AFTER-SALES SUPPORT c WE DO MORE THAN SUPPORT PRODUCTS. WE SUPPORT PRODUCTIVITY. C a te rp illa r c u s to m e rs ex p e c t u s to p rov i d e ...
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PRODUCTIVITY. C a te rp illa r c u s to m e rs ex p e c t u s to p rov i d e h ig h - q u a lit y, lo n g - la s tin g m a ch in e s th a t ru n e ffic ie n tly a n d o ffe r h ig h ava ila b ilit y. B u t it’s th e s u p p o rt p rov id e d a fte r th e m a ch i n e s g o to wo rk th a t tru ly d e m o n s tra te s th e f u l l va lu e o f C a t ® e q u ip m e n t. We’re c o m m i tt e d to d o in g a ll we c a n to h e lp yo u g e t th e m o s t fro m yo u r inve s tm e n t.



GROUND Suppor t i ng p roducts is a p rimar y ro le o f t he wor l d-class C at d e ale r n e t wo rk , b a cke d by t he t ools, p roce sse s and exp e rtis e o f Cat er pillar. The one-of-a-kin d , o n -th e -gro u n d s u p p o rt net wor k delivers exp e rt se r vice , in te g ra te d solut i ons, afte r-sale s support, fas t a n d eff icient parts fulfillment, wo rld - c la s s r em anufacturing cap abilitie s and m o re . D ealer s pa rtn e r with custome rs to h e lp t hem i m prove operations, maxim ize m achine productivit y and min imize c o s ts .




prov iding global support o n a loc al level The Cat product line is unmatched in the industry. But one of our biggest differentiators isn’t our products themselves; it’s the way they’re distributed and supported. When it comes to service and support, the global Cat dealer network is unparalleled. From parts availability to expert service diagnosis, planned maintenance to web-enabled condition monitoring, dealers work alongside customers to improve machine uptime and lower cost per ton. Because of the diverse industries Caterpillar serves, Cat dealers are on the ground in nearly every location in the world. Whether you’re in a highly populated mining region or developing a greenfield site in a remote location, there’s a Cat dealer nearby. Cat dealers operate as nearly 200 local businesses — each one fully embedded in and committed to the geographic area it serves. That means you work with people you know, who know your business, respond on your timeframe and care about making your community a better, safer place to live and work.



su pp or ting our expande d produc t line In 2011, our acquisition of Bucyrus International Inc. added more than 100 new products to our equipment lineup. While we’re still in the process of integrating the two companies, our customers can rest assured that all of their products will continue to be supported and that there will be no disruption in the service they have come to expect. Our goal is to ensure that sales, parts fulfillment, technical support and all other customer services continue uninterrupted throughout the integration process. Until your Cat dealer represents the complete product line, your legacy Bucyrus products will be supported by former Bucyrus employees who now work for Caterpillar. Traditional Cat products continue to be supported by dealers with support from the Caterpillar Global Mining organization. When the integration is complete, the expertise you have come to depend on will continue in the Caterpillar organization, whether through a Cat dealer or from Caterpillar — combining the best of both organizations to create one unparalleled source for support. As we combine the proven strengths of each organization, we’re creating a unified team unlike any other in the mining industry.





UP T IME Ma ch in e ava ila b ilit y is v it a l to m e e tin g p ro d u c tio n t a rg e ts . C a t d e a le r te ch n ic i a n s h e lp d e live r th a t c ritic a l u p tim e by p rov i d i n g ex p e rt m a in te n a n c e a n d re p a ir s e r v ic e s , o r te ch n ic a l a s s is t a n c e a n d tra in in g fo r s ite s th a t ch o o s e to d o th e ir own . Re pa i r s a re ex p e d ite d by fa s t a n d e ffic ie n t p a rt s fu lfillm e n t, leve ra g in g C a te rp illa r ’s g lo b a l lo g is tic s s u p p o rt s ys te m a n d p a rts fa c i l i t i e s . I n a d d itio n , d e a le rs leve ra g e in fo rm a tio n g a in e d fro m m a ch in e h e a lth s ys te m s , p reve n tive m a in te n a n c e p ro g ra m s a n d o th e r in itia tive s to p re d ic t m a in te n a n c e a n d re p a ir n e e d s a n d a n tic ip a te th e p a r t s a n d c o m p o n e n ts th a t will b e re q u ire d . We p a rtn e r with c u s to m e rs in th e p la n n in g th a t is e s s e n tia l to a s u c c e s sf u l m a in te n a n c e o rg a n iza tio n , th e n to g e th e r we exe c u te th e s e a c tiv itie s to d e live r th e h ig h e s t p o s s ib le m a ch in e ava ila b ili t y.



exp editing repairs t h rough fa st par ts fulfillm e nt Availability of parts is essential to machine uptime. We leverage Caterpillar’s global logistics support system and parts facilities to expedite repairs. With 22 facilities worldwide, and 930 000 square meters (10 million square feet) of storage space, there is no other logistics system in the world that can offer the same support. Regional parts centers located close to our customers are being created for the sole purpose of supporting parts needs for our expanded product line while we continue to integrate these parts into the Caterpillar distribution system. Most Cat dealers maintain extensive parts inventories and leverage sophisticated forecasting systems to make sure they have or can quickly obtain the parts their customers need. Whether you want a new, used, exchange or remanufactured part, Cat dealers can quickly locate and communicate a timeline for delivery in a matter of minutes. Customers can order from more than a million items in our online parts books. Genuine Cat parts are engineered to be the best fit for Cat machines. They’re designed to work and wear as a complete system, and their quality and design drive system life. They’re manufactured in our own facilities and under the highest controls and standards.




m anagi ng com pone nt l i ve s Component Management is a vital tool in reducing total machine operating costs. It has a direct impact on increasing component life, which in turn delivers higher machine availability. We offer a number of tools to help dealers and customers understand historical and current component life as well as how to extend it by utilizing the value built into the component. In order to increase component life, it’s important to track the history of that component. Through our Major Component Tracking System, dealers can accurately catalog durability data for components, as well as track the components from cradle to grave. This web-based system has the ability to track any component or critical part that has been assigned a unique serial number. Component tracking delivers a number of significant benefits. It can monitor life-cycle performance, identify positive or negative trends, maximize parts reusability and extend planned component replacement intervals.



i m pl e m e nt i ng condi t i on m oni t ori ng Condition Monitoring (CM) is a primary way to get maximum uptime out of your machines. This proactive program uses machine and site data to help you identify potential problems or conditions early — before they lead to machine shutdowns. Simply put, Condition Monitoring is used to reduce or avoid equipment failures — supporting a repair-before-failure approach to equipment management. Condition Monitoring is predictive. It tells the maintenance team that something is going to break — and helps the team recommend how to prevent it, how to fix it before it gets worse, and how to schedule the repair to avoid more downtime. CM for the mining industry involves studying the state of machine systems and components, as well as site conditions such as high altitude or extreme cold, that could — and do — impact equipment health and longevity as a whole. Information sources include Electronic Machine Data, Fluid Analysis, Equipment Inspections, Repair History, and Site Condition/Applications. Condition Monitoring is not a product; rather, it’s a process that can be implemented, with supporting tools and expertise, to: • R  educe the number of failures and unscheduled downtime repair events • F  avorably impact overall operation and maintenance costs • Promote efficient use of labor resources • Improve equipment reliability / availability • Increase production and reduce cost per ton A new web-based tool, Cat® Equipment Care Advisor, enables the Condition Monitoring process by combining equipment and application information with analytics and Cat dealer interpretive expertise to help customers make informed maintenance, repair or component replacement decisions. Using sophisticated analytics and knowledge management, the tool analyzes data, provides reports, recommends actions that should be taken as a result of the analysis, and then tracks those actions.




IMPROVEMENT Fro m th e m o m e n t we d eve lo p a p ro d u c t , in te g ra te a te ch n o lo g y, m a n u fa c tu re a m a ch in e o r p u t it to wo rk , we’re a lre a d y lo o k in g fo r ways to im p rove . Pro d u c t in n ova tio n is key to o u r c o n tin u o u s im p rove m e n t e ffo rts . I t b e g in s a t o u r Te ch n ic a l C e n te r, wh e re eve r y d ay we a re m a k in g s o m e th in g b e tte r. We u s e h ig h - te ch m o d e lin g to o ls a n d p rove n p ro c e s s e s to d eve lo p q u a lit y d e s ig n s th a t m e e t o u r c u s to m e rs’ re q u ire m e n t s . We c o n c e p t p ro d u c ts a n d te s t th e m in v irtu a l re a lit y s im u la to rs , th e n we b u ild c o m p o n e n ts a n d p ro to t y p e s a n d te s t th e m in s o il la b s , c o ld ro o m s , s o u n d ro o m s , s h a ke t a b le s a n d , fin a lly, in th e fie ld .

p roduct improvement

improving pr oduc t s in the field When a Cat product leaves the assembly line, it includes the latest features, technologies and enhancements. As we introduce new and improved products, we make sure our existing machines can also benefit from these innovations. Working closely with our New Product Introduction teams, we evaluate innovations and make selected features available for existing machines and engines. Retrofitting equipment allows customers to extend the life cycle of older models by adding updated technologies and features released on newer equipment models. Many of these features are enhancements that help improve machine safety and reduce lost-time accidents. Others enhance performance, ergonomics, owning and operating costs and serviceability. Retrofits and upgrades can increase resale value, improve operator satisfaction and extend the product life cycle.

f o cusing on p rodu ct perfor manc e Our focus on continuous improvement doesn’t end when a new machine begins production on a mine site. Caterpillar and Cat dealers immediately start looking for ways to make that product work more efficiently, safely and productively. From addressing performance issues, to training operators and technicians, to calibrating the VIMS system — our support of your productivity is ongoing and continually improving. If a piece of equipment isn’t performing to Cat standards, we follow a defined process to address and resolve problems. Our Product Health initiative focuses on the identification, evaluation, documentation, prioritization and resolution of product issues that impact your productivity. Our first goal is to make short-term modifications and repairs that bring that equipment back to production until a permanent, long-term solution is identified. Cat dealers have access to a 24/7 help desk that provides support and direction. Our unparalleled parts delivery system ensures that parts are ready and available to implement the identified changes.



KNOW-HOW Machi ne p roductivit y is ab o u t m o re th a n m ai nt enan ce; it’s also ab o u t knowle d g e . So we sha re wh at we know, help in g yo u under st and yo u r machin e owners h ip a n d oper at i ng co sts so yo u can make in fo rm e d decisions a b o u t maint ainin g , ope ra tin g , r ebui l ding and replacing e q u ipme n t. We use t echnologie s to h e lp min e s lowe r cost s, i m prove e fficiency and inc re a s e pr oduct ivit y. A n d we p artner wit h yo u to devel op an d imple ment pro jects d e s ig n e d t o im pr ove safet y, o p e ratio n s, ma in te n a n c e , and supply and inve n tor y e fficien c ie s .



k n o wl e dge - s h a r i ng

s h ari ng be st pract i ce s One of our goals is to ensure that our customers experience the same high levels of excellence in equipment management, wherever they are in the world. Our Mining Dealer Best Practices program leverages the knowledge of the Cat dealer network by gathering and sharing proven methods for improving business processes and performance. The global program includes hundreds of dealer-submitted and validated processes available to help create a consistent level of dealer excellence to our customers. Best Practices enable both equipment management and production optimization and cover five process categories: Maintenance & Repair, Application, Component Life Management, Component Rebuild (CRC) and MARC Management.

i m pl e m e nt i ng cont i nuous i m prove m e nt proj e ct s In addition to ensuring that Cat dealers achieve top performance, the Best Practices that Cat dealers share can be implemented on customer sites to help lower costs and increase productivity and profitability. One of the ways we do this is through Continuous Improvement initiatives, which are customer-focused programs that leverage a formal process to help you improve all aspects of your operation. Continuous Improvement initiatives can be used to enhance safety, improve production, lower operating costs, create more efficient logistics and site operations, and reduce maintenance costs. CI initiatives follow a team approach, joining Caterpillar, Cat dealers and customers in structured efforts to discover operational inefficiencies, identify and implement solutions, and measure the value of the efficiencies gained.

WE SUPPORT the total equipment

life cycle When you put a C at p roduct to wo rk o n a m i ne sit e, that’s ju st th e begin n in g o f o u r r el at i onship with that p iece of eq u ip m e n t. We’r e par tners thro u g h th e entir e m a ch in e life cycle — fro m d e live r y, thro u g h th e day-t o-day operation and mainte n a n c e , t o m aj or r ep airs an d re b u ild s. Ever y decision mad e during this c yc le w ill have an imp act o n th e co st p e r to n you achi eve . We o ffe r a n u mber o f pr ocesses, to o ls, tech n o logie s a n d know ledge-sharin g th at help you b e tte r m anage your equip ment. These a c tiv itie s com bi ne with your own p roce sse s , pr ogr am s, re sources an d strate g ie s t o help lowe r tot al own ing and o p e ra tin g cost s and imp rove pro d u ction.



equ i p m e n t l i f e c y c l e

r e bui l di ng and r e m anufact uri ng com pone nt s Cat machines are designed so that components can be rebuilt several times over the life of the equipment. One way Cat dealers help customers fully leverage this benefit is through Component Rebuild Centers (CRCs). CRCs help Caterpillar customers achieve optimum component life and reliability through world-class rebuild practices. Equipped to rebuild and test all major components of the largest equipment Caterpillar produces today, CRCs meet the same safety, quality and contamination standards as a Caterpillar factory. These Caterpillar certified facilities offer the least cost, quick turnaround, better quality through standardization, improved contamination control and the latest updates for Cat equipment. Another option is Cat Remanufactured parts and components, which provide same-as-new performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost of new — while reducing impact on the environment. Reman products are available over the counter to give you more options at repair and overhaul time.

equip ment life cycle

prov iding mainte nance a n d repair Dealer-provided Maintenance and Repair Contracts (MARCs) allow Caterpillar customers to outsource the maintenance of their equipment and enable them to focus on their core competency — mining. MARCs are individualized plans customized to each mining operation’s needs. Some are “do it all for me” arrangements, where dealer technicians perform all maintenance and repair on a customer’s fleet. Others are “help me do it” arrangements, where customers and dealers share these activities. Cat dealers work with you to determine the best arrangement that will maximize productivity and minimize costs for both your Cat and non Cat equipment. Partnering in a MARC contract makes it possible for you to better forecast and budget for equipment maintenance; outsource the planning, scheduling and labor of maintenance; and guarantee the cost per hour of your equipment. MARCS deliver improved machine performance, increased availability and reliability, and typically result in an overall reduction in maintenance costs.



equip ment life cycle

rebuilding mac hine s to lik e-new standards When most competitive models would require replacement, Cat equipment can be rebuilt to deliver multiple lives — significantly reducing owning and operating costs while ensuring optimum machine uptime. Cat Certified Rebuild (CCR) is a complete rebuild process endorsed by Caterpillar, performed only by certified Cat dealers. Machines are rebuilt to like-new specifications, using only genuine Cat parts. Critical engineering updates are incorporated into the machines and oftentimes they perform even better after the CCR than they did when they were new. Customers get a like-new machine with a like-new warranty and a new serial number, at a fraction of the cost of a comparable new machine. The program starts with a complete machine inspection. Then the machine is completely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up to include all Cat product updates. More than 350 tests and inspections (plus the automatic replacement of more than 7,000 parts) ensure the same high level of quality as a new Cat machine. Rebuilds can usually be completed at around 60 percent of what a new machine would cost. They’re also a sustainable solution, with most re-using up to 90 percent of the original machine.






EFFORTS At Cat er pillar, supportin g pro d u c ts g o e s way beyond t aking care o f the m a ch in e s we m anufactu re. Ou r g o al is to h e lp yo u get t he m o st from your pro d u cts  —  a n d th e condi t i ons in which yo u use th e m h ave a signif icant impact on the valu e yo u re c e ive . We consid e r o u rse lves partn e rs n o t ju s t in t he equipme n t, but in th e ent ire pr oduct ivit y cycle. So we wo rk alo n g s id e you t o hel p you fin d ways to opt im ize yo u r oper at i on. We’ll evaluate yo u r si te to h e lp you select the rig h t e q u ipme n t, th e n wo rk t o ensur e th e co n d itions are idea l fo r oper at i ng an d main t ain ing yo u r e q u ip m e n t at i t s f ul l p o tential.



sit e op t i m i z at i on

m anagi ng pay l oad t o l ow e r c ost pe r t on Mine sites can increase production in two ways: by purchasing more equipment or optimizing the performance of the equipment they already have. One way to improve the performance of equipment is to properly manage payload. Operating trucks within the guidelines for payload management helps sites haul at the lowest cost per ton — minimizing spillage, improving component life, reducing fuel consumption, extending tire life and reducing downtime. It’s also essential to match these trucks with the proper loading tool and bucket size. To help customers in this effort, Caterpillar partners with Transcale, a leading global company that specializes in the practices and technology required to achieve proper payloads consistently over time. Using a scale truck, we validate empty weights, loaded weights and payload measurement systems. We balance the production and cost-per-ton needs on the mine site and make recommendations on how they can improve payload practices to best meet those needs.

im provi ng ope rat i ng c ondi t i ons There are a number of mine site conditions that can’t be changed, such as altitude, depth and climate. But there are many aspects that can be managed — and improved — to lower cost per ton and increase uptime. Application management encompasses all areas of a site operation that are controllable. For example, the design of a mine is a key part of a site’s economic equation. Design determines road parameters such as grade, traffic layout, curves and switchbacks. Designs for certain grades may also affect access to the ore body, exposing more minerals for extraction, and may affect ratios of waste to ore. Caterpillar and Cat dealer staff have expertise in a broad range of applications, whether it’s optimizing loading and maintenance practices in a surface application, or helping to customize chute loading or continuous haulage systems in underground applications. Our Mining Dealer Best Practices program provides a variety of recommended processes, training and tips that we use to help customers in their efforts to manage the conditions in which their equipment operates.




INTEGRATION Over the last decade, the mining industry has seen a revolution in technologies — those that are improving the way mines operate today, and those that will be the foundation for the mine sites of the future. Caterpillar is constantly developing and refining advanced technologies to help make equipment more productive and efficient, and to help you more effectively manage equipment fleets and operations. We partner with you to choose the technologies that are right for your operation, and then use our knowledge and expertise to help you gain the full benefit of what these technologies make possible.


tec h nol ogy

de f i ni ng t h e ne xt ge ne rat i on of m i ni ng Miners are always looking for ways to enhance mine site safety, reduce costs, improve profitability and boost efficiency. Cat® MineStar™ System helps you do that, providing the most comprehensive suite of mining technology products in the industry. It consists of a number of configurable capability sets that allow you to scale the system to your mine site needs. The system helps you manage everything from material tracking to sophisticated real-time fleet management, machine health systems, autonomous equipment systems and more. The capability sets — Fleet, Terrain, Detect, Health and Command — can be used in combination or individually to allow your operation the flexibility and scalability it needs to be more productive, efficient and safe. Cat MineStar System lets you integrate products, processes and people like never before. Whether you implement a semiautonomous solution on a single machine, or build a fully autonomous site using Command, we’re committed to being a partner as you define what next generation means for your operation.

le ve ragi ng t h e val ue of t e ch nol ogi e s Installing technologies on the products at your mine site is only the beginning. It’s how well you use them, and what you do with the information they provide, that leverages the true value of technologies. In addition to providing installation, training and troubleshooting support for the technologies you implement, we’ll help you take information gleaned and use it to reduce your total cost of ownership. Health, for example, delivers critical event-based machine condition and operating data for your entire fleet. It includes comprehensive equipment health and asset monitoring capabilities, with a wide range of diagnostic and analytic reporting tools. Fleet allows you to track all types of equipment, across one site or many, giving you the information you need to improve production, monitor and optimize fleets. Data sharing allows you to share information with other mine management systems, and multi-site capabilities enable management of multiple fleets from a single control center. We’ll work with you to make the most of this valuable information. We’ll initiate fleet production and costs studies, scale studies and diagnostic studies, in an effort to help you become more efficient, lower your maintenance costs and reduce overall operating costs.




The way your C at e q u ipme n t is ma in t a in e d and oper ate d has a sig n ificant effe c t o n t he value yo u re ceive from your inve s tm e n t. One of t he ways we contrib u te to yo u r equipm ent’s p roductivit y is by p rov id in g t r ai ning —  both for th o se who t a ke c a re of your Ca t e q u ipme n t and those wh o oper at e it . We offer a wid e varie t y o f train in g oppor tunit ies designed to meet in d iv id u a l m ine-si t e ne e d s — fro m o n lin e c o u rs e s to on-sit e, i nstru cto r-le d pro g rams. E ve n ts ar e anot her majo r comp o n e n t o f o u r t r ai ning efforts. C u sto mer M inin g Forum s allow u s to d e live r inform a tio n on equi pme n t, operations an d ma in te n a n c e . We also provide train ing to h e lp C a t deal er s i mp rove th e ir sh o p effic ie n c ie s , r ebuild pr a ctice s, main tenan ce p ro c e s s e s and m or e. All of t hes e education events h ave a n added ben efit — an o p p o rtunit y fo r a ll of us t o l earn from each o ther.


lear ning & training

tra ining the ma intenance team Cat dealer technicians are experts at maintenance and repair, but we recognize that some of our customers would rather perform a portion or all of their own equipment maintenance. Even if you partner with us for these services, you need basic skills and knowledge to ensure you’re properly managing equipment on a day-to-day basis. Dealers develop technician training programs based on each individual mine site’s needs — from routine service to advanced troubleshooting. We also work alongside you to educate you on processes and programs like contamination control, fluid analysis, Condition Monitoring and Component Life Management — important enablers to maintenance and repair that follow a proactive approach to equipment management.

el evating op er ato r pro ficiency Operator skill is a key contributor to productivity. Our operator training programs and online health and safety e-learning courses help you elevate operators to higher levels of proficiency and realize the full potential of your equipment investment. In addition, operators who are well-trained take better care of equipment, which reduces downtime, and have heightened safety awareness. Training includes instructor-led classroom sessions, in-the-iron sessions, online e-learning classes and self-learning CDs. A growing trend is the use of simulators for training. This method provides a safe way for new operators to gain familiarization and understanding of machine controls and to learn proper operating procedures before training on the iron. It also provides an opportunity for experienced operators to improve their skills and increase productivity. The benefits of simulator training are significant. Operators train without risk to machines, themselves, instructors, co-workers or property. They allow operators to repeatedly enact detailed emergency scenarios — something that is impossible to replicate in a real machine. Training is flexible and data shows that simulator-trained operators require less time to achieve competency. Training costs are lowered by pre-screening applicants, decreasing training supervision requirements, and reducing training time and machine operating costs.







DEMAND As yo u s trive to m e e t th e wo rld ’s g row i n g d e m a n d fo r c o m m o d itie s , yo u n e e d a p a r t n e r to s u p p o rt yo u in yo u r e ffo rts . A n ex p er i e n c e d p a rtn e r th a t is c o m m itte d to th e m in in g in d u s tr y a n d th a t u n d e rs t a n d s th e is s ue s yo u fa c e . C a te rp illa r is c o m m itte d to b e i n g th a t p a rtn e r. We o ffe r th e in d u s tr y m o re m in in g p ro du c t s th a n a ny o th e r m a n u fa c tu re r. A n d we s u p p o r t th o s e p ro d u c ts with a g lo b a l n e t wo rk o f C a t d e a le r a n d C a te rp illa r e m p loye e s w h o h ave th e k n owle d g e a n d ex p e rtis e yo u n e e d to e ffic ie n tly m a n a g e yo u r e q u ip m e n t an d im p rove p ro d u c tiv it y. O u r e q u ip m e n t m a n a g e m e n t o ffe rin g s i n c l u d e : Pa rts Fulfillm ent C om ponent Life Ma nagem ent C ond ition Monitor ing Mach ine Retrofits C ontinuous Prod uct Per for m a nce Initi ati ves B est Pr actices C ontinuous Im prov em ent C om ponent Rebuild s C om ponent Rem a nufactur ing C at C ertified Rebuild s Ma intena nce & Repa ir C ontr acts Site Op tim ization Pay loa d Ma nagem ent Tech nology Integr ation & Lev er aging Lea r ning & Tr a ining





WE’RE THERE AFTER-SALES SUPPORT m i n i n g . c at . c o m

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