POSITION DESCRIPTION DATA ANALYST POSITION DETAILS Title: Data Analyst Department: Energy Supply Reports to: Energy Supply Manager Location: Tauma...
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POSITION DETAILS Title: Data Analyst

Department: Energy Supply

Reports to: Energy Supply Manager

Location: Taumarunui

Date: April 2016

PURPOSE OF POSITION Reporting to the Energy Supply Manager, this role requires a broad range of Electricity Market data to be provided to all the Executive Team for reporting, pricing information and analysis, audits, finance and market reconciliation. You are required to have a strong problem solving mindset and attention to detail with excellent mathematical and database management skills to provide accurate and timely information. This includes gathering data from a wide variety of sources and processing it in to meaningful information for use in retail pricing, electricity market analysis and board reporting.

KEY RESULT AREAS Reporting and Analysis

Retail Pricing Model





Provide accurate, meaningful, clear and timely reports that meet KCE’s requirements.

Standard and ad-hoc reporting provided on time and accurate.

Understand KCE’s data sources and methods to access information.

Information is available when required without lengthy delays understand data sources. Retail have up to date 20% models for pricing customers, as required.

Prepare retail pricing models that are in line with company strategies.


Support the Retail Sales Team in analysis and reporting on retail pricing. Page 1 of 5


Electricity Market Trading

To ensure that compliance related procedures are in alignment with the Electricity Code. Monitor the performance of processes and contractors to ensure compliance.

Up to date with Electricity Code and market consultations.


Financial Reporting

Prepare estimates of market sales and purchase volumes and values for incorporation in the monthly management reports and monitoring these estimates against actual invoices from the reconciliation manager To gather information on the company’s market purchases and retail sales and reconcile the differences.

Estimation process completed on time each month


Accurate data available for reporting.


Look for opportunities to enhance business knowledge and processes.

Market Reconciliation issues improved over time.

Ensure that KCE meets its contractual obligations within the Electricity Code and other regulatory requirements where delegated.

Any non-compliances are reported and followed up appropriately.

Contribute to and where tasked, manage audit processes and ensure feedback is appropriately reviewed and accommodated within KCE planning.

Audit recommendations are reviewed and implemented.

Ensure all relevant documentation and manuals are up to date, accurate and reviews are carried out in a timely manner.

All manuals are up to date and meet business and audit requirements.

Data Reconciliation





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POSITION DESCRIPTION The weighting is measured as an importance of the task. The time weighting of tasks will vary from time to time depending on company demands and allocated workloads.

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AUTHORITIES This position has the following delegated authority: As per KCE finance policy

Direct Reports (if applicable):

Budget Accountability (if applicable):



RELATIONSHIPS External: Transpower Network Companies Metering Companies Electricity Authority Auditors Stakeholders Reconciliation Manager Consultants

Internal: Chief Executive KCE Department Managers KCE Retail Sales Team KCE staff

PERSON SPECIFICATION Minimum prerequisites that the person requires to be considered for the role. They must reflect the actual job requirements.

EDUCATION, QUALIFICATIONS, EXPERIENCE, SKILLS Tertiary educated or equivalent experience Strong understanding of modelling and building complex spreadsheets with accuracy Highly capable in Microsoft Excel Capable in SQL Relevant Industry Experience (*)




Maths, finance or business degree


>2 yrs practical experience


(*) Industry training will be provided and managers will provide direction of the information they need.

CRITICAL COMPETENCIES 6 - 10 critical requirements in terms of knowledge, skills, abilities or personality attributes required for successful performance.

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POSITION DESCRIPTION The competencies below are grouped into core competencies and manageable competencies. While both critical for the role, core competencies are fundamental to the success of the role. Manageable competencies can be addressed for short periods of time or developed if person is new to the role.



Core Competencies Detail Orientation

Careful in recording and checking details. Maintains high standards of accuracy.

Problem Solving

Able to think critically and analyse data/situations. Positive approach to solving problems on-the-job. “Can do” attitude. Perseveres to find a workable solution despite difficulties.


Takes responsibility for ensuring tasks are completed and requirements are met. Has high standards at work, reliable, can be trusted to get the job done.


Self-motivated, proactive, identifies opportunities, willing to take on extra responsibility. Able to work with minimal supervision.

Planning and Organising

Thinks ahead and plans work so requirements are met. Prioritises and manages time effectively. Well-organised and systematic approach.

Key Competencies Communication Skills

Writes and speaks clearly and concisely. Able to convey their ideas and seek relevant information from others effectively.

Analytical skills

Able to analyse information to identify cause and effect and trends over time to help solve problems and make decisions


Willingly pitches in to provide back-up and support to other team members where required. Puts own objectives and tasks aside if team requirements need to take priority.

Lateral Thinking

Identifies new and different ways to operate. Sees numerous opportunities and alternatives. Innovative.

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