established long-term, trust-based

What we have to offer is perhaps clearest in the

relationships with our partners in the ware-

warehouse business: we are a service provider.

housing business and buy at fair market

We gladly pass our knowledge of market and

prices – an advantage that we pass on to our

product development on to our customers –

customers. Our branches and sales offices

because well-informed customers realise how


valuable we are to them.





enable us to provide our customers with the desired






In such cases, we naturally maintain our accustomed high quality standards. To this


“Business based on security and trust” Whether small lots of up to 50 kilograms or large batches weighing tonnes, in many cases, we deliver the goods straight to our customers using either vehicles from our own fleet or one of our reliable partners. We deliver daily and just in time – an achievement made possible by modern route and merchandise planning.

Central management, Europe-wide coverage

This means that we can even put orders

addition, because the companies within the

placed at short notice on the road within a few

SPAETER group operate all over Germany in a

hours. All processes are optimized to suit our

national network that is centrally co-ordinated,

customers as far as possible.

we are able to offer a high supply guarantee.

This applies to both local and European business.

Whatever the dimensions, our customers value

We are determined to be a reliable partner for our

the fact that every one of our branches

customers within both the regional and inter-

demonstrates the flexibility of a medium-sized

national contexts.

business. In this way, we combine the advantages

When it comes to third-party business, our strength lies in our independence from large manufactures. We choose our suppliers freely and can therefore transport large amounts ex works to customers all over Europe at any time. In

of a successful large business with those of a customer-focused medium-sized business – and this will remain the case in the future.



“To recognise the markets of the future and act accordingly – that is innovation.” Preproduction is a part of our growth strategy: we are able to process over a quarter of our products to suit the precise requirements of our customers. Our clients receive everything from one source and therefore have time to work on their core competences.

Variety, individuality and precision

Materials are prepared for further processing

standard procedures. Our quality is proven:

using a wide variety of techniques, and close

we provide all necessary material tests and

co-operation with other companies in the group

certifications in co-operation with independent

means that we can find a way to meet even the

testing laboratories.

trickiest of demands.

Our customers can have us precast and store

In our companies, decades of experience and

material – from roofing and panelling to

innovative technology go hand in hand: we use


the latest computer-controlled machinery to

Reliable and flexible, fast where necessary, and

process our steel, aluminium and plastics.

deliverable daily.

We have thus mastered almost all popular methods such as sawing, flame cutting, thread cutting, blasting and priming. Folding, long and cross-cutting, welding, grinding, brushing, coating and polishing are also available. Hotgalvanizing, punching and drilling are also






“Complementing one another where possible, and competing where necessary – a healthy mix” 16 branches throughout Germany and various sales offices, some in other European countries: companies within the SPAETER group are consistently available and reliable partners for their customers. After all, we see ourselves primarily as a medium-sized business.

Independent consultancy and on-site service

Each of our companies is an independently-

The fact that we are prepared to be innovative

run profit centre with its own identity. More

is a huge benefit to our customers, since we are

regionally oriented specialists for niche products

increasingly arriving at new, intelligent solutions

are as much a part of our world as companies

together with them. That is our understanding

that operate internationally and with high order

of service: keeping a close eye on the market and

volumes. Our variety is one of our strengths.

aiming at a profitable future.

We do not follow every trend that emerges yet, at the same time, we have invested an exceptional amount in technical progress in the last few years.


Hamburg Bremen

Berlin Hanover Bad Salzuflen Luckau Oberhausen

Dortmund Mülheim Hagen Krefeld Wuppertal


Leipzig Riesa

Kassel Körner



Karlsruhe Bietigheim-Bissingen Stuttgart




“We work for your success.” You are a professional and you expect professional co-operation at the highest possible level. No matter what part of Germany your company is located in, you do not have to go far to find us. We are always nearby and look forward to your enquiries – any time.

Specialists for your business



We are the parent company to all of the



legally independent SPAETER branches and

rolled steel, pipes and raw materials. Our

Main business

Trade in rolled steel, pipes and raw materials, aluminium and stainless steel ex-warehouse

warehouse business includes a large assortment

Sales/delivery region


of aluminium and stainless steel semi-finished



products as well as roofing and wall materials.

Storage space

10,000 m2

co-ordinate central import tasks for the group. In third-party business, we specialize in

Carl Spaeter GmbH Philosophenweg 17 D- 47051 Duisburg Tel      + 49 203 28180 Fax    + 49 203 27804 [email protected]

HAMBURG As one of the largest German suppliers for trade and industry in the north of the country, we value progressive technology and high economic efficiency. We inform our customers regularly about product development within the market by direct dialogue with them. Our numerous processing methods allow us to provide “steel made to order”.

Carl Spaeter GmbH Pinkertweg 7 D-22113 Hamburg Tel   + 49 40 733570 Fax  + 49 40 73357208 [email protected]


1905 as Hamburger Eisenhandlung, changed to Carl Spaeter GmbH in 1916

Main business

Sectional steel, flat products, stainless steel, pipes

Sales/delivery region

Hamburg, SchleswigHolstein, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Scandinavia



Storage space

42,000 m2

Number of items


Specialists for your business



As full-range traders in rolled steel and



pipes with a national orientation, we are

Main business

Steel wholesalers and processing

relationships with all of the major European

Sales/delivery region

Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxemburg, Belgium, Italy

steelworks. We are constantly expanding



our processes. These currently include flame

Storage space

28,000 m2

cutting, sawing, blasting and preservation.

Number of items


valued by our customers for our personal contact skills and excellent service, as well as our good

Carl Spaeter Südwest Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Fettweisstraße 16–18 D-76189 Karlsruhe Tel   + 49 721 57011 Fax  + 49 721 5701265 [email protected]

KASSEL We are one of the largest steel trading



companies in Germany and see ourselves

Part of the SPAETER group since 1908

Main business

Sectional steel trade, flat steel, pipes incl. pre-processing, stainless steel trade, aluminium, plastics

Sales/delivery region

Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland

External storage

Körner (plastic products)



Storage space

50,000 m2

Number of items


today as a service provider that also offers trendsetting technologies, primarily in the pre-processing area. Due to our prime location in the middle of Germany, with good transport connections, we are able to serve both retail customers and large processors. We also deliver to Eastern European markets.

F. Hackländer GmbH Holländische Straße 120 D-34127 Kassel Tel   + 49 561 98340 Fax  + 49 561 9834105 info@ Heerser Weg 2 D-32108 Bad Salzuflen Tel

  + 49 5222 92770

Im Schwabenfeld 7 D-34260 Kaufungen Tel

  + 49 561 98340

Specialists for your business



We offer our customers a comprehensive range of


steel products, aluminium and plastics. We are

1893 Part of the SPAETER group since 1920

Main business

Rolled steel products, pipes and plastics incl. pre-processing

particularly proud of our sophisticated logistics: both picking and route planning are computersupported. Speed and reliability are top priorities in our highly traditional company: we can thus also react quickly in emergencies.

von Aschenbach & Voss GmbH Dießemer Bruch 28–32 D- 47799 Krefeld Tel   + 49 2151 5490 Fax  + 49 2151 549185 [email protected]

Sales/delivery region North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France Employees


Storage space

36,400 m2

Oberhausen We have concentrated on European export and



our sought-after range includes rolled steel and pipes, as well as niche products for the

Main business

Rolled steel and pipes incl. pre-processing

steel industry, mechanical engineering and

Sales/delivery region

Germany and Europe

commercial vehicles. Diverse pre-processing




Storage space

46,000 m2

Number of items






The strongly international focus of our sales of section steel/H-beams, flat commodities (especially quarto plates) and hollow steel sections for construction has made us one of the most important warehouse retailers. First class technical advice in contracting rounds off our services.

Carl Spaeter GmbH Alleestraße 5–27 D- 46049 Oberhausen Tel   + 49 208 8220 Fax  + 49 208 822222 [email protected]

Specialists for your business

Bietigheim-Bissingen I Stuttgart I Germering


“Quality and competence“. Influenced by this



guiding idea, we have been offering our

Main business

Quality steel and stainless steel for construction, bright steel, precision steel pipes, aluminium and stainless steel incl. pre-processing

Sales/delivery region

Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria



Storage space

22,000 m2

Number of items


customers in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria a complete, exemplary warehouse selection in our operations in Stuttgart, Bietigheim-Bissingen and Germering






50 years, and on request can provide “made to measure“ items in our product areas of quality and alloyed steel, bright steel, precision steel pipes, stainless steel and aluminium. Committed expert advice and reliable delivery service rounds off our service profile.

Carl Spaeter Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

Manufacturing facilities Germering

Höpfigheimer Str. 10 D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen

(for aluminium and stainless steel in Bavaria)

Tel   + 49 7142 91010 Fax  + 49 7142 91011201 [email protected]

Burgweg 8 D-82110 Germering near Munich Tel   +49 89 8943320 Fax  +49 89 89433226 [email protected]

Wuppertal We are known all over Europe as, amongst



other things, specialists in flat commodities. We

Part of the SPAETER group since 1908

portfolio is thus primarily suited to end-users.

Main business

Rolled steel, pipes, bright steel, piston rods, aluminium, stainless steel and stainless steel services

We have a comprehensive steel rod and pipe

Sales/delivery region

Germany and Europe-wide




Storage space

28,000 m2

develop new products together with our customers and support our clients in changing over to new materials and applications. Our




Wuppertal-Barmen and Herdecke.

Peter Holzrichter GmbH Schönebecker Platz 11 D- 42283 Wuppertal Tel   + 49 202 5620 Fax  + 49 202 562278 [email protected]


Specialists for your business



As a long-term authorized dealer for BMW, we



specialize in the sale of BMW and Mini brand

Part of the SPAETER group since 1919

to the family because of the regional connection.


Sale of new cars (BMW and Mini), motorcycles (BMW) replacement parts and accessories

HANKO Kraftfahrzeughandel GmbH

Sales/delivery region

Koblenz region, Neuwied and Andernach, Rhineland-Palatinate



Sales space

6,000 m2 showroom space 1,250 m2 for parts and



Approx 100 new cars, 50 test cars, 10 test motorcycles and 500 used vehicles Approx. 5,000 parts and accessories

cars and motorcycles, as well as replacement parts and accessories. We have been part of the SPAETER group since 1919 and feel especially close

Moselring 27-29 D-56073 Koblenz Tel   + 49 261 40460 Fax  + 49 261 404639 [email protected]



We have the most comprehensive plastic range

We see ourselves as a hub in the north

in the group, and are thus able to reliably

of Germany, especially in the areas of

fulfil even very specific customer demands with

aluminium and stainless steel. We can also

products of the highest quality.

offer our customers a wide variety of possibilities



in pre-processing.

Main business

Rolled steel and pipes, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, plastics



Main business

Aluminium and stainless steel

Sales/delivery region

Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania



Sales/delivery region

Hamburg, Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hessen, MecklenburgWestern Pomerania, Saxony

Storage space

11,000 m2



Number of items


Storage space

8,000 m2

Number of items


Carl Spaeter GmbH Nobelstraße 33 D-12057 Berlin

Carl Spaeter Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

Tel   + 49 30 683930 Fax  + 49 30 68393199

Alter Damm 6 D-30419 Hannover [email protected]

Tel   + 49 511 674040 Fax  + 49 511 6740439 [email protected]

Specialists for your business



Our speciality is the regional aluminium

In addition to rolled steel and pipe sales, we have

and stainless steel trade. We maintain an

also specialised in the plastic trade, delivering



the latter, for example, to the chemical industry

customers, some of whom have been dealing with

or suppliers. We also produce small batches for

us for over three generations and who value this

our customers on request.

continuity just as much as we do.





Part of the SPAETER group since 1908

Part of the SPAETER group since 1980

Main business

Aluminium and stainless steel trade

Main business

Aluminium and stainless steel trade

Sales/delivery region

North Rhine-Westphalia

Sales/delivery region

Hessen, Rhineland- Palatinate, Bavaria and Thuringia

Additional sales office and warehouse






Storage space

15,000 m2

Storage space

3,500 m2

Number of items


Number of items





Passavant & Zickwolff GmbH

Mülheimer Stahl- und Kunststoffhandel GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Straße 1 D- 61184 Karben

Weseler Straße 41–45 Bornstraße 301 D- 45478 Mülheim - Ruhr D- 44145 Dortmund

Tel   + 49 6039 91230 Fax  + 49 6039 6443

Tel   + 49 208 304040 Tel   + 49 231 9810220 Fax   + 49 208 3040459 Fax   + 49 231 98102282 [email protected] [email protected]


Viernheim We specialise in the aluminium and stainless



steel trade and also have specialised pre-pro-

Main business

Aluminium semi-finished stainless steel products

plates, lead rods, roof and wall products

Sales/delivery region

Rhineland-Palatinate, southern Hessen, Baden-Württemberg, Saarland, Luxemburg, Alsace, Lorraine



Storage space

6,400 m2

Number of items


cessing methods in these areas at our disposal. Our range of around 3,000 items is strongly focused on the requirements of our customers in trade and industry. Through our office in Kappel-Grafenhausen we deliver just in time to customers in southern Baden and southern Alsace.

Carl Spaeter GmbH Max-Planck-Straße 21 D- 68519 Viernheim Tel   + 49 6204 96750 Fax  + 49 6204 79528 [email protected]

SALES OFFICES IN GERMANY AND EUROPE Competent contact persons are also available for you in five sales offices in Germany and in neighbouring countries. Our colleagues abroad are familiar with local conditions and can also help you to benefit from the advantages of the strong bonds within the SPAETER group.

Carl Spaeter GmbH, Duisburg

F. Hackländer GmbH, Kassel

Sales office, Leipzig

Sales office, Riesa

Bitterfelder Straße 7-9 D- 04129 Leipzig

Lommatzscherstr. 6 D- 01587 Riesa

Tel   + 49 341 908550  Fax  + 49 341 9085510


  + 49 3525 775880

Sales office, Netherlands

Carl Spaeter Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Hannover

De Scheper 312 NL-5688 HP Oirschot

Sales office, Bremen

Tel   + 31 499 578115  Fax  + 31 499 578316

Rodendamm 2 D-28816 Stuhr

Sales office, Austria

Tel   + 49 421 5697645  Fax  + 49 421 5697646

Schwefelbadstraße 2 A- 6845 Hohenems Tel   + 43 5576 42752  Fax  + 43 5576 427524 

Carl Spaeter GmbH, Berlin External storage

Carl Spaeter Eastern Europe Sp.z o.o.

Waltersdorfer Weg 5  D-15926 Luckau

Sales office, Poland

Tel  + 49 3544 556640  Fax + 49 3544 556650

ul. Pulaskiego 6 PI- 41-200 Sosnowiec Tel   + 32 266 51 06

Carl Spaeter GmbH, Viernheim Sales office, Southern Baden Gewerbestraße 16  D-77966 Kappel-Grafenhausen Tel   + 49 7822 446730  Fax   + 49 7822 446740 [email protected]

Carl Spaeter GmbH Philosophenweg 17 D-47051 Duisburg Tel      + 49 203 28180 Fax    + 49 203 27804

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Cert. no. QS-106HH We are quality assured and have been certified in wholesaling, including storage and processing, since 1993.