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My promise to you – In the unlikely event of a Donaghys product failing to perform when used as directed, Donaghys will refund the full purchase price of the product concerned.* DONAGHYS SERVICE PROMISE •

To have an experienced local territory manager available at all times.

To provide appropriate training and support for your farm staff in the effective use of our products to attain the results that are expected.

To respond within 24 hours to any customer request for assistance regarding a Donaghys product.

Our scientists will be available as technical back-up for your territory manager.

To continue to research, and develop product and solutions that deliver productivity and economic efficiency.

To maintain a ‘will not be beaten’ attitude with competitive pricing and offers.

Free delivery on farm can be arranged. *See for full details on product guarantee.

Probiotic Extracts

RumenZyme Cobalt Plus Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. A8217.

Independent Trial Results In nineteen, fully replicated trials (nine independent) carried out on New Zealand farms RumenZyme Cobalt Plus treated lambs, on average, gained 19% more weight than untreated lambs. This translated into 11.22 grams per day in extra carcass weight over the average trial length of 37 days.

Donaghys RumenZyme Cobalt Plus is an advanced liquid probiotic extract formulation for use in sheep, cattle and deer. It works to activate beneficial rumen microbes, promotes rumen development, boost Vitamin B12 levels to improve microbial function and enhance digestion and feed conversion. Why use it?

This meant that over all the trials, RumenZyme Cobalt Plus treated lambs averaged an additional 415 grams per lamb (carcass weight) in the 37 days on trial. At a lamb schedule of $6.85# this would mean an additional yield of $2.83 per lamb for a RumenZyme Cobalt Plus drench costing just 12c (3.64mL average dose in the trials).

Return for the farmer If one were to extrapolate this over a flock of 1800 lambs, a drench cost of $220 could yield extra growth worth $5000, not a bad idea in anyone’s book! Faster finishing could also mean the difference between getting more lambs away before Christmas while the schedule is traditionally higher. The more lambs off the property earlier, the more feed there is for the ones that follow and ultimately also for the Ewe’s.

• Field trials show proven increases in liveweight gains • To improve utilisation of poor quality feed or at feed change • Can assist dung firmness and reduce dags • Reduces the ‘checking’ effects of stress at weaning, transportation and handling • Assists successful transition from milk to pasture • Can be mixed with anthelmintic drenches* • Nil withholding period *Conditions apply

Available in 5, 10 & 20 Litres. Dose Rates (See container label for full information) SHEEP

Lambs 4ml/head

Hoggets 4-5ml/head

Ewes 4ml/head

Rams 4ml/head


Calves 4-6ml/head

Yearlings 7-10ml/head

Adult 7-10ml/head

Stud Cattle 10ml/head


Fawns 3-5ml/head

Yearlings 5ml/head

Hinds 5ml/head

Stags 7-10 ml/head


Farmers Weekly 1st September 2011.


Probiotic Extracts

ProEwe Gold Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. A9596.

Independent Trial Results AgResearch Trial ProEwe was independently trialled by AgResearch on four commercial farms in Ashburton, Arundel, Balclutha and Hanging Rock. The trial started in early 2008, 4 to 6 weeks before mating and ended at the completion of lambing in October 2008. The trial involved a minimum of 300 ewes per site. Ewes were selected for uniformity and then randomly divided into control and treated groups.

Crunching the numbers

Donaghys ProEwe Gold is an advanced mineralised probiotic extract with high Iodine. ProEwe Gold provides a strategic boost of essential trace elements and vitamins combined in a rumen specific probiotic extract which works to activate beneficial rumen microbes to enhance digestion, feed conversion and address mineral deficiencies. Why use it? • Assists breeding stock to achieve a rising plain of nutrition and improve fertility • Insurance against mineral/ vitamin challenges at lambing • 7 ml dose supplies Chelated Iodine (120mg) Cobalt (4mg) Zinc (40mg) Selenium (1mg) Vitamin A (9000IU) Vitamin D (3000IU) Vitamin E (200mg) • Nil withholding period

Available in 5, 10 & 20 Litres. Dose Rates (See container label for full information)






At a total cost of 29c per ewe, with the two recommended doses, (7mL pre-tup and 7mL pre-lamb), the trial showed an additional 22 lambs would survive through to 7 days for treated ewes, over every 250 lambs born to untreated ewes. Taking the trial results a stage further, assuming a 130% lambing percentage on 1000 ewes, untreated ewes would produce 1300 lambs surviving to 7 days. Ewes treated with ProEwe Gold would produce 1414 lambs surviving to 7 days. So based on the trial results, a 1000 ewes given two doses of ProEwe Gold would produce an additional 114 lambs surviving to 7 days. If we are conservative, and say that this delivers an extra 100 lambs worth $80 each. The extra $290 spent on ProEwe Gold would yield an additional $6000 in revenue from extra lambs.

ProEwe Gold treated Ewe’s showed: More Lambs – Treated Ewes averaged 9% more lambs born. Stronger lambs – Lamb survival from the treated ewes was 2% higher than control in the 7 days after birth. Ewe’s gained more weight – The trials showed statistically significant weight gain advantages for ProEwe Gold treated ewes before mating. The treated ewe’s gained an average of 25 grams per day more than control in the lead up to mating.


Donaghys StockMin MMX Balanced formulation loose salt lick

StockMin MMX is a balanced salt lick containing 12 essential minerals to promote health and production of sheep and cattle. Trace elements are essential for livestock productivity and health. Pasture will not always provide sufficient levels of these elements and there can also be imbalances present. StockMin MMX salt lick provides sodium to help livestock perform in the face of lush or stressed pasture and seasonally high potassium levels. This is combined with strong levels of essential trace elements in a balanced formulation. Particularly important in spring and autumn as well as for maintaining winter condition. Element




Calcium Phosphorus Magnesium Sodium Iron Iodine Manganese

9.5 0.4 1.4 21.5 0.5 0.05 0.5

Copper Zinc Cobalt Boron Molasses Feed Bokashi (Probiotic) Feed Meal Base

0.2 0.5 0.02 0.04 1.0 1.0 10.0 Available in 25 Kg bags.

Mineral Concentrates Ruminants obtain mineral nutrition from their feed intake. Higher animal demands occur: •

Prior to and through mating

Late pregnancy through lactation

Other periods of stress

Trace mineral elements are particularly important for promoting optimal fertility, reproduction, immunity and growth.

Correcting a mineral deficiency with Donaghys mineral concentrates can help with: Donaghys Selenium: 2.5mg/mL & 5mg/mL • Achieving good thrift • Improving disease resistance, fertility and milk production Donaghys Iodine: 40mg/mL • Improved thyroid function • Improving condition and fertility • Increasing growth rates Donaghys Copper Chelate: 70mg/mL Donaghys Copper Concentrate: 80mg/mL • Improving milk production and fertility • Improving resistance to disease and lameness • The chelated form ensures absorption when other minerals are present


Stock Management


Fattening Lambs

Tailed / Weaned Lambs


Weaned Calves

Fattening Cattle











Weaned Fawns / Pre-Mating






Management Timetable






Fattening / Pre-Mating

Brassica Feeding


Brassica Feeding



Key: Main use periods

Secondary use periods

Strategic uses as required*

Donaghys Brightline Raddle Brightline Raddle is the traditional method used for temporarily marking stock. Brightline Raddle is fully scourable meeting all the requirements of the MAF wool scourability tests. Raddle sticks are individually packed in plastic sleeves. Available in red, orange, violet, blue, green, and yellow.

Donaghys Ram Harnesses Designed to be used in conjunction with Donaghys Ram Crayons, our ram harnesses have been designed to minimise chafing whilst the clip lock tabs allow for a rapid change of the crayon in the field. Non-slip buckles and high quality clips ensure the crayon is held securely in its holder.

Donaghys Ram Crayons Donaghys Ram Crayons have been designed for use in conjunction with the Donaghys Ram Harness and are fully scourable for cost effect mating management. Available in red, blue, orange, green, and yellow; and in soft (0 - 18°C) or medium options.

Donaghys Super Sprayline Super Sprayline is an all weather, long lasting aerosol marker for general use in sheep and lamb identification, and as a multi-purpose dairy cow flank and teat marker. Super Sprayline is an approved wool marker and meets all MAF wool scourability tests. Cans are available in 200ml or 400ml can varieties (black and purple available in 200ml only). Available in blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple and black.


*Eg Transport, feed change, other times of stress

Brushweed Killer

Donaghys Brushweed Kill Met600 Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7684.

Available in

For the control of brushweeds and many broadleaf weeds • Controls gorse, broom, blackberry and other brushweeds. • Can be used to control buttercup, ragwort and many thistle and broadleaf species by weed wiper or spot application. • Can be used for stump swabbing of freshly cut gorse and blackberry stems and stumps. • Highly cost effective control of most brushweeds. • Low toxicity herbicide – safer for users. • Easy to use water dispersible granules.


Active Ingredient 600g/kg metsulfuron methyl

Donaghys Brushweed Kill TRIPIC Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7978.

Available in For the control of brushweeds and many broadleaf weeds 20 & 100 Litres

• Controls blackberry, broom, gorse, lupin, tutus, sweet briar and matagouri. • Controls broadleaf weeds including ragwort, thistles, fennel, nettle and inkweed. • Flexibility with application including stump swabbing. • Safe to most desirable grasses. • Controls broadleaf weeds in turf.

Active Ingredient 300g/L triclopyr as the butoxyethyl ester & 100g/L picloram as the triisopropanolamine salt

Donaghys Brushweed Kill TRI 600 Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7981.

Available in For the control of brushweeds and many broadleaf weeds • • • •

Controls gorse, broom, blackberry and other brushweeds. Safe to most desirable grasses. Best results achieved when applied during active growth. Flexibility with application including stump swabbing.

20 & 100 Litres

Active Ingredient 600g/L triclopyr as the butoxyethyl ester


Pasture Renewal

Donaghys Serious 580 Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7838.

Available in The strongest liquid glyphosate on the market for powerful non-selective weed control • Dual salt technology incorporating potassium & triethanolamine salts. • High concentration retaining low viscosity. • Fully surfactant loaded. • Excellent rainfastness. • Cost effective weed control. • Fast knockdown. • Stable in a range of temperatures.

20, 200 & 1000 Litres

Active Ingredient Donaghys 580g/L glyphosate as the potassium & triethanolamine salts

Donaghys Premium Sprayoff G360 Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7732.

Available in For powerful non-selective weed control 20, 200 & 1000 Litres

• Made with the superior potassium salt, for better uptake and translocation than IPA salt glyphosates. • Superior rainfast times: 30 minutes with Donaghys Wetter Sticker surfactant. 2 hours with no surfactant. • Cost effective weed control. • Fast knockdown. • Stable in a range of temperatures.

Active Ingredient Donaghys 360g/L glyphosate as the potassium salt

Donaghys Sprayoff MATE Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7683.

Available in Selective broadleaf herbicide mix partner for glyphosate • High strength tribenuron-methyl formulation. • For tank mixing with glyphosate for control of clovers and tough broadleaf weeds. • Short withholding period before re-sowing (14 days). • Non-hormone herbicide with low relative toxicity. • Easy to use water dispersible granule formulation.



Active Ingredient 750g/kg tribenuronmethyl

Selective Pasture Herbicides / Pasture Management

Donaghys Broadleaf Kill 2,4-D ESTER Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7706.

For removing hard to kill broadleaf weeds from established pastures • Controls thistles, annual buttercups and most other common pasture broadleaf weeds. • Provides better kill on established / perennial weeds. • Controls ragwort (seedling to rosette stage). • Controls thistles from seedling to bud formation stage (prior to flowering). • Provides better cool temperature results than other phenoxy herbicides. • Minimise clover check by grazing one week prior to spraying.

Available in 20 & 100 Litres

Active Ingredient 520g/L 2,4-D as the ethylhexylester

Donaghys Broadleaf Kill 2,4-D Amine Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7647.

Available in For removing broadleaf weeds from young and established pastures • Controls most annual broadleaf weeds including thistles. • Can be used on young pasture* after grazing with minimal clover damage. • Use on young weeds that are growing fast. • Less volatile than Ester formulations; fewer problems with herbicide drift. • Also use as a selective cereal herbicide.

20 & 100 Litres

Active Ingredient 400g/L 2,4-D as the triethanolamine salt

*clover should be established with 6 or more true leaves

Donaghys Slugicide Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7691.

Available in Kills slugs and snails in pastures, crops and gardens 20kg

• Use prior to and when direct drilling new pastures. • Prevents or treats slugs which migrate into new / conventionally established pasture or crops. • Contains a unique attractant to lure slugs and snails to the bait. • Metaldehyde active ingredient does not harm carabid beetles (natural slug predators) unlike methiocarb based baits. • Stable pellet formulation - all weather, low dust product.

Active Ingredient 18g/kg metaldehyde


Pasture Management / Pasture Fungicides

Donaghys Wetter Sticker Available in Surfactant for use with certain herbicides • Improves the wetting, spreading and uptake of herbicides. • Reduces rain free period required after herbicide application. • Use with Donaghys Premium Sprayoff G360 glyphosate, and Brushweed Kill MET600 (see respective labels for details). • Increases herbicide uptake on hard to wet surfaces such as waxy leaves.

5 Litre

Active Ingredient 100% organosilicone

Donaghys Mycotak® Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7033.

For the control of the causal organism of Facial Eczema in pasture • Prevents facial eczema in animals. • Eliminates the spores in pasture that cause toxins to build up in the liver. • Provides up to six weeks protection. • No withholding period. • Unlike Zinc, will not interfere with the cows calcium metabolism or copper absorption. • Compatible with Donaghys nitrogen utilisation enhancer, LessN®.

Available in 1 & 5kg

Active Ingredient 800g/kg carbendazim in the form of a water dispersible granule

Donaghys Myco-RF® Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7625.

Available in For the control of Rust and Fusarium species in pasture and Crown Rust and Stem Rust and Blind Seed in ryegrass seed crops • Controls Rust and Fusarium in pasture resulting in cleaner, healthier and more palatable pasture. • Prevents the slowing of growth, rate of aging and death of grasses caused by Rust and Fusarium. • Increase dry matter production of Rust and Fusarium affected pastures. • Reduces ill thrift in stock caused by Rust and Fusarium. • Compatible with Donaghys nitrogen utilisation enhancer, LessN®.



Active Ingredient 800g/kg tebuconazole in the form of a wettable powder

Pasture Solutions – LessN

LessN – Double the efficiency of Nitrogen Fertiliser Donaghys LessN® researched New Zealand wide One of New Zealand’s largest ever nitrogen response studies

Donaghys LessN® is a natural microbial based nitrogen utilisation enhancer, formulated and trialled specifically for use in combination with dissolved urea fertilisers.

Why farmers should be using Donaghys LessN® Double the nitrogen response of urea The Donaghys LessN System® of spraying a half rate (40kg/ha) of dissolved urea in conjunction with 3L/ha of Donaghys LessN will double the nitrogen response of the urea. Extensive research shows that the LessN System® halves the amount of urea used without compromising pasture production.

Donaghys LessN® has undergone extensive trials and research to evaluate its performance on New Zealand farms. Since 2007 Donaghys LessN® has been evaluated in 67 trials throughout New Zealand, making the research into LessN one of the largest nitrogen response studies ever conducted in New Zealand. 28 of these trials have been independent trials, conducted by leading Crown Research Institute’s, Universities or private researchers. The results of the trials conducted on Donaghys LessN® in New Zealand show the enormous benefits that Donaghys LessN® can provide pastoral farmers by doubling the nitrogen response of urea.

Independent trial results Since 2007, 28 independent trials have been conducted on Donaghys LessN® by leading Crown Research Institutes, Universities and private researchers. The results of these independent trials follow the results found in the in-house Donaghys trials. Below is a results summary of the Independent trials conducted on LessN between 2007-2011.


Average daily dry matter production of four different N input systems 70

60 50



57 51

30 20 10 0 No Urea

Available in 20, 200 and 1,000 Litres


Urea @ 40Kg/ha

Urea @ 80Kg/ha

Urea @ 40Kg/ha +LessN

Trial results are an average of 21 trials conducted within New Zealand from Autumn 2007 – Autumn 2011. Average trial length was 24 days. Urea 40kg/ ha treatment was only included in 14 trials. All Urea 40kg/ha and Urea 40kg/ha plus LessN treatments were spray applications. 12 Urea 80kg/ha treatments were spray applications and 9 were spread applications. Seven trials which showed no nitrogen response have not been included in the graphs.


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