POSITION – PROJECT OFFICER INTRODUCTION Africare, a US-based NGO established in 1970, has been working in Nigeria since 1978 and is currently operatin...
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POSITION – PROJECT OFFICER INTRODUCTION Africare, a US-based NGO established in 1970, has been working in Nigeria since 1978 and is currently operating more than 50 community-based development projects in 17 African countries. Africare has long standing experience in the design and delivery of technical, training, material and financial assistance to self-help efforts in the fields of health/HIV-AIDS, food security, natural resource management, water resource development, micro-enterprise, civil society strengthening and good governance. Health programs are important to Africare's work in virtually all countries where it operates and constitute about one-half of Africare’s overall development assistance effort. Africare’s rapidly growing youth portfolio is focused on building the capacity of youth to adapt to their environments and succeed by impacting their communities. In Nigeria, Africare has its main office in Lagos and field offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Asaba, Uyo and Benin City, with smaller satellite offices in Bayelsa, and Cross River States. Africare is preparing to implement a Youth Scholar-Athletes Development Project (YSADP) in Delta, Nigeria that will support a cohort of male and female secondary school and engage them in a school based program that develops skills in track and field events and supports academic excellence with a view to excelling in both areas to ensure competitiveness for admission to University programs. The project aims to empower Nigerian youth using track and field as a platform and prepare them for the future. The program is a two year program with expectation for further funding. OVERALL RESPONSIBILITIES The Project Officer will assist the Project Manager in the implementation of the Africare/Nigeria YSADP project. S/He will work under the supervision of the project manager to ensure implementation of the YSADP project in line with set goals and objectives. This function will focus on implementation of the project, ensuring that all tasks important for the implementation of the project are carried out. This person will be directly responsible for drafting and finalizing workplans, budgets, project activity plans on a weekly basis, arranging meetings and ensuring meeting objectives are clearly spelt out in advance and in line with project objectives. S/he will support the fostering of strategic networks and alliances, development of new, continuing and/or competing applications and administrative capacity building. S/He will provide guidance to, and conduct performance appraisal of project support staff including coaches and tutors paid by the

project. S/he will be responsible for ensuring coaches and tutors abide by project policies and will be primarily responsible for identifying and responding to problems or impediments to project success. S/he will ensure compliance with donor requirements, ad support the Project Manager as S//he provides oversight on the activities of staff, coaches and tutors as well as liaise with relevant bodies, government organizations and other agencies for collaboration with the project to support program activities. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES Under the guidance and supervision of the Project Manager, the Project Officer will carry out the following responsibilities: 1.

PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION AND MANAGEMENT (50%) a. Assist the State Project Manager in providing oversight and managing the Africare/Nigeria YSADP project b. Support the management of the Africare/Nigeria YSADP project management team, ensuring that quality data is available for documenting and reporting. c. Function as the Africare representative to the project management committee d. Liaise with the technical and athletic content development expert based in the US e. Supervise the coaches (see accompanying Job Description of the YSADP Coach) and tutors at the beneficiary schools; supervise the development, adaptation and implementation of program tools, and systems developed by or given to the project for modification or adoption. f. Support the capacity building of project staff and partners on management and supervision of programs g. Supervise and oversee implementation of track and field sessions in schools utilizing the program curriculum. h. Supervise and track and collate tracking statistics in all beneficiary schools ensuring gender guidelines and age limits are adhered to strictly i. Collate and periodically review reports for the athletics component of the project as well as track the individual student’s academic progress based on indicators provided by Africare; j. Supervise the correspondence between tutors and coaches to ensure individual students who are “at-risk” are identified early and issues identified, interventions established and follow up provided. This is expected to be actively managed using a tracking template k. Organization of track and field activities for the project inter-school games competitions. l. Make periodic site visits for supervision, programming, implementation designs and technical support m. Must be able to model and effectively supervise and cause others to imbibe Organization, Punctuality, Preparation, Efficiency, Communication, Values of

Sportsmanship, Leadership and Character, Respect, Teamwork, Positive Attitude. Solid health and fitness track record will be an added advantage. n. Prepare or review and submit, program activity reports such as monthly, progress or analytical reports in time for project review meetings and quarterly budget and programmatic reviews. o. Advise the Country Director and other Africare staff of any programmatic and/or administrative issues which may affect project implementation 2.

ADMINISTRATIVE AND OTHER DUTIES (30%) a. Participate in project proposal design and development process b. Review program work plans and budgets in line with obligated funds and ensure compliance with donor and Africare policies: Assist the Project Manager to ensure proper documentation of project activity expenditure, ensuring the availability of and suitability of tracks, field athletic equipment and tutoring commodities for project activities. c. Supervise inventory and supplies & ensure that equipment and infrastructure are utilized properly and returned after every practice session; periodically assess equipment and infrastructure for suitability for practice. d. Assist with the development of project grant submissions for new or continuing, applications as well as ensure that activity reports, continuation, monthly, semiannual and annual performance reviews are submitted in timely manner in accordance with the guidelines. e. Provide oversight on activities in supported schools and manage the activities of sub partners: Facilitate the process of identifying and engaging schools ensuring appropriate contracts are signed and equipment is appropriately disbursed and accounted for f. Facilitate the process of identifying and hiring coaches, training tutor and other support staff; supervise capacity building for activities required for project implementation and achievement of targets g. Review project financial reports, procurements, and other financial/administrative actions ensuring compliance with policies and procedures h. Any other responsibilities assigned to ensure overall management of project and its staff.


RELATIONSHIPS WITH PARTNERS AND STAKEHOLDERS (20%) a. In collaboration with the Project Manager and other members of the sub-committees, organize and attend meetings and debriefing sessions with project donors, partners and stakeholders b. Attend project stakeholders’ meetings and interactive sessions to share lessons learned and Africare’s experiences in programming c. Liaise with agencies, partners and government agencies to identify possible new programs and funding sources in support of programming in the country d. Foster open dialogue with project partners including State Education Board, State Sports Council and maintain regular contact with groups

e. Represent Africare at official forums and meetings when necessary QUALIFICATIONS a. A Bachelor’s degree in Education, Sciences, Social Sciences, Management or related field with relevant experience required. A Masters’ degree in Research, Social Science, Sports health and/or policy preferred b. At least 5 years’ experience in program development and management c. A working knowledge of the safe schools initiative of Nigeria d. Ability to translate technical information into practical guidance tools and effectively communicate them using presentation packages e. Strong data management and analysis skills, including experience with primary collection of data, forms and data collection instruments and analysis f. Knowledge and experience of current issues and practices in the area of youth and sports development including the development of life and leadership skills for youth g. Demonstrated ability to work with students, teachers and schools, Public and private Educational Systems, government agencies, civil society groups, and health institutions h. Demonstrated knowledge, understanding and experience with diverse and more importantly private sector budgeting, policies, accounting, regulations and reporting requirements i. Knowledge and skills with statistical analysis packages required. Knowledge in the use and production of Epidemiological statistics, tables, graphs, and geographic maps desirable j. Demonstrated knowledge of internal accounting controls and budget/cash flow monitoring. Must be financially disciplined with excellent track record in thefinancial and technical management of community development projects k. High level of diplomacy skills with a strong focus on meetings and relationship building with partner NGOs, government agencies, multilateral organizations, donors, and other NGOs. Commitment to building best practices, replicate and transfer knowledge l. Demonstrated leadership and team management qualities including crises and conflict management and mediation m. Excellent organizational, verbal and written communication skills with proficiency (reading, writing, speaking and comprehension) in English n. Proficiency in computer application; word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation packages and internet applications o. Demonstrated competence to assess priorities and manage a variety of activities to meet deadlines in a time sensitive environment while paying attention to detail and quality p. Ability to carry out independent work with initiative, creativity and good judgment without close supervision q. Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to interact professionally with culturally diverse staff, consultants and project beneficiaries r. Must be available to travel often and carry out any other duties required

How to apply: Applications should include a CV and cover letter. In the cover letter (not more than 2 pages in length), the candidate should briefly describe his or her motivation for the position and highlight relevant experience. Subject heading for the application email should be Project Officer. YSADP. Africare. Delta Please send cover letters and CVs to [email protected] and include the title to the position/Location for which you are applying in the subject line as indicated above. Deadline of submission is close of business; December 4 2014. All CVs/Resumes must be in either word format or PDF format (Note that only shortlisted candidates would be contacted). Africare is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer committed to workplace diversity.