Picture OHSU Now put yourself in the picture

Picture OHSU Picture OHSU Now put yourself in the picture Picture a splitsecond decision and EXPERTISE that saves a life Picture a moment of DISC...
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Picture OHSU

Picture OHSU

Now put yourself in the picture

Picture a splitsecond decision and EXPERTISE that saves a life

Picture a moment of DISCOVERY when new knowledge is created

Where healing, teaching, discovery – and caring – come together Academic health centers are where medical advances are made. They are where world-class scientists, teachers, students and clinical experts work side by side. As Oregon’s premier health and research university, and its only academic health center, OHSU is the region’s health and science knowledge leader. But it is not the quest for knowledge alone that drives OHSU’s experts – it’s the opportunity to help people, and to offer new hope. The power of knowledge and hope is why OHSU inspires the support of philanthropic partners whose contributions help make this vital work possible and enhance its meaning.

Picture the instant a student makes a CONNECTION that will shape a career

Picture the face of a child glowing with HEALTH

Picture all the good your GIFT can do

Key OHSU Hospitals, Centers and Institutes

A Picture of Strength OHSU is a powerful institution with a profoundly simple mission – to improve human health. OHSU includes: • Two hospitals and numerous outstanding clinical practices • Dozens of nationally known research institutes and patient care centers • Schools of dentistry, medicine and nursing • More than 200 community service and outreach programs throughout the region

OHSU Hospital Doernbecher Children’s Hospital ....... OHSU Brain Institute OHSU Casey Eye Institute OHSU Center for Women’s Health OHSU Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center OHSU Knight Cancer Institute ....... Dotter Interventional Institute Jungers Center for Neurosciences Research Papé Family Pediatric Research Institute Vollum Institute

HEALTHCARE AT A GLANCE Number of medical patients: 232,477 Number of dental patients: 17,801 Patient visits (includes medical and dental patients): 827,678

When people support OHSU’s healing mission, they are investing in world-class health care for Oregon. Points of Distinction Number of consecutive years OHSU has been ranked one of America’s best hospitals: 16 Number of consecutive years Portland consumers have named OHSU their top choice: 11

At academic health centers, patients benefit first from research breakthroughs and exceptional expertise. Every year OHSU provides outstanding care for thousands of patients, offering a full spectrum of adult and pediatric services – from everyday care to some of the world’s most advanced treatments. Only at OHSU: • World-leading clinical innovations including the first prosthetic heart valve, advances in non-invasive surgery, and a national model for delivering care to women • The region’s most comprehensive health services • Access to Phase 1 clinical trials – and bone marrow transplants for adults and children • Portland’s first Level 1 Trauma Center

RESEARCH AT A GLANCE Principal investigators: 1,100 Number of research projects: 4,500 Earned grants and contracts: $392 million

When people support OHSU’s research mission, they are helping to unlock the mysteries of disease and sparking therapies that offer new hope. In the world of scientific inquiry, the most significant discoveries don’t always come from something new – but from a new way of looking at things. That fresh perspective is most often the result of collaboration. Interdisciplinary collaboration is OHSU’s greatest strength, and it fuels a research enterprise responsible for new world-leading breakthroughs each year. Only at OHSU: • Key discoveries including the world’s first targeted cancer therapy • One of the largest concentrations of brainfocused investigators in the nation • The vast majority of health research activity in the region

Points of Distinction Ranking in NIH funding out of 1,167 institutions nationwide: 30 Total number of startup companies based on OHSU technologies: 74 Percentage of research award dollars that come from out-of-state sources: 94 Number of clinical trials conducted at OHSU in 2010: 705

ACADEMICS AT A GLANCE Number of students and trainees: 4,310 Number of interns, residents, fellows and clinical trainees: 1,134 Alumni: 28,600

When people support OHSU’s teaching mission, they are investing in good health tomorrow. Points of Distinction National ranking of nurse-midwifery program: 1 National ranking of family medicine program: 2 Percentage of health and science degrees awarded to Oregon residents: 60

Oregon’s population is aging, and its healthcare workforce is shrinking. We must educate and retain more healthcare providers, scientists, dentists, engineers and allied health professionals – and put them to work in every corner of Oregon. The health and well-being of our families depends on it. OHSU is: • Oregon’s only educator of physicians and dentists, and its primary educator of nurses • Oregon’s only provider of a graduate degree program in biomedical engineering • Distinguished by nationally acclaimed model curricula in its schools of medicine and nursing • The region’s key purveyor of continuing education programs in health and science, with hundreds of courses and seminars offered

OUTREACH AT A GLANCE Number of community service programs: 200

When people support OHSU’s outreach mission, they are bringing the best of OHSU to all of Oregon.   Hundreds of OHSU programs support the public good. These include programs that promote public health, deliver clinical care and expertise to rural areas, provide free or low-cost care to underserved populations, help patients overcome language and cultural challenges, expose teens to the excitement of science and much more. This commitment to outreach is an essential part of OHSU’s mission. The lessons learned through public service enrich every aspect of OHSU. Only at OHSU: • The highest number of health outreach programs in the region • The most charity care of any Oregon hospital • The highest concentration of educational outreach activities for practicing professionals and students

Points of Distinction Costs in uncompensated care for the underserved: $64 million Key Programs Area Health Education Centers Child Development and Rehabilitation Center OHSU Office of Rural Health OHSU Poison Center Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network



Patient care revenue: 66% Gifts, grants, contracts: 23% State appropriation: 2% Tuition: 3% Other: 6%

Dan and Laura Wieden, OHSU donors

Put yourself in the OHSU picture

All numbers in this publication represent 2010 figures. National rankings in Healthcare and Academics sections are according to U.S. News & World Report. Consumer ranking according to National Research Corporation. National OHSU research rankings are according to 2010 National Institutes of Health data.

OHSU is not a state agency. About 98 percent of its budget is self-generated – through hospital revenues, grants and charitable gifts. Private contributions have never been more important. The promise of OHSU can only be realized through a renewed partnership with private citizens, foundations, corporate funders and all who care deeply about what is achieved at OHSU and what it means to our own health and well-being – and that of our region. To make a gift visit www.ohsufoundation.org or call 800 462-6608 and ask to speak to a development officer.

www.ohsufoundation.org 1121 SW Salmon Street Suite 100 Portland, OR 97205 503 228-1730 800 462-6608

A 2.5% administrative fee may be applied to gifts. OHSU is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. 0811 (20) Printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks using 100 percent wind power.