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We are committed to providing the highest quality service to assist in planning your next special event and to help maximize your attendee experience!...
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We are committed to providing the highest quality service to assist in planning your next special event and to help maximize your attendee experience! Policies and Procedures Sales and Licensing The Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square sales team can book both your event and your catering needs. We ask you to complete a Walter E. Washington Convention Center “Facility Use Application” for consideration for booking. If your booking is accepted, we will issue a license agreement that outlines the space usage, deposit schedule, payment process and other information relating to the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. Please note that if you have an outstanding balance from a previous Convention Center, RFK Stadium or DC Armory event, you must pay the balance in full before licensing can begin. The deposit schedule for all Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square events is:  A 50% reservation deposit of the minimum rental, along with a signed license agreement, must be returned to the sales team within 30 days of receipt.  The remainder of the minimum rental is due thirty days prior to the first day of occupancy. The rent for events booked and scheduled within thirty days of the first day of occupancy must be paid in full at the time of licensing. Your License Agreement specifies required insurance coverage for your event. Please submit a Certificate of Insurance that complies with our insurance requirements at least twenty‐one days prior to your first day of occupancy. Insurance coverage must be in effect during all dates specified in the License Agreement (move‐in, event days, and move‐out). You will find a sample Certificate of Insurance in the Appendix. The minimum required coverage includes: Commercial General Liability General Aggregate Products – Completed/Operations Aggregate Personal and Advertising Injury Each Occurrence Fire Damage (any one fire) Medical Expense (any one person)

$2,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $300,000 $5,000

Liquor Liability


Automobile Liability Covering owned, hired and non‐owned vehicles for bodily injury and property damage), combined single limit (each accident) $1,000,000 Excess Liability


Workers Compensation – Statutory Limits Employers Liability – each accident Employers Liability – each disease Employers Liability – policy limit

$500,000 $500,000 $500,000

You must list the Washington Convention and Sports Authority t/a Events DC, its Board of Directors, officers and employees, and the Government of the District of Columbia as additionally insured under your coverage. You may purchase your insurance coverage through us. Consult your Sales Manager for additional information. You may not occupy the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square until we have received your valid Certificate of Insurance. Included in the building rental agreement:  Complimentary Wi‐Fi access.  An on‐site Event Manager to oversee all operations required to successfully complete your event.  Customary work lighting during setup and teardown.  Full lighting and comfortable temperature during event hours.  A one‐time standard setup for each licensed space.  Housekeeping services before and during your event.  Complimentary listing of your event on our website Calendar of Events, with a link to your website, unless you request otherwise. Additional Charges The following services and equipment are available from Events DC and its service partners at additional charges. Services exclusively provided by Events DC and its service partners:    

Event Security that may be required because of the nature of your event (for example, if you propose to operate a box office or take admission tickets for your event). This will be determined by the Events DC Public Safety Division. Event Utilities including electrical, internet, telephone and plumbing services. These services are typically one‐time charges and are billed by our exclusive service partners Hi‐Tech Electric (electrical and plumbing) and Smart City Washington (telephone and internet). Digital Signage, if desired, is available from our service partner Digital Conventions. Use of the permanent theatre systems in the McKinley Theatre, if desired.

If you require any of the following services, you may obtain them either from Events DC or its service partners, or from a vendor of your choice. You may use our preferred service partners or you may select any vendor, including a caterer, to provide any of the following services. Your vendor must have a current valid Right of Entry permit from Events DC that permits them to provide services in the Carnegie Library; please speak with your Event Manager for specifics about this process.    

Additional furniture, including banquet furniture, dance floors, platforms, meeting furniture and other items available from the extensive Events DC furniture inventory. Food and Beverage Services provided by our service partner Centerplate/NBSE. Coat Check Services provided by our service partner Centerplate/NBSE. Audio Visual, Video, Presentation and Production Equipment, including all additional microphones, presentation, video and theatrical production systems and recording connections for conference sessions, provided by our service partner Projection Presentation Technology.

 Décor Services such as decorations, drapes, scenery, floral or props  Valet Parking We understand additional charges can add up quickly. Here are examples of items that result in additional charges. Your event team will work closely with you during planning to explore ways of avoiding or minimizing additional charges.  Temporary sound systems, either for speaking or for performance  Changing over the initial setup of your event space to a new setup  Additional equipment and furniture beyond the initial setup, at prevailing rates  Tables used for exhibits/exhibitors  Metropolitan Police Department or other security personnel  Special inspections  Water service for guests  VIP‐related security requirements  Your event may require additional security, which we will provide at our prevailing rates.  Additional equipment or services, such as dance floor pieces, platforms, additional seating, audio visual services, etc., can be provided based on availability and will be billed at prevailing rates.  Turnstiles/Ticket Drop Boxes. We have a limited inventory of turnstiles and ticket drop boxes available, on a first come/first serve basis. Please reserve any required ticket‐taking equipment with your Event Manager. General Information for the Use of the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square     

Community Impact. Events may not create intrusive noise to the neighboring community. Smoke‐Free Environment. The Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square is a smoke‐free environment. There is no smoking inside the building or within twenty‐five feet of an entrance. Smoking is permitted on the grounds. Maximum Capacity. We do not allow more people into a space than the maximum rated capacity for that space. These maximum capacities are listed in the Appendix. Visitor Access. Visitor access to the Kiplinger Library and second floor exhibit galleries must be maintained during the scheduled hours of operation for these areas.

Public Safety Requirements We provide basic event security services from the start of your move‐in to the end of your move‐out for an additional fee. We may require additional security personnel based upon the specifics of your event. We require Metropolitan Police Department officer(s) stationed at active cash handling stations such as box offices, registration and bookstores, and wherever you may require armed security personnel . We can make arrangements for these officers and bill you for their services. Public Events. Ticketed events open to the general public shall follow the same guidelines and regulations as conventions, annual meetings and trade shows held in the Convention such as:  Contracted Medical Services  Contracted Event Security Services  Metropolitan Police Department Officers Please speak with your event manager for additional information.

The following additional guidelines pertain primarily to consumer and public shows.  Hours of Operation. The closing time for events at the Carnegie Library is 2 AM.  Turnstiles/Ticket Drop Boxes. We have a limited inventory of turnstiles and ticket drop boxes available, on a first come/first serve basis. Please reserve any required ticket‐taking equipment with your Event Manager.  Box Office. The Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square does not have a permanent box office. Please make arrangements with your vendors to install any required box office(s).  Concerts and Dances. There are additional requirements for independently licensed events such as concerts or dances. Please speak with your Event Manager for additional information. Your Service Team 

Event Manager. You will work with an experienced Event Manager who is assigned to your event when, and often before, your License Agreement is executed. Your Event Manager works closely with you and your staff and contractors from the initial planning stages through your final move‐out, and is your principle source of information and coordination regarding the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square and our procedures. Your Event Manager answers your questions, collects pertinent information and distributes it to our operations team, identifies potential red flags and proposes alternatives before these red flags turn into problems. Your Event Manager facilitates planning meetings and site visits, conducts your pre‐ event meeting, prepares our internal documents that are the detailed instructions to our staff for your event, and is with you throughout the entire event. In short, your Event Manager is crucial to the success of your event and is a key member of your team. We can make a portable radio available to you for your convenience in contacting your Events Manager during your event. Your Event Manager communicates your event requirements to our operational departments and service partners.

Audio Visual, Presentation and Production. Projection Presentation Technology is our preferred provider for standalone audio and video services, projection and presentation services. Projection and its partners maintain the largest inventory of rental audio, video, presentation and theatrical equipment in the Mid‐Atlantic region. Projection also offers rental office equipment and services, including desktop computers. Projection provides exclusive labor services for supervising and installing motorized rigging for lighting, audio, video and scenic elements for all general sessions, theatrical and special events through their Projection partner GLP. Electric and Plumbing. Hi‐Tech Electric is our exclusive provider of temporary electrical and plumbing services. Hi‐Tech installs, monitors and manages all temporary electrical and plumbing installations for all events. Hi‐Tech is our preferred vendor for motors, trusses and theatrical lighting for exhibits. Engineering. Our engineering staff manages the operation of the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square physical plant and oversees the maintenance of the building and building systems, including HVAC, permanent lighting systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, and elevators.

Food and Beverage. If you select our food and beverage partner Centerplate NBSE as your caterer, our Director of Catering will work with you to plan all of your food and beverage needs. We will develop menu proposals that personalize your event. We can also provide coat check services. Housekeeping. Our housekeeping staff cleans and maintains the event space, public lobbies and stairs, all restrooms, and the building exterior at all times. They place trash receptacles at appropriate locations and empty the trash during event hours, and clean the building between events. Internet and Telecommunications. Our network and telephone services are provided exclusively by Smart City Washington. Smart City Washington manages all voice and data network systems and offers broad technology services for all events. Security Services. Our Security Services department provides general building security for the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square, including oversight of the command center, building access, building perimeter patrols, securing of the interior spaces, and coordination with DC and federal law enforcement agencies. Transportation Services. Our Transportation Services staff works directly with your vendors and valet parking vendor to maintain orderly vehicle access to the Mount Vernon Place loading area. They also oversee taxi drop‐off and pick‐up, monitor general traffic around the building and in the surrounding neighborhood, and communicate event transportation activity to city agencies and the surrounding Shaw community. Entrance and Access The public entrance to the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square is the upper entrance at 801 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20001. This enters into the Literary Hall on the Main Level. The ADA accessible entrance is immediately below this entrance and enters into the Banneker Gallery, which is served by elevators that also service the Main Floor. If your event is held in conjunction with an event at the Convention Center, you may consider using the upper Mount Vernon Square entrance, facing the Convention Center. This also enters into the Literary Hall on the Main Level. The service entrance to the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square is the ground floor entrance located on the north side of the building, facing the Convention Center. Visitors are asked to sign in and out at the on‐site security command center, where they will be met and escorted by our staff. Your event vendor staff will enter and exit the building from this entrance. The loading dock for the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square is located on the north side of the building, facing the Convention Center. All deliveries must be made to the Loading Dock. Our normal receiving hours are 8AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday. Delivery vehicles must leave the Loading Dock once the vehicles are loaded or unloaded. Your event contractor is responsible for scheduling deliveries and controlling the arrival and departure of all show‐related delivery vehicles.

Your event contractor is responsible for arranging for any required delivery vehicle staging, and ensuring that show delivery vehicles do not park or stage in the adjacent neighborhoods. Your event contractor shall provide your Event Manager with the delivery and pickup schedules for your event. There is no parking or vehicle staging at the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. The closest Metro station serving the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square is the Gallery Place station (Red, Yellow and Green Lines) located two blocks south of the building on H Street; there are entrances to the station at 7th Street NW and 9th Street NW. We secure the entrances of the building at the end of business hours or scheduled event activities. Event Operations Freight Deliveries. We do not accept delivery of event‐related freight, equipment or materials. Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs). If you permit delivery and unloading of privately owned vehicles (POVs) for your event, we will control the POV access to the Loading Dock and supervise the loading, unloading and removal of these vehicles according to your delivery schedule. Public safety is of utmost concern, and our Transportation Services staff monitors Loading Dock operations to ensure that vehicles are removed as quickly as possible. HVAC. We maintain a comfortable temperature in the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square during business and event hours. We do not provide heating or air conditioning after scheduled business or event hours. You may arrange for after‐hours heating or air conditioning (at additional cost) with your Event Manager. Noise. Your event’s volume levels may not infringe on scheduled research and scholarship activities during the Kiplinger Library hours of operation, or on other events that may be concurrently scheduled in the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. Your Event Manager will advise you of any activities that may be scheduled concurrently with your event. The volume level for events on the grounds may not create intrusive noise to the neighboring community; for exterior events using public address systems you will have to canvass the neighboring community and secure written permission from each property owner in order to stage the event. Paging Microphones. There is no paging in the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. Right of Entry Permit. Your event vendors must have a current Right of Entry Permit, which allows them to enter and conduct business operations in any Events DC space, including the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. The Permit obligates your contractors to comply with Events DC’s rules and regulations, including compliance with the safety and substance abuse program. The program includes random substance testing under controlled conditions.

Maximum Occupancy. The maximum rated occupancies for the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square are: Room Name Benjamin Banneker Gallery Literary Hall L’Enfant Map Room The Foyer Theodore Roosevelt Studio Theodore W. Noyes Boardroom Evening Star Boardroom McKinley Theatre Northern Liberties Conference Room

Reception (standing) 140

Banquet (seated) 70

Theatre (seated)

350 150 140 125

150 100 (80 with dance fl.) 80 70

200 120




20 150



Public Safety Lost and Found. We do not handle lost and found items for your event. We recommend that you designate your show office or information area as the “lost and found”. At the end of your event, you may turn over any unclaimed items to our Security Services, which inventories and holds the items for 30 days. We do not hold items longer than 30 days. Protests and Demonstrations. Events DC Security Services maintains relationships with local and federal law enforcement and emergency response agencies and will coordinate with the appropriate agencies to work with you and your security staff to create a plan to manage the protest or demonstration. Please let your event manager know if you anticipate protestors, demonstrations or other potentially disruptive activity during your event. The interior of the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square is not open to the public for the purpose of conducting demonstrations or distributing leaflets. The sidewalks around the building are legally considered public space, but persons may not block entrances or force guests to take leaflets. Transportation Services Our Events DC Transportation Services maintains access to the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square loading dock; coordinates shuttle bus and valet parking drop‐off; manages taxi stand operations; and schedules and manages traffic officers at pedestrian entrances and sidewalks.

The Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square operates under the terms and conditions of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center Transportation Operations and Parking Plan (TOPP), which is approved by the District Department of Public Works and the District Department of Transportation. The TOPP governs truck approach and staging as well as the approved streets that may be used for taxi service, valet service and other operations. You may contact the Manager of Transportation Services if you have questions regarding TOPP requirements. Loading Dock Procedures. Transportation Services schedules and controls the Loading Dock based on the schedules you provide to your Event Manager. Vehicle Drop‐off and Pickup. You must inform your Event Manager if you offer shuttle buses, limousines, valet service or other transportation services during your event. Vehicle drop‐off and pickup may only take place on K Street. Transportation Services will coordinate with your vendors to plan the most efficient use of the streets in the vicinity of the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square for your event. Public Transportation. There are several methods of transportation near the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. The nearest Metrorail (subway) station is the Gallery Place station. The 7th and H Street entrance is the entrance closest to the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. The Red, Green and Yellow Lines stop at this station. All other subway lines connect to these three lines, so the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square is served by the entire Metrorail system. Metro buses also stop on 7th and 9th Streets NW near the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. For more information on Metrorail and bus routes, rates and schedules please visit Metro’s website, www.metroopensdoors.com. The DC Circulator is a public transit system designed to take riders to the District’s cultural, shopping, dining and business destinations. There are two routes that stop near the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. The Circulator runs frequently from approximately 8AM until 9PM daily. For more information, please visit the Circulator’s website, www.dccirculator.com. Public Parking near the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. There is no public parking at the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. There are ample parking spaces on surface lots and garages within walking distance of the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. These spaces are available on a first‐come, first‐served basis. We encourage visitors to use the public parking facilities. Ticketing is heavily enforced in the residential areas near the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. Fire and Safety Guidelines The National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Code is the established safety standard for events. The Code’s requirements, as well as standard operating procedures established in cooperation with District of Columbia safety agencies, are incorporated in the following fire and safety guidelines.

Cables Across Doorways. No cables or hoses that are required for power, audio, video, lighting or any other application are permitted on the floor across doorways or entrance thresholds. Candles. Lighted candles may be used only under the following conditions:  Candles must have a solid base and flames must be enclosed within a fire resistant vessel.  Votive candles and “hurricane lamp” candles are examples of acceptable candles.  Candles must be placed on tables or other stable surfaces.  Samples of all candles proposed for use must be submitted for approval to the Event Manager in advance of the event.  Tapered candles, candelabras, and votive candles attached to décor are examples of candle usage that is prohibited. Cooking in the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. On‐site cooking is not permitted in the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. Empty Crate Storage. Empty crate storage is permitted on the Loading Dock with prior approval from your Event Manager and within specific guidelines. Decorations. All materials used for decorating, including drapes, curtains, table coverings, skirts, carpet or any other material, must be constructed of flameproof material or treated with an approved fire retardant solution. Random testing may be performed at any time by the District of Columbia Fire Marshal. Please have fire retardency certificates for the materials on site. Electrical Equipment. Electrical equipment must meet applicable local and National Electric Codes. Electrical fixtures and fittings must be U.L. listed. The use of 14‐gauge or larger wire is required for all power connections. All extension cords must be 3‐wire grounded. Only Convention Center staff and authorized service partners are permitted to move electrical installations. Utility panels and mechanical equipment rooms may not be blocked under any circumstances. Exits. Exit doors may not be obstructed, locked or held open. Exit signs may not be blocked or obstructed from view. We may require you to provide temporary illuminated exit where view of the exit is obstructed by your event’s drape, decoration or installations. Fire Fighting and Emergency Equipment. Firefighting and emergency equipment may not be blocked or obstructed under any circumstances. Fog and Smoke Machines. Water‐based chemical fog and smoke machines are permitted with advance approval by your Event Manager. Fog and smoke machines may not be operated in common areas where the effect could enter or affect a space used by another customer or by the Historical Society of Washington. Fog and smoke produced by these devices shall not damage the building or collections. You must provide your Event Manager with a proposed schedule for use of fog and smoke machine use, including rehearsal and event time so that appropriate inspections and ventilation measures are taken.

Overhead Hanging Procedures. All overhead hanging must conform to the appropriate national and local safety codes and must be approved in advance by your Event Manager. We have established procedures that ensure the safe installation of overhead rigging (including hanging of banners, signs or equipment) and to ensure the protection of the structure and finished surfaces of the building. We reserve the right to stop any installation of overhead hanging if in our opinion the installation is not proceeding in a safe and prudent manner. Smoking. The Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square is a non‐smoking facility. We remove the right to remove violators. Protecting the Historic Facility To maintain and protect the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square, the following rules and procedures have been established: Animals. We do not permit animals in the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square except as service animals for persons with disabilities, or to assist law enforcement personnel. Approved animals must be on a leash. You are responsible for providing for all sanitary needs for the animals. Art Collection. You may not place any structures, drape, signage or any other object in front of art or other permanent displays in the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. You must show the proposed blockage on the plans submitted to your Event Manager for approval. To prevent damage, you must place approved installations at least twelve inches away from the art or surface. Pre‐ and Post‐Event Inspections. We conduct an inspection of all leased space to record existing conditions on the first day of your move‐in. We schedule the inspection so that you or your designee and your primary vendor are present. During your event we inform you of any damages that occur as they are discovered. We schedule a final inspection of your leased space on the last day of your move out. You will be charged for any damages to the Carnegie Library building or grounds. Carpet, Floor and Surface Protection.  Contractor equipment must be transported by standard furniture dollies, manual carts or pallet jacks. A “roadway” of appropriate protection covering is required for the floor.  Wooden skids and crates may not be placed directly on the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square’s floor surfaces. Appropriate protection, such as visqueen (for carpet) or carpet scraps (for all other floor surfaces) must be placed under wooden skids. Skids and crates must be removed from public space as soon as possible.  Carpet must be placed under any installation placed on hard floor surfaces.  No items are permitted to contact or lean against any wall surface.  Structures must be placed no closer than 6” from walls.  Equipment may not be pushed through wood doors or through any exterior entrance other than the Loading Dock.  You may not use adhesives, such as carpet tape, on Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square floor surfaces.  You may not fasten items to doors, walls, floors, glass or any other part of the building.

Decorations  You may not tape, nail or fasten decorations and to any permanent surface.  You may not allow adhesive‐backed decals or stickers in the building or on the grounds.  Glitter is not allowed anywhere in the building.  Confetti may not be used without your Event Manager’s prior approval. We will charge additional cleaning fees for the use of confetti.  We must approve in advance all adhesive‐backed décor and window‐cling material and placement. Helium Balloons. You may not distribute or bring helium‐filled balloons into the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. Helium balloons used for decoration must be pre‐approved by your Event Manager and tethered or securely fastened to your decor. We charge for removal of helium‐filled balloons. We do not allow helium tanks inside the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. Elevators. Elevators are for passengers only. You may not use the elevators to transport freight or equipment. Water Features. Appropriate protection must be placed on the floor before fountains, ponds, hot tubs or other water features are installed. Installations must be performed and monitored by our personnel. Food Preparation. Your caterer must prepare food off site. Only warming of food is allowed in the designated food preparation areas. Your caterer must put down protective floor covering such as visqueen under all food service work areas, including bar areas. Removal of Equipment. Your vendors must remove all of their equipment from the property following the close of the event and not later than the end of the license period. Exterior Signage. You may not cover or block any permanent exterior signage with signage or decorations for your event. If you wish to have your vendor hang temporary exterior signage or décor on the Carnegie Library façade, there are three approved locations for these installations:  The Mount Vernon cornice (accepts signs up to 80’ horizontally and 10’ vertically)  The K Street cornice (accepts signs up to 80’ horizontally and 10’ vertically)  The railing at the Mount Vernon entrance (accepts signs up to 22’ horizontally and 3’ vertically) Guests With Disabilities The Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square is committed to accommodating the needs of guests with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. General Accessibility. The public sidewalks serving the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square feature curb cuts for wheelchair access. The K Street ground level entrance is the accessible entrance. Inside the library, all levels are served by two conveniently located elevators. There is an accessible restroom located on each floor of the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square.

Elevators. The passenger elevators provide access to all common areas of the building. The elevators are alarm‐equipped with two‐way communication to the command center, and have tactile Braille call buttons inside the cab. Restrooms. Restrooms are accessible to persons with disabilities and have stalls, sinks and mirrors that are wheelchair accessible. Service Animals. Trained service animals are permitted inside the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square with proper supervision. Sight Impaired Information. Tactile Braille signage is at the entrance to all restrooms, and all passenger elevators. Wheelchairs. You are responsible for providing wheelchairs, motorized mobility scooters, Segways and other non‐permanent access accommodations. For your convenience, your Event Manager has a list of local rental companies. Wheelchair Lifts and Wheelchair Lecterns. We can provide portable wheelchair lifts and wheelchair accessible lecterns to accommodate speakers who may require this assistance. Please inform your Event Manager in advance if you require the use of this equipment. Taxes, Permits and Proprietary Information Collection of Sales Tax. If your event includes the sales of merchandise or the sale of tickets for admission, you must collect the required sales tax. You must submit a special event registration application to the DC Office of Tax and Revenue in advance of the event, and must provide information regarding sales tax collection to your exhibitors. Form FR‐500B, Special Event Registration Application, may be obtained by visiting the DC Office of Tax and Revenue Special Events Officer or online. For further information, contact: District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue Customer Service Administration 1101 – 4th Street SW Suite W270 Washington, DC 20024 Telephone: 202.442.6304 Website: http://cfo.dc.gov/otr/cwp Logos and Images. The Events DC, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, and Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square logos may not be used in any public or private promotional materials without written consent of Events DC. We maintain a library of images for promotional and marketing materials. Use of these photos is permitted only upon agreement to credit both the photographer and Events DC. Please contact your Event Manager for the logo usage guidelines and for information on the use of Events DC images. Proprietary Materials. You are responsible for the payment of al license fees, royalties or other costs associated with the use of materials protected by copyright, patent or trademark and for making arrangements with appropriate rights holder organizations (i.e., ASCAP or BMI) for the use of such material.

Tips and Gratuities Events DC employees are strictly prohibited from accepting tips and gratuities. If you wish to express your appreciation to staff, you may make a contribution to our Employee Activity Fund. For more information, contact your Event Manager. Payment We require you to have a credit card on file with us. We will review all of your ancillary charges with you prior to the end of your event, and will post these charges to your credit card account at the close of your event, unless you have arranged in advance with us for an alternate form of payment. Resources and Websites Events DC www.eventsdc.com Walter E. Washington Convention Center www.dcconvention.com Destination DC www.washington.org Metro www.metroopensdoors.com The Circulator www.dccirculator.com District of Columbia Government www.dc.gov District of Columbia Emergency Management Agency www.dcema.dc.gov Downtown DC Business Improvement District www.downtowndc.org Department of Health www.dchealth.dc.gov Department of Transportation www.ddot.dc.gov Metropolitan Police Department http://mpdc.dc.gov Metropolitan Fire Department www.dcfire.com