PHILIPS SMART TV IN Piotr Herod Smart TV Business Manager CEE TP Vision Europe Mail:

PHILIPS SMART TV IN 2015 Piotr Herod Smart TV Business Manager CEE TP Vision Europe Mail: [email protected] 1 Philips TV - our brand pillars...
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PHILIPS SMART TV IN 2015 Piotr Herod Smart TV Business Manager CEE TP Vision Europe Mail: [email protected]


Philips TV - our brand pillars European premium craftsmanship

Awarded picture quality

The unique Ambilight technology

Our products are designed with great attention to detail, with high quality metal look and feel and a stand out rich quality finish.

Today people are overwhelmed with new technology and new ways of using the TV. Image quality still is the single most important factor. It’s what people are looking for, because what is a TV without a perfect picture?

4K UHD, Smart TV, Multiroom, Streaming video, etc. is flooding from all brands. And people don’t know what to do with it all, or which technology that is useful for them.

Our awards at EISA have proved over and over again that we are in the frontline something we can always be proud of.

Our Ambilight technology is easy to like and to understand. The unique Ambilight technology is our strongest proof of this and should be the beacon of everything we stand for.

Smart TV – All* powered by Android TVTM

Since 1928 it has been our aim to bring you a series of firsts. The first flat screen TV. The first 100 Hz. The first Widescreen. The first 16:9 and 21:9. The first to bring you Net TV. And this year, we’re the first European TV brand to bring you Android TV in almost our whole product range. Combining the power and rich content of Google Play Philips TV gives you an experience beyond the ordinary. *except 5300 series

Powerful sound solutions

Sound has always been a focus in Philips TV. Even when TVs become slimmer and thinner we ensure we outperform competition on sound. This has only been partially recognized as people can not see the sound and there is limited In store demonstration . We now radiate sound via our design in each segment of the range

TP Vision – Part of Display Powerhouse 13 Billion Turnover 40 years of experience in Display manufacturing

#1 Monitor and #4 TV manufacturer 2013 in the world

Bringing vertical integration Close connection with the Chinese-taiwanese Technology-Cluster

Philips 2011

TP Vision Joint venture with TPV & Philips


TP Vision optimizing footprint


TPV purchases remaining 30% in TP Vision from Philips


Leveraging new set up and Philips brand

Worldwide Locations for Production & Development Manufacturing sites • • • • • • • • •

Gorzow, Poland St. Petersburg, Russia Beijing, China Qingdao, China Xiamen, China Fuqing, China Tijuana, Mexico Manaus, Brazil Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Innovation / R&D sites • • • •

Ghent, Belgium Bangalore, India Taipei, Taiwan Xiamen, China

Gorzow Gent

R&D in Europe

Science Park

Design and product development for High End 250 TP Vision employees

1 July 2014



of Philips TV models from 2015

lineup are based on Android Lollipop OS All of our Ambilight TVs in 2015 are based on Android L. Thanks to variety of apps available in google play store and in Philips own app gallery users gets unprecedented opportunities.



















43-4955- 65”








Ambilight 2

Standard remote

Keyboard remote

Ambilight 2

Standard remote

Keyboard remote

Ambilight 3

Swipe and voice remote

Android OS is the biggest in amount of apps and app developers Android surpasses Apple iOS in totals in 2014


Two worlds meet in one device Philips Smart TV with own app gallery App ecosystem driven by Smart TV Alliance members

Android TV with Google Play store App ecosystem driven by Google

HTML Apps in the Philips App Gallery Apps work across multiple TV makers

Certified by Google Google Cast Ready App Support

• TV On Demand Applications • VoD Applications

• Info & Social Category Applications • Gaming Applications

Android TV Entertainment tailored for you


What is Android TV? Android TV extends the Android platform to the biggest screen in your home: your television. Android TV brings the Android apps and games you love, voice search, and Google Cast to televisions and streaming media players.


Android TV vs Google TV (remote control)

No. of buttons: 9

No. of buttons: … a lot :)

User interface 1. Search

2. Recommendations 3. Apps 4. Games 5. Settings

Navigation 1. D-pad

2. D-pad 3. D-pad!!!

A new way to experience Android

Android TV is designed for: ● TVs ● Streaming media players

● Cable set top boxes ● Video game consoles

A new way to experience Android Entertainment on Android TV is: ● ● ● ●

Focused on content Personalized and smart Simple to browse Immersive and engaging

Key Features

Effortless entertainment

Personalized recommendations

Feature: The Recommendations row provides one-click access to entertainment, personalized according to your in-app viewing history and interests.

Benefit: Great content is waiting for you when you power on your TV. No more endless digging through your library for something good. Watch more of your favorites or discover something new.

Personalized recommendations

Play Apps – a lot of them… Feature: Access and install apps for movies, TV, music, radio, and more.

Benefit: Watch and listen to entertainment from your favorite apps on the biggest screen in the house.

Play Apps – a lot of them…

Google Play services – Music, Movies & TV

Feature: Choose from thousands of entertainment titles to rent or buy.

Benefit: Google Play stores all of your entertainment content in one place. Access your entertainment library, on any device, anywhere.

Voice search Feature: Find the entertainment you want, get information, or discover something new, using voice search.

Benefit: Voice search helps you quickly find what you want. Spend less time searching and more time enjoying your favorite entertainment.

Voice search

Google Cast Ready Feature: Google Cast lets you wirelessly send, or cast, movies, shows, and photos from your Android or iOS mobile device, Mac or Windows computer, or Chromebook to your TV.

Benefit: Google Cast allows casting from many types of personal devices made by many companies, meaning Nexus Player works great with devices you already own.


Console-style gaming


Feature: Android TV devices offer a new way to play Android games. Play your favorite Android games on the biggest screen in the house.

Benefit: Get quality, console-style gaming and graphics for a fraction of the price of traditional game consoles.

Play Games


Feature: Play your favorite games using Google Play Games. As you play games, you can highlight Benefit:

your skills in your Game Profile. Compete with friends and see what they are playing, track your achievements, view leaderboards, and pick up wherever you left off on other Android devices.

Multiplayer gaming


Feature: On multiplayer-enabled games, you can play friends - or frenemies - in real-time and turnbased matches. Invite people from your Google+ circles, search for people on Google+, and find people who are near you. Benefit: Use either the Gamepad or Remote to go head to head in a race or battle. Multiplayer is free and functionality is only supported by specific games.


8700 8600

Keyboard at the back

Speech recognition technology for easy search and easy control


Color is matched to the color of the TV

Swipe pad for fast navigation

Philips TV powered by Android UI

• Dedicated Philips TV App Shelf with premium apps partners

Distinct Philips visual identity • Rich user interface • Content covers & program details • Fluid animation & blur effect

• Improved channel list picture preview • Now & Next Program information • Rich channel meta data on a ‘ZapBar’

Simplified TV Guide with one view • Single TV Guide with program preview • One view for Broadcast EPG or IP EPG

• Rich program information • Direct actions – to watch & record

Disclaimer: # IP EPG availability depends on country regulations and operator support

Increased storage for all your needs Still not enough!

Add external hard disk for more apps & recordings

• Internal memory: 8 (FHD) / 16 GB (UHD) • Download & store larger apps • Store more program recordings

Send video to ‘Google Cast Ready’ TV

• Open a GoogleCast Ready App on your iPad (Tablet or Smartphone) • Find and play movies on the device • Tap the ‘Cast’ button to continue watching on your Smart TV

Experience a connected-experience between the TV and your Smartphone Disclaimer: # Device & TV should be in same WiFi network

Ambilight music mode  Let Ambilight react to music instead of video  Use it as a Party mode when watching a concert  Perfect when streaming music via Spotify Connect or Deezer New for 2015 2nd half product launch Also comes as SW upgrade to all (1H) 2015 Connected Ambilight TV’s


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