Truro and Are Minor Hockey Association Policy/Procedure SUBJECT Teams Number: 5.6 TITLE Team Fundraising and Team Financial Policies Approved: Novemb...
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Truro and Are Minor Hockey Association Policy/Procedure SUBJECT Teams Number: 5.6

TITLE Team Fundraising and Team Financial Policies Approved: November, 2010

PHILOSOPHY All TAMHA teams have the right to raise funds for their respective team expenses. It is recognized that the funds raised are to be used for the betterment of the team as a whole. When raising funds, members are also representing the Truro and Area Minor Hockey Association (TAMHA) and are encouraged to project a positive image of the TAMHA. All fundraising activities must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the “Fundraising Guidelines”. Every year TAMHA Rep Teams fundraise in order to help run their programs. With upward of twelve teams and budgets ranging from $10,000 to $15,000, these guidelines are to ensure the money raised is properly managed.

Policy ALL TAMHA Teams must comply with the following guidelines:

1. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Financial reports must be maintained by each team in TAMHA. Each team must maintain a bank account under the name of the specific team noted (example: “TAMHA Peewee AAA). This account is to have a monthly statement provided with copies of all cheques written. Two (2) people must have signing authority, one of which must be the team treasurer and all cheques issued must have 2 signatures. All cheques issued by the bank must be maintained by the appointed team treasurer. All funds and statements as well as receipts, invoices and other financial records are to be held in Trust for the Association Executive by a team treasurer. These documents should be kept safely and be made available upon request by the TAMHA 2nd Vice-President. Each team within TAMHA is required to maintain a record of all cash revenues earned as well as the disbursement of those funds for team requirements. All cash transactions should be evidenced by a receipt in writing. A copy of financial statements must be provided to the team parents by December 31st with a final statement provided by April 15th. At the end of each season, all bank accounts should be closed and any money owed to parents should be returned by April 30th. Any excess funds in team accounts at the end of the season shall be returned to TAMHA.

Truro and Are Minor Hockey Association Policy/Procedure 2. BUDGET DEVELOPMENT AND RESPONSIBILITIES nj Each team manager will be responsible to submit the following to the 2 Vice-President and the Finance Committee no later than the dates indicated below: 1. October 30 - Proposed budget for team including the list of fundraising activities planned, proposed expenditures and projected costs and a list of major corporate sponsors; 2. January 15 - An interim budget showing expenditures and projected costs to run the team. This will include expense and revenue Budget Sheets and Ledger Sheets including any cheques written; 3. March 15 - Final Budget which must include expense and revenue Budget Sheets and Ledger Sheets including all cheques written, (in the case of AAA teams still playing after March 15, the deadline is extended to April 1); 4. Miscellaneous items must be itemized as to amount and receipts included; 5. A cap of $15,000 is set for budgets in all divisions and all amounts above that are to be submitted to the Finance Committee for written approval.

See Appendix C for sample budget

3. PAYMENT The team treasurer will outline a forecasted budget at the beginning of the season. This will tell parents/players how much they will need to pay, sponsor or fundraise into their account at the beginning of the season. The team treasurer must provide to the parents a spreadsheet outlining the amount each parent/player that has paid, and amounts still owing to the team budget. All fundraising activities are to be completed by March 1st. Cheques from parents must be made payable to their team and given to the team treasurer, who will provide a written receipt.

4. FUNDRAISING The following guidelines need to be observed in fundraising for TAMHA teams. Fundraising is defined as solicitation of funds or engaging in profit making activities to obtain funding or benefits for a team or members of a team (including coaches). These activities involve interaction with individuals outside of the team. See attached appendix A and B for HNS rules and fundraising request forms. Those guidelines apply to team expenses and to mandatory parental contributions to a player’s share of team expenses. To the extent there is any conflict between the guidelines and the rules below, they will be resolved by the Fundraising Committee and if not then the TAMHA Board will be consulted.

Truro and Are Minor Hockey Association Policy/Procedure

Guidelines A. Direct public support can be requested for the purpose of fundraising; B. All fundraising activities must be discussed and approved by the majority at a team parent meeting; if majority agrees on a fundraising event, parents who wish not to participate can opt to make a donation to the team in lieu of participation in the fundraising event. The minimum contribution amount will be determined by the parent group. All monetary transactions relating to fundraising are to be documented and are subject to review;

C. Fundraising activities may be subject to insurance approvals. Permitted Fundraising Expenses: A. B. C. D. E.

Teams may raise funds for the following purposes: Tournament registration fees; Team equipment (i.e. pylons, pucks, first aid supplies - NO team apparel) Coaching and Trainers’ supplies; Travel expenses for recognized coaching staff that is not a parent of a player on the team (one hotel room per two coaches) F. Additional ice time for practices, exhibition games and skill development; G. Referee and timer fees; H. Miscellaneous team expenses to be itemized (examples: paper, fax/phone, League fees etc.). I. Sponsor bars for jerseys

Other Fundraising Activities Teams wishing to raise funds for anything not listed above must receive written permission from the Fundraising Committee and/or the TAMHA Board. In the case of special circumstances such as the hosting of provincials or playdowns, a proposed budget must be submitted prior to accepting these tournaments. Plaver/Parent Contributions are to be used to pay for such items as: A. B. C. D. E. F. G.

Personal clothing, for example, team jackets, track suits, hats, etc. Team meals, for example, year-end party and Christmas. Tickets to sporting events. Coaches gifts. Team photographs. End of year player’s gifts or trophies. Individual hockey gear and maintenance.

Truro and Are Minor Hockey Association Policy/Procedure 5: SPONSORSHIP POLICIES All team sponsorships shall be the responsibility of the individual team. The suggested fee for full team sponsorship should be at least $1000. However, a team may obtain more from a sponsor if offered. Teams may obtain more than one sponsor at a rate of $100 or more, per sweater ($200 for both home and away sweaters for one player). Each team will be responsible for obtaining sponsor name bars for their sponsors and having them sewn on. The managers have the following duties regarding sponsors: Obtaining the sponsor(s) for your team Provide background about the team (level, league, etc.), when they play and practice and welcome the sponsor to visit any time. It is important that the team Manager maintain regular verbal and/or written contact with the sponsor(s). Managers must ensure that the Name Bar on the back bottom of the team sweaters and uniformly consistent with the name of the team sponsor. Manager must ensure that the media is updated and sponsor’s names mentioned frequently. Please note: Any Sponsor donations subject to conditions deemed unacceptable to the team will be returned to the donor.

6. TOURNAMENTS Each team is limited to a maximum of 4 tournaments during the hockey year not including play downs, play offs, league tournaments and TAMHA hosted events. All other additional tournament requests must be made to the TAMHA Executive for prior written permission.

7. GENERAL These rules are to be flexible and used with common sense. Exceptions and dispensations should be requested from the Fundraising Committee. However, no exceptions can be made to the rules relating to handling and accounting of receipts and expenses.

I acknowledge having received and read these rules;

Coach Signature

Team Name

Approved by Truro and Area Minor Hockey Association Executive 2010-2011

Truro and Are Minor Hockey Association Policy/Procedure


FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES - HNS The only people who are covered bv the National Insurance Program are those individuals registered as Hockey Canada Participants (players, officials, coaches, trainers, named volunteers and staff). A facility or individual may be added to the policy as “Additional Insured” for a specified event, and that event only. Even though an event may be sanctioned, not all parties are necessarily insured. For instance, parents may be participating in a fundraiser, but not in a capacity that grants coverage. In such cases, additional coverage may be purchased from a local broker for a special event. There are also circumstances where an event falls outside the scope of the insurance policy or the guidelines established by Hockey Canada and the HNS and as a result there is no coverage afforded to any participants. When this situation arises and event organizers intend to proceed with the event they must indicate to the participants in some reasonable way that the event is not covered by Hockey Canada Insurance. As a protective measure for both the participants and the organizers it is highly recommended that an alternative source of insurance be attained to cover the event. Special Evens policies can be sourced through local brokers, or through Hockey Canada’s broker, B. F. Lorenzetti.

The Definite “NO” List There are events that have previously led to injury claims or conflict with HNS programs, regulations of philosophy. Based on sound risk management, these events have been disallowed within the HNS. As a result, these events are not covered by Hockey Canada. The following is an on-going list of events that are not sanctioned by the HNS: o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Road Blocks Non-Hockey Related Activities Car Rallies Community Festivals* Other Sport Activities (including inline hockey and ball hockey) Community Parades* * Road Side Clean Up Concerts Wood-splitting National Hockey League (NHL) Player’s participating in event Canteen, Beer Tent Non-sanctioned summer hockey - camps, practices, leagues Any lease agreement with a clause that transfers the financial burden to the team for facility negligenceo Dances (as fundraisers for players or parents) o Exhibition games involving non-registered participants (including parents, siblings and celebrities) * Community Festivals will likely have their own insurance. Hockey Canada will not cover the event; rather provide coverage for registered hockey participants only.

Truro and Are Minor Hockey Association Policy/Procedure ** Community Parade participation may be permitted for teams entering to walk, but not on floats or other motorized vehicles. Coverage for parades will not be extended to the organizing group, only the registered hockey participants. TAMHA/2010

Truro and Are Minor Hockey Association Policy/Procedure Appendix B – Form for Fundraising Request Team: Head Coach: Phone:

Email: Manager: Phone:

Email: Fundraising Activity Requested:

Donation to the team in lieu of participation in the fundraising event: $ _________ Has this been reviewed at a Team Parents Meeting? Yes / No (circle one) Is this activity HNS insured? Yes / No (circle one) Fundraising Activity Location:

Fundraising Activity Date: ________________________ Fundraising Activity Time: Activity Description:

We, representatives of , have read the Fundraising Guidelines of the TAMHA and we agree on behalf of the named team to abide by these Guidelines.

Signatures: Coach Date

Manager Date

Who is insured?

Appendix C Team Sample Budget

Fund Raising Revenue Parental Fees Approved Activity 1 (optional) Approved Activity 2 (optional) Approved Activity 3 (optional) Approved Activity 4 (optional) Approved Activity 5 (optional) Total Revenue 2009/2010

Total $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Per Player (17) $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Playing Expense Team Equipment Rep Fees Ice Time Referees Tournament Fees Uniforms Coaching Expenses Miscellaneous


Per Player (17)

$ $ $ $ $ S $ $

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Total Expenses 2009/2010



Truro and Are Minor Hockey Association Policy/Procedure

Total Revenue minus Total Expenses:

Team Name: ______________________________________ Date Submitted mm/dd/yy: __________________________

Coach Signature: __________________________________ Manager Signature: ________________________________ TAMHA Approval: ________________________________ Date Approved mm/dd/yy: __________________________ TAMHA/2010