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Quick Reference QUICK REFERENCE KIU® November 2012 1 Quick Reference General Information On Line Help Display of Emulator´s Information Device In...
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Quick Reference


KIU® November 2012


Quick Reference General Information On Line Help Display of Emulator´s Information Device Information Log In Display of Working Areas Disconnection Of Device Log Out City Change Screen Cleaning Board of Authorized Cities Timetables and Calculations Information Currency and rates Information Decoding International Aviation Alphabet Encoding and Decoding Cities, Countries, Airports, Equipment and Airlines Timetables Board Interline Agreement Information regarding issue authorization (Agcy) CHANGE Key END OF ITEM Key TEST Mode REAL Mode Acces to Airline News Access to systems suggestions

HELP o GG *S* City Type Identifier Sub-type Address Device SI(User) Ø(area number) i.e. Ø3 Tool Bar - Main - New Area 15 Minutes of Inactivity SO or SO* AAA(CTY) CLS or CTRL+ENTER T*ALL T*ALL/X T* - T*(CTY) - T*GMT –T*GMT/(CTY)(GMT TIME) T*GMT/(CTY)(DATE)/(GMT TIME) - T*ET/(CTY/(CTY) CU*CUR-CU*(currency)-CU*ARS100/USD INA* - INA* - INA*(PNR code) DAC(City code) - DAN(City)- DNP(Country Name) DNE(equipment code) – DNA(Company) TN(date)(route) T*OA JJISS TAB SHIFT + ENTER øøTEST or øøTS or øøTST øøRES or øøEND or øøLIVE NEWS TIPS

Single PNR Availability Request Connections Itinerary Direct Reservation Direct Reservation in Waiting List Direct Reservation Subject to Availability Booking from Flight Availability Reorganize segments Name Adult Child Infant FOID (Identifier Document)

Date of birth Associate a INF to an adult passenger Frequent flyer number

1(date) (route) (hour) 1(date) (route) /X 1(date) (route) /X(city) 0(company)(flight)(class)(date)(route)NN(quantity of places) 0(company)(flight)(class)(date)(route)LL(quantity of places) 0(company)(flight)(class)(date)(route)MM(quantity of places) 0(quantity)(class)(segment number) /2/1 -(last name)/(name) (title: MR, MRS) -(last name)/(name) CHD -I/(last name)/(name) -(last name)/(name) (.) (type of FOID)(FOID number) VALID TYPES OF FOID: PP: Passport number NI: National Identity number ID: Local identification number -(last name)/(name).(FOID)/06JUN2008 -I/(last name)/(name).(FOID)*P1 -I/(last name)/(name).(FOID).FF(frequent flyer number)

KIU® November 2012


Quick Reference Modify Last Name and Name Passenger Type to CHD Passenger Type to ADT ID Number Cancel Complete Name Document ID Contact Telephone Number E-Mail Modify Time Limit Manual Automatic Date Options From Date of Creation or Modification of PNR From Date of First Segment of PNR Modify Ticket Manual Modify Received From

-(item -(item -(item -(item

number)ø(last name)/(name) number)ø*CHD number )ø* number)ø(.) (Type of FOID)(FOID number)

-(item number) ø -(item number) ø(.) 9(city) (contact) 9E-(e-mail) 9(item number) ø (city) 8(hour)/(date) 8X(hour)/(date) 8+1D 8+12 8-1D 8-12 Overwrite with new time limit 7T (ticket number) 7T (new ticket) 6(responsible’s name) RF(responsible’s name)

Comment Register And Modification End Of Transaction Close Close and re-display Ignore Change Of Responsibility Change Of Class

5 (free text) E ER IG / I RP/(city)(device) SB(quantity)(new class)(segment number)

Itinerary Cancellation Segment Itinerary Inactived Segment


PNR Retrieval Code Last Name And Flight Last Name And Route Last Name, Route And Date Last Name And Date Ticket Number Document’s ID number Document’s ID number and date Documents’ ID number, date, and route Documents’ ID number and flight Documents’ ID number, flight and route From availability

*(reservation code) or RT (reservation code) *(flight)/(date)-(last name) **(last name)/(route) **(last name)/(date)/(route) **(last name)/(date) *T/(last name) *(.)(Type of FOID)(FOID number) *(.)(Type of FOID)(FOID number)/(Date) *(.)(Type of FOID)(FOID number)/(Date)(origin)(destination) *(flight number)/(date)-.(Type of FOID)(FOID number) *(flight number)/(date)(origin)(destination)-.( FOID) *(line number)-.(FOID)

KIU® November 2012


Quick Reference Group Name From an Availability From a List Re-order / Retrieve a deployed PNR History Links Last Transactions

**GRP/(date)(route) *(line number) -(last name) *(line number) *A or RT *H LINK *LAST10 / *LAST25

Group PNR Status HM (required / to be confirmed)

-C/(quantity)GRP (name of group)

PNR Division Individual PNR PNR GRP

D(item number) DC(quantity)/(item number)

Reduction Of PNR Retrieve PNR Cancel a Passenger Quantity Of Bookings Left

RT -ø (item number) (,)(quantity of bookings left)

Increase Of PNR Retrieve PNR Add Name New Quantity

RT -(last name)/(name) SB(segment number)(class)(quantity)

History Of PNR From Availability From Reservation Code Historical Association

*H *H/(reservation code) ADN

Printing Commands Control + Enter / PTR (command)

Segments Status Request NN Need LL Waiting List MM Subject To Availability

SS if confirmed or LL if on waiting list. It is used in direct reservation. LL. It is used when flight or class is full. This code does not deduct places from inventory but it is included in the passenger´s list.

Action HK Confirmed HL Waiting List MM Subject To Availability HM Required

Every confirmed reservation is deducted from inventory. Reservations in waiting list. It does not deduct places from inventory but it is included in the passenger´s list. Standing by until the company confirms it.

Notice KL Waiting List Confirmed

Confirmed segment alter being on waiting list. It goes from HL to KL when new places are available. It must be changed to HK.

KIU® November 2012


Quick Reference KK Required Confirmation

TK Flight Modification Of a HK Segment UN Cancelled Flight Or NonOperating Flight TL Flight Modification Of A HL Segment Changing Status

Confirmed from required status. It is executed manually and generates messages on queues 25, 26 or 45 in origin cities. It must be changed to HK. Schedule changed (HK). That segment will be placed on queue 30 of the city that generated it. It must be changed to HK. Notice a cancelled flight or non-operating one. The PNR will be placed on queue 30 of the city that generated it. The segment must be cancelled. Schedule changes (HL). The PNR will be placed on queue 30 of the city that generated it. It must be changed to HL. (.) (segment number) (action status) Status KL, KK and TK must be changed to HK

Fare Quote Display Fares Display By Specific Date By Company Or Carrier By Currency From an Availability

FQD(leg) FQD(leg)/D(date) FQD(leg)/A(airline code) FQD(leg)/R,FS-(currency) FQDA

Taxes Display By Country By Airport By Airport And Company Or Carrier

TX*(country code) TX*(airport) TX*(airport)/(company)

Messages From Device To Device


Queues Complete List of Queues Active Queues List Options Queues From Another City Specific Queue Specific Queue Of A City Specific Queue Of A City And Working Signatures View Of PNR Contacts Enter to a specific Queue Re-Display Within Queues Re-Displays Last PNR Re-Displays Last Message Send A PNR To A Queue Send A PNR To A City´s Queue Move Or Remove PNR From A Queue Remove PNR And Display Next One Move PNR Without Removing It And Display Next One Close PNR And Remove It Remove Every PNR From A Queue Move Every PNR From A Queue To Another One Copy Every PNR From A Queue To Another One Exit Queues Exit Queue And Ignore Changes

QCT/ (city) QC/ QC/ (city) QC/ (queue number) QC/ (city) (queue number) QC/ (city) (queue number) * Q/ (queue number) * Q/ (queue number) *A *Q QP/(queue number) QP/ (city) (queue number) QR I E QZAP/ (city) (queue number) QMOV/ (city)(queue number) / (city) (queue number) QCOPY/ (city) (queue number) / (city) (queue number) QXI

KIU® November 2012


Quick Reference Exit Queue And Save Changes Exit Queue And Remove The Last Displayed PNR Working On A PNR Within Queues Remove A PNR From A Queue, Passing To Next PNR Do Not Remove PNR From A Queue Queue History Within A PNR


Automatic Quotation Basic Quotation Individual Pax Quotation Quotation By Segment Several Passengers Type Quotation Quotation Quotation Quotation Quotation Quotation Quotation Quotation

WS WW(pax item number) WS*S(segment number) WS*P(pax type)(quantity of pax) WS*P (pax type),(pax type)(quantity) WS*Q/(discount code)/DP(discount percentage) WS*Q/ (discount code)/DP(discount percentage)X WS*Q(fare basis) WS*R(city) WS/(currency code) WS*TXEX WS*TX12QN/32.50DL WS*TX+12QO/56.50AR WS*TX-XR/DL WS*D31DEC WS*N1*S1*QY/AD50/DP50

With Discount Excepting Established Discounts Forcing Fare Basis By Remote Point By Type Of Currency Excepting Taxes – Adding New Taxes

Quotation – Deleting Applied Taxes Quotation – Future date Combined Quotation Personal Sales Report Sales Report Opening Sales Report Close Viewing Daily Sales Report Adding Remarks To A Sales Report Adding Remarks To An Issued Ticket Sales Report´s Remote Close

WA*OPEN WA*CLOSE WA* WAR free text WAN (item number) / (free text) WA*CLOSE/ (office) / (user) / (date)

General Report Sales Other Agent´s Sales Report Specific Date Office´s Specific Date And Present Day Several Dates, Open Reports Several Dates, Every Registry Specific Sales Report Sales Summary Of An Office

WL/ (office) / (date) WL// (date) WL// WL//O/ (date- date) WL//(date - date) WL/(office) # (report number) WL/ (office) # (date)

Forms Of Payment Viewing Forms Of Payment Viewing Authorized Credit Cards Viewing Forms Of Payment Authorized By The Company

FOP FOPCC FOP/A(airline code)

Issue Cash Bank Check

WK*FCA WK*FCK (check number) (free text)

KIU® November 2012


Quick Reference Credit Card Debit Card Multiple Issue (Cash + Credit Card) Tickets To Invoice For Free Form Of Payment Exchange

WK*F/(card´s code and number) / (expiration date) / Z (authorization code) WK*F(.)(card´s code and number)/ (expiration date) /Z (authorization code) WK*FCA#/VI4054343467672121/1204/Z899-20/40XT WK*FINCTA CTE (current account) (current account´s name) WK*FXX (free text) WK*FEX

Issue Options Pax Segments Commission Endorsement Remote Tour Code

WK*FCA*N(pax´s item number)(,)(pax´s item number) WK*FCA*S(segment number) WK*FCA*KP(commission percentage) WK*FCA*ED/ (free text) WK*F(form of payment)*R(office) WK*FCA*U (free text)

E-TKT Printing E-TKT Printing Itinerary Printing CCCF Printing

ITR/(tkt line number) ITR/(tkt number) IE/(reservation code) IE*S(segment number)*P(pax number) ETP/(tkt line number) ETP/(tkt number)

E-TKT Retrieval Name

TKT Number Document ID Sending an E-TKT by E-mail Viewing E-TKT Viewing E-TKT´s History Re-displaying an E-TKT Ignoring an E-TKT

*T/(surname) *T/(surname/name) *T/(surname/name)/(date) *T/(surname)/(date) *T/(surname/name)/(date-date) *T/(tkt number) *T/(.)(document ID number) ITR/(tkt´s line number) – (mail) ITR/(tkt line number) – M(mail item number) ET/(tkt line number) ET/(tkt number) ETH/(tkt line number) ETH/(tkt number) ET* ETI

E-TKT´s Status O F E V R I


TKT available for use. TKT not available for use. Exchanged. TKT not available for use. Voided. TKT not available for use. Refunded. TKT not available for use. TKT not available for use.

KIU® November 2012



Reserved. TKT not available for use. TKT not available for use.

E-TKT Void Void Remote Void

W*V(tkt number) Only with keyword RPGSPV

E-TKT Revalidation One Segment Several Segments And Coupons

ETRV/L(tkt´s item number) /S(segment´s number) /E(coupon´s number) (,). E.i.: ETRV/L2/S1,2/E1,2

E-TKT Movement ETMV/P(pax´s item number to associate tkt)

KIU® November 2012