Purchase Newly Minted.999+ Fine Silver Rounds

Dealing directly with the Mint enables you to eliminate the middlemen. Get more value for your dollar and receive your product faster! The Golden Stat...
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Dealing directly with the Mint enables you to eliminate the middlemen. Get more value for your dollar and receive your product faster! The Golden State Mint is a full-service mint. We melt, extrude, and strike silver rounds on site daily! With our high-volume production facility we are enabled to provide customers with the most competitive pricing and fastest deliveries in the industry. We have been in the business of precious metals, refining and minting for over 30 years, and will give you total reliability and confidence. Golden State Mint is ready to meet all your minting needs. Due to the scale of our high volume capacity, we are supported with a fluid supply of metal and excellent pricing. We have the ability to supply customers with any quantity desired. We do not oversell our capacity and have not failed to meet any of our customers’ needs. All of our .999+ Fine Silver Bullion Rounds are brand new and shipped directly from our mint in California. We DO NOT sell secondary market (second hand) rounds which have been in public circulation. The silver products produced are fresh and look that way when you receive delivery. The Golden State Mint mints and ships product every day!

Purchase Newly Minted .999+ Fine Silver Rounds One (1) oz. Buffalo Nickel & Incuse Indian Replica Rounds   Quantity‐ Sold in tubes of 20  Price per Round (1 oz) over Silver price  100‐480  $0.99  500+   $0.85 plus No Shipping Charge  High‐volume & repeat customers please contact us          

  Buffalo Nickel replica                                                                                                Incuse Indian replica 

One (1) oz. Morgan, Saint­Gaudens, Standing Liberty, & Prospector Replica Rounds   Quantity‐ Sold in tubes of 20  Price per Round (1 oz) over Silver price  100‐480  $1.19  500+  $0.95 plus No Shipping Charge   High‐volume & repeat customers please contact us         

  Morgan Dollar replica                                                                                                 Saint‐Gaudens replica 

  Standing Liberty Quarter replica                                                                               Prospector

Minimum purchase requirement of 100 ounces Other designs to choose from on our website.

Half (1/2) oz. Incuse Indian Rounds   Quantity‐ Sold in tubes of 20 (10 troy oz)  20‐80     (10‐40 troy oz)  100‐480 (50‐240 troy oz)  500‐1,980 (250‐990 troy oz)  2,000+   (1,000+ troy oz)   

Price per Round (1/2 oz) plus cost of silver content  $1.25  $1.00  $0.85 if > 500 oz, No Shipping Charge     $0.65 plus No Shipping Charge 

  Half (½), Quarter (1/4), & Tenth (1/10) oz.  INCUSE INDIAN FRACTIONALS NOW AVAILABLE!    

Quarter (1/4) oz. Incuse Indian Rounds  Quantity‐ Sold in tubes of 20 (5 troy oz)  20‐80         (5‐20 troy oz)  100‐480    (25‐120 troy oz)  500‐3,980 (125‐995 troy oz)   4,000+       (1,000+ troy oz) 

Price per Round (1/4 oz) plus cost of silver content  $0.99  $0.80  $0.60  if > 500 oz, No Shipping Charge     $0.55 plus No Shipping Charge 

Tenth (1/10) oz. Incuse Indian Rounds  Quantity‐ Sold in tubes of 50 (5 troy oz)  50‐250          (5‐25 troy oz)  300‐950        (30‐95 troy oz)  1,000‐9,950 (100‐995 troy oz)  10,000+        (1,000+ troy oz) 

Price per Round (1/10 oz) plus cost of silver content  $0.95  $0.79  $0.59 if > 500 oz, No Shipping Charge     $0.50 plus No Shipping Charge 

No shipping charge on orders of 500 oz or larger!

Minimum purchase requirement of 100 ounces

Guaranteed fast delivery by insured mail

All products are struck in .999+ Fine Silver

Due to market fluctuations, all orders must be placed by phone to lock-in silver spot price. Please call our office at 909-792-5756 or 800-320-8260.

Payment: Funds for orders must be received via bank wire, cashier check, money order, or personal check prior to shipment. Due to the nature of the silver bullion market, wire transfers must be received within 24 hours of price lock or invoice issuance. Shipping & wire info will be supplied as necessary.

We are the ONLY Private Mint in the United States who always meets and exceeds expectations on its promised delivery times. We won’t oversell our production capacity as others do, causing them to be as much as 6 months late on delivery scheduled.

Custom Minting & Die Design Our in-house designer will take any idea from concept to creation. We’ll create any 2-D and/or 3-D dies from your description or artwork to meet your specifications. Costs of dies may range from $300- $1,300 per side. Costs vary depending on 2-D or 3-D die creation and detail of design.

Additionally, we’ll trade All Precious Metals towards .999+ Fine Silver rounds.  


Convert your Bullion Bars to .999+ Fine Silver Rounds The Golden State Mint is proud to offer a Bar to Silver Round Conversion Program that has a total cost per ounce of $0.75; including fully insured shipping of the newly-minted Silver Rounds back to you (for orders of 1,000 oz+, smaller orders slightly more). We will accept your 1,000 ounce bars or any other size or shape pure silver, whether new or heavily tarnished, and convert it into your choice of beautiful freshly minted Incuse Indian or Buffalo Silver Rounds (or both). Additionally, we have other rounds available (pictured above) for a small additional premium. We will then ship the newlyminted Silver Rounds back to you, fully insured, in tubes of 20 rounds each in 500 count boxes. For additional customer convenience, we are now offering to mint your rounds without any cash payment required. Simply send us any of your precious metal bullion bars and coins, and we’ll quickly return your new rounds less the equivalent value of minting charges. No cash outlay is required on your part. Additionally, for only $0.85 an ounce, we will arrange with FedEx Ground for your bars to be picked up and delivered with full freight insurance from your home or business to the Mint and back to you. If you are holding metal at HSBC or taking delivery of futures contracts we can expedite turning your silver into our product with no trouble to you. We can also handle any size gold for silver swap you may need.

Convert to One (1) oz. Buffalo Nickel & Incuse Indian Replica Rounds   Quantity (troy oz.)‐ Shipped in tubes of 20  100‐480  500‐980   1,000+    

Price per Round (1 oz)   $0.99  $0.85 plus No Shipping Charge     $0.75 plus No Shipping Charge   

Convert to One (1) oz. Morgan, Saint­Gaudens, Standing Liberty, & Prospector Replica Rounds   Quantity (troy oz.)‐ Shipped in tubes of 20  100‐480  500‐980  1,000+    

   

Price per Round (1 oz)   $1.19  $0.95 plus No Shipping Charge     $0.85 plus No Shipping Charge   

Apply Fractional Round pricing for Fractional conversion. Minimum conversion or purchase requirement of 100 ounces. Guaranteed fast delivery by insured mail. All products are struck in .999+ Fine Silver.

Please feel free to call with any questions. We look forward to speaking with you. Regards, Jim & Andrew Pavlakos Toll-Free: 800-320-8260 Phone: 909-792-5756 Fax: 321-821-0220

Website: www.GoldenStateMint.com e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]