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Author: Jody Golden
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PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                  


17-20 JULY 2014 Ballroom The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place      

The most prestigious Art Fair is back, enlivening Jakarta with more phenomenal art works through Bazaar Art Jakarta Indonesia & Casa by Bravacasa 2014, presented by Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia and Bravacasa Indonesia!

INTRODUCTION “South East Asia, especially Indonesia is now in the international spotlight in almost every industry, one of which of is the creative industry. The international world considers Indonesia to be part of the growing art-scene and a very promising area for greater art appreciation. Many Indonesian artists and creative industry players, who enliven the Indonesia art scene, are frequently mentioned abroad. As the most prominent lifestyle magazine in Indonesia, Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia & Casa by Bravacasa Indonesia are once again holding Bazaar Art Jakarta & Casa by Bravacasa Indonesia 2014, an art fair that will become a place for artists and art lovers to meet and revel in the presented art works. This   year has an even more magnificent concept!”  



The Biggest Art Fair In Indonesia Is Back! Bazaar Art Jakarta is an art celebration presented by Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia. This year, for the sixth time, Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia returns to delight Indonesian society. Bazaar Art Jakarta (BAJ), the largest art fair in Indonesia, has convened annually since 2009, this year will be it will be held on July 17-20, 2014 in the heart of Jakarta, The Ritz-Carlton, Pacific Place just like the previous years. This year’s event will be the special moment for BAJ to enter a new era and be an international class art fair. Several strategies, changes, and a fresher approach has been made to raise BAJ to the level of an international caliber fine arts festival, with the goal to make Indonesia Asia’s fine arts center. To realize its vision and mission, this year BAJ has invited a professional in the fine arts, Leo Silitonga, the owner of Umah Seni Art Gallery Indonesia as the Fair Director. Leo Silitonga is renowned in Indonesia and the International fine arts scene. In addition to Leo, BAJ has invited Enin Supriyanto, a fine arts curator, who is very influential in Indonesia and the International fine arts scene. Enin, together with the participant galleries, will display selected fine arts worthy of praise. More than 34 galleries will join BAJ 2014 from Indonesia and the abroad , such as, from Germany :ARDNT Gallery; from Japan: Nichido Contemporary Art, LSD/YOD, Ota Fine Arts, and White Stone Gallery; from Singapore: 2902 Gallery, Art Front Gallery, Art Xchange Gallery, Gajah Gallery, Langgeng Equator, Ode to Art Contemporary Pte Ltd, and Set In Stone Gallery; from Phillipines: The Drawing Room; from China: Phoenix Art Space; from Hongkong: Edouard Malingue Gallery and Puerta Roja; from USA: Sundaram Tagore Gallery; from Indonesia: ARK Galerie, Artsphere Gallery, D Gallerie, Edwin’s Gallery, Emmitan Contemporary Art Gallery, Go Art Space, Olivin Gallery, ROH Projects, Semarang Gallery, Srisasanti Syndicate, Puri Art Gallery, and Zola Zulu Gallery. Those galleries will feature spectacular works that certainly will be the main attraction in this event. One of them is Eko Nugroho’s, an Indonesian artist, who is already internationally recognized because of his collaboration with Louis Vuitton; in this event his works will be presented by ARDNT from Germany. BAJ 2014 with some galleries like Art:1 (Mon Décor Gallery), Asosiasi Galeri Senirupa Indonesia(AGSI), Galeri Canna, NADI Gallery, and The Drawing Room will conduct a special art project. The special well curated section will feature the best works from chosen artists with special themes.  

This year at BAJ, CASA will present a premium living exhibition. This combination of mutual support provides positive value to expand the target for visitors and gives a unique color to both events.

PROGRAMS Just like the previous years, BAJ 2014 will enliven this exhibition, art selling, and art auction - Talk Art, Mall Art and Kids Art.


Mall art This exclusive and carefully selected unique collection of art pieces is displayed in strategic places in the fifth floor of Pacific Place Jakarta, so the Mall visitors, art appreciators and wider society can also directly enjoy the works of the artists. The purpose of this program is to broaden the public’s appreciation of fine arts. KIDS ART Abrakadoodle presents attractive and inspiring crafts learning activities for children to articulate their own skill in engraving and drawing. Kids Art this year will be filled with a variety of interesting activities for kids, such as the School of Leisure, Special Art Session for kids, and family tour. Kids Art activity will be held in the 5th floor of Pacific Place Jakarta . TALK ART Special attention is given to the development of critical thought in the field of contemporary art. For this purpose, a series of lectures and discussions will be led by a number of experts and curators of international caliber to enliven Bazaar Art Jakarta 2014, such as Dr. Thomas J. Berghuis from United States of America, June Yap from Singapore, Daisuke Miyatsu from Japan, and Hammad Nasar from London. CHARITY AUCTION This year BAJ will hold a charity auction from RIMOWA & ART ABARTH, which response by Bob Sick, Erwin Windu Pranata (Ewing), Gatot Indrajati, Hendra ‘Hehe’ Harsono, Syagini Ratna Wulan a.k.a Cagi, Darbotz, Eddie Hara, Kemal Ezedine, and Oky Rey Montana for Yayasan Jantung Indonesia & Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat hosted by Deborah Iskandar.

WHAT’S NEW On bazaar art Jakarta 2014?

In this year BAJ, Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia will publish its annual ART special edition that will feature the exhibition and Indonesian art. As a large-scale player in the media industry, Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia undoubtedly has an extensive scope of readers, thus offering greater exposure.        

Another surprise on BAJ 2014 is the Vernisage event that will present a special performance by Asosiasi Galeri Seni Rupa Indonesia (AGSI) entitled Sentimental Harmony by Rudi Abdallah. There will be also special performance from Wayang Bocor lead by Eko Nugroho supported by ARNDT entitled Legend of Horned Seaweed on Friday, July 18 2014 and also the renowned special presentation by Papermoon Puppet Theater entitled He and Secrets in His Life on Saturday, July 19 2014. This art fair can be said to be the biggest in Indonesia will certainly be even more spectacular with the presence of art observers and international media.



Since 2010, CASA by Bravacasa was never just a living exhibition. Through this event, we aim to present a high quality living exhibition by displaying the best products as an inspiration for designing modern homes. A brilliant concept realized in CASA by Bravacasa is the exhibition's ambiance that highlights design by combining various works from local and international designers. Since convening in 2010, CASA by Bravacasa was not only a living exhibition. CASA by Bravacasa’s hopes were buds that would develop into a living exhibition in Indonesia; it was not just a dream. This brilliant concept was applied in the CASA exhibition’s ambience, thus highlighting the design by combining various works from local and foreign designers. During this four day exhibition, visitors will be served with the concept of a one stop-shopping gallery to complement the needs of the modern home, as a special offer to home & living lovers in Indonesia. In addition, to feature the best products, CASA by Bravacasa also presents a variety of home decor inspiration and open an opportunity to talk with experts in the home & living world. This year’s tenants who participate in CASA by Bravacasa are ARBOR & TROY, BANG & OLUFSEN, BYO LIVING, DEKAEL ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORS, GIANNI VIGONE HOME COLLECTION, HUNTER DOUGLAS, IDEALIVING & GREENPAD, INDO PORCELAIN, JULIAN NYLAND, KARSA, LUXURY ITALY, MAGRAN, OSIM, ROSEWOOD SOLID TABLE GALLERY, TOTO KITCHEN, VINCENT SHEPPARD, VIVERE KITCHEN.   SPECIAL ON CASA BY BRAVACASA There are special things in this year’s Casa by Bravacasa with the presence of BRAVACASA DESIGNER & ARCHITECT SHOWCASE, a project that displays 5 of the best works from 11 of the best Indonesian architects & interior designers, such as Arini Subianto, Cosmas D. Gozali, DIMM, Reza Wahyudi, Roland Adam, Santi Alaysius & Hamphrey Tedja, and Sisi Sutrisno. ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT will also enliven this year’s Casa, A small showcase of architectural project models from 5 young prominent architects such as Raul Renanda, Revano Satria, Tan Tik Lam, and Heru Mudito for their various works in private residential houses, townhouses, open landscapes designs, and public spaces such as shopping malls, private clinics, condominiums, and office buildings.


Something that is not new but becoming the characteristic and increasing the attractiveness of Casa by Bravacasa is the presence of the Young Designer area which is a place for young designers, who represent a university or institution or individual, to showcase their works by producing premium home living products. Some of the designers are Bina Nusantara Interior Designer Department students, Lasalle College International Jakarta students, Ivan Christanto, Michelle Nathania, Debrina Syafei, Grace Janika, and Raffles Institute of Higher Education Jakarta students.



In addition, GOOD THINGS, an area supporting the living products exhibition is also enlivening this year’s CASA by Bravacasa. The participating vendors are Ruku-Ruku, TOIMOI, Lampu Runa,, Ghea Lifestyle, Vie for Living, OWLOOK, and DGTMB SHOP.

BRAVACASA DESIGN CHALLENGE Bravacasa Design Challenge is a competition that has been held each year in appreciation of the young designers from various universities and who present as individuals. CASA by Bravacasa will have a special area featuring the 14 best works of Bravacasa DESIGN CHALLENGE. The number of participants who register and participate in this competition has increased from previous years; participants who enrolled this year reached more than 300 participants. Seeing the diversity of work produced by the participants, Bravacasa categorized their works into 3 categories: furniture, lighting and kitchenware.  






The involvement of Harper's Bazaar in the world of contemporary art is not new anymore; each publication of Harper's Bazaar Indonesia always provides a large section for the Indonesian art world. Consistently, Harper's Bazaar Indonesia presents the works of Indonesian artists in editorial form. Plus, for the sixth time since 2009, Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia, under the auspices of the MRA Printed Media, convened Bazaar Art Jakarta.    



A premium living magazine, Bravacasa is a lifestyle magazine that extensively covers architecture, interiors, design and art, and society themes. Bravacasa is a magazine that initiated CASA Bravacasa’s presence, a living exhibition of premium brand products presenting works of furniture and state-of-the-art interior designers that certainly amaze and inspire consumers, collectors and premium living brand lovers.