Recording and Sharing Will Change the Way You Work

SIX WAYS Video Recording and Sharing Will Change the Way You Work Table of contents Recording: The New Shareable 3 1 - Recruit and train the bes...
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Video Recording and Sharing Will Change the Way You Work

Table of contents Recording: The New Shareable


1 - Recruit and train the best of the best


2 - Capture and share tribal knowledge


3 - Overcome time zone constraints


4 - Enable BYOD and on-demand information


5 - Capture brilliance at its peak


6 - Video recordings: Not just for meetings


Explore video recording and sharing


Recording: The new shareable Video recording and sharing are some of the most innovative tools in the video conferencing industry. Seeing someone face to face far exceeds the effect of an audio conference or email, but being able to record that video call for later viewing or sharing with teams inside or outside of your organization takes this technology to new heights. The future is now. Today, you can




demand videos that are easily accessible from any location, on any device. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the ways that HD video recording and sharing will forever change the way you work. If you have questions or want to see for yourself how this technology







please contact us.

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Recruit and train the best of the best From the first interview to the onboarding session and beyond, managers and recruiters can use video recording and sharing to build the best teams. Video interviews can replace those initial phone interviews and actually recreate the feel of an in-person meeting right down to the nonverbal communication exchanges. Hiring managers have even used video conference recording technology to rewatch interviews to ensure they selected the right candidate. Flash forward to the new hire’s start date, when there is typically a ton of information that they need to review. Sounds simple enough on the small scale, but what happens if yours is an international organization that hires 20 sales engineers at once? What if they are located all over the world? Instead of flying all those sales engineers to one location for training or hiring a team of trainers to meet them individually, new hire orientations can be conducted over video and recorded for later reference. You can even record a series of video onboarding tips to share with new employees to help them learn the inner workings of the company.

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Capture and share tribal knowledge Hundreds of hours of knowledge-based videos are uploaded

sales presentations, training videos, holiday greetings and

to websites every minute, which is why sites like YouTube™

more with the simple click of a button. Better yet, these

have taken the world by storm. Do a simple web search on

recordings are instantly published to your own video feed to

“How to (insert your topic of interest)” and we’re sure you’ll be presented with hundreds of options. Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture the knowledge disseminated across your organization every day? Thankfully, today’s video conferencing technology enables you to record video messages like company-wide meetings,

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be replayed or shared. “By the time I end a meeting and log in to Lifesize Cloud Amplify, the recording is already there. I love being able to share recorded content with my team when it’s fresh in my mind.”

Overcome time zone constraints When your company is spread



a.m. Pacific time, we’ll fire up

across the globe, or even just across

watch the on-demand session at

video conferencing and have a

the country, time zone constraints

the time that fits their schedule. It

meeting with teams in Hong Kong,

can be a real challenge. Significant

can even help nonnative speakers

California and France.” If time

time zone differences can severely

better understand the message

zone constraints interfere with


by enabling them to pause and

schedules, meetings can easily




employee collaboration.

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rewatch segments.

be recorded and played back at

There is never a good time for


people in San Francisco, Austin,




morning management meetings

Sydney to meet. Recording global

with senior executives on three

meetings and sharing them with




Lifesize to

customer conduct






a later time. Employees can now experience meetings with lifelike quality whether they attend the presentation in person or not.

Enable BYOD and on-demand information One of the greatest assets possessed by an organization is its information. Industry research, executive communications,


materials, business reviews and sales strategies are just a few examples of information exchange vital to success. However, information like this is most valuable when it is accessible to the stakeholders who need it when they need it. In an on-demand world, people need to be able to access their company’s most critical information at any time and from any device. Cloud-based video conference recording and




meetings and conversations instantly accessible.

Record from any device: laptop, smartphone, tablet or Lifesize® Icon™ system and access your recordings at

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Capture brilliance at its peak Far too often, the organic flow of a brainstorm session is chopped to bits while the note taker stops the exchange for a repeated phrase or, even worse, paraphrases the concept into something forgettable in the recap. Hit record at the beginning of a brainstorm and make sure you never miss a moment of brilliance. Recording and sharing features let you fully commit to team collaboration without having to focus all of your attention on note taking. Every word documented, every subtext captured—it will all be there waiting for you to recap or share after the meeting is over. Whether you’re part of the creative team coming up with the next marketing tagline or practicing objection handling from the sales side of the organization, every second of video collaboration can benefit from the flexibility of oneclick recording.

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Video recordings: Not just for meetings Recording meetings for future playback is a great use of any video conference recording technology. But with the tool at your disposal, imagine what else you could do. Idea capture and dissemination Great ideas don’t always follow the same 9-to-5 schedule that your colleagues do, nor do they come when you’re in a meeting. So when the moment strikes, go ahead and capture it on video and share the recording with everybody that you think should know about it. Think of it as your own personal video voicemail system.

Practice makes perfect If you’ve got a big sales pitch or marketing presentation coming up, why not record yourself while you practice? Now you’ll be able to see every gesture, hear every word and practice that catch phrase until it’s perfect. And you won’t torture your roommate or spouse by making them listen to you over, and over, and over… Send a holiday greeting We’ve all been there—the holiday sneaks up on us, and we’ve failed to send those cards that are over in the corner collecting dust. Take your greeting to video! Record a simple greeting and send it out to your entire list.

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Explore video recording and sharing From extending the meeting to new time zones to capturing and archiving the ideas and information being discussed every day, video conference recording and sharing with Lifesize Cloud Amplify will change the way you work and open you up to new ways of collaboration. We know that seeing is believing, so we invite you to experience the power of cloud video conferencing for yourself. Download a free trial of Lifesize Cloud and book a demo with one of our video conferencing experts. You can even record your live demo and play it back from

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