PowerRouter Solar Battery Backup and Stand-alone

PowerRouter Solar Battery Backup and Stand-alone > Integrated Battery Manager > Compatible with all modern PV technologies, including thin-film panel...
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PowerRouter Solar Battery Backup and Stand-alone

> Integrated Battery Manager > Compatible with all modern PV technologies, including thin-film panels > 2 separate MPP trackers, perfect for East-West roofs > Monitoring and management via integrated internet connection > Compact, easy-to-install, all-in-one solution > Available in 5.0 kW, 3.7 kW and 3.0 kW versions

the PowerRouter

If the power fails or there is no power grid – PowerRouter Solar Battery Backup and Stand-alone If the PowerRouter is used as a back-up power supply, charging the batteries is a top priority. This means that, whenever there is a power cut, energy is always available from the batteries and from the self-generated solar energy.

Intelligent Battery Manager The integrated Battery Manager is compatible with different types and sizes of batteries. It ensures that the batteries are charged and discharged smoothly, in order to maintain the service life of batteries.

Energy management – use when available The ideal arrangement would be to use solar energy during the day because that is when most solar energy is available. This is easily achieved using the energy-management option for the PowerRouter. It allows you to switch on additional appliances such as a hot water system.

A reliable power supply in spite of unstable grid systems You know the situation. The power fails and leaves you sitting in the dark. You start looking for candles and matches. You're never left sitting in the dark with the Nedap PowerRouter Solar Battery as your back-up solution. During normal operation, the battery is charged by the sun. The rest is exported into the grid. If there is insufficient solar energy, the battery is charged from the grid. If there is a power outage, the PowerRouter switches over in a fraction of a second and provides the connected devices with energy from the batteries and solar energy virtually without interruption.

Dynamic feed-in limiter – power reduction at 70% Only when all consuming appliances have been supplied with electricity and the batteries are fully charged, surplus electricity will be exported into the power grid. In some situations, however, it is of absolutely no benefit, or not even permissible to feed electricity into the grid. With the dynamic feed-in limiter you can control how much energy is exported into the power grid at the grid connection point after subtraction of self-use. In the same way, the 70% power reduction required in Germany under the terms of EEG 2012, or the 60% required for the storage incentive program, will be achieved. For countries where it is prohibited to feed renewable energy into the grid, such as Spain and parts of Australia; this function is also fulfilled by the dynamic feed-in limiter.

Stand-alone power supply Where there is no power grid – an Alpine hut, for example – the PowerRouter Solar Battery provides connected devices with an efficient supply of self-generated solar energy. The surplus energy charges the batteries. The integrated Battery Manager ensures that your appliances always have power, even when the sun isn't shining.

Monitoring and management The Nedap PowerRouter Solar Inverter has an Internet connection. Once your installer has connected the unit to the Internet and registered it on the Nedap PowerRouter website, you have access to your system at any time to check the current performance of your solar power system. The online monitoring portal can be used to access data on how much solar energy has been generated and how much is currently being consumed.

Manufacturer's warranty It goes without saying that there is a warranty on the PowerRouter Solar Battery. Our manufacturer's warranty runs for 5 years from the purchase date and can be extended by a further 5 years if desired. Please ask your installer.

Technical data PowerRouter Solar Battery - for 24 Vdc lead-acid batteries Order number


Output (AC) Continuous rated AC output (P nominal) AC output power Cos Phi Output voltage  AC power Peak power (AC local out) Protection Stand-by consumption User interface Connectivity User-selectable relays

5.0 kW 3.7 kW 3.0 kW 5000 W (DE: 4600 W/ AUS: 4900 W) 3700 W (DE/UK/PT: 3680 W) 3000 W 25 A (DE: 22 A) 18 A 15 A 1 (DE, IT: 0.9 ind. … 0.9 cap. adjustable)  230 Vac, ± 2%, 50 Hz ± 0.2%, (180 - 264 Vac, 45-55 Hz, Sine curve