Prepare for the Year of Mercy

New Autumn 2015 Prepare for the Year of Mercy Spiritual Works of Mercy Corporal Works of Mercy Mercy Works The Door of Mercy Mgr Paul Grogan £2...
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New Autumn


Prepare for the Year of Mercy

Spiritual Works of Mercy

Corporal Works of Mercy

Mercy Works

The Door of Mercy

Mgr Paul Grogan £2.50 SP46 A6 Paperback 64pp

Mercy in Action

Practical Love for the 21st Century

In the words and life of Pope Francis

Mgr Richard Atherton £2.50 SP45 A6 Paperback 48pp

Mark P. Shea £2.50 PA25 A6 Paperback 80pp

Fr Ivano Millico £2.50 DO911 A6 Paperback 80pp

ISBN: 978 1 78469 080 9

ISBN: 978 1 78469 076 2

ISBN: 978 1 78469 079 3

Acts of mercy are often terribly ordinary. Rather than leave them to others, why not reflect on the spiritual and practical matters that Pope Francis recommends for the Year of Mercy.

Mark Shea gives examples of people who have performed the works of mercy and advice on how we can share God’s mercy in the twenty first Century.

We are pilgrims, called to pass through the ‘door of mercy’ in this Year of Mercy. In a world where many feel beyond forgiveness, let’s start out to discover what mercy truly is.

Year of Mercy (Leaflet)

Stations of the Cross

Why Pilgrimage?

Preparing for the Journey

The way of divine mercy

Fr Robert Taylerson £9.50 LF74 A6 Pack of 50 16pp

St Alphonsus Liguori £2.50 D799 A6 Paperback 48pp

David Baldwin £2.50 D800 A6 Paperback 88pp

EAN: 5060139000703

ISBN: 9781784690724

Pope Francis has declared 2015-16 to be a ‘Year of Mercy’. It is important for each of us to start out on this journey together. Learn here about the purpose, message and activities of this special year, and how you and your parish can become involved.

Classic devotions enriched by additional prayers, a brief biography and a reflection on the Way of the Cross as a way of divine mercy.

ISBN: 978 1 78469 087 8

Most Christians want to live an active faith yet struggle to do so. Engaging in ‘spiritual works of mercy’ enables us to become agents of a loving God towards others.

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Mary Mother of Mercy Folded Prayer Card £4.50 Inc VAT PC99-P Fold-out A7 Pack of 20 EAN: 506 0 13900 067 3

Beautiful Fold-out Prayer card. Pope Francis invites us all in this ‘Year of Mercy’ 2015-16 to invoke Mary, our Mother, and the Mother of Mercy. Here are prayers to carry with you every day.

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ISBN: 978 1 78469 077 9

In our modern world, pilgrimage is on the increase. Here are reasons why, together with good insights, reasons and destinations for anyone contemplating a pilgrim journey.

Elegantly edited by Fr Jim McManus CssR.

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For more titles on The Year of Mercy See page 5 - 7

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The Ritual & People’s Missals

“CTS booklets are more than just highly effective resources for evangelisation. They are trustworthy and credible sources for personal growth in faith.” (Edmund Adamus, Director for Marriage and Family Life, Westminster)

C T S s u nda y Missal 2 0 1 6

“The CTS does a wonderful job of helping people to know the Catholic faith and live it more fully. The booklets are always clearly written, beautifully produced, and faithful to the Church”. (Fr Stephen Wang, Senior University Chaplain, Diocese of Westminster)

C arin g f or t h e e nviron m e n t

P r e par e f or t h e s y nod

CTS Sunday Missal 2016 People’s Edition From First Sunday of Advent 2015 to Christ the King 2016. £5.95 RM20 170 x 125mm Paperback 630pp ISBN: 978 1 78469 071 7

With all the Sundays and solemnities from the 2015/16 liturgical calendar of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, presented in an elegant layout. The volume runs from Sunday November 29th 2015 up to Sunday November 20th 2016. The missal with the Masses and readings in calendar order. Just turn to the right date and you will find everything you need to follow the Mass. It also has the new English translation of the Mass, with the prayers in two columns in Latin and English. The major feasts and seasons are introduced by Pope Francis.

Available for Pre-Order available OCT 2015


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Catholics & Our Common Home Caring for the Planet We Share Sr Margaret Atkins £2.50 EX56 A6 Paperback 72pp ISBNB: 978 1 78469 086 1

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Pope Francis calls all Christians to an ‘ecological conversion’ – including you and me. This much needed explanation of Catholic belief and the environment, narrows the gap between theory and practice.

Laudato Si’

Louis & Zélie Martin

On Care For Our Common Home

Parents of Thérèse of Lisieux

Pope Francis £4.95 Do908 A5 Paperback 116pp

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Fr Paulinus Redmond £2.50 B709 A6 Paperback 88pp

Pope Francis & the Family

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Pope Francis £2.95 DO912 A6 Paperback 120pp

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ISBN: 978 1 78469 090 8

ISBN: 978 1 78469 070 0

ISBN: 978 1 86082 527 9

Pope Francis’s eagerly awaited second encyclical letter addressed to all of humanity on environmental issues, our place in creation and responsibility towards our common home.

This married couple, to be canonised saints in October 2015, gives courage to families to seek the love that enables them to serve God and neighbour.

The Gift of Christmas is Peace

Our Lady & the New Evangelisation

The Catholic Faith in Twenty-Five Days

Donal Anthony Foley £2.50 SP44 A6 Paperback 72pp

Fr Francis Selman £2.50 DO907 A6 Paperback 72pp

ISBN: 978 1 78469 073 1

ISBN: 978 1 78469 068 7

The presence of Mary, Mother of God, in the New Evangelisation is as clearly discernible today as throughout Christian history, not least in her recognised apparitions and in papal teaching.

This introduction gives a brief but comprehensive overview of 25 of the most important elements of the Catholic Faith which can be studied day by day.

Pope Francis brings his practical wisdom and insights to bear on many aspects of family life today: parents, children, grandparents, male, female, engaged, education, illness, poverty, death and suffering.

DIVINE WORSHIP: THE MISSAL Divine Worship: The Missal Ordinariates Established by Anglicanorum Coetibus

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£300.00 RM19 270 mm x 190 mm Hardback Bound in Leather 600pp ISBN: 978 1 78469 020 5

Following the landmark decision by Pope Benedict XVI to open the doors of the Catholic Church to Christians of Anglican Patrimony who wished to continue to worship using the forms and words of the Book of Common Prayer, we are pleased to present Divine Worship: The Missal. These texts for the celebration of Mass have been approved and promulgated by the Holy See for use in the Personal Ordinariates established under the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus. United Kingdom & Austrailia

Pope Francis £2.50 D801 A6 Paperback 64pp ISBN: 978 1 78469 081 6

Reflecting on this time of joy, the Holy Father will help every reader to find the peace that Jesus offered the whole world at his coming.

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For the Year of Mercy

“I picked up the booklet What is the Catholic Church? from the stand at the back of our church. It allowed me to discover my longing for the Church leading to my conversion.” (Jacek, CTS reader)

Th e D ivin e M e rc y

Providence & Prayer

Religious Freedom Today

Chiara Lubich

Fr Francis Selman £2.50 SP43 A6 Paperback 48pp

The Catholic View

Servant of Unity

John Newton £2.50 EX55 A6 Paperback 72pp

Jim Gallagher £2.50 B764 A6 Paperback 104pp

ISBN: 978 1 78469 069 4

ISBN: 978 1 78469 078 6

A clear, compassionate and forthright explanation of what Catholics believe about religious freedom, as an inalienable right to be protected, and as a timeless good for society and humankind.

Jim Gallagher tells the powerful story of the founder of the Focolare movement, who dedicate their lives to the poor and the unity of all people.

ISBN: 978 1 78469 067 0

Fr Selman explores the meaning of God’s providence and why prayer is more than simply petitioning God for what we want.

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C hris t m as C ards

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The Holy Rosary Folded Prayer Card

M e rc y in S crip t u r e

Divine Mercy Prayer Book Divine Mercy & St Faustina

£4.50 Inc VAT PC100-P Fold-out A7 Pack of 20

I trust in your mercy

EAN: 506 0 13900 068 0

Beautiful Fold-out Prayer card.

The Divine Mercy

Complete Rosary prayers, with all the mysteries and some practical instructions, to carry with you every day.

The Divine Mercy Message and Devotion £5.95 LF52 DL Leaflet Pack of 25 Fold-out 8pp ISBN: 978 1 86082 653 5

Use these leaflets to promote devotion to the Divine Mercy.

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The Marian Fathers £2.50 D725 A6 Paperback 104pp ISBN: 978 1 86082 637 5

Fr Andrew Witko £2.50 D650 A6 Paperback 86pp ISBN: 978 1 86082 078 6

Devotion to The Divine Mercy involves A fascinating insight into the life a total commitment to God as Mercy. of Sr. Faustina together with the The devotional practices proposed in devotion itself. the Diary of St Faustina are included here with other prayers.

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Mi x e d P ra y e r C ards

Wor k s o f M e rc y

CTS Prayercards Mixed Pack (Pack of 50)

A New Hospital Prayer Book

Prayers for those in Spiritual Affliction

A Little Book of Consolation

£2.50 D722 A6 Paperback 80pp

Bishop Julian Porteous £1.95 D750 A6 Paperback 40pp

For those who mourn

Meet Jesus with Pope Francis Rev Nick Donnelly £2.50 DO900 A6 Paperback 60pp ISBN: 978 1 78469 040 3

Allow Pope Francis to guide you to a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ through his practical and straight-talking advice on living a meaningful and joyful life.

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Beautiful images and the words of the Holy Father Pope Francis make this an ideal way to send seasons’s greetings to friends, family or colleagues.

Ava ila from ble S Pre ept 22 -ord n er N d OW !

CTS Christmas Cards £6.95 inc VAT CC51 120 x 180mm Pack of 18 EAN: 506 0 13900 069 7

Mixed pack of 18 Christmas cards in 2 designs with a quotation from Pope Francis’s Christmas homilies. The message reads:

“Every blessing for Christmas and the New Year”.

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• Top: Artist: Reni, Guido (1575-1642) Titled: The Adoration of the Shepherds • Left: Artist: Cigoli, Ludovico (1559-1613) Titled: The Adoration of the Magi.

£5.95 inc VAT PC98-P 105 mm x 75 mm

ISBN: 978 1 86082 632 0

EAN: 50601 3900 065 9

ISBN: 978 1 86082 792 1

This popular prayer book, now A collection of prayers for revised and improved, offers welldeliverance from and defence loved prayers, meditations, and encouragement for those in hospital. against evil.

Range of ten elegant colour prayer cards, with prayer text in English on the reverse, to keep in your wallet, prayer book, or on your desk – ideal as gifts. Some of the most popular CTS prayer cards ever: Angelus, Hail Mary, Memorare, Guardian Angel, St Michael, Our Father, Newman: God’s providence, Anima Christi, Hail Holy Queen, Prayer for Help of Holy Spirit.

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David Coombs £1.95 D739 A6 Paperback 56pp ISBN: 978 1 86082 721 1

Treasured spiritual companion for those recently bereaved

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The Jesus Prayer Bishop Kallistos Ware £1.95 Do887 A6 Paperback 56pp ISBN: 978 1 86082 893 5

The Jesus Prayer is the most popular devotional prayer in the Orthodox Church and increasingly popular in the West. It is a simple and direct method of invoking the mercy of Jesus Christ by repeating his Holy Name.

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“I have learned so much myself from the booklets and they have inspired me to go out to our parishioners and encourage them to buy the booklets from the rack at the back of our Church. People really love the booklets and their affordable price!” (Kay Marie Rhodes, CTS Rep)

“It’s good to have the CTS booklets. As we are a Cathedral, we do have a bookshop but we find that by having the CTS racks at the back of the Church we can reach a lot more people.” (Mrs Hill, Lancaster Cathedral)

M e rc y in R e concilia t ion


Priest’s Guide to Hearing Confessions

The Mercy of Christ Fr Vivian Boland OP £2.50 DO716 A6 Paperback 72pp

Fr Michael Woodgate £9.95 DO792 A6 Hardback 140pp

ISBN: 978 1 86082 236 0

ISBN: 978 1 86082 530 9

The sacrament of Reconciliation is where every Christian can experience that the joy of repentance and forgiveness is at the heart of Christian life. In a time when the sacrament is experiencing somewhat of a revival Fr Vivian Boland explains and invites all to an encounter with Christ’s mercy.

A valuable guide to best pastoral practice, with a wide range of sample problems and counsel; a practical summary of pertinent theology; and a useful summary of the relevant canon law.

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M e rc y in P ra y e r

A Simple Penance Book

Why go to Confession?

Eucharistic Adoration

£2.50 D777 A6 Paperback 64pp

Fr John Flader £1.95 D716 A6 Paperback 48pp

Prayers, Meditations & Devotions £5.95 D757 A6 Bound in Leatherette 96pp

ISBN: 978 1 86082 626 9

ISBN: 978 1 86082 825 6

The purpose of this booklet is to help those who make use of the sacrament to appreciate it more, and to encourage those who do not, to reconsider its many benefits. This booklet includes notes on examination of conscience and a helpful Rite to Confession itself.

It includes: a special Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament, scripture readings, prayers, litanies, hymns, devotional images and more, all gathered together to inspire prayer before our Lord. It also contains the rite of Exposition and Benediction|New leatherette edition of this classic booklet to help with prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

ISBN: 978 1 86082 926 0

Pope Francis says “God never tires of forgiving us; we are the ones who tire of seeking his mercy”. The true joy needed in the mission to share our faith arises from a real experience that our sins have been forgiven. How to prepare and celebrate the sacrament is explained both for newcomers and the already familiar.

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Praises, Prayers & Petitions

Devotions to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

Adoration Before the Blessed Sacrament

W Raemers, CSsR & Glynn MacNiven-Johnston £2.50 D779 A6 Paperback 56pp

Keith Wayne Philips £1.95 D761 A6 Paperback 56pp ISBN: 978 1 86082 876 8

This booklet was composed to help those who may experience difficulty in knowing what to do or what to pray about during Adoration, providing themes to guide and focus.

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ISBN: 978 1 86082 928 4

The devotion’s history is here explained and accompanied by a rich collection of appropriate prayers, litanies and novenas, for private and communal use.

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Our Lady, Untier of Knots Story of a Marian Devotion Miguel Cuartero Samperi £1.95 D769 A6 Paperback 40pp ISBN: 978 1 86082 901 7

This booklet gives a brief history of the devotion and the main prayers to Our Lady Untier of Knots, which Pope Francis encountered in Germany.

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What is Confession? What Catholics Believe about the Forgiveness of Sins £5.95 LF8 DL Leaflets Fold-out 8pp Pack of 25

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EAN: 978 1 8608 265 0

A Sacrament where Christ, through the Church forgives us all.

Ways of Forgiveness Going to Confession 8 Deadly Sins How to let forgiveness set you free

Examination of Conscience £4.50 inc VAT PC81 A7 Pack of Fold-

Learning to Defend the Life of Grace

Fr John Edwards SJ £1.95 D556 A6 Paperback 48pp

out Pack of 20 EAN: 506 0 13900 051 2

Fr Vivian Boland, OP £2.50 SP21 A6 Paperback 64pp

ISBN: 978 1 86082 768 6

This inspiring and practical guide opens us up to the spiritual gift of forgiveness. The author considers what sin is and how it affects our lives, and then shows how the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) can heal us from the effects of sin.

This simple, clear and attractive card brings together an examination of conscience, instructions for participating in the Sacrament and a prayer of thanksgiving for afterwards.

ISBN: 978 1 86082 460 9

The deadly or capital sins are the most significant and insidious temptations with which we must contend. A first step in countering their influence is understanding their psychological and spiritual roots in human experience.

Examination of Conscience How to Prepare and how to go to Confession £5.95 LF9 DL Leaflets Fold-out 8pp Pack of 25

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Contempletaive prayer £5.95 LF11 DL Leaflet Fold-out

EAN: 978 1 86082 266 7

Things to reflect on to prepare for confession.

How do I examine my Conscience And above all these put love, which binds everything together in perect harmony £5.95 LF71 DL Leaflets Fold-out 8pp Pack of 25

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EAN: 978 1 86082 897 3

Emphasises the need for charity and fostering of virtues in work, social and family life as well as the personal life.

Preparing for Confession Rediscovering Confession £5.95 LF72 DL Leaflets Fold-out 8pp Pack of 25

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EAN: 978 1 86082 904 8

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How to Pray 8pp Pack of 25 ISBN: 978 1 86082 268 1

The Blessed Sacrament Why do Catholics Pray Before the Blessed Sacrament £5.95 LF12 DL Leaflet Fold-out

A pack of 25 leaflets 8pp Pack of 25 explaining the basics ISBN: 978 1 86082 269 8 of prayer. Describes different types of prayer A pack of 25 leaflets. Introduces the and practical points to Church’s teaching help us pray. on the Eucharist, the Mass, Exposition and Benediction, and the value of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

A Quarter Hour Spiritual Warfare Fighting the Good Fight Before the Vivian Boland, OP Blessed Sacrament Fr£2.50 Sp16 A6 Paperback 60pp EAN: 978 1 86082 421 0 Folded Prayer Card This booklet enlightens the £4.50 Inc VAT PC82 A7 Fold-out Pack of 20 105 x 74 mm 5pp ISBN: 506 0 13900 052 9

Beautiful Fold-out Prayer card. Contains prayers for devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, to carry with you in your purse or wallet.

struggle by searching the wisdom of the scriptures. It gives hope to everyone, because Christ is always by our side to help us in every battle, and he has already defeated death and sin. Using the weapons of the Church to fight off evil and temptation.

Marian Prayer Book Prayers & Devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary £5.95 D752 A6 Bound in Leatherette 112pp ISBN: 978 1 86082 797 6

A collection of classic prayers to Mary, bound in imitation leather including: • All the most familiar and well-loved prayers • Prayers from approved Marian Apparitions • Marian prayers from the Eastern Church • Marian Hymns

Aims at helping all readers to prepare better for confession.

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F O R T H E N EW Evan g e lisa t ion

The Mission of the CTS


he Catholic Truth Society is a unique Catholic charity publishing non-stop since 1868. The CTS exists to promote knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith among Catholics and non - Catholics, the wider Christian community and general enquirers, by publishing and disseminating relevant, truthful and engaging Catholic publications at affordable prices.

“I think CTS has a massive impact on inspiring, teaching and encouraging ordinary Catholics and also explaining the faith to those who are searching for answers.” John Pridmore, Best Selling Author of ‘From Gangland to Promised Land’

We receive a constant stream of feedback from people who have experienced conversions, returned to the Church or who have been helped to grow deeper in their faith and be better informed as a result of reading CTS booklets. Laudato Si, the New Missal of the Ordinariate are recent additions to CTS publications covering the wide and wonderful breadth of the Catholic Faith.

Membership with the CTS By becoming a Member of the CTS family you become personally involved in the New Evangelisation which is the mission of the CTS, making a reality of Pope Francis’s assertion that ‘All the baptised whatever their position in the Church or their level of instruction in the faith, are agents of evangelisation’ (Evangelii Gaudium)

“I would encourage anyone thinking of supporting CTS to seriously consider becoming a member, thereby making a definite contribution to the educational and evangelistic work and mission of the Church.” Charles Whitehead Become a Member of CTS – the Charity that answers the call to evangelise. Please help us in our mission to help those searching to gain a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith and to share the faith with others. To find out more contact us on +44 (0)20 7640 0042 or email [email protected] or go to to join on-line.

The CTS Prison Appeal 2015 Offering hope to people in prison ‘I was in prison and you visited me’ Mt.25,36

We launched the CTS Prison Appeal 2015 at Easter this year and so far the generosity of our members and supporters has raised just over £12,500 of our target of £30,000 by Christmas 2015. There is some way to go! To find out more about the appeal and make your donation, go to, call us on +44 (0)20 7640 0042 or email [email protected]

“Faith is a big issue behind bars, and your support can be of real help to those who wish to become more confident in the truths of our faith”. Fr Roger Reader, Prison Adviser to the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales 8

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