REALM ews. Lockheed Martin s Centennial celebration includes stories like yours. 100 Years of Accelerating Tomorrow

REALMNews REALM News—June 2013—Page 1 Volume 30, Number 6, June 2013 Retired Employees Association of Lockheed Martin of Central Florida Orlando, F...
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REALM News—June 2013—Page 1

Volume 30, Number 6, June 2013

Retired Employees Association of Lockheed Martin of Central Florida Orlando, Florida

100 Years of Accelerating Tomorrow

Lockheed Martin’s Centennial celebration includes stories like yours … There are thousands of Lockheed Martin retirees around the world today. Each and every one has a story to tell. Many of the best, including from some of you, are included in the Corporation’s Centennial website. If you haven’t visited, you should. In addition to stories from many retirees and current employees, the site includes the corporation’s Centennial advertising campaign, which commemorates some of Lockheed Martin’s greatest moments. There are print, radio and video ads that celebrate the people and the history they created. A Centennial celebration book is also being published and we’ll keep you up to date on that. Go to and click on the 100-Year icon:

Inside June Happenings around REALM .......3 The simplicity of a thank you Honor our WWII vets ...................5 Much to do about everything Recreation galore ........................7 Yum yum and lots of fun Lunch Bunches coming! ...........10 Don’t be misérable Take a swamp tour ...................12 Welcome to O’do Rambeau comes to town ..........15 The new switcheroo Transformers to war? ...............16

REALM News—June 2013—Page 2

REALM Board of Directors Executive Committee (through January 2014) Chairman ....................... Bill Rivera ................321-783-1256 ..... [email protected] President ........................ Ben Drexler ..............407-293-5957 ..... [email protected] 1st Vice President.......... Open 2nd Vice President ........ Gerald Weiss ............407-886-2657 ..... [email protected] Secretary ....................... Shirley Jones ............407-859-3766 ..... [email protected] Assistant Secretary ........ Cheryl Bradford .......407–277-2022 .... [email protected] Treasurer ....................... Fred Clark ................305-393-9963 ..... [email protected] Assistant Treasurer ........ Open Directors (through January of year shown) 2014 .............................. Gerry Shoaf ..............407-876-4090 ..... [email protected] 2014 .............................. Marty Harris .............407-469-1939 ..... [email protected] 2015 .............................. Joe Boler ..................407-293-6549 ..... [email protected] 2015 .............................. Ed Jones ...................407-859-3766 ..... [email protected] 2016 .............................. Tony DiBerardino ....407-851-6331 ..... [email protected] 2016 .............................. David Hayworth .......407-886-6828 ..... [email protected]

REALM Points of Contact REALM Communications director, mailing list, REALM roster Ed Jones [email protected] 407-859-3766 REALM News publication team Evelyne Mitchell [email protected] Membership, Care and Concern Ann Hartle [email protected] 407-862-8282

REALM News distribution Alan Courney [email protected] 407-876-4574 James Clontz [email protected] 407-293-4666 REALM Treasurer Bill Drown [email protected] 407-446-3709 3208 E. Colonial Dr., Suite 302 Orlando, FL 32803

REALM News is copyrighted. Do not use, reproduce, or copy any content without permission. [email protected] Copyright 2013 All rights reserved Retired Employees Association of Lockheed Martin The format and content of REALM News are controlled solely by REALM and not by Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin Corporation makes no representation with respect to, and is in no way liable for what is published herein.

Travel and special events Joe Boler [email protected] 407-293-6549 Schedule Linda Schaidt [email protected] 407-880-3121 Memorabilia Gerry Shoaf [email protected] 407-876-4090

Coming Events

REALM Website

May 22 ............. Lunch Bunch at Carrabba’s Italian Grill at 5701 Vineland Rd., Orlando

Did you know REALM has a Website? The URL is

September 10..... Lunch Bunch at Errol Estates Country Club

There you can see archives of REALM News, minutes of the REALM Executive Board meetings, pictures of REALM events, our schedule, the REALM Constitution, and helpful links to discounts, other retirement clubs, and the Lockheed Martin Website, and much more!

September 22..... Day trip to Titusville Playhouse to see Les Misérables with lunch at Dixie Crossroads

We also have a Facebook page. Just search for REALM - Retired Employee Association of Lockheed Martin.

June 18 .............. Lunch Bunch at Westerley’s at MetroWest Country Club July 23 ............... Lunch Bunch at Zellwood Station

REALM News—June 2013—Page 3

President’s Message By Ben Drexler

As this is written, April has passed and May is just beginning. Bob and Dot Wood’s Lunch Bunch at the St. Cloud Catfish Place was its usual roaring success, with 102 REALM attendees. Joe and Alice Boler’s Carrabbas Lunch Bunch follows on May 22, and is a bargain at $12, so expect a crowd and be a part of it. If the post office cooperates better for this issue of REALM News than it did for the May issue you will receive this before the event. In June, Clarice and I will host the Lunch Bunch at the MetroWest Golf Clubhouse. It’s a pleasant place with good food. Fred Curtis reports continued progress in construction of the Glenn L. Martin first M-109 aircraft replica cockpit with integral flight simulation having closed loop responses and visual feedback. The operating replica will be placed in the Orlando Science Center Lockheed Martin exhibit and made available for operation by visitors. An F16 cockpit replica with flight simulator has also been made available to the Science Center by Lockheed Martin for similar use, but its refurbishment will be delayed until the M-109 unit is up and working. Ed Jones says he and John Graf originally put the F-16 cockpit replica together some years ago. Gerry Shoaf, when not busy piloting a humongous motor home around the country, is still making progress in locating and sifting through Lockheed Martin mem-

orabilia, including hundreds of photographs. If you have something of interest or are interested in helping identify people and events in the photographs, contact Gerry. If you look at the years of employment of many of us, our tenures were significant fractions of the hundred-year Glenn L. Martin and heritage company history, and we can all contribute to the story. I had a recent call from Joe Ripino. He had a planeload of 75 WWII veterans arriving at McCoy Airport with 75 escorts and 3 doctors, returning from their day-long (or long day, more aptly) trip to Washington to be royally welcomed and transported to view the recently completed WWII memorial. He needed help with representing Lockheed Martin at the welcoming. I unfortunately had a conflicting appointment and couldn’t make it, but he was on his way with his walker to assist him with his recently replaced knee joint. Joe puts out a great effort and makes sure that REALM and Lockheed Martin are visibly represented at these

honor flight departures and returns and at welcomes for returning overseas servicemen. If you want to help at representing us or have unused frequent flier miles that you can contribute to the honor flights, contact Joe. The Audubon Park Elementary 4th and 5th grade science fair will be on Thursday, May 30, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Volunteer judges are needed. Roger Clem is away, so if you are interested give me a call. You’ll enjoy these youngsters! We have members who forgot to send in membership renewals and therefore don’t get newsletters which, along with word of mouth, are our sole means of communicating with them. Others didn’t join the association immediately upon retiring, but may now be interested if invited. If you have retiree friends and acquaintances who are not now members of our association, please ask if they are interested. For the yearly price of one hamburger they can keep in touch, and we will welcome them.

Read all about it

Centennial book in works Lockheed Martin is in the process of publishing a 250-page soft cover book celebrating the corporation’s Centennial. REALM will coordinate with the company to receive as many copies as possible so our members can enjoy reading about our shared history. Stay tuned to REALM News to learn how you can get your copy. It is most likely that there will not be enough copies for every member and that REALM will not be able to mail them. The most probably method of distribution will be at Lunch Bunch and other club events.

REALM News—June 2013—Page 4

REALM Recreation greatly missed by all. She was a quiet, very competent player.

April 2013 Bridge Results

Norma Christianson loaded our table with a flood of her variations on home-devised and concocted treats in celebration of Easter. What a way to end Lent! There were ten varieties, each better than the one before. On April 26, Natalie Staschke celebrated Ralph’s birthday with a generous array of her famous cream puffs for the enjoyment of all. Jenny Clifton saw that we were all well-supplied with candy bars on each of the playing days. She and Dean Cherry often bring in treats that supplement those offered by others, increasing the array of choices. We thank them all.

By Ben Drexler

It was an unusual mid-Florida April. It actually rained in April--a month that is, contrarily, usually devoid of that which is usually profuse in the nondesert portions of our country. The May flowers were a bit early this year as well, due to our mild winter and early warmth. Our bridge group, still not heavily decimated by the annual summer migrations, played only three Fridays in April, with three, five, and four tables, respectively. On April 19 we did not play, instead, sadly, our group attended the funeral of Irene Laubenthal, one of our long-time faithful players. Irene will be

The April results are tabulated below, all based upon playing ten rounds of four hands each.

Five Highest Scores per Playing Day April 2013 April 5

April 12

April 19

April 26

John Lampe


Ralph Staschke


Natalie Staschke


Dean Cherry


Alan Courney


Dean Cherry


Rob Hinsey


Lynn Vermilyea


Marv Christianson


Ruth Courney


Lynette DiBerardino


Rob Hinsey


Bob Fiebrandt


Marv Christianson


Ben Drexler


No Play

Highest Five Scores for April Name



Natalie Staschke


April 26

Ralph Staschke


April 12

Dean Cherry


April 26

Alan Courney


April 12

Lynn Vermilyea


April 12

We play each non-holiday Friday at the Orlando Beardall Senior Center located at the northwest corner of Gore Street and Delaney Avenue near downtown Orlando. Play starts at 9:30 a.m. and ten rounds of four hands each are played, ending around 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. Cards, score pads, tallies, regular and decaf

coffee are furnished at no charge; players bring a lunchtime sandwich to eat while continuing the play. There is no charge for membership. REALM members, including spouses are invited to participate. Contact Loretta or Bob Fiebrandt at 407-894-6895 or Ben Drexler at 407-293-5957 for information.

REALM News—June 2013—Page 5

Community Service

Honor Flights need volunteer “thankers” By Joe Ripino

The 2013 honor flight schedule is shown below. Please join me and other REALM members in greeting our country’s heroes past as they come and go from their visit to the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C. Origin


Space Coast

1 Jun

22 Jun

24 Aug

28 Sep

19 Oct


25 May

22 Jun

7 Sep

6 Oct

3 Nov

Based on recent 2012 statistics, we are losing World War II veterans at the rate of approximately 800 per day. Honor Flight Network will continue to do whatever it takes to fulfill the dreams of our veterans and help our heroes visit their memorial for free. Subsequent to the World War II veterans, the efforts of Honor Flight Network will then focus on Korean War and then Vietnam War veterans, honoring them similarly. (Note: Some hubs are now accepting applications from Korean and Vietnam Veterans. Please contact your local hub to see if they are accepting these applications.)

To learn more about Honor Flight, go to the website: You can get more involved in the Central Florida Honor Flight hub. Visit to learn how. The organization needs donations to cover such items as wheelchairs, memento books for the veterans to take home, t-shirts, and other items. To volunteer to greet and thank honorees, you can park free at Orlando Fast Park & Relax, 7870 N Frontage Road, on the North side of the Beach Line (528). Parking and the Bus Ride to and from the airport is free. Please call Joe Ripino (407-352-8480 Home or 407-579-2020 cell) for the parking password. Donate Unused Airline Miles Last year REALM members supported our troops, wounded veterans, and their families by donating unused air miles to them. Please remember those heroes and their families again this year; the need never diminishes and your donations are very much appreciated. You can donate them online by going to the appropriate Airline Website and look for how to donate unused air miles. You can also call the Airlines and they would be glad to help you.

REALM News—June 2013—Page 6

REALM Recreation April 2013 Golf Results By Dick McCoy

Retirees can still enjoy golfing with fellow retirees. Twenty-one of us as well as many other non-Lockheed Martin retirees have a weekly golf outing on Wednesdays in a group called Dusty’s Duffers. The Duffers have been in existence for >20 years and have had many retirees as members. The Duffers have approximately 150 members and typically 70 to 100 members play each week. We play golf courses all over central Florida and typically pay less than $30 per round with free range balls included. We also have a year-end party that includes a modified team scramble, a free meal with door prizes and money awards for the lowest team scores.

The Duffers have four handicap groupings and each group has cash prizes for the lowest three net scores. There is also an optional skins contest for each grouping. A skin won means the player had the lowest score within his handicap group on a given hole after taking into account his handicap. For those who cannot play on Wednesdays, there is also a group that plays on Mondays. April Highlights—We had two first places in April and won eight skins. Charlie Jones captured a first place and two skins on April 3 and for the month of April had four of the eight skins. The April Summary is on the next page. Below is the play schedule for the remainder of 2013.

Dusty’s Duffers 2013 Schedule and Locations 22 May TIMACUAN





























11 Dec Annual Party – TBD Location

If you are interested in learning more about the Duffers, please contact Phil Morrison at [email protected] to receive the user name and password to access our website at http:// The website lists all the courses we will play in 2013 and also has a membership form. There is a $25 membership fee that is used to offset the cost of the year end party and cover operating costs.

REALM News—June 2013—Page 7


Apr 03

Apr 10

Apr 17

Apr 24

Course (# Players)

Royal St. Cloud (83 Players)

Kissimmee Bay (87 Players)

Orange Lake (81 Players)

Metro West

Lockheed Martin Participants (Net score)


Charlie Jones Tom Simmonds Ron Johnson Roy Lewis Tom Umbel Geff Ferguson Mike Redlins Dick McCoy Frank Walker Bill Drown

65 70 72 72 74 75 76 80 86 89

Frank Walker Phil Morrison Dick McCoy Charlie Jones Ron Johnson Bill Drown Ron Engleman Roy Ray Roy Lewis Mike Redlins Dave Lamsens Tom Umbel Geff Ferguson

65 72 74 74 75 76 78 78 79 80 81 86 90

Ron Johnson Dick McCoy Charlie Jones Mike Redlins Ron Engleman Tom Simmonds Geff Ferguson Dave Lamsens Fred Dittamaier Frank Walker Roy Lewis Tom Umbel

71 72 74 75 78 81 83 83 82 84 87 95

Ron Engleman Charlie Jones Ron Johnson Dick McCoy Carmen Spina Phil Morrison Roy Ray Mike Redlins Geff Ferguson Tom Umbel Frank Walker Tom Simmonds Dave Lamsens Roy Lewis

70 71 73 73 73 75 76 78 79 80 82 84 86 86

Charlie Jones Tom Simmonds

1st place D Flt 3rd place B Flt

Skins: Charlie Jones Dick McCoy

2 skins 1 skin

Frank Walker Phil Morrison

1st place, D Flt 3rd place D Flt

Skins: Charlie Jones Phil Morrison Frank Walker

1 skin 1 skin 1 skin

Dick McCoy

2nd place, C Flt

Skins: Mike Redlins Dick McCoy

1 skin 1 skin

Ron Engleman Charlie Jones

2nd place, D Flt 3rd place, D Flt

Skins: Charlie Jones Tom Simmonds

1 skin 1 skin

REALM News—June 2013—Page 8

Travel and Events Our calendar is filling up! By Joe Boler

The following events have been coordinated by your Travel Committee. Information about the activities that occur in the next few months is included in REALM News. Be sure to read the entire newsletter to stay in the know about these great social activities. The Travel Committee is considering other events such as trips to Hawaii, Alaska, Anna Maria Island, as well as scheduling next year’s Lunch Bunches. If you have ideas, please contact Joe. May 22 ........... Lunch Bunch at Carrabba’s Italian Grill at 5701 Vineland Rd., Orlando, hosted by Joe Boler and Bill Bowden. June 18 ............ Lunch Bunch at Westerley’s at MetroWest Country Club hosted by Clarice and Ben Drexler. Sign up now to reserve your seats.

Community Service Recent Blood Donations By Sylvia Williamson Abney

Sylvia Williamson Abney Jim Hayne Stella Malone

July 23 .............. Lunch Bunch at Zellwood Station hosted by Dave and Lynn Hayworth. August .............. No Lunch Bunch set. If anyone would like to host one in August please call Joe Boler at 407-2936549 September 10 ... Lunch Bunch at Errol Estates Country Club, hosted by Trudy and Jerry Weiss and June and Walter Wagner September 22 ... Day trip to Titusville Playhouse to see Les Misérables with lunch at Dixie Crossroads. October 4—5.... Trip to Colquitt, Georgia to see the Swamp Gravy play, in addition to a tour of Tallahassee December 12 .... Christmas Party at Errol Estates Country Club hosted by Trudy and Jerry Weiss and Marie and Bill St. Amour.

New Members Walter Legan Ron Smith Do you know a retiree who hasn’t joined REALM? Perhaps you know of one or two who forgot to renew their memberships. If so, please point them to the REALM website so they can download the application and rejoin the fun.

Jean Mathena Jim Mathena Del Williamson Thank you so much for your donations We do appreciate you all from our REALM members. Be sure to send me an email note when you donate. [email protected] Lockheed Martin’s group number is M6W rammapplA.pdf

REALM News—June 2013—Page 9

REALM Recreation Bowling Report Due to a computer glitch, the detailed seasonend report will be provided next month. Betty Hay reports that it was a highly competitive season, with teams competing up to the last

frame. Now that regular play is ended, the group looks forward to summer of “no tap” bowling. Join the fun every Thursday at 1 p.m. at Colonial Lanes, 400 N. Primrose Drive Orlando, FL 32803.

You asked ... “What in the heck is ‘no tap’ bowling?” In no-tap, the bowler does not need to knock down all ten pins to score a strike. A no-tap value is assigned to the game, which states the number of pins you must knock down to score a strike. With 9-pin no-tap, if 9 pins are knocked down, it is scored as a strike. With manual Scoring, each bowler can have his own no-tap value, so novices and experienced bowlers can compete together. Automatic scoring is typically limited to the same no-tap value.

There are also other variations of no-tap, which include split no-Tap and/or pin combo no-tap.

It’s not just lunch!

Big crowd and big fun at REALM Lunch Bunch Lunch continues to be a big crowd pleaser with REALMers. And that’s no exaggeration! For the umpteenth month in a row, over 100 folks turned up at the most recent Lunch Bunch at the Catfish Place in St. Cloud. These events are planned and hosted by various members in various places around central Florida. Whether the luncheons are in Lake County, Seminole County, Osceola County, or Orange County, we continue to enjoy great crowds and much fun.

The next Lunch Bunch is Wednesday, May 22, at Carrabba’s at 5701 Vineland Road in Orlando. June 18, we’ll enjoy the fare at Westerley’s at MetroWest Country Club, followed by Zellwood Station in Zellwood on July 23. There is no Lunch Bunch scheduled yet for August so a volunteer or two could contact Joe Boler. On September 10, we’ll enjoy lunch at the venerable Errol Estates Country Club in Apopka. By varying the locations, we get a great turnout that includes people who live in those areas plus regulars who will go anywhere to eat and socialize!

REALM News—June 2013—Page 10

May Lunch Bunch! Full Cash Bar Arrival Time Wednesday, May 22, 2013 5701 Vineland Road Orlando, FL 32808

11:00 a.m.

Menu Lasagna A house favorite, just like momma used to make.

Sirloin Marsala Wood grilled steak topped with mushrooms prosciutto, and Lombardo Marsala wine sauce.

Lobster Ravioli Ravioli stuffed with tender Maine lobster in a white cream sauce.

Price: $12.00 per Person, including tip, for the first 100 people who sign up. It is recommended that people car pool in order to increase attendees.

For sign up and information, please contact Joseph Boler, 407-293-6549, or Bill Bowden, at 407-277-5599. Confirmation required ASAP ! Make selections, clip, make checks payable to REALM, and mail to Joe Boler, 2317 N. Hastings Street, Orlando, FL, 32808 Name

Meal selection


Meal selection

May 22 Lunch Bunch at Carrabba’s on Vineland Road

REALM News—June 2013—Page 11

June Lunch Bunch! June 18

It’s always a fine time at Westerley’s at MetroWest. Hosted by Clarice and Ben Drexler, this Lunch Bunch promises to please. Make your reservations now!

Westerley’s at MetroWest Golf Club $20 per person


11:30 arrival

Chef’s Award-Winning Skirt Steak with Red Wine au jus

Chicken Chasseurs (hunter’s style) with Tomatoes, Onions, Mushrooms and

Directions From I-4, going west from downtown … 

Exit right onto Conroy Road exit (Millenia Mall exit).

Continue west on Conroy, past Kirkman and Turkey Lake roads to Hiawassee Road.

Turn right at Hiawassee Road traffic light (north).

Pass MetroWest shopping center with the Prancing Horses fountain.

Turn left at next traffic light at Lake Debra Drive.

Turn left into MetroWest Golf Club and follow road to Clubhouse.

Wine Sauce

From SR 408 … 

Go west from downtown to the Hiawassee Road exit.

Turn left (south) at the end of the ramp onto Hiawassee Road and continue for 2.1 miles to the fourth traffic light (Lake Debra Drive).

Turn right into the MetroWest Golf Club and follow the road to the clubhouse.

Clip and send $20 per person and include your choice of entrée. Mail to Ben at 4915 Calle de Sol, Orlando, FL 32819. Check which entrée you would like Name

Steak or



Steak or


June 18 Lunch Bunch at Westerley’s

REALM News—June 2013—Page 12

Travel Enjoy lunch and a show September 22

Les Misérables Make September 22 a special day by joining the REALM crowd for a great day of lunch and a play. Transportation is provided as part of the cost. We take off from Orlando on our luxury bus mid-morning from one of two locations. We have lunch at the incomparable Dixie Crossroads., which has been a favorite of ours for years. After lunch, we travel to the historic Titusville Playhouse to enjoy the longest-running musicals of all time, Les Misérables. Discover a nation in the

Dixie Crossroads has been serving great tasting seafood, char-grilled steaks, prime rib, chicken, fresh salads and their famous corn fritters for over twenty-eight years. The menu features the very best local shrimp and fish from Port Canaveral, Florida and ranges from low cost sandwiches and baskets to high end seafood combos.

grip of revolution, where convict Jean Valjean is on the run. Hunted relentlessly by the policeman Javert for breaking his parole, he must leave his past behind and keep his vow to raise the young orphaned Cosette. But with revolution in the air and Javert closing in, Jean Valjean has no choice but to fight for his life and sacrifice everything to protect the people he loves. Les Misérables is the winner of 100 international awards.

Transportation Our luxury bus will depart: 10:00 a.m. ...... St. Andrews Catholic Church 10:30 a.m. ..... Colonial Promenade 69.00 per person

Cost includes roundtrip motor coach transportation, lunch, show, taxes, gratuity on meal, driver’s gratuity. All reservations and payments must be made by September 1. Send check to Joseph Boler, 2317 N. Hastings Street, Orlando, FL 32808.

For information, contact Joe Boler, (407) 2936549; or Bill Bowden, (40) 277-5599.

L’attitude Adjustments, Inc., 2839 Spyglass Cove, Longwood, FL 32779 (407) 786-8755 Registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel. Registration No. ST-25274

REALM News—June 2013—Page 13

Travel Yahoo — something to do October 4-5

It’s Swamp Gravy and a Capital Tour! Deep in the heart of Southwest Georgia near the junction of Georgia, Florida, and Alabama is Colquitt, a rural Georgia town whose community leaders, working through Colquitt’s Arts Council, created a folk life play. Swamp Gravy, which is performed in Cotton Hall, a theater and museum that at one time was a cotton warehouse, follows the adventures of two friends, a teacher and a man with a past, as they seek to learn what life is about and how to live it. It’s guaranteed to warm your heart and make you laugh. Our two-day itinerary starts October 4 with an early morning departure abpard our deluxe motor coach, heading north. We stop en route for lunch on your own. That afternoon, we check into our hotel and freshen up before departing for a delightful dinner of southern cooking at a beautifully restored inn listed on the National Register of Historic Places. After dinner, we enjoy an evening of fun at Swamp Gravy, Georgia’s official folk life play. The next day, we enjoy a hot breakfast at our hotel before departing for home. On the way, we stop in Tallahassee for a tour of Florida’s capital city. We stop en route for lunch on your own. We anticipate arriving in Orlando in the late afternoon.

$219.00 per person, double occupancy (single supplement is $60)

Our luxury bus departs from St. Andrews Catholic Church and Colonial Promenade. The times will be provided in an upcoming edition of REALM News. To learn more and to sign up, please contact either Joe Boler, (407) 293-6549, or Bill Bowden, (407) 277-5599. L’attitude Adjustments, Inc., 2839 Spyglass Cove, Longwood, FL 32779 407-786-8755. Registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel. Registration No. ST-25274

The cost includes roundtrip motor coach, one night’s accommodations, one breakfast, one dinner, the show, the Tallahassee tour, hotel taxes, and the service of tour escort. Not included in the cost are some meals (on your own), personal incidentals, and gratuities. A $100.00 per person deposit is required at booking and final payment is due by August 15. The cancellation policy is full refund if requested 61 days or more prior to departure. From 60 to 31 days prior, a $100 refund is provided. There is no refund for cancellations 30 days or less prior to departure. Trip cancellation insurance is available and recommended. Itinerary is subject to change as deemed necessary by tour operator/attraction.

REALM News—June 2013—Page 14 In February 2007, we read about something cool that was coming soon … “Long hampered because the planes were too loud to fly over land, supersonic air travel is now on its way back—without the big bang.” Now we want to know …

Whatever happened to ... the supersonic passenger jet? Popular Science hyped, “If you’re ever lucky enough to fly a Quiet Supersonic Transport between New York and Los Angeles, you’ll have just enough

unique aerodynamics designed to control the pressure generated as the plane displaced air at supersonic speeds. With air disturbances along the craft evened out, the QSST would generate more shockwaves of smaller magnitude (hopefully imperceptible on the ground) rather than two explosive bangs. The Federal Aviation Administration restricted the Concorde to transoceanic flights because that craft created sonic booms strong enough to rattle dishes on the ground below.

time to get through a movie—a short one. Instead of the usual six hours, it will be a 1,100mph, two-hour hop.” When we first read about QSST, it was envisioned as a luxury private jet that would be the first civilian supersonic plane approved for overland routes. Its aerodynamics were being designed by Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works to muzzle its sonic boom. The lead on the effort was Supersonic Aerospace International (SAI), founded by Michael Paulson, son of Gulfstream founder Allen Paulson. The 12-passenger QSST was to fly between 47,000 and 57,000 feet altitude, cruise between Mach 1.6 and 1.8, with a range of 4,600 miles (Chicago to Rome, for example), and wouldn’t need an extended runway. The two-engine gull-wing aircraft would leave a sonic wake one hundredth the strength of the Mach 2-capable Concorde, the 100-seat speed demon that wound up permanently grounded following a fatal accident in 2000. Eliminating bone-rattling sonic booms is a major feat of aerodynamic virtuosity. When an aircraft travels faster than the speed of sound, air pressure waves are created and collide with one another faster than they can dissipate, resulting in a loud crack—the sonic boom. The QSST design we saw was shaped like the Concorde but was much smaller and featured

In 2007, SAI was evaluating engine designs from General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and RollsRoyce and the design was to be finalized soon. SAI had hoped to have the jet on the market by 2014 for about $80 million. Today, there’s no sign of SAI (its website is gone), there’s no mention of the work on the Lockheed Martin website, and we’re left to wonder if it was too good to be true, or if it was so good, it is becoming true in the truly quiet world of defense. There have been other companies working to be first to the supersonic business jet market. One, Aerion, has continued development and conducted natural laminar flow tests in wind tunnels and aboard supersonic jets. These tests verified the existence of large extents of natural laminar flow (NLF) on wings. Aerion flight-tested its technology on an F-15B.

REALM News—June 2013—Page 15

Welcome to Orlando!

Jon Rambeau named VP & GM at Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions Jon Rambeau became the new vice president and general manager for Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training’s Orlando-based Training and Logistics Solutions (TLS) line of business. Jon comes to Orlando from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics where he was F-35 international programs vice president.

was responsible for all F-35 international programs, including industrial participation agreements and international production deliveries. His knowledge and understanding of the F-35 will be a valuable asset as TLS expands its pilot and maintainer training services on that important program.

Jon replaced Denise Saiki April 1; Denise became vice president of Lockheed Martin’s Enterprise Business Services organization and the Corporation’s chief information officer.

A graduate of Drexel University with a degree in mechanical engineering, Jon started with Lockheed Martin as a member of the operations leadership program in Moorestown, N.J., supporting production of the U.S. Navy’s Aegis weapon system.

As the new leader of TLS and its 4,500 employees, Jon brings a wealth of experience to his position. At Aeronautics, he

technology from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and College of Engineering. During his career, Jon has held a number of increasingly responsible positions within the corporation, including serving as vice president of technology transition for Enterprise Operations; director of the corporation’s credentialing and biometrics line of business; and in several assignments in Moorestown. REALM members will meet Jon at our annual meeting at the Lake Underhill Road facility in 2014.

He received his master’s degree in the management of

Gnome is revealed! For months, REALM members were treated to monthly golf tips from Gnome du Plume, an avid golfer and champion of learning from the pros.

REALM’s Gnome is an avid amateur golfer who has studied the pros and shares lessons from them in a new book, Your First Golf Lesson, which is a culmination of his 32 years of golfing.

REALM News kept the Gnome’s REALM members can secret and resisted purchase their copy directthe temptation to ly from Seth. Contact him reveal his true at [email protected] identity. Until now! That’s because Ghome du Plume has revealed himself to be … [drum roll, please] Seth Moorhead!

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Transformers get real By Andrea Lawrence Lockheed Martin’s TX concept

Back in the early 1980s, the hottest toys for boys were Transformers, cool robots that with a flick of his wrist my son transformed into vehicles, weapons, or odd electronic-looking gadgets. Yes, Microman and Diaclone, Optimus Prime, and Megatron were outstanding soldiers with awesome powers. Boys like him are adults now, still enthralled with Transformers and the next-gen Transformers are popular with our grandkids. The famed Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is addressing the transportation needs of today’s deployed warfighters via the Transformer (TX) program—a 5-year, three-phase flying car effort for the United States military. Today, deployed transportation needs are met by either highly mobile multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWVs) or a helicopter, both of which have limitations. The TX program combines the advantages of

Spider-Man battles Megatron on the cover of Transformers No. 3 graphic novel

ground vehicles and helicopters into a single vehicle that will have extraordinary flexibility of movement and with the capability to face any sort of threat today or envisioned in the future, all while avoiding road obstructions. With TX, the military isn’t constrained to using roads and other terrain that make travel predictable and easily tracked. TX will greatly reduce the time needed to resupply troops, to insert and extract fire teams, and to evacuate the wounded—a time savings that greatly increases safety and survival. TX will be piloted or unpiloted, designed for military scouting, personnel transport, and logistics missions; and designers will assess the feasibility of vertical take-off and landing a road-worthy vehicle capable of carrying four Soldiers. Lockheed Martin and other contractors are looking at options such as hybrid electric drive ducted fan propulsion system, ring motors, energy storage methods such as batteries and ultra capacitors, morphing vehicle bodies, and advanced flight controls and flight management systems. Now that’s a cool transformer!

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June Anniversaries ARTHUR and NANCY AHLIN their 56 th married 6 3 1957 in BALTIMORE MD

DALE and MARY DIBBLE their 64 th married 6 26 1949 in PORTSMOUTH VA

JACK and MARY ANN AURAND their 55 th married 6 7 1958 in CHARLES CITY IO

EDWARD and BARBARA DOMBROWSKI their 61 th married 6 21 1952 in BUFFALO NY

GENE and BARBARA BAKER their 48 th married 6 12 1965 in SARASOTA FL

ROBERT and MARY DOUD their 42 nd married 6 5 1971 in DENVER CO

RICHARD and SARAH BARBIER their 55 th married 6 14 1958 in FT. WAYNE IN

LEHMAN and DOROTHY DRIVER their 52 nd married 6 17 1961 in ORLANDO FL

LUTHER and JEWELL BARFIELD their 72 nd married 6 21 1941 in ROSSVILLE GA

FRED and JANE FALLMAN JR their 57 th married 6 1 1956 in SYLACAUGA AL

DONALD and GRACE BARNHART their 60 th married 6 5 1953 in SPRINGFIELD OH

BERT and SHIRLEY FERNANDEZ their 54 th married 6 27 1959 in FALLS CHURCH VA

PHILLIP and ANNE BARTLING their 57 th married 6 9 1956 in GAINESVILLE FL

BOB and LORETTA FIEBRANDT their 65 th married 6 24 1948 in SALT LAKE CITY UT

BUNNY and ROSE BAZENSKY their 22 nd married 6 15 1991 in ORLANDO FL

RICHARD and BEVERLY FIFER their 44 th married 6 21 1969 in LAKELAND FL

DICK and WILMA BEEKMAN their 61 st married 6 8 1952 in RENVILLE MN

MYRON and LYNN FRIEDMAN their 41 st married 6 10 1972 in LANDO SC

PAUL and LINDA BETHKE their 18 th married 6 3 1995

THOMAS and Joyce FURR their 45 th married 6 15 1968

DOROTHY and NICHOLAS BLACKWELL their 57 th married 6 16 1956 in BALTIMORE MD

GEORGE and HAPPY GAFFORD their 47 th married 6 11 1966

JOSEPH and JAN BLUM their 35 th married 6 24 1978 in CLERMONT FL

JOHN and SHIRLEY GALIK their 53 rd married 6 18 1960 in BRECKSVILLE OH

RUSSELL and MARY ELLEN BOICE their 56 th married 6 18 1957 in LUBBOCK TX

CALVIN and NANCY GATEWOOD their 57 th married 6 2 1956 in INDIAN HEAD MD

JOSEPH W. and ALICE B. BOLER their 60 th married 6 6 1953 in FALL RIVER MA

KERMIT and MAXINE GAY their 54 th married 6 27 1959 in CHAMBLEE GA

WILLIAM and JOSEPHINE BREGEL their 55 th married 6 6 1958 in ORLANDO FL

JAMES and SHARON GIBBONEY their 54 th married 6 20 1959 in WESTERN SPRINGS IL

RICHARD and CYNTHIA BYLE their 26 th married 6 23 1987 in ORLANDO FL

LARRY and MARLENE GLASER their 49 th married 6 13 1964 in TWO RIVERS WI

JAMES and ILA CLONTZ their 55 th married 6 28 1958 in ORLANDO FL

RAY and CONSTANCE HERBERT their 53 rd married 6 18 1960 in JACKSONVILLE FL

BRUCE and NORMA DE BORD their 53 rd married 6 5 1960 in ST. CLOUD FL

GENE and ELVA HOKE their 55 th married 6 7 1958 in WASHINGTON DC

PAUL and ANN DE COSTER their 49 th married 6 27 1964 in CONCORD MA

JOEL and MARIA HORRELL their 25 th married 6 11 1988

LESLIE and CONSTANCE DEATHERAGE their 54 th married 6 27 1959 in GRANITE CITY IL

ROBERT and BONNIE HURRING their 53 rd married 6 18 1960 in ORLANDO FL

DAVID and CARMEN DEEDS their 41 st married 6 24 1972 in JACKSONVILLE FL

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June Anniversaries CHARLES and PHYLLIS INSLEY their 55 th married 6 14 1958 in BALTIMORE MD

CLIFFORD and KEIKO MILLS their 55 th married 6 10 1958

CLYDE and DOLORES JACKSON their 54 th married 6 22 1959 in CINCINNATI OH

EVELYNE and DEAN MITCHELL their 53 rd married 6 17 1960 in WINTER PARK FL

JERRY and BETTY JACKSON their 51 st married 6 23 1962 in APOPKA FL

MILAN and GAIL MONCLA JR their 30 th married 6 25 1983 in ORLANDO FL

CHARLES and MILDRED JOHNSON their 57 th married 6 23 1956 in ELKTON MD

THOMAS and PATRICIA MOORE their 47 th married 6 11 1966 in GREENEVILLE TN

RODERICK and SHELLEY KISER their 37 th married 6 19 1976 in LAS VEGAS NV

NICHOLAS and RAMONA NARUSHKO their 59 th married 6 26 1954 in BALTIMORE MD

MARTIN and CLAIRE KOSHAR their 57 th married 6 24 1956 in NANUET NY

EUGENE and JANICE NATOLI their 56 th married 6 22 1957 in ARLINGTON MA

DONALD and MARLENE LAMBING their 59 th married 6 13 1954 in AKRON OH

RICHARD and CARLEEN NEWELL their 53 rd married 6 11 1960 in ORLANDO FL

JERRY and ANNE LAUER their 64 th married 6 11 1949

WILLIAM and MARIE O'CAIN their 52 nd married 6 17 1961 in ORLANDO FL

ALBERT and JACQUELINE LeBOEUF their 38 th married 6 28 1975 in ORLANDO FL

NEIL and ELIZABETH OWEN their 53 rd married 6 25 1960 in ORLANDO FL

SEYMOUR and ANNE LEIBOWITZ their 59 th married 6 5 1954 in TUCSON AZ

ROBERT and DELORE PARKS their 52 nd married 6 24 1961 in SPARTA WI

JOHN and DOROTHY LEVELL SR. their 58 th married 6 11 1955 in BEL AIR MD

WILLIAM and MYRA PARRISH their 64 th married 6 4 1949 in DOTHAN AL

BETTY and JOE LITTLE their 48 th married 6 26 1965 in WAUKEGAN IL

WALT and HATTIE PATTON their 12 th married 6 23 2001

DAVID and MARCIA LONG their 46 th married 6 10 1967 in ORLANDO FL

DAVID and HELEN PEASE their 60 th married 6 26 1953 in WINCHESTER VA

WILLIAM and DOROTHY MAGEE their 47 th married 6 4 1966 in BROOKLYN NY

THOMAS and JOAN RAINEY their 52 nd married 6 17 1961 in ORLANDO FL

ROBERT and JOANNE MARSHALL their 66 th married 6 15 1947 in NASHVILLE TN

JOHN and DOROTHY RAMSAY their 54 th married 6 28 1959 in SANFORD FL

CHARLES and HELEN MARTIN their 62 nd married 6 9 1951 in NOTTINGHAM EN

JOSEPH and BARBARA RIPINO their 42 nd married 6 5 1971 in LONG ISLAND NY

ROBERT and NANCY MARTIN their 57 th married 6 2 1956 in ORLANDO FL

FRANK and ELIZABETH RIZZI their 50 th married 6 22 1963 in BRONX NY

LAWRENCE and ANTOINETTE MARTINY their 56 th married 6 1 1957 in OLEAN NY

DAN and SHARON ROBERTSON their 36 th married 6 24 1977 in EVERGREEN CO

JOSEPH and CARMEN Mc MAHAN their 58 th married 6 25 1955 in DULUTH MN

WALTON and CAROLYN ROBINSON their 57 th married 6 16 1956 in ORLANDO FL

ROBERT and KATHLEEN MELLOR their 41 st married 6 10 1972

PAUL and CINDY RUSHWORTH their 32 th married 6 11 1981 in WINTER PARK FL

CHARLES and BONNIE MILLER their 42 nd married 6 19 1971 in PHILIDELPHIA PA

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June Anniversaries FREDRICK and CARMELA SCHILDWACHTER their 56 th married 6 15 1957 in BALTIMORE MD

RONALD and ROSA WAGNER their 58 th married 6 25 1955 in

BLAIR and JOY SCHLENDER their 56 th married 6 16 1957 in BENTON HARBOR MI

WALTER and MILDRED WALDOW their 67 th married 6 23 1946 in BALTIMORE MD

JOSEPH and MYRA SEINBERG their 49 th married 6 14 1964 in BROOKLYN NY

EDWARD and MARY WALTHER their 21 th married 6 26 1992 in Kissimmee FL

NANCY and DONALD SHOLLENBARGER their 46 th married 6 24 1967 in CHARLES CITY IA

FRANK and ROSEMARIE WEYER their 57 th married 6 17 1956 in MORVEN GA

MARLIN and JOANN SLOAN their 59 th married 6 11 1954 in ATLANTA GA

KENNETH and BARBARA WHITAKER their 48 th married 6 25 1965 in N.ATTLEBORO MA

THEODORE and ROSE ANN SLOAN their 56 th married 6 22 1957 in DAYTON OH

GERARD and THERESA WICKLIN their 62 th married 6 12 1951 in ATLANTA GA

LARRY and ALICE SPENCE their 30 th married 6 11 1983 in BRISTOL TN

JAMES and MISHELL WILLIAMS their 46 th married 6 24 1967 in MELBOURNE FL

JOHN and MARTHA STAGG JR their 51 th married 6 23 1962 in WINTER GARDEN FL

WILLIAM and LOIS WILLSON JR. their 59 th married 6 12 1954 in DUNDALK MD

NICKY and MIKE SWELFER their 51 th married 6 2 1962 in ORLANDO FL

JACK and MARJORIE WING their 62 th married 6 16 1951 in LEIGHTON IA

DAVID and ANN THOMAS their 64 th married 6 12 1949 in BALTIMORE MD

JAMES and BEVERLY WISNER their 46 th married 6 3 1967 in MUSCLESHORES AL

THOMAS and JOAN TOMASETTI their 52 th married 6 3 1961 in McGUIRE AFB NJ

BOB and DOT WOOD their 72 th married 6 8 1941 in PARKVILLE MD

WALTER and JUNE WAGNER their 62 th married 6 2 1951 in BUFFALO NY

In Memoriam Anthony (Bud) Schneck ................. July 2, 2012

Betty Mae Conner .......................... April 18

Marianne Genetti ........................... March 28

Henry Nurkiewicz’s widow, Pat .... April 20

Dennis Moran’s wife, Shirley ........ March 31

William Preston .............................. April 21

Walter Trippe’s wife, Mary ........... April 5

James Staples ................................. April 21

Tom Dolan’s widow, Joan ............. April 5

Carl Franzen ................................... April 22

Wyatt Gantt .................................... April 12

Walter Dollinger ............................. April 22

Irene Laubenthal ............................ April 14

Loyola Story ................................... April 24

Darlene Avera ................................ April 14

Melvin Taylor’s wife, Phyllis ........ May 2

David Sellers .................................. April 15

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