Physical characteristics

Tigers Lazia Wright Tigers Lazia wright 
 Introduction ! Image Source: Caption a tiger siting in the shade . Tigers...
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Tigers Lazia Wright


Lazia wright


! Image Source: Caption a tiger siting in the shade . Tigers are great animals. They can also can be dangerous . You will need to be careful around them . Some tigers can be harmful to children , and even adult' must be carful and watch out for tigers but they only attack when hurt or sick. Tigers like to eat wild animals they have unique patterns of strips. They live in southern parts of the world and northern parts. They are mess makers and they are in lots of danger.

Physical characteristics

! Image Source: Caption a tiger looking at another tiger.

Did you know that tigers look different from each other ? Male tigers weight four hundred and twenty pounds (one hundred ninety kilograms.) and ( two point seven meters) including the tail. Male tigers height is ( three to five feet and ninety one to fifty two centimeters ) tall at the shoulders.each tiger has unique patterns of stripes . You can tell which is a female and male because the male has a darker shade of colors and the female has light shade. The baby tigers have dots by their nose. The boys have it the girls do not have the dot . When the baby tigers grow up they have different shades but when little don't they just have tiny dots when older the dots disappear and they just have shades of fur. White tigers have blue eyes, and white fur with black stripes.a mom tiger feeds them her milk and lying down in the grass.And you can tell because females don't like to play with her cub a lot .

Home sweet home

! Image Source: Caption tigers at home .

Did you know tigers live around the world ?

Most tigers live near forest ,marshes ,or near grass land's. Half of the tigers live in Southern Asia . Did you know that tigers live in these places to , Siberia ,India,and in Karnataka ? Most tigers love the shade . There are all kinds of tigers around the world. Here are some more places where they live around the world ,like in Ido-Chinese tiger,south china, Sumatra tiger,caspian tiger that is (extinct ) Javan tiger extinct ,Bali tiger extinct and the historic range. White tiger's where found in the wild one hundred years . Only twelve have been seen in the

world but most have been extinct. Caspian tiger,Javan, and the Bali tiger those three have been extinct. They live in all parts of the world.


! Image Source: Caption getting ready to attack .

Do you want to know what tigers like to eat ?

Tigers eat the most of deer, antelope, wild pigs ,and wild cattle. Male tigers hunt for the food while the female protects the cubes . If those animals that tigers eat become extinct they will not be use to another deity of food. Tigers are coming extinct . We are the tigers predators . We have a very small population of tigers left. Tigers also eat moose,squirrel,rabbit,hippos,owls,eagles,birds,and snakes. Did you know that tigers have a big food chain ? Siberia tigers even eat mice. Did you know there are no tigers in Africa ?

Mess makers

! Image Source: Caption a tiger in attack mode .

Did you know tigers are mess makers ? Well when tigers eat they get there preys blood all over them. They even get the meat and blood on their nose. Most people call them mess makers by how they eat. Tigers are very sloppy eaters like kids. Tigers are part of the cat family so are lions. Tigers have a big appetite that they weight a lot. They are heavy animals . They eat pounds of meat.

Oh no !

! Image Source: Caption in danger

Did you know tigers are in great danger ? Tigers are in danger for parts of their body . Like people kill them for their fur and parts of their body for Medicean . There are very few amount of tigers left . If people keep haunting them they are going to be extinct . Some people even haunt them for food . You should write a letter to the law and say that it is against the law to haunt tigers because there are very little left. So no more killing tigers or haunting them. Most tigers die from getting trapped


Cubs -the young of animals . Prey -an animal that is getting haunted by a predator .

Appetite - to desire food or a drink . Danger - liability or exposure to harm or ; risk ; peril. Law - strict of a violence or crime . Extinct - no longer existence that ended or died.


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