Philips Upgrade Halogen. October 12, 2015

Philips Upgrade Halogen October 12, 2015 X-tremeVision Plus Feel Safe, Drive Safe • See further, react faster: up to 130% brighter light* on the ro...
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Philips Upgrade Halogen

October 12, 2015

X-tremeVision Plus Feel Safe, Drive Safe • See further, react faster: up to 130% brighter light* on the road

Note: Range completion H11, HB4 by early 2016 *compared to standard Halogen bulbs


March 26, 2015

Philips NEW package design Based on NEW brand guideline and company establishment Additional benefit highlight to capture attention

Great visibility Lamp type Main benefit communication

Blister (single bulb)

Great brand visibility

Special (twin bulbs) 22

March 26, 2015

Philips DiamondVision moto for style upgrade

• Ultimate white motorcycle headlight for rider to enhance their style on the road from Philips. – 5000K white light on the road thanks to the blue coating specially designed to deliver this performance • High quality UV-coated quartz glass is highly resistant against humidity and protects headlights from harmful ultraviolet radiation.


DiamondVision 5000K Ultimate white light on the +30% road for a stylish upgrade

Performance on the road 

Standard black top

No coating, white light

Stylish blue coated top for matching appearance

Homogeneous blue

30%coating to product

5000K white light

Hard glass 


UV block quartz glass

Packing design and Price Structure

Blister (single bulb)

Type Additional Description Number Name 924766217102 12636 DV HS1 12636 DV 12V 35/35W PX43T-38 12NC

CoO B1


Selling Unit PC

Carton Box Qty(pc) 10

Unit Price (USD) 3.50

Philips LED Solutions

October 12, 2015

Philips X-treme Ultinon LED LED Headlight H4 replacement High & low beam

12NC: 923794417115

More bright light on the road, without glare Upgrade your car style with Philips intense bright LED headlights, bringing a sophisticated & modern light appearance, and a perfect match with LED Fog and LED position lamps. With +150% more light on the road than standard H4 halogen lamp, Philips LED headlights bring you the best night driving experience, with improved eyes comfort and driving safety, while making sure you do not glare other road users.

Easily installed in your luminaires, Philips LED headlamp will light the road ahead as long and far as your car will run.

• +150 %* more light on the road, for increased driving comfort and safety • Intense bright headlights, for a sophisticated and modern light appearance • No glare to the other road users • Long service life, thanks to Airflux optimal thermal management • 3 year limited warranty • Easy installation

*than original standard halogen H4 lamp

X-treme Ultinon LED Headlights Addressing passionates to upgrade their car headlights

The best light performance and unique light design for superior

safety and style

Safe for the road usage


Philips +70% XV


Philips LED H4


VALENTI +40% + Glare

more light on the road


Philips Vision LED Signaling Light bulbs in Consumer Blister

Stop/Tail Lamp bulbs (P21/5W & W21/5W) 12NC 923795319115 923799619115 923797017415 923796217115

T10 (W5W)

Type Additional Description Number Name 12836 RED P21/5 LED 12836 RED 12V B2 12835 RED W21/5 LED 12835 RED 12V B2 12791 T10 TPX T10 LED LP 12791 6000K 12V B2 12800 6000K Festoon 30mm LED 12800 6000K B1


Festoon 30mm Selling Unit SE SE SE PC

Vision LED - Fit & forget Long lasting safe LED light solution to fit and forget

• • •

12 years lifetime Pass car inspection* Similar ECE beam pattern as filament (no glare)

* Passing of car inspection depends on local regulation. Vision LED has similar beam pattern as the conventional bulb it replaces

Carton Box Qty(pc) 20 20 20 10

Unit Price (USD) 7.00 7.50 4.00 3.50

Converting users from filament to LED convert


Benefits & Key Features Reason to believe 1: • Lifetime (12+ years)

Longer Lifetime


PHILIPS Vision LED Range Good thermal design makes life time very long

Incandescent W21/5 Short lifetime

 Reason to believe 2: Robustness • Vibration • Mechanical shock • Water proof

Extremely robust, “runa-car-over-it, tough”!

• Response time (time to light up)

Instant response time

Reason to believe 1: • Legal beam pattern conform to legislation • Pass car inspection • Do not glare road users

1.Pattern close to filament bulb & meet ECE & SAE regulation 2.Stable lumen output

1. Right filament position 2. Excellent beam pattern output



 

Weak vibration resistance and short life time

Filament with slow response