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439 Talbert Street, Playa del Rey, CA 90293, USA (310) 823-1996, (800) 414-4624 Fax: (310) 827-1673 Website: April, 2002 THE SKIN R...
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439 Talbert Street, Playa del Rey, CA 90293, USA (310) 823-1996, (800) 414-4624 Fax: (310) 827-1673 Website: April, 2002

THE SKIN RENEWAL Product Information Below is a description and listing of products and ingredients of products that are used, approved, prescribed and recommended by naturopathic physicians, skin experts and holistic practitioners. See what sets The Vital Image products apart from any other. Here is an insight into our process: Our M.D., Ph.D. chemist selects the purest, most potent herbs for skin. Instruments measure the energy in the herbs. The extracts start. This may take from months to years, depending on the herbs. The extracts are brimming with nutrients and ready for formulating The Vital Image products, when their energy measures the same as that of the whole herb. Each blend is then joined with the key factor that makes skin rejuvenation possible --the Charged Organic Particles that are Sub-microscopic (COPS). COPS break down nutrients in our hundreds of plant extracts into particles that your skin cells can absorb and use as nutrition. Also, they oxygenate, set the pH and keep elements in a pro-biotic environment (alive) to optimally activate ingredients that enhance the skin. The COPS also eliminate any need for chemicals (emulsifiers, detergents, and preservatives). Thus, you get chemical-free, cruelty-free, food grade, plant based, nutrient replete food--the cornerstones to healthier, clearer, firmer, more radiant and younger looking skin.

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(*)Skin Renewal Pac

Specially priced, for new users. Renewal Pac + Specially priced sml Grime Fightr package of basics Super Skin Special Skin Renewal Renewal Pac Pac w/ Lrg Complex. Super Large Special Priced Large Renewal Pac Skin Renewal Pac *Face & Body Wash

A detergent-free, chemical-free, 100% natural skin cleanser. Leaves no residue.

Specialyy Economical Packages (Pacs) Contains Face & Body Wash--8 oz., Phyto Hydrator--2 oz., Skin Renewal Complex--1/3 oz.

Size n/a

List $50.00

Contains Face & Body Wash--8 oz., Phyto Hydrator--2 oz., Skin Renewal Complex--1/3 oz. & Grime Fighter--4 oz. Contains Face & Body Wash--8 oz., Phyto Hydrator--2 oz., Skin Renewal Complex--1 1/4 oz.





Contains: Face & Body Wash 8oz, GrimeFighter 8oz., PhytoHydrator 2oz, Skin Renewal Complex 1 1/4oz N/a


1. Cleansing Formulas Lifts impurities from your skin, sets the pH in preparation to optimize use of the other Skin 8 Oz. Renewal formulations. Contains purified water, COPS, vegetable glycerin, almond oil, castor oil, rosemary, aloe vera, rose, alfalfa, kelp, sea weed, organic flax oil, horsetail and walnut oil, acrimony, borage, catnip, chamomile, chervil, comfrey, fennel sweet, feverfew.


Waterless Cleanser / Toner

Grime Fighter, Small

Grime Fighte Lg

Skin Oxygenator

Clay Masque

A detergent-free, chemical-free, 100% natural skin cleanser. For those who prefer to cleanse skin without water. All natural, uses herbs, not chemicals--deep pore cleanser, toner, detoxifier, makeup remover, skin prep. Same as above. Experience superbly enhanced skin health, free of acne irritations, rashes. Excellent for all skin types. Gives skin a boost--it refines, deep cleanses pores.

8 oz.


4 oz.


8 oz. 2 oz.

$18.00 $12.00

1 oz.


2 oz.


8 oz.


Antioxidant lotion: Helps build collagen & protects against free radical damage and acne 1 oz. natural antioxidant lotion causing bacteria. Skin looks firm, smooth, plump, moist and polished! All skin types thrive on it. Excellent results on acne skin. Contains: Certified organic Aloe Vera gel, distilled water, vitamin


*Phyto A superb 100% natural Hydrator, Reg. herbal moisturizer for all Size skin types. won't clog Phyto Hydrator, Same as above.

Eliminate negative, premature aging, neutralizes toxic effects from chlorine, fluoride & other toxic chemicals contained in city water that weaken skin. Ensure / verify that you completely rid skin of excess oil, bacteria, dead skin and dirt, prepare skin to achieve maximum nutritional benefits from your Vital Image skin-care routine, maximize oxygenation, alkalize, moisturize, absorb nutrition and protect against chemicals and pathogens--Key to beautiful, healthy, youthful skin. Ingredients: Distilled water, Charged Organic Particles (COPs —our in-house herbal formula). Great for everyone Toner/Cleanser & Skin Prep: dissolves dirt, bacteria, chlorine, sunscreenchemicals and eye make-up, sets the pH of skin to dramatically improve absorption & performance of Complexes & Cleopatra’s Dream. Skin environment is enhanced to fight toxins, bacteria and to augment skin-cell metabolism. Contains deionized water, COPS, vinegar, aloe vera, extracts of lemon, mint, chamomile, rose, horsetail, rosemary, gum weed, wormwood, plantain.

Same as above. The aerobic (oxygen super-rich) environment created by Oxygenator: Delivers oxygen, calms all skins, is a must for acne, excellent for irritation or rashes, rids all skin types of harmful bacteria and pathogens that impair cell functions, so it strengthens cells and gives every skin a beautiful appearance. Also, it creates a healthier ambience that reduces skin degeneration: Contains anti- aging ingredients charged mineralized water, electrolytes . A clay blend you activate with Grime Fighter or Waterless Cleanser. Draws out toxins, boosts circulation, refines pores, prepares skin for nutrition by the Complexes. Contains: Volcanic clay, calcium ascorbate, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, rose hips,acerola, stevia rebaudiana

2. Moisturizing, Hydrating Solutions Targets dryness, wrinkling, brown spots, acne & rosacea, delivers water and nutrition. Keeps skin moist even in the driest climate,. Contains purified water, witch hazel extract, strawberry, cucumber, plant proteins, Vitamin E, pure vegetable glycerin, COPS, NO alcohol. Same as above.

Professional size C-Serum +MSM An excellent 100%

C, COPS, MsM organic sulfur, herb extract complex, vitamin E, pure vegetable glycerin. Lipid Complex

Lip & Skin Balm

*Skin Renewal Complex, Small

Fight dryness and wrinkles with just a couple of drops to enrich your skin. Lip & skin healer and protector against dryness and chapping. 100% natural, organic plant extracts cream that gives essential nutrition to skin cells which results in beautiful, healthy skin.

LIPID COMPLEX: Fights dryness and wrinkles with just a couple of drops added to any of your Vital Image skin nourishers--Complexes. Excellent when used with the C Serum + MSM.

1/2 oz.


1/4 oz.


1/3 oz.


Contains : Certified organic jojoba, fine oils of avocado, apricot, grapeseed, almond, sassafras, lemongrass, vitamin E, sage essential oil.

Moisturizes, heals, protects and beautifies all skin prone to dryness, chapping. A sophisticated blend of plant oils and aloes. Excellent even in harsh conditions. Contains: Grape seed, eucalyptus, vitamin E, hazel nut, apricot, avocado, olive, almond, flax, lemon grass, rose oil, tea tree oil (Australian), yum oil, ood oil, sage, sassafras, organic aloe vera, bees wax.

3. Rejuvenating Topical Nutrients Accelerates cell turnover (via Bio-enhancement, NOT via irritation, a critical difference), immediately improves color, tone & texture of skin, reduces wrinkles, gives essential nutrition to skin cells. Contains over 80 plants, including rosemary, horsetail, rose, walnut oil, witch hazel, cucumber, avocado, bee pollen, prune, apple, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, calamine, sunflower oil, carrot, soybean, almond, marigold, COPS and watermelon, Vitamin E.

Skin Renewal Complex, Lrg. Sunshield Moisturizer

Cleopatra's Dream, 30 Treatments

Same as above

Same as above

1.25 oz.


A super power moisturizer. Protects against UVA, UVB rays, dryness &rejuvenates skin, has no equal.

Fights sun-damage 7 ways: UVA aging, UVB burning, dehydration, free radical damage, destruction of vitamins and minerals, over-heating, baking in of chemicals. Ingredients: Charged

4 oz.


Magnificently Delivers: luminous, vital glow in just minutes. Plumps, tones, tightens skin, diminishes wrinkles & sun damage. The best skin rejuvenator in the world.

If you truly want the most magnificent skin. See just how good you can look! Many times 30 more powerful super nutrients deliver the quickest results--luminous, vital glow minutes after treatme the first treatment. Better than a peel and facelift . Contains: Charged Organic Particles, passion flower, nts

Organic Particles (in-house formula), highly energetically charged: Organic fresh innerleaf and gel of Aloe vera, Vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants, wheat amino acids, vitamins C, A, B. No water, no man-chemicals, food grade, never tested on animals.

rosemary, witch hazel, guarana, butcher’s broom, ginseng, dandelion, barbery, mugwart, horsetail, rhubarb, hops, agrimony, uva ursi, fo-ti, kava kava, safflower, lemon, carrot oil, plantain, Irish moss, damiana, oats, licorice, mint, fennel, cinnamon oil, buckthorn bark, cayenne, asparagus, broccoli, cinnamon oil, watermelon skin, Japanese mushroom, etc. Is concentrated with active ingredients, biodegradable, pro-ecology, food grade, not animal tested.

Cleopatra's Same as above. Dream 150 trtmt

Same as above.

Glycolic An excellent, safe Refining Lotion exfoliator has no solvents or chemicals.

This carefully blended exfoliator plumps, polishes and smoothes skin, while maintaining health of deeper skin layers. Use: 2 evenings per week. Contains : All-natural ingredients include: Purified

Cherry/Yam Complex

Cools, calms all skin types--look healthier and younger. Soothes if your skin runs hot in the 1 1/4 sun or tends to get agitated. Contains: Wild Mexican and Chinese yam root extract, extracts of wild cherry oz.

Pumpkin Antioxidant Masque

A 100% natural, cooling, calming nourishing, moisturizing cream. Revives and polishes skin, fights free radicals


150 $195.00 treatmts 2 oz. $27.50

water, organic Aloe Vera, Charged Organic Particles, chemical-free Glycolic acid polymer, natural plant essences, vitamin E, no preservatives, alcohol nor synthetic chemicals.


flowers, leaves and bark, rosemary, thyme, comfrey root, yellow zad, plus our ever-present COPs!

1 1/4 oz


1/2 oz.


1 oz. 1 oz

$54.00 $96.00

Lift & Firm Complex

Cutting edge all natural, Lifts eyes, mouth, neck. 90 day program. Fights wrinkles, tightens and contours face. 1 1/4 organic plant cream lifts Contains: Charged Organic Particles, charged extract of wild Mexican yam root, Chinese wild yam root, fresh, young oz. the face and firms skin, organic aloe vera inner leaf, solvent-free Vitamin E, C, A, calcium, magnesium, zinc, extracts of fenugrek, horsetail, fights wrinkles, flaccid skin passionflower, black cohosh and ginseng. and wins.


WOW! Oil

Once you use it you will Excellent for improving the appearance of: Crepey eye lids, under eye wrinkles, crepey know why we call it cheeks, overall texture of your skin. WOW! oil is a blend of 26 pure, light plant oils (some exotic) which contain important skin beautifying properties. One of the rare oils is ood oil from India. Contains: 26 oils--8 exotic WOW! Oil

NEW!! Collagen Builder

Pumpkin is naturally abundant in beta carotene and other skin beautifying nutrients and enzymes that red dead cells smoothing the skin giving it a youthful glow. Contains: Fermented pumpkin extract and paste, pumpkin enzyme, Vitamin E, COPS.

This incredible breakthrough wrinkle remover & rejuvenator made of all-natural anti-oxidants and nutrients is the answer for all skin types Collagen Builder Same as Above Amino Complex Highly concentrated skin strengthening treatment for rejuvenation, breakouts. 2-5 X week

4. Anti-Wrinkles, Lines, Sagging Skin Solutions Boosting collagen building results in visibly reducing wrinkles, adding volume to the skin, reducing tissue loss and reversing the aging process—skin degeneration caused by free radicals. Rejuvenation of face, lip area, eye zone, neck and chest happens so very quickly, resulting in a much younger looking you! Contains: Organic Aloe, COPS (Charged Organic Particles, Submicroscopic, vitamin E, organic jojoba, C ester, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, MSM, and our proprietary charged organic herbal blend.

Same as Above Contains plant proteins, vitamins and minerals that are the cornerstones and building blocks of younger skin. Supports capillaries, texture, elasticity, controls oil, rids dirt and grime to help prevent breakouts. Shields skin from toxic elements in water and air. Contains : complete complex of plant amino acids, COPS, Vitamins A, C, E, Royal Jelly, carrot oil, guava & mint oil.

oils, including: Grape seed, eucalyptus (amber and white), vitamin E, hazel nut, apricot, avocado, olive, almond, rose

1/2 oz.


WOW! Oil Pot of Gold Night Repair, Small

Specific organic ingredients to help combat sun damage and signs of aging. Pot of Gold Night Same as above.

oils, including: Grape seed, eucalyptus (amber and white), vitamin E, hazel nut, apricot, avocado, olive, almond, rose oil, tea tree oil (Australian), yum oil, ood oil, sassafras, aceite de rosa.

5. Skin Repair Formulations Rejuvenates skin by repairing environmental damage, such as sun damage, signs of aging from stress and diet. Excellent for problem skin. Contains: Similar to the Skin Renewal Complex plus,

Oily Skin Cleanser AcneNo

Same as above. An exquisite nutrient to strengthen weakened capillaries, dramatically improves the texture of skin making it look smoother and more plump, feeds and protects the entire eye zone.

Hand & Foot Cream

1 1/4 oz. 1/3 oz.


1 1/4 oz. 1/4 oz.


1/4 oz.



Contains: Plant extracts (see Skin Renewal Complex) plus saffron!

Same as above Super moisturizes for more elastic eye zone and lip zone. Contains : extracts of rose, horsetail,


mineral water, avocado, olive, bee pollen, alfalfa, olive oil, organic jojoba, glycerin, COPS, Vitamin E.

A specialty for under eye bags, it is an all natural solution to chronic under eye puffiness. Works in about 3 months. You will be amazed!! Excellent for any flaccid skin area as well, making it an excellent wrinkle fighter. Contains: COPS, horsetail, marigold, caraway, lemon verbena, sweet bay, lavender, sage oil, allantoin, citric acid, lemon grass, comfrey, safflower oil, aloe vera, glycerin, ivy extract, gum, vitamin E, pycnogenols.

Same as Above

1.25 oz. $120.00 6. Acne & Oily Skin Control Products A chemical-free, 100% Gentle, thorough cleanser emulsifies oil, helps de-clogg pores. Excellent releaser of 4 oz. $12.00 natural skin cleanser for blackheads, is non-drying. Contains purified water, COPS. For very oily skin: Use a.m. or p.m. 1 -4 x a week very oily skin. Fights acne and Fights blemishes, works synergistically with Skin Renewal, Cherry Yam, Saffron, Pot of Gold 1/2 oz. $12.00 bacteria causing acne. and Cleopatra’s Dream Complexes, C Serum and Grime Fighter. Contains bayberry bark, black cohosh, marigold, blackberry bark, capsicum, dandelion, witch hazel, aloe vera, COPS, purified water, Nutrients re-educate extracts of rosemary & rose. skin not to break out.

Colloidal Silver Calms skin, excellent for Rids all skin types of harmful bacteria and pathogens that impair cell functions, thus it acne, irritation, rashes strengthens cells. A must for acne, beautifies and rejuvenates all skin types. Ingredients: and infections. Pure distilled water, 100 parts per million, 99.99% pure colloidal silver, size.001 milligrams, charged Skin Oil Balancer Powder


golden seal, horsetail, sweetbay, sage oil, lemon grass, vitamin E, marigold, pycnogenols, B vitamins.

Repair, lrg

Saffron A powerful, natural plant Complex, small cream that strengthens thin skin and capillaries Saffron Same as above Complex, Lrg Eye Area Protect, maintain, and Builder rejuvenate that very delicate eye area. Bag Buster Significantly reduces under-eye bags & fights wrinkles. Organic herbs pull out toxins, adds rejuvenating nutrients. Bag Buster. Lrg Same as above

1/3 oz.

2 oz.

Controls annoying shine This wonderful powder does many jobs, is valuable for all skin types and is key for problem 1/2 oz. caused by overskin. It seals in water absorbs excess oil, keeps pollution and bacteria off of the skin and helps production of oil. to prevent infection from spreading. Keeps pores open to breathe-in essential oxygen and expel waste materials. Contains: Pure food grade magnesium. 7. Body Rejuvenators, Nutrient Moisturizers Softens hands and feet This non-greasy cream provides skin with nutrition, moisture, luxuriously. Contains: Extracts of 1 1/4 avocado, bee pollen, prune, calendula, walnut oil, rosemary, horsetail, almond oil, organic jojoba, vitamin E. exquisitely oz.




Moisture Rose Bath

The ultimate bathing skin elixir.

Lavish body elixir softens with silky skin conditioners in a luxury bubble bath. So relaxing that you will want to prolong your experience! Contains: COPS, organic aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, plant

8 oz.


Nourishing Body Milk

How luxurious, moist, Elegant, organic skin nutrient and moisturizer. Feeds your skin with a complex of organic 8 oz. wonderful your body will herbs. Leaves skin feeling deeply nourished, satiny with zero residue. Light organic smell. Contains: Charged Organic Particles, butchers broom extract, rosemary, ginseng, horsetail, safflower oil, guarana, feel after application.


proteins, rose essence, horsetail, almond oil, avocado oil, Vitamin E.

lemon extract, kelp extract, carrot oil, witch hazel extract, thyme extract, yellow dock extract, wormwood extract, Vitamin E.

Shower Silk

Luxurious, botanical skin cleanser.

Natural Balance Progesterone Cream

Natural Balance offers 6 unique advantages: is all natural, has NO solvents, chemical free highest absorption available because of our unique COPS, used on body, face, private parts, etc., benefits women and men, great for problem skin! Create a mineral hot spring in your own bath tub!!

This body cleansing lotion delivers the freshest, softest, most delicious skin ever. Its luxurious essence and fragrance leave you feeling like royalty! Use before or while showering or prior to bathing for extra skin softening. Contains: COPS, whole leaf aloe vera, pure vegetable glycerin, horsetail

8 oz.


2 1/3 oz.


1 lb.


8 oz.


Same as below.

4 oz.


Excellent, it is the perfect companion for Renewal Shampoo even for dry, color-treated hair. It is a 100% natural Conditioner/Rinse because that adds nutrients and moisture. All who are using it really love their silky, soft, lustrous and manageable hair. Excellent for cooling and reducing redness. Contains: Charged Organic Particles, lemon balm, black walnut, parsley flakes, white

8 oz.


herb, rosemary, almond oil, avocado oil, all natural plant fragrance

Therapeutic Bath Salts

Renewal Shampoo

Hair Therapy Conditioner Hair Therapy Conditioner

Thoroughly clean hair and scalp, reduce hair loss, enjoy beautiful, healthy hair. Same as below. For normal, oily, dry, treated thin or damaged hair. Adds body and makes hair beautifully manageable.

Progesterone Cream: John R. Lee, M.D. has been very successfully treating his patients with natural progesterone since 1976. His message to the medical community and the public is thoroughly backed by hundreds of scientific studies. These conclude that natural progesterone resolves problems of estrogen dominance. This dominance has shown to have toxic effects on the body and can lead to serious health problems, especially in women. Progesterone promotes healthy brain functions, improves sex drive, resolves PMS problems, dissolves fibrocystic lumps in the breasts and prevents or reverses osteoporosis. When delivered to the body topically natural progesterone results are truly exceptional. Contains: Charged Organic Particles, Vitamins E, C, A, K, B complex, Natural USP grade Progesterone, apricot kernel oil, hazel nut oil, grape seed oil, grape seed extract, horse tail extract, rose extract.

This special combination of mineral salts are present in natural mineral hot springs where people have traditionally soaked away their pains. Contains Potassium, sodium metasilicate, magnesium carbonate, calcium sulphate, sodium bi-carbonate, oatmeal, ginger.

8. Shampoos, Conditioners, Shaving Thoroughly cleanses your scalp and hair follicles for more robust circulation and oxygenation. Notice less hair falling after just 3 weeks. Leaves hair soft and manageable. Contains purified water, COPS, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, castor oil, rosemary, rose, organic calamine, bee pollen, almond oil, sassafras, horsetail, olive oil, alfalfa, organic flax oil, kelp, watercress, sea weed and walnut oil.

cabbage, barberry bark, rose hips, peppermint, black walnut leaves, capsicum, sea weed, marshmallow root, watercress, kava kava root, watercress root, borage flowers, nettle leaves, lavender flowers, cat claw bark, damiana, motherw ort, comfrey leaves, celendine, rose, rosemary, Vitamin E.

Hair Fixer

De-tangles hair, for easier styling.

Shaving Miracle

Say goodbye to cuts, nicks, scrapes, just get the smoothest shave you have ever had.

Shaving Miracle

Same as above.

Smoothes & strengthens hair shaft, repairs split ends, controls fly-away hair, adds shine, 2 oz. excellent for colored and "permed" hair, adds body without weighing it down, feeds & conditions scalp and root. Contains COPS, comprehensive vitamin, mineral and plant amino acid complex, silica


from horsetail herb, food silicone USP, food glycerin, rose petal extract.

Men and Women, Don't Shave A Single Hair off your, face, leg, underarms or bikini line. No 2 oz. more irritated skin, nicks, scratches or razor burns. Get the Smoothest, Quickest, Longest Lasting, Non Irritating, Soothing, Gentlest, Moisturizing, Holistic, Luxurious Shave, EVERY TIME!--Yes!! It is that good!! Contains : Charged Organic Particles, aloe vera, deionized water, carragenan,


lemon, natural plant essences.

Energy Blaster

Nutrition crammed, oxygenated, rejuvenating, empowering energy. Imagine,

Sea Breeze

Organic Body freshener

Sea Breeze Magnetic Coaster Super CD

Same as above. Charge your water and get healthier, energetic All-In-One cleaner / degreaser replaces dozens of ‘One-specialuse' cleaners.

Same as above 9. Nutrition, Magnificent Oxygenators Make a drink from a powder that contains concentrated nutrients, vitamins, minerals that are highly charged and oxygenated--more powerful than any food on earth. Oxygenate, rejuvenate, energize yourself the easy, logical way--it's 20 years ahead of time. Contains :

8 oz.


6 oz.


2 oz.


4 oz. each

$18.00 $39.00

32 oz.


Asparagus, broccoli, spinach, celery, orange peel, lemon peel, watercress, pumpkin powder, red and green bell pepper, plant protein, vitamins A, C, D, E, K, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folate, pantothenic acid, minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum.

Our organic deodorant is so much more! Our new Sea Breeze is 100% natural. It has no synthetic chemicals, fragrances, solvents--you can even drink it or give it to your plants. Besides using for underarms, Sea Breeze is great for feet and other skin--even safe to use around babies, or just for a refresher to cheer you up! Undesirable smells are simply biodegraded away, leaving a fresh, breezy aroma. Ingredients : (COPS), rice extract, barley, wheat, apricot kernel oil, jasmine, rosemary oil, water, lemon grass.

Same as above. Charge water in about 4 hours, many put under their pillow and achieve more restful sleep, etc.. Our private formula of "COPS" magnetic forces attract and lift grime and soil from surfaces, even cleans plaque off teeth. The COPS encircle dirt, grease & grime, break them down while separating them from the surface to be cleaned. Cleans without chemicals or abrasive action.