50th  Anniversary  of  Reunification:  Road  Map  of  Con‐   struction Projects in Buea, examines the face lift given to  the legendary town of B...
Author: Harriet Wilcox
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50th  Anniversary  of  Reunification:  Road  Map  of  Con‐


struction Projects in Buea, examines the face lift given to  the legendary town of Buea in prelude to the celebration  of  Cameroons  reunification.  In  Cameroon,  projects  are  given with no follow‐up and moreover, these do not get  to completion. This book is an analysis of all projects un‐ dertaken  to  transform  Buea  into  an  urban  centre.  It  pro‐ vides facts and figures with interviews from top govern‐ ment officials in the region. The authors find it normal to  inform  the  population  on  government’s  expenditure  in  the embellishment of the town of Legendary Hospitality.    



Nsonyi Amstrong, Gilles Yumo, Saahkem Nancy, Mafor Neh Daisy and Roger 


Kunyui Ngomenyui, are final year students in the department of Journalism and 


Mass Communication in the University of Buea.   This publication is a practical exercise for the course JMC 406; a final course in  book publishing reroute to getting a BSc. in Journalism and Mass Communication.   




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Arial View of Mt. Cameroon; platform for ecotourism 


SWR Governor at 2nd Evaluation  meeting  


Drive way: Reunification Guest House 






ouncil Building  

Preface____________________________________________________iii          Acknowledgement__________________________________________iv  Chapter  One:  Infrastructural  Development  in  Buea  in  Prelude  to  the  Cele‐ bration  of  the  Fiftieth  Anniversary  of  Cameroon’s  Reunification:  Projects,  Facts And Figures.  Introduction________________________________________________5  Road Construction__________________________________________6  Lodging___________________________________________________7  Official Grand Stand________________________________________8  Other Projects______________________________________________8    Chapter Two: Exclusive Interview with Southwest Regional Gover‐ nor: Bernard Okalia Bilai___________________________________9    Chapter Three: Interview with Regional Delegate for Housing and Urban  Development Oben Francis Essie, On Project Evaluation in Buea__11   New Buea Council Hall.______________________________________14 

Senator Mbella Moki 

Evaluation Meetings in Pictures_______________________________16 

Charles; erstwhile Mayor for 







New Buea Co


AT THE FOOT OF MOUNT CAMEROON:BUEA  Buea  is  the  capital  of  the  South  West  region  in  the  Republic  of  Cameroon  and  chief  town  of  the  Bakweri  people.  The  people  of  Cameroon  in  all  affection  call  Buea  the  town  of  LEGENDARY  HOSPITALITY.    Buea  is  located  at  the  foot  of  Mount  Cameroon  (4100metre  above  sea  level),  the  highest  peak  in  West  and  Central  Africa.    The  mount  Cameroon  biodiversity  project  is  an  initiative  by  government to make the area: an ecological hub for the promotion of ecotourism  in Buea. Mount Cameroon is a sports venue and a favorite picnic destination for  the town dwellers and nature lovers. The Mount Cameroon race of hope that is  run in February each year: Here athletes challenge the “chariot of gods” to win  cash, fame and keep the Olympic spirit.  Although  Buea  is  beautiful,  I  can  say  one  of  the  most  beautiful  towns  in  the  world, very few people know about its history. Buea as the host town to German  governors during the colonial period and the most preferred destination for Eu‐ ropean settlement in Cameroon. This was because of its cold climate that could  be compared to the temperate regions of the world. German and British colonial  administrators and settlers would attest to this claim.   Apart  from  the  mountain,  the  town  of  Buea  is  the  symbol  of  Cameroons  past  with colonial buildings still on‐sight. Also reunification infrastructures are seen  all over town.  The famous Reunification hotel is a must visit lodge for tourist.  So  many  other  hotels  are  located  in  Buea  capable  of  accommodating  as  many  visitors as possible in an atmosphere of legendary hospitality.   The celebration of the 50th anniversary of Cameroons reunification has brought  infrastructural  development  to  the  town.  The  local and  administrative authori‐ ties have taken advantage of his opportunity to transform the Buea town into an 

“This is an Edifice worthy of Buea.”

urban  “chef  lieu”.  The  budget  has  been  made  available  by  government  for  the  various projects: this book does a detailed evaluation of the various projects.      NSONYI AMSTRONG 


Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Buea. 




Q3-How much has been done on the various earmarked projects.


in  Buea,  is  a  detailed  report  and  analysis  on  the  various  projects 

Work is on   and according to DIDON CONSEIL SARL and SADEG the work is slow because the dateline has passed. The Federal quarterwest farm-GHS Bokwango and Governor’s office-Upper farm prison have been removed from the projects and old cinema hallBonalyonga-Wondong-council, Buea town-catholic church-ENAP have been added to the projects.

taking  place.  We  the  writers  of  this  academic  material  are  deeply 

Q4-What is the dateline for these projects to be completed?

endeared to the Lord Almighty for letting us go through the pub‐

The dateline has passed. It was for March ending where Chariot was at 45% and Arab at 33%.

lishing process.  

Q5-What was the budget for these projects?

Gratitude  to  the  administrative  authorities  in  the  South  West  re‐

Development does not come freely there must be a cost to see new infrastructure. Initially, the budget was nine billion FCFA (FCFA, but presently, the budget has risen to twelve billion FCFA ( FCFA in all since some work has been added.


50th  anniversary of  reunification:  road map  construction  projects 

gion; especially the Governor, Mr. Bernard Okalia Bilai: the region‐ al  delegate  for  urban  development,  Mr  Oben  Francis.    To  the  au‐ thorities  at  the  Buea  council  and  the  construction  managers  of   Chariot Construction Company and Arab Contractors: the military  construction  team at the independence square.  For your scholastic, moral and intellectual contribution in our aca‐ demic  stay  in  The  University  of  Buea,  Dr.  Julius  Che  Tita  and  Manka’a Tabuwe, our course instructors, we are thankful.   Nsonyi Amstrong  Gilles Yumo   Saahkem Nancy   Mafor Neh Daisy  Roger Kunyui Ngomenyui   iv 


Seven billion seven hundred and forty million seven hundred and thirty four thousand sixty three FCFA (FCFA 7.740.734.063) for ARAB CONTRACTORS CAMEROON and three billion six hundred and one million nine hundred and eighty five thousand seven hundred and thirty eight FCFA (FCFA 3,601.985.738) for CHARIOT COMPANY LTD. Q6- What have been the challenges in the accomplishments of these projects? You know you cannot commence work without signing the contract. Late signing of contract was a problem. The contract was signed in March which was expected to be the dateline even though work started in December. Also, the slow nature of payment of money has also been a major constraint to the contractors, but the work is going on. Finally, the work load has increased and therefore the dateline has to be extended. As a result of this, the contractors are asking for a four month extension so as to finish these projects but their request is still under consideration from the authorities. The work will continue even if the president comes and goes because nobody knows when he is coming.



ARAB CONSTRUCTION CAMEROON Mile 17  –Police roundabout – Prime minister’s lodge, Presidency to Bokwaongo, Regional delegation of Security- Governor’s officeGovernor’s residence-Court of appeal- BICCEC junction-court junction residence of the secretary general of the region, Kuve junction (formerly Tuborg junction)- Hospital-military camp-Razel street-main







Mountain Hotel 

road, Old cinema hall-Bonalyonga-Wondong-council, Buea towncatholic church-ENAP, Governor’s office- upper farm prison, Mile 18malingo junction, Bonduma-Bokwai, campaign street-WonyamongoBuea town, Federal quarter-west farm-GHS Bokwango and parking lots at the presidential residence in Bokwaongo-Buea.


The Head of State; H.E Paul Biya, in the next few months will be in the town of “Legendary Hospitality” to celebrate the “50th” anniversary of Cameroon’s reunification. This explains the reason for:

hammer hits, bulldozer noise,

squeezing movement of trucks, mushrooming structures

Parking lots, Police station roundabout-Legion gendarmeriegovernor’s office, Wonya Mongo-Buea town, government primary school(Small Soppo)- Moki garage(Great Soppo) and Affosi-Bokwai.

and the rehabilitation of new streets to give Buea a new face lift to commemorate the occasion in all solemnity. Arab constructions Cameroon and the Chariot Company Limited have employed over seven hundred men and women to set the pace for the metamorphosing through construction and rehabilitation of roads. Also, there are two state owned hotels: Buea Mountain Hotel and Parliamentarian Flats and a grand stand are under construction.

Chariot Company LTD in Action   



Road Construction

“The construction works will continue even if


  the president comes and goes because nobody

knows when he is coming” Interview: Regional Delegate for Housing and Urban   Development OBEN FRANCIS ESSIE, on Project evaluation  in Buea.  Q1- What are the various construction projects taking place in view of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Reunification of Cameroon in Buea?

Road Reconstruction in Buea  Buea is witnessing an improvement of its road network with major outlets and inlets being opened to ease circulation during celebrations of the reunification and to serve as better arteries for traffic flow in the future. The most remarkable roads under construction in Buea is the Afosi Bookshop-Bokwai-Muea road long of about seven kilometers, estimated to cost some FCFA 1,776,061,800. The contracting companies do have different levels of construction to do in Buea within firm datelines. According to Mr. Oman Christopher, manager of Chariot Company Limited: apart from infra mentioned projects, his company is charged with building the 450 metres Wonya Mungo-Buea town road. They are equally expected to give lift to the road from PoliceRoundabout-Legion Gendamerie to the Governor’s Office long of 350 metres: GS Small Soppo- Moki Garage Great Soppo (2200 metres) and parking lots of 49,038 square metres. The Arab Contractors on their part are at filling pot holes, covering gutters and paving sidewalks of 8.3km; from Mile 17- Police Roundabout- Prime Ministers Lodge Presidency Bokwaongo for the sum of FCFA 340,810,118. They also have roads like from the 6 


The regional delegation of the ministry of Housing and Urban Development is undergoing twelve (12) road construction projects, that is; main roads, potholes, gutters, removing the middle of the road, horizontal marking, zebra crossing and even the slabs. Q2-Which companies took the contract and how has the work been shared amongst the companies? ARAB CONTRACTORS CAMEROON and CHARIOT COMPANY LTD took the contract. The share of the work is done in accordance to the contracts signed by each of these companies. The projects touch almost all neighborhoods in Buea, for which the population is called upon to collaborate for the town to get a new face lift. These two companies are supervised by two different companies namely: Didon Conseils Sarl and SADEG for ARAB CONTRACTORS CAMEROON and CHARIOT COMPANY LTD respectively.


The construction of a new council building at the Clerk’s quarters   neighbourhood and a new grand stand at the Bongo Square area are infrastructures that are directly involved with the celebration. Buildings and monuments of historical and administrative functions are under renovation.

witnessed renovation on their internal road network. Q3 How is the population responding to the various construction projects in Buea and other parts of the south west region? The population is quiet positive to the construction projects this is because we shall be celebrating. It’s but normal because development brings about positive thinking, we have been in party mood since the nation turned to Buea for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of reunification. The infrastructures in the town of “Legendary Hospitality” must be of standard, which the population know and respect.

Certainly, do not forget the construction of a reunification monument and an open-air Amphitheatre. The water crisis always witnessed by persons in Buea will soon be a thing of the past. Two projects have been undertaken by the water distribution company CAMWATER and the management of this establishment has promised constant water supply in the nearest future.

At the moment Buea is under reconstruction, at first the main road in town was the stretch from Mile 17 to the Delegation for national security but today there are roads all over town liking the various neighbourhoods. It is normally been said that where a road passes development follows, that is why the people of Manyu happily received the news of construction works taking place on the Kumba-Mamfe road.

Q2. Apart from Buea it seems as though other parts the south west are benefiting from the infrastructural development. Can you outline projects out of Buea but linked to reunification? The projects extend to other parts of the south west region, but these projects all link to the capital (Buea) where the celebrations will take place. Works on the legendary KumbaMamfe road have taken-off and at a high speed. This is to make all the towns and chief localities of the region to be connected. Other areas like Limbe, Kumba, Ti k o and M u yuka: have

Equally persons who did not respect the norms of urban location were taken off the roads with no hitches. The population is just positive and so I will like to personally thank them for their collaboration.

Governor’s Office to the Court of Appeal stretching to 2.3km, the 1.9 km Kuve (former Tubourg) junction, to the Military Camp and Razel   main road. Works will also take place on road leading to the Mile 18 junction (1.3km): the 900 metres stretch from the Governor’s office to Upper Farms Prisons: the 1.5km road from Bonduma to Bokwai : 800 metres long road from Campaign Street to Winyamongo- Buea town: the Federal Quarters to West Farms and GHS Bokwaongo. There is the rehabilitation of the Mpondo- Mondoni-Miselele road long of 20km and is to cost some 250 million FCFA. Also, an estimated FCFA 400 million will be used for the renovation of the 10km road from Malingo junction to the Bulu Blind centre. SMAR constructions, another road construction company in charge of the FCFA 1.9 billion road from Mile Four in Limbe to Sasse in Buea: a distance of 20km. According to the regional delegate for urban development, Mr. Oben Francis, the middle elevator of the main boulevard from Mile 17 to Police Roundabout will be remove costing some FCFA 2 billion.

Lodging Two state hotels are undergoing refurbishment in Buea to serve as lodging facilities for visitors and dignitaries during the 50th anniversary celebration. These buildings with dazzling white colours are: the Mountain Hotel hosting 84 rooms while the Parliamentary Flat has 30 rooms. According the Regional Delegate for Tourism and Leisure, Mr. Peter Elangwe, these hotels come to add to the already existing once and those of neighboring towns like Tiko , Mutengene, Muyuka, Limbe and Kumba to assure over 2883 bedrooms to visitors.

Renovated Parliamentary Flat (L)  and  Mountain Hotel (R)  7 





“ Buea is under reconstruction and

the population is positive” EXCLUSIVE   INTERVIEW  With   Southwest   Regional   Governor 

Official Sitting Lodge 

Official Grand Stand The grand stand to sit the president of the republic , national and international personalities is sprouting at the usual ceremonial ground in Clerk’s quarters ( Bongo square). Engineered by the Military, the structure is of great attraction to the Buea town Dwellers. The construction is mostly done with iron bars and wood being the neatest one can find in the area.

Other projects There will be the construction of an open air amphi theatre and the reunification monument, to cost FCFA 350 million and FCFA 750 million respectively. Also, according to the Governor of the South West region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, there on going works to increase water supply in Buea and to electrify the main streets. The Buea council has completed the construction of the new building to house the council office at Clerk’s quarters.


Bernard Okalia Bilai  Buea: It is certainly no news

Q1. What new infrastructure should be expected in Buea as r e u n i f i c a t i o n c e l e b r a t i o n s approach?

to say that here are a lot of circulation problems in Buea due to lack of adequate roads especially in the peripheries.

The projects are of different dimensions, some seven to eight months ago, there were renovation and extension works began at the Mountain hotel and the Parliamentary Lodge . These government owned establishments are 95% to completion and await just the equipments for inner decoration. Then followed with the renovations of roads in

Looking at the high way with the two billion FCFA project to take-off the middle lane of the high way from Mile 17 to the Governor’s office. Apart from trying to open the quarters and periphery, there is equally the new entrance road to and from Limbe named “the tea road” to ease access into the town.