Restoring Health... Restoring Hope. annual report for fiscal year ending december 31, 2015

Restoring Health ... Restoring Hope annual report for fiscal year ending december 31, 2015 From the Board Chair Dear Friends, 2015 was an exciting y...
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Restoring Health ... Restoring Hope annual report for fiscal year ending december 31, 2015

From the Board Chair Dear Friends, 2015 was an exciting year for Rice Health Foundation (RHF) and I am honored to present this annual report to you. In August, we launched a $1.5M campaign to fund the pediatric portion of a new Rice Rehab Center, which will offer all therapies and rehabilitation services in one location. Expected completion is mid-July. In addition to funding building projects, RHF granted $1,193,615 for programs and services, advanced staff training and state-of-the-art technologies! is is my ninth and final year of service as a Trustee. It has been an honor to serve a community that has given me so much over nearly two decades. I am grateful to the dedicated Staff and Board who have taught me how to serve effectively. anks to all Trustees, past and present, for working to ensure RHF is run efficiently and donors' dollars are well spent. Also, thanks for their gis and leadership in raising funds for the numerous projects, programs and services. I have met so many wonderful, dedicated people who understand the mission of RHF - “to support the vitality and quality of care of Rice Memorial Hospital." I appreciate the many employees who gave generously to impact the lives of so many in and around our community! I am thankful for the enthusiastic volunteers who work hard on the annual gala and table setting fair, Foot Lake 4 walk/run, Red Hot Happy Hour, and help with administrative tasks. ank you to our friends and donors who give their time and gis. As one donor said, "It is important that quality health care remains accessible locally because it is essential for the future strength and success of the region." I truly believe in the work the Foundation is doing and that is why Chris and I have decided to leave a portion of our estate to continue the Foundation’s work and leave a legacy for years to come. Enjoy reading this report and ank You for your support!

Meet the Board 2015 – 2016 Board of Trustees Lara Duininck, Chair Dr. Amy Ellingson, Vice-Chair Jonathan Kreps, Treasurer Mick Quinn, Secretary John Christianson Roger Gauquie Dr. Patricia Hoe Kerry Johnson Mary Kjolsing Bradley Schmidt Mike Schramm, Rice CEO David Anfinson, Rice Hospital Board Representative Dr. Michael Gardner, Rice Hospital Board Representative Dr. Lachlan Smith, Rice Hospital Board Representative

Board Transitions In 2015, Connie Vanderbill Medin completed nine years of service on the Rice Health Foundation Board. Her many contributions included serving as Board Secretary and member of the Finance Committee. Connie previously provided leadership on the Rice Hospital Board of Directors. We are grateful for her service, financial support and ongoing commitment to advance healthcare in the region. Rice Health Foundation named two new members to the Board in 2015. Kerry Johnson is Vice President and Business Banking Manager at Wells Fargo Bank. Mary Kjolsing recently retired as Director of Behavioral Health at Rice Memorial Hospital. Welcome to the team!

our mission Through philanthropy, Rice Health Foundation supports the vitality and quality of care of Rice Memorial Hospital.


From the Executive Director ank you for another year of partnership and support to restore and promote the health and well-being of residents and communities of west central Minnesota. Support of Rice Health Foundation is a unique opportunity for your finite charitable dollars to go the furthest because Rice Memorial Hospital is the single largest healthcare facility in the area that touches every point along the socioeconomic spectrum. Rich or poor, young or old, rural or urban, healthy or ill – a vibrant hospital, with qualified staff providing expert care with compassion, is essential for everyone. 2015 was another successful year as we raised funds to make the new Rice Rehab Center a reality, finalized a 5-year strategic plan, launched a new planned giving website and strengthened our existing programs. ese accomplishments would not have been possible without you – our volunteers, donors, and Rice leaders. I am ever grateful to each of you, to the Hospital Board, Foundation Trustees and their families, for the leadership and commitment to the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve.

Financial Summary Statement of Financial Position

Dec. 31, 2015

Dec. 31, 2014

Current Assets Other Assets and Investments TOTAL ASSETS

$ 1,253,806 $ 7,463,735 $ 8,717,541

$ 688,937 $ 7,485,858 $ 8,174,795

Current Liabilities Net Assets TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS

$ 54,428 $ 8,663,113 $ 8,717,541

$ 27,107 $ 8,147,688 $ 8,174,795



$ 1,408,870 $ 368,636 $ 330,911 $ 62,078 $ 2,170,495

$ 597,480 $ 272,490 $ 288,111 $ 243,448 $ 1,401,529

$ 1,193,615 $ 237,609 $ 223,847 $ 1,655,071

$ 1,050,413 $ 218,281 $ 207,771 $ 1,476,465



Statement of Activities REVENUE Contributions Special Events Income In Kind support* Investments, dividends, interest TOTAL REVENUE EXPENSES Grant Releases Management/General Expenses Fundraising Expenses TOTAL EXPENSES CHANGE IN NET ASSETS



GRANTS - How funds were used in 2015 Total $ 1,193,615 Women & Children $31,162

Emergency / Ambulance Services $98,544 *Rice continues to cover all administrative and operating expenses for the Foundation so that 100% of funds raised are used for charitable purposes. Audited financials - copies of the audit and IRS Form 990 are available at the Foundation offices.

Behavioral Health $328,421

Other Programs & Service $75,476

Rice Care Center $427,961 Hospice $232,051


Catch the Vision ... Plan a Gift

My wife Marilynn and I are proud of Rice Memorial Hospital and Rice Health Foundation. We appreciate the outstanding care the Hospital provides with specialists, as well as family practitioners. This care is not just for the people in Willmar but for a large area in southwest Minnesota, all the way to the South Dakota border. Rice Health Foundation helps provide for Rice Memorial Hospital what regular funding is not able to do—some "niceties," but also some very necessary materials for Hospice, mental health, ER, dialysis, etc. This will be more and more necessary in future years as funding is squeezed down.

Live a Purposeful Life, Leave a Meaningful Legacy! You may have already taken the initiative to create a will, set aside money for retirement and taken care of family through a life insurance policy. Consider going one step further by using these tools to deepen your relationship with us. Include Rice Health Foundation in your will or living trust. is is a simple way to offer future support. You can leave a specific asset, a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the residue of your estate.

I served on the Foundation Board for nine years, including three as Chair, and I know that the Foundation has outstanding leadership in Shirley Carter, Jean Raatz, and the Board. They all have a sense of vision to carry this work into the future for tomorrow's children and grandchildren.

Name Rice Health Foundation as beneficiary of your retirement account. is will save any other recipient (other than your spouse) from income or estate tax that may sometimes consume more than half of your gi.

This is the reason we have included Rice Health Foundation as a beneficiary in our estate plan. It is important to continue into the future this Tradition of Caring.”

Leave Rice Health Foundation all or portion of your life insurance. Oen overlooked as a gi option, this is an easy and flexible way to make an impact. You can name Rice Health Foundation as beneficiary of your existing life insurance policy’s death benefit.

Dr. James and Marilynn Tiede

Many people like to leave a gi to charity in their will, because they care about the causes that are important in their lives. Please contact us for information to help you determine the best way to support Rice.

Visit our planned giving website:


Tradition of Caring Award Rice Visionary Society We are grateful to those listed below who made the commitment to become members of the Rice Visionary Society: Frances and Gordon Anderson* Viola Anderson * Anonymous Lyle & Betty Berglund Marion Blomquist * Marlys Bunde * Hermena Carley * Duaine Cobb * Lara and Chris Duininck + Steven and Barbara Ellingboe Marvin Englund * Lulu Erickson * Christine Foss * Elizabeth Goedert * Alvin T. Hans * Maynard Haroldson * Ruth Hauck * Arlys Heinecke * Orlyn Huse * Harold L. Johnson*

Merlyn C. Kerstein* Lawrence and Paulette Massa Dr. Don and Marlys Mattson * Dorothy Timm Meili Lily Ann Moe * Dennis W. Olson * Marvin Otto * Lorraine Patton * David and Christa Rivers Harwin Rudeen * Don Schneider Family Vivian Sederstrom* Marjorie Simenstad * Roger and Kay Strand Charitable Lead Unitrust Evelyn Strobbe * Dr. James and Marilynn Tiede +

Ken and Alix Behm were recognized with the Tradition of Caring Award at the annual Donor Recognition event on April 23, 2015. ey were acknowledged for their gis of support, service and strong, quiet, leadership. Ken dedicated six years of service to the Rice Hospital Board of Directors, from 1998 to 2003. Alix helped advance Rice Health Foundation during her seven years on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Both were instrumental in planning the fundraising campaign to redevelop Rice Care Center. Ken and Alix have a mutual love for Willmar and west central Minnesota. ey feel it is important that Rice Memorial Hospital continues to provide quality health care services for the region.


Jeanette Zimmer *

2014 Dr. Lachlan Smith

2010 Kathy Nedrelow

* Deceased

2013 Margaret Negen

2009 George Couleur

+ New in 2015

2011 Dr. James Tiede


Spotlight on Supporters Retired Employee Donors Bev Schafer and Barb Piasecki were career nurses, and Evy Hatjistilianos was the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator at Rice Memorial Hospital. All three have generously supported programs and services at Rice, first as employees, and now in retirement. Bev retired in 2007 as the Director of Hemodialysis, aer almost 40 years. Shortly aer starting at Rice, she was asked to help with dialysis so the second patient could be added. She saw enormous changes during her four decades. Changes include transitioning from a selection committee responsible for deciding which patient could receive dialysis treatment on a single machine for 14 hours a day, to a technologically advanced 13-station unit capable of dialyzing each patient in approximately four hours. Barb retired in 2010 aer 36 years at Rice. In 1974, she began her Rice career as an Intensive Care nurse. She became a Nursing Supervisor and served in that capacity for 20 years. Barb also served as the Infection Control Nurse and worked part-time in the Emergency Room. Although major concerns about infection control have increased, Barb’s coaching on hand hygiene (good handwashing) remains unchanged today. Evy facilitated the work of Hospice volunteers for almost 20 years, until her retirement in 2012. She had many highlights throughout her career, including nominating and having one of her volunteers win national recognition as Volunteer of the Year. She is most proud of her work developing the Canine Care for the Journey, therapy dog program. is program has brought delight and unconditional love to patients of all ages and diagnoses, by simply “being there” in time of need. ese retirees supported Rice with their talents, as dedicated healthcare professionals, and with their gis to Rice Health Foundation. eir shared passion for keeping quality health care in our community has stayed strong into retirement with their continued financial support.


Rice Health Foundation is involved in many patient and staff focused projects. They are always open and receptive to suggestions from patients, community and staff—always with the goal of improving patient care whether it is equipment or education. The value of the chosen projects, with patient care as the main focus makes it especially appealing to support as a current or former employee.”

Bev Schafer

Rice has always been mindful of the advances being made in technology and the services that are important to the community. The Foundation has been instrumental in helping to provide these services, equipment and facilities. That can be seen with the placement of AEDs [automatic external defibrillators] in the community and chest compression devices in the ambulances, as well as the facility updates and addition of services at Rice Care Center."

Barb Piasecki

For almost 25 years, I have believed in and have been financially supportive of the mission of Rice Hospice. From early on, the image of Rice Hospice as a “hug with many arms” has been in my heart – the team work of patients and families as they face a terminal illness. My belief in Rice Hospice was only deepened as the program cared for both of my parents as they faced terminal diagnoses and chose to die with the care of Rice Hospice.”

Evy Hatjistilianos

Employee Giving

Grateful Patients

Rice employees are first rate! ey work as a team, both on the front lines and behind the scenes, to provide the best possible patient experience. In addition to their dedication to the work they do, employees help provide for the future of Rice by supporting the Employee Campaign each year.

At Rice Memorial Hospital, exceptional healthcare and compassion go hand in hand. Our patients express their gratitude for receiving excellent care in a variety of ways – through their kind words, smiles, letters of thanks and financial contributions.

2015 marked the final year of a three year Employee Campaign for Rice Care Center. Employees generously contributed almost $300,000 over three years, further demonstrating their commitment to quality care.

Many patients and their families contribute financially to benefit Rice Hospital and show their appreciation. e Grateful Patient Program provides an opportunity to recognize the care you or a loved one receive. A patient may honor staff, a physician, an area of care, or a clinical program while making a tangible, meaningful impact on our ability to continue that care for others.


Your Gifts Make a Difference Behavioral Health Expansion e Rice Inpatient Behavioral Health expansion project was completed in 2015. is project increased the number of inpatient beds from eight to twelve, adding much needed capacity to mental health care in the region. Rice Health Foundation raised $328,421 for the expansion, from special events, gis and grants. ese funds were used for enhancing therapy services and increasing suicide prevention measures. Enhanced therapy services include expanding the exercise facility and remodeling the group therapy room. e entire unit was upgraded with the latest patient safety measures, including special sloping door panels and cordless behavioral health beds. e goal was to give patients a better experience while hospitalized and lower their risk of self-harm. “It’s a very fine line between creating an environment that’s safe yet comfortable and home-like. We have achieved that balance.” Mary Kjolsing, former Director of Behavioral Health Services


Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a cognitive therapy intervention used in many psychiatric settings to help patients maintain their mental health and well-being. Rice was able to implement this program with Behavioral Health inpatients in 2013, because of the generous support from Barb and Steve Ellingboe. (Pictured below) WRAP allows patients to develop their own personal plan for self-management after discharge. The selfmanagement intervention is proving to reduce psychiatric symptoms, increase hopefulness and improve quality of life. The plan helps patients notice when things are off balance in their lives, coordinate effective ways to get back to feeling better, and identify someone who can assist and support them. WRAP is used in addition to traditional treatments for mental illness.

Telestroke Services Approximately 50 patients with stroke-like symptoms have already benefitted from Telestroke, a new telemedicine service in the Emergency Room. e technology helps diagnose and treat certain types of strokes with more precision at Rice Hospital. Implementing the telestroke program was among the hospital’s care improvement goals for 2015, and with generous support from the community, it became a reality in March, 2015. Telestroke uses video conferencing technology to bring specialty stroke services to Rice. Stroke neurologists, from CentraCare Hospital, evaluate patients in the Emergency Room through special video conferencing tools. e patient, the Emergency Room doctor and the consulting neurologist can communicate in real time, at the bedside. Stroke neurologists have advanced training in stroke care, and are able to make diagnostic and treatment recommendations, to ensure the best and most timely care to patients. Prompt neurological evaluation increases the possibility that the patient may receive treatment in time to reduce disability and death resulting from a stroke. e Emergency Room at Rice Memorial Hospital sees over 100 patients each year who present with stroke symptoms. With the addition of long-distance neurology consultation made possible by telemedicine technology, many more patients are able to remain hospitalized at Rice instead of being transferred elsewhere. Before the telemedicine program was introduced, most stroke patients were transferred out of town. “The goal is to do the right thing for the patient right now and keep the patient in the community.” Dr. Ken Flowe, Chief Medical Officer


Impacting Lives ... Working Together In 2015, Rice Health Foundation provided $1,193,615 to Rice Memorial Hospital to support a variety of programs and services, as well as continuing education, advancing technology and capital equipment. This support is possible because of your donations to Rice Health Foundation designated funds and endowments. Your generosity supports the vitality and quality of care of Rice Memorial Hospital, while improving the health and well-being of the people in west central Minnesota. The Rice Health Foundation Endowment was established to provide a stable and consistent source of funds to help meet the changing needs in healthcare. Grants from the Foundation Endowment and other donor-advised and designated-purpose endowments accounted for more than $211,000 in support to the Hospital in 2015. Some of the endowment grants awarded are highlighted here. Certified Nursing Assistant Program Rice Memorial Hospital and Rice Health Foundation have partnered with Ridgewater College and Willmar Public Schools, to fund a 3-credit Nursing Assistant course at Willmar High School. Students will meet high school graduation requirements while also receiving three college credits via the Minnesota PostSecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program. Graduates of the class will be eligible to take the State of Minnesota exam to become Certified Nursing Assistants.

Antimicrobial Stewardship e Department of Health & Human Services continues to encourage healthcare facilities to have a viable Antimicrobial Stewardship Program to combat resistance and infectious diseases appropriately. Funding provided advanced education needed to expand and maintain the knowledge of antimicrobial stewardship in the hospital pharmacy for patients at Rice.


Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse Certification Increasingly complex patient care needs are best met when registered nurses, certified in specialty practice, provide nursing care. e Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse credential is the highest standard of practice for nursing professionals, demonstrating a commitment to safe, evidence-based, holistic care which results in desired patient outcomes. Foundation support was granted for eight nurses to achieve Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse credentialing.

Hemodialysis Monitors e Rice Dialysis Unit provides onsite hemodialysis to an average of 50 patients per month, with each patient dialyzing 3 – 4 times every week. Crit-Line Monitors, purchased with a Foundation grant, provide real-time monitoring of each patient’s status allowing nurses to provide optimal care, which improves patient outcomes and quality of life.

Nurse Preceptor Program e Preceptor Program is a part of an extensive nursing orientation at Rice Memorial Hospital. Once a new nurse completes basic orientation, he or she is paired with a trained Preceptor Nurse who will walk them through a detailed orientation on the nursing unit. e Preceptor guides the new nurse through the first several weeks of work in a complex and technical environment. Training experienced nurses to become Preceptors is vital to maintaining competent nurses at Rice. Preceptor Nurses voluntarily train for and fulfill this leadership role in the spirit of promoting the nursing profession.

Communication Boards To increase patient engagement and staff communication, a grant provided new dry-erase boards in 40 Adult Health Care and Intensive Care patient rooms. Caregivers from many departments are actively involved in each patient’s plan of care. ey utilize the communication boards to share information with patients, families and staff. ese boards improve communication between all members of the multi-disciplinary care team.

Ambulance Equipment Every year in the United States, more than 1.25 million people suffer cardiac emergencies that result in death or loss of partial heart function. In 2015, Willmar Ambulance Services responded to 46 calls for people in cardiac arrest. When it comes to heart attacks, speedy treatment is crucial. Defibrillators are lifesaving equipment ambulance crew members use to transmit cardiac patients’ data to emergency physicians for assessment while patients are being transported to the hospital. Grant funds purchased two defibrillators for the Willmar Ambulance Service. is allows physicians to monitor patients in real time and determine the appropriate interventions to save lives. Willmar Ambulance Service covers a 136 mile service area around Willmar, and responds to all cardiac calls throughout Kandiyohi County.

Emergency and Critical Care Service Staff Education Foundation grant dollars were awarded to provide continuing online education for all Critical Care and Emergency Services staff at Rice. Nurses also attended Emergency Nurses Association and American Association of Critical Care Nurses Conferences. Attendees brought back knowledge to enhance processes related to trauma care for patients of all ages that reflect best practices and latest research.


Rice Rehabilitation Center Campaign Up for the Challenge

Construction of Rice Memorial Hospital’s new Rice Rehabilitation Center began September, 2015. e new state-of-the-art facility is on Trott Avenue, connected by tunnel to the hospital complex. e goal of the project is to meet the regional demand for pediatric and adult rehabilitation services, which has grown steadily at Rice over the past several years. To accommodate the growth, Rice Rehab expanded its operations several times, and is currently housed in five separate locations. Outpatient therapy services began at Rice in 1987, with the introduction of a pilot program for cardiovascular health and rehabilitation services. Rice Rehabilitation Center opened in 1999 and has grown to offer a variety of outpatient therapy and rehabilitation services, including cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, certified hand therapy, driving and wheelchair assessments, ImPACT concussion management, pediatric therapies, swallow evaluations, and strategic orthopedics for head, neck, and back pain. Rice Rehabilitation Center at Rice Memorial Hospital offers the best, most comprehensive rehab therapy services in West Central Minnesota, serving clients from 38 counties in Minnesota. e majority of patients come from Kandiyohi, Chippewa, Renville and Swi counties. Other patients hail from Big Stone, Pope, Lac qui Parle, Redwood, Meeker, Stearns, Lyon and Yellow Medicine counties.

Staff from Rice Rehabilitation Center were on site to witness the demolition of the Jade Center building, and to commemorate the official groundbreaking for the new facility.


With the ground-breaking in August 2015, Rice Health Foundation launched the “Restoring health. Restoring hope.” capital campaign to provide funding for the brand new facility. e campaign aims to raise $1.5 million for the pediatric wing of the new Rehabilitation Center. An anonymous local couple pledged a $500,000 matching gi toward the campaign if $500,000 was raised from the community by November 30, 2015. at challenge was met, leapfrogging the campaign to the $1 million mark. With less than $250,000 le to raise, Rice Health Foundation is sure to reach the $1.5 million campaign goal by the time the doors open in Summer, 2016. e new 10,800 square foot Rice Rehabilitation Center will bring all programs and services under one roof, providing convenient access for patients, visitors, and providers. It will include two gyms (one for adults and one for children), locker rooms, showers, and a 4-person, variable-depth pool with an adjustable floor for easy access.

Holiday Festival

Save the Date .....

Rice Health Foundation’s signature event, the Gala Dinner & Auction was a record-breaking success in 2015, with net proceeds exceeding $300,000 to fund the Pediatric wing of the new Rice Rehabilitation Center. e Disco Ball theme was complete with dancing to the popular tunes of the late 70s. Guests at the sold out event enjoyed a gourmet meal, and had the chance to bid on great silent and live auction items and experiences. e Silent Auction went high tech with mobile bidding. ree year old Addison Doyle, the cute smiling face behind the “Restoring health. Restoring hope.” campaign attended the Gala with her parents, Marci and Tom Doyle and grandmothers, Vicki Reishus and Pam Doyle. Marci shared their family’s story aer Addison was diagnosed with spina bifida. She thanked the therapists at Rice Rehab for their support and commitment to helping Addison get stronger and improve her daily living skills. e “Fund a Need” portion of the Live Auction was earmarked to help build an Outdoor erapy Park for the new Rice Rehabilitation Center. Physical erapists’ Jenny Iverson and Nikki Hjelden shared the need for an outdoor therapy space, and how outdoor therapy benefits patients of all ages. All gis pledged were matched by the Pierce Family Foundation. With the Pierce’s matching gi, the total raised was almost $150,000! We extend our gratitude to the generous individuals and organizations who support this fundraising event every year. ank you to our many dedicated volunteers, for committing their time, talents, and treasures to create another wonderful community experience. Find more pictures from the events at Special thanks to “Today’s Builders” major gift sponsors for their leadership and vision. Anonymous Chappell Central, Inc. Jonathan and Leah Kreps Ken and Alix Behm Lara and Chris Duininck Pierce Family Foundation During the Holiday Luncheon and Table Setting Fair on Saturday, table setters, musicians, vendors, guests, and volunteers joined together, enjoying beautiful tablescapes, connecting with friends, and starting their holiday shopping.

November 11 & 12, 2016

2015 Event Committee Committee Support Sandra Gardner Data Management Linda Switzer Entertainment Sandy Roelofs, Rayette Schramm, Wendy Ulferts Friends Dayling Munoz Blanco, Sue Olson, Barb Ellingboe Food Mary Ellen Zachman, Cathy Bays Hosting Barb Swenson, Karla Tinklenberg Live Auction Stacy Donelan, Sandy Schow, Lori Speer, Sue Olson, Dana Olson Publicity Joy Baker, Brittney Odens, Cathy Bays Silent Auction Lara Duininck, Chloe Quinn, Jan Cole, Rochelle Orsten, Amy Ellingson, Ruth Gauquie Table Settings Candy Smith, Audrey Nelsen, Lynn Stier, Heather McCarthy, Kim Cloutier Theme & Decorating Jean Geselius, Judy Treptau, Dayling Munoz Blanco, Mary Kjolsing, Petra Huisinga, Sophia Mera Marin, Gretchen Otness


Highlights and Happenings Willmar elementary teacher, Amanda Pehrson, relied on Rice Rehabilitation Center for assistance in recovering from a stroke at age 31. She shared her inspirational story with guests at the 2015 Donor Recognition Dinner. Amanda is pictured here with her husband Erik.

e Cancer Care Fund continues to grow through donations, as well as special fundraising events hosted by others throughout the community. Runnings of Willmar held their annual Ladies Night Event in October to help "Give Cancer the Boot!" e event was a huge success -raising $1000 for local cancer care! We are very grateful for events that support local cancer services, and want to especially thank the employees of Runnings, Tri4Evr Running Club members, Rambow employees, and the Willmar High School volleyball team!

Red Hot Happy Hour, sponsored by Rice Memorial Hospital and Rice Health Foundation, is a community event that celebrates heart health.


Foot Lake 4 is an event for the whole family. 713 walkers and runners participated in June. With the help of generous sponsors, over $19,600 was raised to advance community health and wellness initiatives.

Volunteers make the difference for Rice Health Foundation. Between Board Trustees, special event committee volunteers, and office support, Rice Health Foundation volunteers logged over 1,000 hours to support the Foundation’s mission. Pictured is Caryn Behr working on the Employee Campaign.

Canine Care for the Journey is a Rice Hospice pet therapy program which provides comfort, support and animal companionship to hospice patients and their families. erapy dog visits may reduce loneliness, offer entertainment and distraction, and are oen a welcome change from routine. erapy dog training is open to the general public. Anyone interested in joining the pet therapy program is encouraged to contact Rice Hospice at 320.231.4450. From left to right: Brittney Oden with Maggie, Happy the Clown, and Joyce Hoffer with Molly

In Memoriam Gis given in memory of your loved ones have a positive and continuing impact by providing comfort and enhanced care to patients and families in their times of greatest need. We are honored that the family and friends of the following people made gis to a Rice Health Foundation fund or endowment in their memory. Merna Aalderks Ruth Aalfs James Aasland Inez C. Abrahamson Silda Adams Marjorie Albin Delbert A. Allinder Marlys Alm Joseph Altrich Herbert Amundson Velma Amundson Jerome A. Anderson Allen Anderson Augusto Anderson Bernice E. Anderson Boyd Anderson Elaine Anderson Gladys Anderson Kenneth M. Anderson Linda Anderson Mable E. Anderson Marie A. Anderson Philip J. Anderson Riley Anderson Verne D. Anderson Lorraine Andert Buck Anspach Dale Anspach John E. Arndt Mary Jane Arner Audrey A. Arneson Alice J. Asche Adeline Ashling Charles Askegard Wilber J. Athey Carl Aus Leigh Aus Viola Ausherman Robert Bagaus Donavon Baker Harold H. Baker John Baker Vicki L. Baker

Rebecca A. Baker-Coulter Ole and Helene Bakken James R. Ballard LuVerne J. Bangsund Doris Barksdale Gerald Barney Michael Barrile Evangelin Bass Jeanette M. Bast Roland Bauer Marcela Bauman Kathy Beavers Gladys A. Beck Luella D. Behm Phyllis Bell Karin Bender George Bennett Chet and Alma Benson Cody Berg Delores Berg Irene L. Berg Jeff Berg Margo Berg Victor R. Berg Roger Bergeson Leonard and Myrtle Berglund Judy Bergman Kaye Bergo Janice Bergquist Alice Beske Beatrice E. Beyer Dagny Beyer Sherry Bishop Janet Bjorge John R. Bjorge Debra Bjornberg Patty Blair James E. Bloch Steven Bloch Bernice Block Wayne Block Alvin Blom

Tom Blomquist Linda Boehme Laura Boesche Doris Bohn Dorothy Boike Etta Boike Merlin Boike Margie Bomstad Elizabeth F. Bonham Lisa Bonnema-King Janna Borchardt Walter Bornhorst Philip J. Borstad Norman D. Bosch Alice Bottcher Joy I. Bourne Helen Braband Stanley Bradley Mel Brandenberg Jon C. Bratberg Carol Brecke Darrell E. Brecke Ray Brede Elta Broers James A. Brouwer Robert Brouwer Ruth Brown Evelyn A. Bruess Margaret Bruggers Orville Brustuen Linda E. Buckingham Allen Buckner Christena Buckner Glenita M. Buckner Karen Bueng Daniel Buerskin Elizabeth L. Buesing Dorothy Bulthuis Dean Burgess Sheri Buss Carolyn Cain Charles Cain Donald J. Cain

Leo "Dud" Cain Richard Cain Nodra Call Ronald W. Call Ethel Carlson Fern J. Carlson Lucille J. Carlson Steven Carlson Paul and Pat Carpenter Lucille Carter George Caspers Ruth Cazer Vincent Chalupnik Melvin Chapman Dolores Christensen Milo A. Christensen Arden Christiansen Barry G. Christianson Catherine Christie Kevin L. Clough Ordell L. Cole James B. Collier Ross Collier Gary Collins Jay Collins Lucille V. Corneil John M. Coughlin Marie Coulter Michael Coy Jim Critchfield Lexy Croom Wilton Croonquist Milford and Dorothy Crosby Bernard Cruser Robert S. Crute Rossie Crute Leona M. Cruze Rosemary Dahl Myrna J. Dahlberg Eileen G. Dale Eugene Dallmann Russell Dandurand Madelyn Danielson

Craig Davis Mary C. Davis Meghan DeBruycker Carol L. deCathelineau Hilda DeGroot Annie DeGrote Mae DeGrote Norman Dehne Rita Deleski Scott DeLong Archie DeTienne Janet Dignon Lawrence Dilley Mable Dilley Walter L. Dilley Roger Dingman Renee Dobransky James Dolen Morris Doty Phyllis DuHoux Cora Duininck Henry and Cora Duininck Renee E. Duke Clara E. Dunlavy Nathan Dunlop Helen Dunn Jim Dvorak Marian L. Dvorak Elwin Easton Jerome Eckhoff Inez A. Eddy Gaile Edman James L. Edman Scott M. Edman Howard Edwardson Odell Edwardson Carl Ehrenberg Emmergene Ehrenberg Agnes Eickhoff Boniface Eickhoff Loren Eickhoff Elmond Ekblad Jeffrey W. Eklund

Esther M. Ellefson Peggy Ellingson Arlene M. Engel Betty Engelby Carlos Engelby H. Robert Engle Carl W. Engstrom Vernon Enke Donald Enstad Obert Enstad Tom Enstad Arvid Erickson Debra Erickson Eugene Erickson Gail V. Erickson Glorraine Erickson Janet B. Erickson Margit O. Erickson Patricia Erickson Val Gene Erickson Clara Erpelding Rita Escher Ethelyn Estrin Gerald H. Fahl Ginny Faiman Ralph Fanelli Harlan Farmen Catherine Feldman Lorraine G. Felton Alice Ferguson Patricia Fier Scott Finden Joyce Finstrom Donald Fischer LeRoy Fischer Clarice V. Fjerkenstad Clayton Flattum Dorothy Flattum Merlyn Flickinger Donald Flower Trudy Flowers Henry W. Fokken Jay Robert Foley

Kevin J. Foley Darwin Forkrud Calvin Forstrom David Frank Susie Frank Phyllis J. Fredlund Leone Fredrick Lois Fredrickson Joe Freese George Fuchs Jeanette Fuchs Cindy Fugleberg Kelly S. Fuhrman Michelle Hofteig Furnstahl William Gades Roger Gafkjen Earl Garberich Betty Ann Gardner Raymond J. Gardner Daniel J. Geheren Mary K. Geihl Kenneth Geislinger Cameron Genskow Edna Georgius Virgil Gerber Arlene Gerdes Gerald R. Giese Joe Gieselman Florence E. Gilbertson Francis Gillis Charlotte E. Gilsrud Wanda Gjerde Stanley Glimsdal Bernice Gloege William Gmiterko Donna M. Gode Thomas Goeman Larry Goldbeck Ray Golden Jim Gosson Dean W. Govig Barbara Lee Graham Eric Grahn

William D. Grant Maxine Gravley George Green Helmer Grinager Vivian Grinager Sheryl Grindy Gerald Groen LaDonna Groen Gordon Gronli Geraldine M. Groothuis Marjorie Groothuis Eldon Grosse Paul Grothe Mildred Grove Wilhelmine Grove Michael Grund Rena Grussing Mildred Gullickson Donna M. Gustafson Duane Gustafson Lowell Gustafson Robert L. Gustafson Jean Gutzwiller Harlan Haakenson Betty L. Haats Muriel Haats Donald Haen Delores A. Hagemeyer David G. Hagen Rosemary Haines Corrine Hallaway Robert E. Halls James A. Halsey John Halvorson Ruby L. Halvorson Blaine Hamann Dale W. Hamann Elfrieda Hamann Lois Hamann Juliet E. Hamm Verna M. Hanlon Arlene Hanly Lyla Hansen


Front row: Sheila Scarrella, Helen Olson (Mom); Back row: Jim Olson, Doug Olson, Michelle Fostervold, Bruce Olson.

Hospice provided many services with compassion and care for our mother, Helen, as she went through the stages of her illness until her journey to heaven. Helen had been under Hospice care for 10 months when she was 'kicked out' because her health had improved. When her health declined, she was 'welcomed back' by her original Hospice team for her remaining three weeks. Mom's team consisted of her nurse, who provided the best medical care while holding her hand and giving her a smile; her social worker provided support to Mom and her family; her musical therapist gave spiritual comfort through her music and stories; her physical therapist massaged her tired and achy body; her volunteers were with her when family caregivers couldn't be; and the 24 hour phone service was available when family had care questions in the middle of the night. We couldn't have cared for Mom in her home without the Hospice team. We are eternally grateful for Rice Hospice!” Sheila Scarrella

Carol Hanson Clayton Hanson Clifford Hanson Dallas Hanson Derald Hanson Doris Hanson Duby Hanson Lizzie Hanson Reuben Hanson Rodney L. Hanson Virginia Hanson Lilas Harbarth Dale W. Hardy Helen Hargrave Keiran Harguth Marie Harguth Wayne Harguth


Lawrence Harms Glen W. Haroldson Keith Harris Fotini Hatjistilianos Spiro Hatjistilianos Arnold Haugen Doris M. Haugen Hawes Family Susan Hawes Helen L. Hawkinson Catherine A. Hay James Hayes David Hebrink Marjorie A. Hebrink Gayle Hedge Suzanne Hedtke Bertha M. Hegreberg

Royal Heinrich Bernetta Heitkamp Robert W. Heitke Carol Helsper Scott Hempel Doug Hendrickson William and Anna Henkelman Ursula Hennen Bob Henry Margaret Hering Irene Hertling Ralph Herz Michael Hess Harvey Hilden Lorraine Himango Marvin Himango

Lyle E. Himley Marion Himley Dorothy Hislop Ralph Hixon Verdna A. Hjelle Harvey Hoffman Richard C. Hoglund Leslie Hoiseth John Holland Lowell L. Holm Donnabelle Holmin Diane Holum Beatrice Homan Theresa Honebrink Katy Horton Darlyne Houdek Richard J. Houdek

Alice Howland Vernon Huebsch Jim Hufford Gene Hughes Helen Hughes Alice Huisinga Masil Hulse Lowell Hultgren Fred Hunt Yvonne Hunter Myron Hustad Katherine Hutchison Gene Huth Bert Hyatt Helmer Ike Jim Illies Kenny & Emma Ims Berdelle Ingeman Janice I. Iverson Mary K. Iverson Rosemary Iverson Theresa Iverson Duane Jacobson LeRoy Jacobson Boyd Jaeger Donald Jaeger Lester Jakel Harold and Lorene Janke Leona Janke Mildred Janke Richard Janke James Jaspersen Kenneth L. Jensen Mary Jensen Connie Jerabek Jerry Jerdee Cynthia Jerve Harland Jeseritz Avryl H. Johnson Bill Johnson David Johnson David C. Johnson Deann K. Johnson Eleanor Johnson Gary Johnson Hazel D. Johnson James Johnson LaDonna Johnson Marlys E. Johnson Martha M. Johnson Paul D. Johnson Phemie Johnson

Richard G. Johnson Roy Johnson Russell D. Johnson Susie J. Johnson Wayne R. Johnson Charles W. Jones Norman R. Jones Einar Jorgensen Esther Jorgenson Raymond Jorgenson Della Just James Kaercher Marlene Kakaliouras Lila M. Kallevig Antonia Karels Margaret Karels Richard Kashmark Deanne Kavanagh Bruce L. Kehrer-Schneider Kenny Kellen Dale Keller John L. Kelly Marlene Kennedy Dennis Kensok Kevin Kensok Myrna Kerstein Clarence F. Ketterling William S. Kidd Harlan Kienitz Mildred C. Kienitz John Kiernat Galen Kimpling Charles & Beulah Kitchell Viola Kittelson Ardell Kjersten Eleanor M. Klaassen David Klages LilyMae Kleene Leann M. Klein Nicholas Kleinhuizen Orville Klemenhagen Clarence Klenke Onalee A. Kleven Eva L. Kloempken Alvin Kluver Wallace Kluver Darlene S. Knutson Mildred Knutson Art Kochis Elaine Koenen Harold Koenen Marvin Koenen

Elizabeth Kohls John Kojetin Erling Kolke Agnes Konieczny Albert Konieczny Marlys Koosmann Curtis Kostad David Kostad Elnore E. Kostad Spencer Kostad Denise Kostka Leona Kotten Isabel M. Kraemer Leone M. Kragenbring Ken Krattenmaker Charles Krause Helen Kray Marvin and Jean Krenz Dorothy Krogsrud Kathryn R. Krogsrud Milton Krogsrud Adolph W. Kroona Florence Kruse Harley Kruse Janet Kujawa Jeanette Kurtzbein Eloise J. Kvam Ivan Kvam John Kveene Elizabeth A. Lackore Dr. Leonard K. Lackore John Ladner Steven C. Ladner Arlene Lafrentz Alex Lamb George T. Lampher Orvis Lang Rhoda C. Lang JoAnn Lange Jean C. Langmo Alice M. Larson Bertha Larson Betty M. Larson Beulah Larson Florence Larson Gwendolyn H. Larson Johnny H. Larson LeRoy D. Larson Loretta J. Larson Milton B. Larson Owen E. Larson Ann Larsson

Martha J. Latham Henry Law Myrtle L. Lawler Mary Lawrence Maynard A. Lawrence Dan Layeux Diane LeDuc Arthur L. Lee Nancy Lee Robert (Bob) E. Lee Tim Lee Tracy Leenerts Donna M. Lehman Marvin Lensing Roy Lenzen Roger Lesteberg Dorothy E. Lindblad Jason Linden Douglas Lindner Colleen Lindstrom Richard Lindstrom Richard A. Lippert Tracey Lippert Elloid Lobbins Donna Lorenz Imogene Lothert Walter Lottman Judy Louck Kenneth L. Lovander Ardell E. Loven Roland J. Luepke Selma Lund Beulah M. Lundberg Eldon Lursen Mayme Lynch Palmer & Della Lynne Mike Macziewski Michael J. Madden Cathy Madson Dellas Magedanz Eilene K. Magnuson Richard Magnuson Lyle Mahn Marvin Mahn Myrtle E. Mahn Sylvia Maier Patrick W. Maiers Selma Malecek Mary Malmgren Edwin Mamer Darrel Mann Elaine Marcus

Duane Markus Myron Martin Irene D. Mason Harvey Mattson Yvonne Maule Gladys Maus Jean Maus Julius Mayer Veronica Mayer Richard T. McGinty Ronald McLouth Lillian Meder Ann & Louie Melhouse Clair E. Mertens Charles W. Messenbrink William J. Metzen Alan W. Meyer Glenn C. Mielke Marcia Mielke Ruby Mikelson Lucille Mikkelson Bruce D. Miller Gladys Miller Harriet Miller Jeanne H. Miller Phyllis J. Miller Cynthia Minter Don Mitteness Allen Moe Marvis Moe Vivian L. Molden Gary L. Monson Laurie Monson Milton M. Monson Peter H. Monson Wayne Monson June Mork Laverna Morken Donald Morrill Ruth Mossberg Philip Mueller Vivian Mueller Arline Mulder Clara Mae Mulder Delmar Mulder LuVern Mulenburg Melvin Munsterman Floyd O. Myhre Gerhard Nack Amy Narvestad Mason Nash Tahib Nash

Marlus Neal Betty Nelson Carol V. Nelson Leland W. Nelson Leola Nelson Rev. Lloyd A. Nelson Roger E. Nelson Ronald Nelson Stanton T. Nelson Judy Nephew Harlen Nepsund Alitrice Neraasen Floyd and Lena Nerdahl Duane Nichols Belinda Nicholson Zona Niece Alma Nielsen Marinus Nielsen Robert R. Nieuwendorp Herman A. Noethe Steven Nokleby Carroll Norby Marvin Nordang Richard S. Nordmeyer Eldon A. Nordstrom Carolyn Norling Dorothy Norsten Gordon Norum Burton L. Nypen Eddy Nystrom Linda Okland Nora Olafson Paul T. Olberding Alice M. Olsen Beverly Olsen Bradley Olsen June Olson Lobitz Delmer C. Olson Helen E. Olson Jeanette Olson Judy A. Olson Lloyd A. Olson Rosella Olson Wallace Olson Gary Oman Bill Osborne Karen A. Osteraas DuWayne E. Otterness Jacqueline A. Paradis Melvin E. Paradis Devona Parlee Katelyn Pauling

Darrell Paulson Dennis Paulson Steven Paulson Jeanette Pearson Cindy L. Pedersen Janice Pederson Milford Pederson Pearl Pederson Irene Perkins Marvin Perkins Mary Lou Perry David B. Peterman Eldon A. Peterson Irene J. Peterson Joyce Peterson Kathleen L. Peterson Lois J. Peterson Marvin M. Peterson Paul J. Peterson Sandy Peterson Robert K. Petrich Beatrice H. Phinney Ben Piasecki Lawrence Pillatzki Katie Pitt Wendell Plumhoff Charlene Podratz Regina Polman Eileen Porter-Brede D.J. Potter Danny Potter Olga Prestholdt Lorraine Putzke Wilhelmina Rabine Kenneth O. Rachie Rolland H. Radunz Richard Railson Ronald R. Rand Herman Rausch Wayne Read Alayne Ree Carol Ree Hilborg Ree Kathleen Reinhart Edward Reinholt Carol Reinke David Reinke Gladys Reinke Louise Reins Royce Remund Betsy L. Rennecke Lester Rethwill

Ray Retrum Herbert H. Rhoda Lloyd Rhoda Steve Rhoda John L. Rice Erna Rieger Dorothy Rieke Lucy Rieth Harlan E. Riggle Wayne Ripley Genevieve Robbins Elsie H. Roder Albertha Roelofs Lillian Roelofs Esther Rohner Jeff Roitenberg Evelyn Rolla Virgil Ronholdt Marsha Rooda Michael Rooney Lillian Rose Clarence Rosen Harold Rosendahl James Rowberg Delores Rubis Agnes E. Rud Leslie M. Rud Karen Rudningen John G. Ryks Dr. Gulshan Sahni Julie Salisbury Alice A. Sandbo Carol J. Sandin Verna M. Sandven Richard D. Saue Jeanette Saunders Gordon Savoie Loren Schake Cleo Schaller Raymond Scheffler Myra O. Scheltens Gladys Schennum Donald Schieck Wilma Schilling Matthew Schlaak LuAnn Schlagel Thomas Schlagel Pearl Schliep Herbert Schloendorf Goldie Schmidt Marietta Schmidt Annette K. Schmiedeker

Lorraine Schnaser Alma Schneider Joseph Schneider Mark Schneider Walter Schneider Anthony L. Schnitzler Lou Ella Schroeder Lydia Schroeder Adeline Schroer Ruth Schuelein Tami Schulenberg Ida Schuller Dennis Schultz William P. Schultz Albin Schulz Jeanette Schulz Esther Schutz Rosella E. Schwartz Francis Schweitzer Harold Schwindt Sylvia Scott John R. Sebey Clinton E. Sebring George M. Serbus Joe Serbus Lydia Serbus Lois C. Seybert Ralph D. Seybert Janice Sheldon Myrtle Sherod Rodney Sherva Lawrence E. Shreffler Mavis Shuck Anita Shumski Margaret Jo Sigdahl Neola Simenson Bob and Hazel Simmonds Eileen Simonsen Delores E. Sitter Wayne V. Skaggs Leona M. Skogrand Gale Skold Vickie Skoog Mildred Skurdahl Mary Lu Sletten Wayne and Marida Slinden Clair Smith Dorothy M. Smith Gloria Smith Lowell G. Smith Marilyn V. Smith Phillip Sommers

Marian J. Sondag George Sportel Karen St. Claire Marilyn Staples Sevrin Steen Gale Steenson Adeline Steffens Victor V. Steinbach Dorothy Steinbeisser Bodo Steinke Dorothy Stelzig Stelva Steman Jeanne Stienessen Mike Stienessen Robert Stienessen Maxine Stieren Harry A. Stock Rodney Stoehr Bev Stratmoen Oscar Streed Herbert E. Streich Martin Strobel Gordon W. Strom Jeannette Strom Lilly Strom LuAnn Strommer Helen R. Stueland Elizabeth Styribicky Mary Suchanek Lorna Suckow William Suckow Angeline Sukke June Swanson Marlene L. Swanson Alan Swennes Florence Swensen Birdie L. Swenson Harriette L. Swenson Laura J. Swenson Sharon Swenson Victoria M. Swenson Elsie Swigerd Jack Swigerd Rick Swigerd Noel D. Tedrow Arlan V. Tengwall Dorothy L. Tengwall Elroy Tengwall Alvan Tenny Reynaur Thayer Rita Thayer Virgil Thielke

Philip Thissen Arlene E. Thompson Charlotte Thompson Donald E. Thompson Elaine Thompson John T. Thompson Priscilla Thompson Wesley J. Thompson Mildred C. Thorpe Elsie Thorson Maynard Thorson Marshall Thorstad Corinne Tiegs Jerry Tilden Shirley Tisdell Florella Tollefson Darwin Tompt Donovan A. Torbenson Kermit Torgerson Judith A. Toth John Tradup Krystal Traynham Simpson Carol Trost Margaret Tuininga Mary Turnquist Ronald D. Ueland Betty Ulferts Harriet Ulferts Justin Ulferts Walter Ulferts Charles D. Ulrich John O. Vaala Albertha Van Eps Anna Van Zee Jerome H. Varpness Cherylann Veen Beatrice Velde Veterans American Legion Post 258 Jay Villella Joe Villella Ralph Villella Steven Villella David Visser Lennie Vogelpohl Joan Voorhees Vern Vosberg LeAnn Wadsworth Virgil Waller Norma Walquist Nicholas M. Walrath Anne Walsh

Erma Walsh Henry M. Walsh Joe Walsh Steven Walter Connie L. Wanner Gladys Watkins Craig Watson Karen Watson Clair Webb Darin Webb Thelma & Woodrow Webb Peter Weber Tom Weber Darlene Weinbrenner Jeanette Weis Cheri A. Weismantel Tim O. Welch Paul Wells Marcy Wensman Margaret Wersinger Marian Westbrook Inora Westheim Helen D. Wilkening Donald L. Williams Esther A. Williams Lois Williams Ruth Williamson Kenneth W. Wilson Eunice M. Wilts Ruth Winland Warren Witte Donna Wold Larry Woltjer LaVern E. Woltjer Hildegard Wood Lucille M. Worden Joseph and Lily Wrobleski Norma Wrobleski Ida W. Wubben Donald B. Zahler Betty Zempel Vernon Zempel Bessie Zetah Donald L. Ziemer Jason Zimmer Delmar Zimmerman Virgean Ziska Emma Zuidema


Thank You to Our Donors ank you! e Board of Trustees gratefully acknowledges all gis to the Rice Health Foundation. is list represents all donors who have made gis totaling $100 or more January 1 – December 31, 2015. Charitable gis ensure the highest quality health care for people of west central Minnesota. Gis are oen given with designations for specific programs and services, and these designations have been honored. Every effort is made to ensure that donors are properly recognized. We apologize for any errors or omissions and ask that you notify us right away to ensure corrections are made. Bold names indicate permanent Tradition of Caring members, donors who have given $5,000 or more during their lifetime. $50,000 and above Anonymous Ken and Alix Behm Otto Bremer Trust Pierce Family Foundation Harvey and Delores Pierce $10,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Chappell Central, Inc Lara and Chris Duininck Dr. Patricia M. Hoeft Jonathan and Leah Kreps Marcus Construction Craig and Mary Lynn Meyer Minnesota / Wisconsin Playground Charles and Sharon Olson Beverly A. Schafer Lachlan and Kathryn Smith Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Strand C. Suzanne Torgerson Wells Fargo Foundation $5,000 - $9,999 Anfinson, Thompson, & Co. Harris and Connie Duininck Steven and Barbara Ellingboe Family Practice Medical Center Drs. Kenneth and Anita Flowe Roger and Ruth Gauquie Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Gunderson Jan Hazen Heritage Bank N.A.


Jennie-O Turkey Store Scott and Kerry Johnson Lakeland Broadcasting Co. Lyle and Bonnie Lange Medica Medline Industries, Inc. Steven and Kathleen Nedrelow C. Howard Peterson (JABRE) Thomas B. Torgerson Charitable Trust $2,500 - $4,999 Affiliated Community Medical Centers American Family Mutual Insurance Company Philip and Teri Beyer June and Roger Boie Robert and Patricia Dols Dough Management, Inc. Duininck, Inc. Eagles Auxiliary #2334 Dr. Amy and Jim Ellingson Andrea and Peter Etterman Bill and Anne Fenske J.D. Kreps Financial Group, Inc. Janning Ear, Nose & Throat Center, LLC JE Dunn Construction David O. Johnson Johnson, Moody, Schmidt & Kleinhuizen PA/Attorneys at Law Tom and Lynn Johnson Mary Kjolsing

Dr. KerriAnn Mahon Sue and Chris Olson Jeff and Cheryl Plathe Rice Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Michael and Rayette Schramm Jamie and Jugna Swenson Taatjes Financial Group Joe and Wendy Ulferts Dr. Charles and Holly Ulrich Eric and Alice Weiberg West Central Steel, Inc. Willmar Electric Service, Inc. Mary Ellen Zachman $1,000 - $2,499 5 Star Walt's LLC Dr. Douglas W. Allen Gene and Carnie Allex Jerome A. Anderson Estate Anderson Larson Saunders & Klaassen, P.L.L.P. Catherine and Ed Anderson Dr. Kristel and Roque Arcilla Louie and Laurie Austvold Joy and Ross Baker Bergh's Fabricating, Inc. Bethany Reformed Church Carley Braband Bremer Bank Bremer Wealth Management Sharon and Roger Broman Jonathan Burkholder Andrea L. Carruthers Shirley and Joel Carter

CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center Century 21 Kandi Realty, Ltd. Margaurite Chesley John and Anne Christianson Janet and Donald Cole Community Charities of Minnesota Tom and Karen Corneil Roxanne and Kevin Covert Jeannine and Richard Dahl Kathy and Randy Dillon Jeremy and Shana Duininck Joyce Elkjer Dale and Jonette Engan Beverly and Russel Engleson Mike and Connie Erickson Fladeboe Auctions The Floor to Ceiling Store Dr. Michael and Sandra Gardner Gary and Nancy Geiger Walter and Raeanna Gislason Nathan and Kodi Goracke Granite Falls Bank Kryss Grant Sheryl Grindy Diane Hagedorn Joel and Cathy Halbritter Jacqueline Hardy The Hays Group, Inc. Heartland Orthopedic Specialists Hedge & Herberg, Inc. Janelle and Paul Higdem Jackie and Jeremy Hinderks Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hodapp Home State Bank Drs. Frederick Hund and Kathryn Nelson Cathleen and Gilbert Idso

Bold names indicate Tradition of Caring Members.

Linda A. Jackson, D.D.S. Kandi Entertainment Center Dan and Jeanne Koosman Joan and Richard Kuhn Lake Region Bank, Willmar Weldon E. Larson Dr. Jennifer Lee-Pentz and Mr. Erik Pentz Glenn and Tori Leitch Scott and Trisha Lindrud Dr. Maria and Gregory Loerzel Gudrun and Loren Luschen William and Brianna Madsen Marsh USA Inc. Lawrence and Paulette Massa Jan and Richard Maxfield Mary McCaulley Dr. Stephen and Connie VanDerBill Medin Dr. James J. Michels and Mrs. Colleen Thompson Michels Minnesota Pathologists Chartered Keith and Kammy Nelson New London Garden Club Jada and Scott Norling Northern Factory Sales, Inc Northern States Supply Jeff and Kris Nuytten The Oaks at Eagle Creek Jeffry and Pat Olson Jon and Michelle Olson Matt and Dana Olson Ron Olson John and Pat O'Neill Robert and Rochelle Orsten Ortonville United Appeal Gretchen Otness Sally Otterness

Marvin Otto Estate Dr. Brian and Heidi Paulson Bradley Pederson and Kelly O'Farrell Perkins + Will Dr. Eric and Rebecca Peterson Barb Piasecki Mary Beth and Jeff Potter Dr. John and Kathleen Powers Prairie's Edge Casino Resort PrinsBank Michael and Chloe Quinn Kevin and Joan Quinn RBC Wealth Management Shirley and Marshall Ringness Charles and Sandy Roelofs Donald and Harriet Rogenes Sheila and Nathan Rohne Runnings Curtis and Marian Sampson Jon and Linda Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Schmidt Mary Schnell Bruce and Mary Schweitzer Dr. Cindy and Mr. James Smith Lynn and Mark Stier Stinson Leonard Street LLP Suburban Radiologic Consultants, LTD S. Sweep-Ogawa Roland and Marguerite Swenson Ben and Megan Taatjes Delphine and Larry Thiery Tri4Evr Triathlon Team University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Jessica and Jay Vagle Dr. and Mrs. Steven Vanderwerf Dr. Gabrielle Vencel Olson and Mr. Grant Olson

I work as a physical therapist because I love helping my patients improve their quality of life. It is so awesome to experience patients achieving their goals.”

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 1403 Marilee and Eric Vogel Walmart Foundation Walmart Store #1470, Willmar West Central Sanitation Westberg Eischens, PLLP Sherry and Steve Williams Willmar High School Volleyball Willmar Precast Company Willmar Rotary Club Sandra and Michael Yost

$500 - $999 Pamela Adam Allergy & Asthma Specialty Clinic Mable E. Anderson Richard Anderson Debra J. Arnold Anonymous Advised Fund of the Central MN Community Foundation Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Niles L. Austvold Baker, Tilly, Virchow, Krause, LLP Arlene Ballard Myron and Myra Behm Art and Mary Behr Melissa Bergeson Bird Island Community United Fund, Inc. David K. Bobzien, Jr. Dean Boike Dr. Kay and Patrick Breen Debra and William Buffington Marvin and Virginia Calvin Stanley M. Carlson Christianson & Associates Carol and Harold Conradi

Jenny Iverson, P.T., Rice Rehabilitation Center Conway, Deuth, & Schmiesing, PLLP Rick and Norma Conway David Monson Landscaping Annie DeGrote Cindy and Charles DeGrote Dr. Kent and Stacy Donelan Kaye and Tom Dooley Dooley's Petroleum James Duininck Kristine and James Duininck Louise Eichelberger EideBailly Certified Public Accountants Charles R. Erickson Faith Lutheran Church Bruce and Mary Felt Wendy Ferguson First Choice Beverage Services Fischer Laser Eye Center Steve and Jenna Fischer Lois and Kevin Fladeboe Darcy Forkrud Dawn and Scott Fransen Randy and Stephanie Freiborg Jean and Todd Geselius Green Mill Shirley Grothe Betty L. Haats Stuart and Melodie Haats Sherry Hagelstrom Hagen Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc. Angelique Hall David and Nancy Hammerschmidt Hanson & Fonkert Dental Clinic PA Doris Hanson Forbes Hanson Randy and JoNell Hanson

The Happy Sol & The Rugged Sun Harvey Anderson & Johnson Funeral Homes Deborah and James Henjum Jon and Ramona Hilleren Holloway All School Reunion Hormel Foods Nancy and Duane Hultgren Immanuel Lutheran Church Insurance by Strehlow Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club Barbara and Robert Jacobson Jake's Pizza Julie Jerabek and Kyle Jarnagin Dr. Margaret A. Johnson Renee and Craig Johnson Carol Jones Jennifer Jongeward Just Rite Design/Productions Sarah Kavanagh Kent Jacobson Trucking Kent's Auto Body, Inc. Elouise Klages Mary Klenke Chad and Angela Koosman Isabel M. Kraemer Pat and Nyla Kraemer Lac Qui Parle Diabetic Association Lakes Area Dental, Ltd. Harvey Lange Dr. Tom and Susan Lange Wayne and Sharon Larson Rodney Larson Ronald and Kathie Linder John and Mary Lindstrom Lockton Companies, LLC

Nancy and Alan Loge Betty H. Lothert Bill Lothert Dr. Steven and Becky Martinka Jason and Lori Mayer Dorothy Timm Meili Cindy and Gary Meyer Michael R. Gardner, D.D.S. Mick Quinn Insurance Agency, Inc. Midwest Outdoor Resorts Midwest Urologic Stone Unit Charles O. Miller Rob Miller Elaine Monson Montevideo Area Community Band Alvina Munneke Lorna Nelson Norway Lake Parish Dr. Larry and Wendy Okerlund Cindy Olson Ralph and Eileen Olson On-the-Run Promotions Oral-Facial Surgery, P.A. Orred Financial Partners Inc Rick and Shannon Orred Patricia and Dwight Oss Todd and Diane Paffrath Bonnie and Jerry Pauling Janet and Kelly Pauling Paynesville Area Charity Fund Perkins Lumber Company Inc.

I enjoy meeting new people and have found that Hospice clients have so much to teach others. My hope is that I may be able to bring some joy, peace, or help in the client’s quality of life in their final journey.” Rita Jacobson, Rice Hospice Volunteer Bold names indicate Tradition of Caring Members.


Peterson Brothers Funeral Home Plumbing & Heating of Willmar, Inc. Charlene Podratz Debra Podratz Gregg Price Dr. Matthew and Ann Putnam Rambow Cindy and Larry Rice Ridgewater College Laurice Ronholdt RSM US LLP Carl and Melanie Rudeen

Jolene and Nathan Weber Mary Weber Weichert Realtors Lyle Weismantel Marvelle and Ed Weispfennig Wells Fargo Advisors West Central Tribune Debra Westerberg Dr. Ewa Wysokinska and Adam Blaszkiewicz Zion Women of the ELCA Lakeland Conference

Joseph S. Brick Alice Brouwer Beverly and Joel Bruse Jacqueline and Reid Buer Laurie and Jon Burks Cash Wise Liquor Center for Diagnostic Imaging Central Tire & Auto Kris and Corey Cervin City Auto Glass Sonia and Jim Collier Crossfit Attila

Deborah and Michael Gilson Sherry Gonzalez The Goodness Coffee House Dean and Judith Gosseling Dr. Pankaj Goyal Granite Falls Lutheran Church Women Grape Creek Vineyards Diane and Gary Gronseth Doreen and Ralph Haglund Mr. and Mrs. John Haines Barbara C. Halvorson Wilbur and Mary Hamann

When I first began volunteering with Rice Health Foundation it was with the Holiday Festival Gala committee. I got involved because I wanted to meet people since I was new to the area and the Foundation supported several good projects that were of benefit to the community. I have continued to work with the Gala committee and in other ways over the years because I enjoy working with the hard-working and dedicated Foundation staff and other volunteers. It has been a pleasure to help out and it is very rewarding to know that my efforts help give back to the community.” Cathy Bays, Holiday Festival and Office Volunteer

Dr. Wilson and Barbara Salter Ron and Betty Schneider Kyle and Sandy Schow Dr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Scott LuAnn and Drew Sietsema Peggy and Lee Sietsema Nancy Skindelien Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative Dr. Shelly and Rodney Staska Mike and Roxanne Steffl Geneva Steinbach Barbara and James Swenson Kristen and Scott Thaden Jacque and Jim Thompson Dennis and Darlene Thorpe Dr. Laamy Tiadjeri Dr. James and Marilynn Tiede Katherine and Gregory Tweten United FCS United Prairie Bank Deb and Scott Van Buren Stephanie and Shane Volk


$250 - $499 Nicole Aleshire Alice A. Alseth Kenneth M. Anderson Estate Bruce Anderson Elaine Anderson John and Irene Austvold Lois and Eric Banken Geoff Barber Dr. Dale and Cathy Bays Beardsley Area United Fund Drive Tracee Beecroft Bennett Office Technologies Sandy and Russ Bennett Dennis and Darlene Benson Bethesda Women of the ELCA Charlene M. Bloch Judy and Roland Boll Catherine M. Bonde Mary Bonham Linnae and Jay Bosch Dean Bourne Jody Braatz

Crow River WELCA Rev. Beverly Crute Cullen's Home Center Rick and Kelley Dahle Byron and Mari Damhof Dr. John Merickel and Dr. Patricia D'Aquila Bruce and Phillis DeBlieck Karen and Daryl Deisting Janet and Donald Dokken Larry and Pauline Duininck Leroy and Sandra Duininck Dunham Associates, Inc. Erin Elfering Heather Elwood Barb and David Engwall Marlys and Michael Esterly Emily Etterman Everest Emergency Vehicles, Inc. FairWinds Salon & Day Spa Doryce Farmen Connie Filley Kathy and Steve Flood Annette and Jon Fostervold

Deb Hamborg Donald Handahl John and Carol Hauge Chad Haugen Gary and Catherine Hedlof Jessica A. Hennen Merlin Hennen Hennepin Theatre Trust Robert and Carla Hines Barb and Gordon Hjelle Dr. Robert E. and Connie Hodapp Donna and Al Hoffman Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Holmgren Betty and Tom Holt Forrest Honebrink Ronnie Ingeman Dr. Philip and Florine Iverslie Rebecca Iverson Bill Joas - RBC Wealth Management Brittany Johnson Gwen and Robert Johnson Judy and Dale Johnson

Bold names indicate Tradition of Caring Members.

Todd and Susie Johnson Suzanne Keuseman KJS Farms Lisa Kluver Randy and Tami Kobienia Jane E. Kochis Scott and Amber Kragh Mary and Richard Lane Jean and Curtis Larson Steven and Nancy Lehman Leighton Enterprises Inc Life Link III Deborah and Daryl Lippert Michael P. Mattson Sofia Mera and Luis Marin Middle Fork Cafe Joann Mielke Mill Pond Mercantile Randall and Candia Miller Minnesota Screen Print & Embroidery, Inc. Jennifer and Craig Miska Jon and Marion Mitlyng Jim and Angela Mitteness MMIC Melissa Mortensen John J. Mueller Vivian Mueller Teri and Steve Murray Margaret Negen Karen and James Nelson Riley and Jill Nelson Eunice Noethe Marlow and Carol Norum Jeff and Darlene Olson Delora A. Paradis Keith Pattison PAWS Floral Jon and Sophie Pederson Paula Pederson Matthew K. Petersen Natalie Phillips Jeff Pierce Erin Powers Public Works Employees Jean and Kevin Raatz A. Ranae Rahn Janae Rambow

Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Pauline and Dan Reigstad Matt and Pam Reinertson Rice Home Medical Employees Joyce J. Rhode Kevin Ricker DeAlton and Donna Rime Tony and Susan Rime Ronna Roelofs Richard and Challis Ronning Ross G. Olness DDS PLLC Joyce and Merle Rupp Dr. J. Michael and Margaret Ryan Samah Home Health Care Craig and Lori Schellberg Kenneth and Jane Schleusner Wanda and Keith Seidler Dr. John and Mary Seifert Senior Citizen Center Stephanie and Alvin Sjoberg Bruce Skogrand Dr. Tod and Lori Speer Judge and Mrs. Donald Spilseth Vicki Stenmark Gayne and Marvelle Stone Norm and Betty Strehlow Surly Brewing Company Elizabeth Swanson Jim and Pam Thorpe Michael and Sheila Tolbert TPI Hospitality Thomas and Vicky Traen Tree-n-Turf Dr. Kevin and Sandi Unger Andrew and Brittany VanDerBill Jane Vanderkooi Kathy Vogelpohl Doug Wallen Marlys Walter Sharlene Wangen Harold and Ardis Westhoff Willmar School District Athletic Department Willmar Stingers Joy Wohlin Jan Wrase Amanda Wreede Chelsey Zondervan

$100 - $249 Melissa and Mike Aaker Nici and Todd Ahrenholz Roger and Mary Ahrenholz Alex Rubbish & Recycling, Inc Mary K. Allen Jeffrey and Marianne Allinder Almond Township Fund Nancy Alstead American Legion Campbell-Williams Post No. 258 American Solutions for Business Ann and Duaine Amundson Amanda Anderson John and Gwynne Anderson Robert and Linda Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Anderson David and Susan Anfinson Gwen and Gary Anfinson Edward Arndorfer Sherilyn and Edward Arndorfer Augustana Lutheran Church Women ELCA Gail and Mike Aus Brooke and Kelly Baeth Baker Graphics Janice Baker Kitty Baltos, Michele Hertwig, Laurie Tennennessen, and Liz Calpas Carole and Lyle Banta Alice Barker Susan and Scott Barney Shannon Barrett Janice Baukol John and Megan Beaver Harvey Beavers Jack and Caryn Behr Donna and Earl Behrends Jed Bendix Andrew and Jean Berg Donald and Patricia Berg Katie Berg Bethesda Health & Housing Angie and David Beyerl Big Bend WELCA Big Kahuna Lana Bjork

Supporting Rice Memorial Hospital with financial gifts and volunteer time is important to me. I want to give back as a retiree who thoroughly enjoyed my healthcare career, and I believe a community hospital is vital for the well-being of our area residents. Support for valuable services, excellent staff and latest medical technology is an investment I never question. It’s a Win-Win decision! Patients are assured they have local medical care in our rural area, and the essential hospital employees have a working environment and necessary resources to serve with excellence.” Andrea Carruthers, Rice Memorial Hospital Board

Scott and Karla Bjorndal James R. Bode Ed and Sandy Boehne Greg and Cheryl Bonnema Stanley and Wilma Boonstra Lynn and Janet Borchardt Border States Industries, Inc Borgerding Management LLC George and Shirley Borgerding Darlene E. Bratberg Brian and Susan Brewer Rosemary Brown James Bruggers Dr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Buchanan Laura J. Buckley Kjersten Buesing Gaylon Bulthuis Doug and Loni Bultman Lee and Susan Cafferty Howard J. Carlsen David Carlson Dr. Kenneth and Lorelei Carter Mary Catherwood and David C. Moody Central Minnesota Federal Credit Amber Chevalier Cory Christensen Shari Christiansen City of Willmar Diane and Daniel Clarke Clinton Combined Fund Drive John and Sharon Cola Jeffrey and Sherry Colehour

Nanette and Bruce Coleman and Nate Merkel Mary Ellen Collins Coop's Corner Corneil-Elkjer Agency Coterie Study Club George Couleur Country Stop "C" Store Betty A. Croonquist Peggy Crosby Kathy Cruze Robert and Lois Dahl Dorothy Dalquist H. David and Martha Dalquist John and Cindy Dean Mary Jo and Joseph deCathelineau Mae DeGrote Dennis J. Dilley Diann Dirksen Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dobbs Colleen Dold Dorothy A. Olson Aquatic Center Doug's Electric Pam Doyle Judie and Ken Dunlop Dr. Leah Dvorak and Cory Dingels Peggy and Luther Dykema Eagle Creek Golf Club East Norway Lake ELCW Ebenezer Lutheran Church of Kandiyohi Edina Realty Home Services Fanchon and Mervin Ellwood

Bold names indicate Tradition of Caring Members.

Elmquist Jewelers Wayne and Lynette Emberland Diane Engel Lois and Loren Engelby Glenn Erickson Tina and David Erpenbach Mary and Todd Faiman Fenstra Real Estate, Inc. Pat and Guy Fernholz First English Lutheran Church First English Lutheran Women First Lutheran Church of Norway Lake WELCA First Presbyterian Church Melburne Fjerkenstad Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, P.L.C. / Attorneys at Law Jeffery and Melissa Flood Elisa K. Fokken Judy Foley Drs. Jodi Fonkert and Mike Hanson Mae Forstrom Foster Township United Fund Rev. and Mrs. Robert Friedrich Gamblers Anonymous Sarah Garberich Steve and Kelly Gardner Garfield Lutheran Women Gary L. Hern Agency Jim and Pam Gauer Jerry and Jeanette Gault


Rice Hospital contributes daily to the needs and well-being of Willmar and regional residents. Over the years, we have been happy to contribute to the Rice Health Foundation as it seeks to enhance the important work of the hospital. In recent years, that has included the growth of the Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit, the construction of the Rice Rehabilitation Center and the soon to be completed Outdoor Therapy Park.” Joan and Kevin Quinn

Mr. Stephen and MaryAnn Gerberding Roger and Barbara Giese Deborah and Thomas Gillis Glacial Plains Glasswerks, Inc. JoAnne Glimsdal Paula Gorman Gossman Pottery LaVaughn L. Govig Grace Lutheran Church Women Charles and Karen Grams Green Lake Liquors, Inc. Green Lake Luthern WMS Frances F. Green Kristin and Brice Greene Larry and Pat Groen Marjorie J. Groen Doug and Karen Gronholz LaVonne Gronli Stacy and Keith Grothem Ron and Colette Grussing Kristin A. Gulbrandsen Lois A. Gulbrandsen Dean D. Gustafson Elaine Haakenson Linda and Lowell Haff Anita L. Hagen Helen Haggarty Robert and Dona Haines Bert and Julie Hansen Hanson & Dahl Funeral Home, Inc. Michelle and Bradly Hanson Bill and Pam Harrington Evaline and Paul Hatjistilianos Haug Implement Company Donald and Caryl Haug Mr. and Mrs. Paal Haug Helen L. Hawkinson


Jim and Mary Hawkinson Ann Hawley Pamela and Jim Hebrink Wayne and Delores Hebrink Donald and Mary Hegreberg Mike S. Heideman Keith Hein Jonelle and Roger Heinen Carol J. Heitke Henning-Erickson Auxiliary Elaine Henry Jane and John Hess Suzanne Hess James Hilden Eric and Nicole Hjelden Dean and Cheryl Holien Mamie Holm Hope Presbyterian Church Hospice Education Institute, Inc. Mary Hovland Morris Howland Ralph Huisinga Kenneth Hults Stacy Hurley Raymond and Betty Hyser Immedia, Inc. Impact Innovations Michelle Iverslie Bruce Iverson Dallas and Norma Iverson Jake's Pizza Barbara and Gregory Janssen Dr. Robin and Betsy Javaherian Cordella and Lynn Jeremiason Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches Johnny O'Neil's Bruce and Karen Johnson, and Nancy Larson

Dorothy and Gene Johnson Gale Johnson DeeDee Johnson Harlie D. Johnson Janet S. Johnson Kathy A. Johnson Kim C. Johnson Marjorie and Gregory Johnson Penny H. M. Johnson Roberta and Richard Johnson Steven and Deborah Johnson Timothy and Cheryl Johnson Tracy and Tom Johnson Willis and Arlyss Johnson Robert and Patricia Jorgenson Iris Kaihoi Dr. Robert and Patricia Kaiser Kandiyohi Abstract & Title Co. Kandiyohi County Recycling Center Inez Kashmark Verna Kelly Kerkhoven Lions Club Kerkhoven Lutheran WELCA Kathryn Kessler Shirley E. Kidd Jeffery and Darla Kimpling Kiwanis International IT Team Sherris and Michael Klaers Randy and Debra Klein Todd and Renae Kleinhuizen Gretchen and Keith Kleinsasser Bonita L. Kluver Kathy and Dale Knoshal Beverly Knudsen Diane M. Koch Kojetin Farms, LLC Janice F. Kositzky Marlin and Betty Kroona

Deborah and Paul Krueger Bruce Krupke LaVonne Kubesh Kviteseid Lutheran Church Helping Hands KXRA Staff Mark and Barbara LaBarre Ramona C. Lackore David and Ardys Lais Lake Region Bank, New London Helen Langager James Langmo Larcom Construction, LLC Marion Larsen Barb and Ron Larson Kay, Larry, and Brandon Larson Kim and Deborah Larson Myron Larson Sandra Larson Thomas and Barbara Larson Wilbur and Virginia Latham Carol Laumer Laura Jill Photography Juanita and David Lauritsen Viola LaVoie Thomas Lehman Gordon and Deb Lindblad Jan and Doug Lindblad John and Diane Linden Lowell Lindgren Judy and Larry Lindor Karen and Mike Lindquist Britney Lingl Molly and Jesse Lippert Jim Loehr Mary Lonneman Donn and Alonah Lorenz Lovely Lashes Dean and Mariette Lovold

Bold names indicate Tradition of Caring Members.

June Luepke Gretchen S. Luther Steven and Leslie Lykins Brian R. Mahn Don and Roxanne Maiers Judith Maiers Mailbox Savings Kirk and Rae Malcolm Luther Malmgren Mamrelund Lutheran Church / WELCA Melissa and Lyle Mangen Jill and Bob Marcus Dr. Scott and Sara Martinka Robert and Linda Mathiasen Kay and Len Matthys Philip Maus Lisa McBrian Donald and June McGrath Lowell and Betty Melbye Kelly and Michael Mertens Jonathan and Danielle Mikkelson Karla and Gary Mikkelson Joanne and Dennis Milham Elaine Miller Dr. and Mrs. Lucio R. Minces Calvin and Diane Miner Minnesota Agricultural Aircraft Association Larry and Carol N. Monnens Mr. B. Chocolatier Chocolates Company, Inc. Nicole M. Muder Amy J. Mugge Evelyn M. Mulder Briana L. Mumme Ellen Munsterman David Myhre Dennis and Ruthanne Neeser

Laurie and Wayne Nelson Lois M. Nelson Wayne and Linda Nelson Heather and Justin Nett Phyllis M. Neudecker Ronald and Carlyn Nordby Nordland Lutheran Church Women Normania Township Rural Charities James and Karen Norsten Ralph and Syrie Officer Jeanne Olberding Aaron W. Olson Bruce and Carolyn Olson Marge Orsten Ortonville Area Health Services

Beth A. Piepenburg Julie and Joel Piepenburg Agnes Plumhoff Jeanne and Raymond Poage Carolyn and Larry Poe Posen Township Rural Charities Randall and Beverly Pothen Patricia and Roger Power Premium Waters Inc. Pro-Tainer Barbara Prow Cary and Karen Radisewitz Marlene Radunz Rob and Kathy Randall Barbara and David Ree

R. Lenore and J. Ramsey Schaffnit Sandra and John Schlagel Linda S. Schlieman Jerome and Elaine Schliep Dorothy Schloendorf Donald and Sharon Schneider Karen Schneider Lori and Tom Schneider JoAnn Schnitzler Wayne and Ethel Schoon Kurt and Kim Schow William and Nancy Schuller Joyce Schultz Pamela and Patrick Schwab Schwieters Chevrolet

When I was eighteen, my dad, a kind and giving man, battled with esophageal cancer and lost. Going through that journey with him, I knew I wanted to be a nurse and help others after others had helped my family so greatly. Helping people through their health battles satisfies my desire to give back.” Elly Stock, RN, Rice Memorial Hospital

Betty Osborne Jerry Osteraas, Jr. Otrey Community Fund Our Saviors Lutheran Church Our Saviors of Baxter Lutheran Church Women Paffrath & Son Diamond Jewelers The Paint Spot Lisa and Douglas Pastian Bill and Deb Paterson Marie and Steven Payne Marlys Pearson Arlene and Roy Pedersen Amanda and Erik Pehrson Dr. Jennifer Pesola and Mr. Troy Engebretson Barbara and Delton Petersen Junell and Vernon Petersen Jeannie and Dean Peterson Kristi and Gary Peterson Ann and Thomas Phillips

Richard Reitsma Steven and Dawn Renquist Paul Reuss Rice Rehabilitation Department Brad and Debra Rice David and Christa Rivers Rock Valle Women ELCA Leona Roelofs Lori Roelofs John E. Rubis Darrell and Peggy Ruch Lisa and James Rudnick Dean Rudningen RWF Enterprises Inc. Mae and Gordy Ryks Karen and Scott Samuelson Ronald Samuelson Eleanor Sandquist Kris Sandstrom Saputo Agnes Savoie

Marjorie Sebey Sandy and Paul Sebring Terry and Lois Shaw Joyce Sheldon Dr. William and Mary Shimp Laura and Dave Sisser Eunice Y. Skeie Dr. John and Rachel Skretvedt Clyde and Tamara Slagter Matt and Jennifer Slinden Slumberland Alan J. Smith Fran and Rachel Smith Rachel and Timothy Smith Marcia Solbrack Nancy Somers Carol Somerville Lynnette M. Sommers Milton Sommers Timothy Sondag

Connie and Greg Spartz John and Jean Spaulding Spicer Castle Inn St. Anthony & St. Monica Council St. John's Lutheran Church Women of the ELCA Stacy's Nursery Bruce Stahnke, Deb Shriver and family Joyce and Rolf Standfuss Angie Staut David and Catharine Stead Allen and Leanne Stoeckman Lois Stoehr Eric and Lisa Streed Kathy and Steven Strom Sunburg Car Club, The Trolls Grayson and Karen Swalin Marlys I. Swam Alan Swennes Duane and Kathy Swensen Dean and Paula Swenson DuWayne Swenson Robert and Marlys Swigerd Jeff Tanner Jean Tapia and Mary Jo Selden Claire Taylor-Schiller Joyce Tebben Howard J. Tengwall Linda Thiesen Elaine M. Thole Louise Thoma Amanda and Matthew Thompson Chelsey Thompson Shannon Thompson Sylvia A. Thompson Jerilyn Thorne Robert and Joanne Thurston Donald Tiegs Karla and Robert Tinklenberg Paula and Tom Tobin Julie and Dan Tollefson Barbara J. Tomlinson Trinity Lutheran Church WELCA Trinity Lutheran of Havelock Ladies Aid Tripolis Women of ELCA United Minnesota Bank United Presbyterian Women

Bold names indicate Tradition of Caring Members.

John and Verna VanderKooi Lois and Neil Vanderkooi Ruth A. Vanderkooi Susan Vanderpool Peggy L. Verkinderen Dr. Amber and Steve Vick James and Kathryn Vigliaturo Merlin and Marlene Wallin Tiffany Walz and John Rubischko Craig Wasik Mary and Randy Watkins Robert D. Watkins Beverly and Dennis Weflen Maureen and Stephen Weitzel Susan Wells Brad Welsh Gary and Sue Wennerberg Marguerite and Gary Wescott Irene Whitmyre Wick's Meat Shoppe, Inc. Willmar Bus Service Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce Willmar Sertoma Club Wing-Bain Funeral Home Dr. Steven and Mary Winther Carlene Wittnebel Shelly and Gordon Woltjer Wood Lake Township Rural Charities YMCA Carolyn and Coleman Yungerberg Patrice and Bob Zangs Grace Zeller Kathleen Zimmer Ginny Zimmerman Jana Zimmerman and Pete Behrens Zion Women of the ELCA Zniewski Funeral Homes



301 Becker Ave. SW Willmar, MN 56201



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