Porsche Driving Experience Winter Driving experiences on snow and ice

­Porsche Driving Experience Winter 2016 Driving experiences on snow and ice Welcome to the Porsche Driving Experience Dear traveller, and with even...
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­Porsche Driving Experience Winter 2016 Driving experiences on snow and ice

Welcome to the Porsche Driving Experience Dear traveller,

and with even more enjoyment behind the

There are no limits to what you can achieve

dear Porsche enthusiast,

wheel on snow and ice. The ideal conditions

behind the wheel. Whichever winter training

for our Camp4, Camp4S, Ice-Force and

you opt for, one thing is guaranteed: pure,

Ice-ForceS courses.

unadulterated driving pleasure.

Driving Experience, we see things a little

Improve your driving skills in icy, yet

Take up the challenge and shift up a gear

differently – very differently, in fact.

controlled conditions on our winter

this winter instead. We look forward to

programmes, all under the expert

seeing you there.

For many, winter is a time of calm and contemplation. However, at the Porsche

The pulse of the P ­ orsche Driving Experience

guidance of the Porsche Driving

Winter beats in the far north of Finland: the

Experience instructors, of course.

Yours sincerely,

guaranteed to set our participants’ pulses

Learn about accurate braking, evasive

The Porsche Driving Experience team

racing. With every drive on a number of

manoeuvres or controlled drift on specially

sections and a variety of handling courses

prepared sections and handling courses.

­Porsche Driving Center in Levi is also

­ orsche Driving Experience Winter P Operator: _wige EVENT gmbh Stammheimer Straße 31 70435 Stuttgart, Germany Tel.: +49 711 911-28900 Fax: +49 711 911-23278 E-mail: [email protected] Internet: www.porsche.com/driving-experience-winter 3


Pushing the limits north of the Arctic Circle: the Porsche Driving Experience Winter programmes. Finland. One of the world’s most northerly

hospitality. At 531 metres high, the Levi

in the region. The centre of Levi also has

Covered with snow and ice, the extensive

improve their driving skills. With the

sauna on the 7th floor from which you can

countries, the top of which lies north of

fell is home to Lapland’s biggest ski resort

an extensive range of bars, restaurants

training facility provides plenty of room

guidance of our experienced instructors.

enjoy magnificent panoramic views.

the Arctic Circle. Here, it’s winter most

featuring 43 pistes. It is also conveniently

and shops, as well as a spa.

for our Camp4, Camp4S, Ice-Force and

of the time and snow is guaranteed.

accessible via the airport in Kittilä, which

With temperatures that reach far below

is just 15 km away.

Ice-ForceS training courses, as well as for

The training facility is only 25 minutes from

In other words: Levi provides the perfect

your passion – winter sports. In a P ­ orsche

the four-star Hotel Levi Panorama. Its

setting for our Porsche Driving Experience

sports car with you behind the wheel. On

modern rooms are furnished in Scandinavian

The unspoilt countryside here is a paradise

Winter programmes – and for an

various sections and courses to suit all

style and offer minibar, WiFi, flat-screen TV,

for those seeking a truly exotic Lappish

unforgettable time.

requirements, we offer all visitors the

and tea and coffee-making facilities. Leisure

opportunity to really test and, of course,

facilities at the Levi Panorama include a

freezing, it offers the ideal conditions for pure driving pleasure.


The phenomenal Porsche Driving Center. A well-apppointed hotel. All in all: a classic start-to-finish victory.

Our location in the heart of this wintery

adventure with the guarantee of snow.

landscape is Levi, a modern winter sports

Snowmobile safaris and dog sled tours are

resort known for its typical Lappish

among the most popular leisure activities


Training Levels





Ice-Force Master

Ice-ForceS Special

All of our training courses are sure to leave their mark. On you, in particular. Learning how to drive safely on snow and

You can complete each level which builds

vehicle models. The mix of section training

ice is not something you are taught by your

on knowledge from the previous level

and handling courses as well as the ratio

driving instructor. That’s where we come in.

(Precision, Performance, Master and the

between theory and practical sessions is

On our Porsche Driving Experience Winter

more advanced Special) as part of

also adapted as you move up through the

programmes, you can gradually improve

specially developed winter driving

levels, enabling you to continually hone

your driving style step by step in wintery

programmes. Depending on the training

your driving skills.

conditions with coordinated theoretical and

level, you will be provided with various

practical sessions.




• Driver training course in

• Prerequisite: Camp4

Beginners’ course

Advanced course

Porsche 911 Carrera S vehicles

• Driver training course in

with spiked tyres (1.5 mm)

Porsche 911 Carrera S vehicles

(2 persons per vehicle)

with spiked tyres (1.5 mm)

• Training content: basics of vehicle

(2 persons per vehicle)

control on snow and ice, section training

• Training content: mix of section training

• Porsche Driving Experience instructors

and handling courses

and schedule

• Porsche Driving Experience instructors and schedule



• Duration: 5 days, 3 days of driving. 4 nights’ accommodation with breakfast



Ice-Force Master




Discover snow and ice from a different perspective. The driver’s seat of a Porsche.








Have you always avoided driving in the snow? Now’s the time to break the ice.

• Duration: 5 days, 3 days of driving. 4 nights’ accommodation with breakfast

and dinner, lunch on 3 days • Transfers as per itinerary

and dinner, lunch on 3 days At Camp4, we teach you the basics of

You learn effective braking, changing

You also get to explore the wintery delights

Camp4S is aimed at advanced drivers who

A huge amount of practice is necessary

Of course, there also has to be an element

driving in treacherous conditions. This will

direction and hill starts on low-traction

of Finland when not behind the wheel of a

are already well acquainted with the

before a driver instinctively feels how to

of fun when you have the opportunity to

• No. of participants: max. 50

prepare you specifically for the situation in


Porsche: on a snowmobile tour of the

principles of driving on snow and ice. With

react correctly to the vehicle’s movements.

drive a Porsche on snow and ice. Under

• No. of participants: max. 50

• Programme of activities: snowmobile tour

winter. In a brief theory session you learn

rugged countryside of Lapland, which is

spiked tyres, you’ll learn how to handle a

This is why you spend as much time as

professional guidance, you learn a variety

• Programme of activities: snowmobile tour

(airport, hotel, driving facility)

the basics of driving safety and driving

In addition, you practise developing your

home to more reindeer than people. With

Porsche on black ice and snow in some of

possible behind the wheel. After a brief

of specific drift techniques and practise

dynamics. The Porsche Driving Experience

so-called ‘muscle memory’. In hazardous

you at the helm, of course.

the most demanding situations. Snow and

revision of the basics, new training units

these on specially prepared sections and

instructors work on special techniques with

conditions, you have to be able to depend

ice are the perfect surfaces on which to

are covered. Here, the aim is to optimise

handling courses. After completing this

you to improve your vehicle handling on

on your intuition. Turning these reactions

hone your vehicle control in treacherous

your vehicle control. Every day, the

course, you’ll be sad to see the end of

snow and ice.

into reflexes means: practice, practice and


Porsche Driving Experience instructors


yet more practice. And you’ll certainly have

• Transfers as per itinerary (airport, hotel, driving facility)

analyse your learning success.

plenty of opportunity for this. Subject to change without notice.


Subject to change without notice.




• Prerequisite: Camp4S

• Prerequisite: Ice-Force

• Driver training course in various

• Driver training course in various Porsche

Advanced course

Advanced course

Porsche models, including 911 Turbo,

models (including 911 Turbo and GT3)

with spiked tyres (up to 4 mm)

with spiked tyres (up to 4 mm)

(2 persons per vehicle)

(2 persons per vehicle)

• Training content: large amount of driving

• Special sections

time, long handling courses

• Training content: extensive amount of

• Porsche Driving Experience instructors

driving time, long handling courses

and schedule, two instructors per group

• Porsche Driving Experience instructors




• Duration: 5 days, 3 days of driving. 4 nights’ accommodation with breakfast


Ice-Force Master

Ice-ForceS Special

Snow and ice as far as the eye can see. For tracing your ideal racing line.





Ice-Force Master

Ice-ForceS Special

Push yourself to the absolute limit. At the outer limits of the Arctic Circle.

• Duration: 5 days, 3 days of driving. 4 nights’ accommodation with breakfast

and dinner, lunch on 3 days • Transfers as per itinerary (airport, hotel, driving facility) • No. of participants: max. 40

and dinner, lunch on 3 days On our Ice-Force training course, the focus

The training also includes heel-and-toeing

Training is conducted in small groups to

Ice-ForceS is designed for those who relish

Driving a number of different Porsche models

Porsche Driving Experience instructors are

is on how to find and follow the racing line

and using advanced load-changing

ensure that the instructors have sufficient

high-performance driving under extreme

with various drive and engine concepts,

on hand throughout to offer you advice and

on an ice-covered circuit in all-wheel drive

reactions for safer cornering. Take to the

time to devote to you and your individual

conditions. Drivers need the experience

you will be continually presented with new

help you to hone your driving skills further.

models. With long spikes on each tyre, you’ll

handling courses with or without electronic

training success. The course is the ideal

gained from previous courses in order to

challenges. Learn how to deal with the

experience incredible lateral acceleration on

driving aids to see what a difference they

opportunity to finely hone your driving

master this challenging level. After all, the

typical handling characteristics of various

snow and ice. The theory session provides a

can make.

skills under professional guidance. The

demands of Ice-ForceS are particularly

models – and apply these confidently on

facility’s extremely spacious handling

great, on both the vehicles and drivers.

snow and ice, step by step. Section after

solid foundation for the practical training. In

Subject to change without notice.


and schedule, two instructors per group

addition to stabilising braking techniques,

Porsche Driving Experience instructors

courses stretch for miles and offer plenty

the most important aspect of driving on the

explain the basic laws of physics as they

of scope for long drifts as well as the

ice circuit is knowing how to steer correctly.

apply to driving and vehicle handling.

height of driving pleasure.

• Transfers as per itinerary (airport, hotel, driving facility) • No. of participants: max. 40


Subject to change without notice.


Customised Programmes and Incentive Packages

­ orsche always has plenty of surprises in store. P But you probably won’t find that surprising. Porsche not only stands for superlative

Our additional services:

Looking for an even more intense driving

All of our tours are also available as incentive

Your personal incentive package:

To request a customised itinerary, please

driving pleasure, but also for the highest

• Single driver (double the driving time)

experience with your very own personal

packages. Whether you are organising a

• Individual number of days driving

call us on tel. +49 711 911-28900

levels of individuality. That’s why we offer a

• Programme of activities for

support? On request, you can also book one

company conference or a special event for

• Individual group sizes

or send an e-mail to:

of our exclusive one-to-one courses.

you and your friends to enjoy together,

• Individual programme of activities

[email protected]

number of customised tour options designed

accompanying persons

to meet your personal expectations when

• Individual dates

your requests and requirements are given

• Individual vehicle stickers

it comes to creating an unforgettable

• Upgrade to suite (subject to availability)

the utmost priority. We are happy to arrange

And much more besides …


• Additional activities such as dog-sled ride,

additional programmes and activities in

snowmobile tour or helicopter flight


Snow, ice, temperatures of – 18 °C. Incentives in true ­Porsche style.

line with your particular needs.


­Porsche Adventure Tour of the Arctic

The far north is too cold for comfort? Not in a Porsche. The ­Porsche Cayenne. A vehicle that offers

Your itinerary

in Levi. After dinner at the facility, spend

Kautokeino for lunch. Suitably refreshed,

Are you ready for the drive to the North

Kirkenes: swimming in the sea in a survival

endless expanse. Stop off for lunch near

everyday practicality in virtually any terrain.

Individual arrival at Kittilä Airport in Finnish

another night at the Hotel Levi Panorama.

you then continue through a captivating

Cape? Your ­Porsche Cayenne certainly is.

suit, for example, or king crab fishing on a

Inari, before savouring the return journey

In it, you will master snow and ice in

Lapland where you will be greeted and taken

landscape of fjords and snowy peaks as

It’s now time to set off along coastal roads

frozen fjord. In the evening, recharge your

back to Levi in the evening. After dinner in a

Scandinavia and long, demanding stretches

to the ski resort of Levi. In the evening,

The next day, you take to your P ­ orsche

you head for Alta with its sea views. Your

and fjords – covering 13 km in a guided

batteries at your destination for the night:

traditional Sami cabin, spend your final night

of road. There are plenty of good reasons

relax over dinner at the Hotel Levi Panorama

Cayenne for the drive from Levi to Alta.

abode for the night is the Ongajok Mountain

convoy. After visiting the North Cape, you

the Snowhotel.

at the Hotel Levi Panorama.

why your Porsche Cayenne is fitted with

in anticipation of the days ahead.

Along the way, you’ll encounter hardly any

Lodge in Mathisdalen. Surrounded by

continue to Honningsvåg where you board

1.5-mm spikes on each tyre. After all, it


traffic – but plenty of reindeer. At the

mountains, it offers an unforgettable

the Hurtigruten for the boat trip to

After a day packed full of activities, you take

Unless you’ve decided to extend your stay,

has to take you from Levi in Finland to the

To prepare for the wintery conditions on

Norwegian border, you’ll put your watch

scenic backdrop. Before dinner with the

Kirkenes. Enjoy views of the coast over

to your P ­ orsche Cayenne once again for the

it’s then time for individual departure,

North Cape in Norway – and back.

the roads, you complete a one day driving

back an hour before enjoying every second

group, there’s even time for you to relax in

dinner before spending the night on board.

drive from Kirkenes back to Finland. Ahead

taking home with you a wealth of lasting

programme at the P ­ orsche Driving Center

of your onward journey to the Thon Hotel in

the sauna.

There’s plenty for you to do upon arrival in

of you: long straights and a seemingly



International ­Porsche Driving Experience Winter

You don’t have to travel half way around the world to drive a Porsche on snow and ice. But you can if you wish to. Camp Suisse, St. Moritz (Switzerland)

Camp Italy, Livigno (Italy)

surroundings of St. Moritz is a true winter

Venue: Les Diablerets, Samedan/St. Moritz Training levels: Warm-up, Precision Dates: Winter training at Les Diablerets:

Camp Canada, Québec (Canada)

controlled conditions – behind the wheel of

Venue: Alagna, Livigno Training levels: Warm-up, Precision Dates: January/February 2016

sports paradise, even for those on four

January 2016. Winter training at Samedan:

a Porsche. Our ‘Ice’ training courses in the

Further information about dates, prices and

wheels. The 60,000 m2 training facility features a track covered with 15 to 25 cm

February 2016. Further information about

Alpine ski resorts of Folgaria and Livigno

other details available on request

dates, prices and other details available on

provide the ideal opportunity for you to

of snow and ice. Another Swiss highlight:


finely hone your driving skills on snow and

E-mail: [email protected] Internet:

a day of winter driving in Les Diablerets.

ice in various Porsche models. There’s also


The Col de la Croix mountain pass – closed

E-mail: [email protected] Internet:

an entertaining programme for you to

off for the exclusive use of Porsche – is


enjoy, even when you’re away from the

Tel.: +39 (0)382 92-909 Organiser: ­Porsche Italia S. p. A.

situated in a mountain range in the Léman

Tel.: +41 (0)41 487-9132 Organiser: ­Porsche Schweiz AG


The Samedan region in the chic

region where peaks reach up to

Experience powerful emotions under

Camp China, Yakeshi/Hailar (China)

feeling, but at Camp4, Camp4S or Camp4RS

Venue: Mécaglisse, Québec Training levels: Precision, Performance Dates: February 2016

appeal and northern Chinese culture in

Snow Force S, Snow Force RS

Canada we take things to a whole new

Further information about dates, prices

Inner Mongolia. Over the course of two

Dates: January 2016

level. On snow and ice. The Mécaglisse

and other details available on request

days, you will experience the challenges of

Further information about dates, prices

training facility provides the perfect setting

driving on snow and ice – always under the

and other details available on request

with a large skid pad, two circuits and

E-mail: [email protected] Internet:

guidance of professional instructors.

three challenging handling courses that will


Located at the Yunlong Lake Circuit in

E-mail: [email protected] Internet:

require your full attention. For a four or

Tel.: +1 (0)905 694-2387 Organiser: ­Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd.

Inner Mongolia in the north of China, this is


a true winter paradise for anyone with a

Tel.: +86 (0)400 8205-911 Organiser: ­Porsche (China) Motors Limited

Driving a Porsche is always an unforgettable

five day event that will enable you to put

Discover a fascinating blend of sports car

your driving skills to the test in some of

sense of adventure – and every Porsche

the most demanding conditions.


Venue: Yakeshi/Hailar, Inner Mongolia Training levels: Snow Force,

3,210 metres. 16


Fuel Consumption, CO2 Emissions and Efficiency Class Data Transmission

Fuel grade

7-speed manual gearbox

911 Carrera S 911 Turbo 911 Turbo S

7-speed PDK (optional)/ PDK and Sport Chrono Package (optional)

Cayenne S

CO2 emissions (in g/km)*

Efficiency class Germany/ Switzerland


Extra urban












Super Plus unleaded (98 RON)

7-speed PDK/ PDK and Sport Chrono Package (optional)

Super Plus unleaded (98 RON)






7-speed PDK and Sport Chrono Package

Super Plus unleaded (98 RON)





















6-speed manual gearbox

Cayman GTS

Fuel consumption (in l/100 km)*

7-speed PDK (optional)/ PDK and Sport Chrono Package (optional) 8-speed Tiptronic S/8-speed Tiptronic S and Sport Chrono Package (optional)

Super Plus unleaded (98 RON)

Super Plus unleaded (98 RON)

* The data presented here was recorded in accordance with the Euro 6 test procedure (715/2007/EC, 195/2013/EC and ECE-R 101.01) and the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle). The respective figures were not recorded on individual vehicles and do not constitute part of the offer. This data is provided solely for the purposes of comparison between the respective models. Fuel consumption was recorded on vehicles with standard specification. Optional equipment may affect fuel consumption and vehicle performance. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are not only determined by a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, but also by the driving style and other factors irrespective of vehicle specification. All current petrol engines from Porsche are compatible with a fuel ethanol content of up to 10 %. For more information on individual models, please contact your Porsche Centre.


More information can be found online at

Porsche Driving Experience Winter

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