Railing Systems DECISIVE EFFICIENCY  The Revolution OF ALL-GLASS RAILINGS BALARDO has wholly redefined all-glass railings and fundamentally redu...
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Railing Systems



BALARDO has wholly redefined all-glass railings and fundamentally reduced both costs and the difficulty of installation. BALARDO is type inspected and based upon a brand new system concept, which makes using all-glass for railings attractive and economic like never before.


Tr a n s pa r e n t SA F E F LE XI BLE E CO N O MI C A L

Tr a nsparent MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY MADE TO ORDER Spans of up to 2,400 mm and system heights of up to 1,300 mm allow maximum transparency and dimensioning with tested safety. Enjoy Flexibility, Even With Glass. In contrast to prefabricated glass construction modules, you can obtain the glass from GLASSLINE or from a supplier of your choice. Printed or colored PVB film is excellent for creatively designing the balusters. To put it simply, BALARDO offers you matchless freedom. ≤ 2.400 mm ≤ 1.300 mm




2 0–

100 mm


Safe and secure TESTED SAFETY FROM THE OUTSET With checked certificates (test certificates) and technical approvals, BALARDO offers absolute safety and security. No more incalculable time and cost factors for inspections, component tests or building code conditions. Balardo reduces the project period to a minimum. The dynamic structural behaviour for continuous use suitability is tested by means of extensive standardised test series performed by the accredited test laboratory LGA (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern). The BALARDO system is structurally calculated. The checked type structural calculations examine / analyse all system components, applications and load cases in accordance with the current standards and technical regulations. BALARDO is VDE tested for ball throwing safety in accordance with DIN 18032 Part 3 and can be used without restriction for all uses, including sports halls.

FLEXIBLE FREEDOM TO MEET EVERY NEED BALARDO is persuasive with its numerous possibilities for usage; in flat areas or on stairs, in buildings or outside, in public and private construction projects. It can be even be used easily with variable flooring installations up to 180 mm, although the support profile will have to be welded or screwed to the connection to the structure.

BALARDO offers you the correct building connection for almost any construction situation:


From above

Lateral with gap

Connection to the building

Connection on the facing

Connection on the facing

Connection on the facing

from above

side – independent of

side – flush to the building

side with gap from the

flooring installations

building up to 90 mm

ECONOMIC AL I N T E L L I G E N T LY C O N S T R U C T E D – Q U I C K LY I N S TA L L E D BALARDO is very efficient. The fast and simple installation significantly reduces the planning and realization phases. BALARDO is a modular system – a great deal of value has been placed on efficiency during installation. Fast and simple installation Flexible offsetting Glass plates can be replaced from above – without disassembling the support construction No drilling or grouting of the glass plates necessary

less Installation and Planning Time Another plus: Laminated safety glass (LSG) made from float glass provides a huge measure of safety while remaining incredibly economical.

The Installation Principle Is Easy As Can Be Attach the support profile to the connection elements using screws or welding Insert the support clamping system into the support profile Insert glass panes from above, without drilling, and clamp them in place with wedges – finished The dimensions of the glass plates are not dependent to the length of the support profile and

can extend beyond the jointing area

– T HE SYS T EM The basic element of BALARDO is the support profile with its support clamping system made from high quality galvanized steel. The glass plates are inserted in the support profiles with their specially developed clamping shoe and then securely fixed into place with wedges.


Support Profile Height: 100 mm

Clamping Shoe

Aluminum and Plastic Wedges


System 1

System 2

Flange height: 100 mm

Flange height: 150 mm


Lateral with gap

System 3

Systems 4 + 5

System 6 - 9

Height: 140 mm

4 Height: 240 mm 5 Height: 320 mm

6 7 8 9

Height: 140 mm, gap 50 mm Height: 190 mm, gap 50 mm Height: 190 mm, gap 90 mm Height: 140 mm, gap 90 mm

Glass panes, hand rails, connection elements and facings are all independent from the system. You can obtain these from Glassline or from a supplier of your choice. We are happy to provide you with the necessary information or you can download it at www.glassline.de and www.balardo.de.

FACING PANELS Exterior Facing Panels

For Systems 1 + 2

For Systems 3, 6 + 9

For Systems 4, 5, 7 + 8

Facing panel height 105 mm

Facing panel height 160 mm

Upon request

Clip Profile

Angle Clamp

Slotted Profile

For Systems 1, 2, 4 - 9

For Systems 1, 2, 4 - 9

For System 3

Silver E6 EV1

Interior Facing Panels Nature / Untreated




Stainless Steel

On load-bearing edge protectors

U profile · 30 x 27 mm

Angular · ≥ 40/50 mm

Round · Ø 42,4 mm · Ø 48,3 mm

Round · ≥ Ø 55 mm

Oval · Ø 80/40 mm

Oval · ≥ Ø 90/50 mm


max. 180 mm

70 mm

105 mm

In building, from above, flush


OK RFB L 150x100x12 / 60mm lg .

solid ceiling


160 mm

solid ceiling


~ 260 mm

In building, lateral, flush


solid ceiling


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solid ceiling 160 mm

Outdoors, lateral with gap


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In building, lateral, prefixed


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