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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections Business and Industry MS5 PD Malloch, Perth, 1883-1937 Accounting records, including cash books, balance ...
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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry MS5 PD Malloch, Perth, 1883-1937 Accounting records, including cash books, balance sheets and invoices,18971937; records concerning fishings, managed or owned by PD Malloch in Perthshire, including agreements, plans, 1902-1930; items relating to the maintenance and management of the estate of Bertha, 1902-1912; letters to PD Malloch relating to various aspects of business including the Perthshire Fishing Club, 1883-1910; business correspondence, 1902-1930

MS6 David Gorrie & Son, boilermakers and coppersmiths, Perth, 1894-1955 Catalogues, instruction manuals and advertising material for David Gorrie and other related firms, 1903-1954; correspondence, specifications, estimates and related materials concerning work carried out by the firm, 1893-1954; accounting vouchers, 1914-1952; photographic prints and glass plate negatives showing machinery and plant made by David Gorrie & Son including some interiors of laundries, late 19th to mid 20th century; plans and engineering drawings relating to equipment to be installed by the firm, 18921928

MS7 William and William Wilson, merchants, Perth and Methven, 1754-1785 Bills, accounts, letters, agreements and other legal papers concerning the affairs of William Wilson, senior and William Wilson, junior

MS8 Perth Theatre, 1900-1990 Records of Perth Theatre before the ownership of Marjorie Dence, includes scrapbooks and a few posters and programmes. Records from 1935 onwards include administrative and production records including scrapbooks, programmes, posters and production photographs

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry MS11 William Marshall, agent for the Bank of Scotland, Perth, 1793-1794 Letters by William Marshall, bank agent for the Bank of Scotland in Perth, to William Anderson and Ebeneezer Anderson, Dundee concerning their account

MS13 David Crighton papers, 1847-1863 Letters to David Crighton relating mainly to financial affairs

MS14 Miscellaneous Gifts and Deposits: 1549-2003 MS14/9

Blairgowrie Gas Light Company, 1847-1859


Soutar & MacLeish, solicitors, Perth, 1861-1867


Retail day book and ledger of unidentified , 1834-1838; 1841-



Robert Marshall, writer, Kinross, legal styles book, late 18th cent


Notebook of James Anderson, Huntingtowerfield relating to bleaching operations and the Original Secession Church, Perth, 1868-1904


Anstruther Easter burgess ticket in favour of Alexander Sutherland, 1782


Perth burgess ticket in favour of Daniel McFarlane 1787


Perth burgess ticket in favour of Alexander Lindsay, 1711

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry


Leslies plan pf Perth, marked with route of from railway station to unidentified range at Craigie woods, nd


Perth burgess ticket in favour of Andrew Skene, 1665


Account book, Dr F Rollo, Airlie Place, Alyth with David Reid, Mill Street, Alyth relating to purchases of clothes, c1890-1892


Perth burgess tickets in favour of John Marshall, merchant; David McLeish, dyer, James Sharp, Baxter; Alexander Marshall, merchant. 1677; 1733; 1770; 1762


Perth burgess tickets in favour of Richard Pillans, 1777


Tobacco dealers book, 1801


Account of David Littlejohn, weaver, Auchterarder, to P Hutchison writer for various rendered legal services, 1823


Phoenix Fire Office of London, account book, 1783-1808


Perth Gas Light Company, articles of association, 1822


Advertising handbill of William Thomson, carriage manufactory, Perth illustrating various carriage designs, c1870


Burgess ticket in favour of Ensign Mondeford Allan, 1786


Rules for establishing the Redgorton Parish Bank, 1815

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry


Discharged account of Samuael Wallace, guild treasurer with Thomas Frisken, tailor, 1750


Programme of proceedings at the ceremony of the laying of the foundation stone of the General Railway Station, Perth, 1847


Typescript copies, photocopies of drawings and booklets relating to Perth Railway Station 1847; 1961; 1986; 1990


Perth burgess ticket of Thomas Currie, wine and spirit merchant, 1856


Perth burgess ticket of Robert Bell, apprentice garage hand, 125 Canal Crescent, Perth, 1945


Garage, grocers and hotel accounts of Capt JG Fraser RN for tour in Chevrolet around St Andrews, St Fillans, Pitlochry and Kinnloch Rannoch, c1922-1923


Typescript of ‘Extracts from a Painter & Decorators Diary’, nd


Thomas Chalmers, solicitor, papers, 1869-1940


Advertisement relating to the enforcement of the Linlithgow measure of lintseed by the magistrates of Perth, Dundee and Coupar in Fife, c1727


Account of insurance with the [Commercial] Insurance Co., [damaged], 1809

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry


Various legal papers relating to Margaret Rennie, widow of James Rennie, Innkeeper in Kinross, 1858-1872


North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board Constructional Scheme No 2. Descriptions of Tummel-Garry and Gairloch projects with maps showing proposed sites of work and catchment areas, 1945


Daniel Gow, coal merchant. Invoices, receipts, business letters from various Glasgow, Dunfermline and west coast collieries, 1856-1865


Perth Banking Company, contract of co-partnery, 1829


John Grant, Craigmill. Photocopy of typescript of Grant's reminiscences, 'My Early Life and my Beginning Business', 1832-1928


J Normand & Son, joiners, Perth. Invoices and receipts from a variety of tradesmen and suppliers, 1935-1936


Blacksmith’s ledger of work and clients including Mr Charles Duff, Dunavaird, Mr Alexander Conacher, Aldour, Mr James Ballanton, Cluny, Mr Stewart, Pitlochry and Mr James McGlashan, Dunfallandy, 1842-1850


'A Perthshire Whisky Trail'. Hard copy of electronic ms by Irvine Butterfield. Describes the histories of distilleries in Perthshire, 18th-20th cents, 2007

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry


William McLaren, Joiner, Pitlochry. Ledger day book, listing work done, cost and for whom, 1851-1863


Hume Ironmongers, Perth. Working drawings of premises at Kew Buildings, Kirkside, Perth and 74-78 South Street, Perth, 1910, 1962


Wm Aldie & Sons, Bakers and Confectioners, Perth. Order book of products and quantities. Includes loose paper bags with logo, notes of orders and notices about bread rationing, c1940-1950


Indenture between Thomas Hill, master bookbinder and glazier in Perth and James Morise, son of James Morise, cabinetmaker in London, outlining the obligations between master and apprentice, signed by particpitants, witnesses and cautioners. Reverse carries the discharge by Hill of Morris who 'has served me honestly and faithfully', 1791, 1797


"The Highland Railway, plans and sections of proposed extention from Murthly near Dunkeld by Bankfoot to Perth with branch at Rohallion and of the proposed doubling of the line from Dunkeld Station to Murthly. J. Mitchel & Co. Engineers.", 1865


Letter and transcript from James (Hamish) Wittet to his brother Robert, describing his life and work as a Customs Officer in Seccondee, Gold Coast; postcard from Hamish to Robert showing photograph of Hamish with two colleagues standing on

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry a verandah; transcript of letter from EJ Muss at HM Customs, Secondee to[brother?] describing James' sudden death, 1910


Auchterarder chemist prescription and dangerous drugs ledgers, listing customers, drugs and dosage, 1904-1923

MS15 PR Drummond, poet, bookseller and author, Perth, 18381884 Letters to Drummond, relating to the sale and publication of books and articles, 1838-1879; pamphlets, printed letters and notes some by Drummond under the alias of Powdavie relating to farming improvements, 1849-1873; copy manuscript poems by Charles Spence, Carse of Gowrie stonemason and poet, undated

MS24 Robert Keay, elder and younger, papers, 1790-1872 Letters to Robert Keay, Perth from his nephew, William Forrester, jeweller, London, 1825-1842, relating to the jewellery trade but also to Joseph Forrester. Letters to Messrs R and R Keay and Robert Keay from customers and business associates including Leonard Urquhart, silversmith, Edinburgh, 1831-1856. Business invoices and receipts, 1831-1855. Letters from James Caw, jeweller, Edinburgh to Robert Keay younger and Messrs R and R Keay relating to the jewellery trade but also to political reform and related concerns, 1831-1853. Letters, volumes and papers relating to the shipping trade carried out by the Eagle and the Rose including letters from the ship.s masters to Keay reporting on the progress of the vessels and problems that have arisen, 1838-1850. Papers relating to the administration of the affairs of various members of the Keay family and related branches, 1790-1857

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry MS25 John Shields & Co Ltd, textile manufacturers, Wallace Works, Perth, 1882-1899 Items relating to the firm of John Shields & Co Ltd 1882-1899, including notes of gross earnings, 1886-1893, comparative statement of receipts, 1891-1893, abstract of wages and total cloth produced in the year, nd, specifications for a yarn shed at Strathmiglo bleachfield, nd. Letters and papers relating to the settlement of the estate of John Shields and his trust and particularly to the settlement awarded to his daughter, 1890-1893. Miscellaneous other material relating to the business, c 1890-1893 including brass letter head printing block for the company, photograph of the casket presented to HM Prince George, Duke of York (later George V) and HM Princess Victoria Mary of Teck from the citizens of Perth on their wedding which contained a tablecloth and related linen of fine damask woven by Shields & Co, 1893. Letter to Mr Tait, librarian, Sandeman Library by Phyllis Bell concerning the deposit of papers relating to John Shields, 1968

MS28 JW&NB Williamson, writers, Kinross, 1684-1876 Title deeds and other related papers to properties in Kinross-shire including lands in Portmoak, Kinross, Orwell, Fossoway and Cleish parishes, 16151863. Papers relating to the division of commonties around Kinnesswood, 1815-1838. Miscellaneous legal papers, 1809-1873, including papers relating to Robert Glass, farmer at Craigend of Balheadie and a paternity suit, 18091853. Volumes relating to the administration of JW & NB Williamson.s business: business book, 1844-1852, day book, 1850, cash book, 1850. Cash book of the Whinfield Trust, 1830-1853

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry MS32 Robert Drummond, farmer and lime merchant, Perth, papers, 1814-1818 Letters to Robert Drummond relating to various business matters including the trade in lime and charter of vessels for shipment, financial transactions and accounts

MS37 Melville Jameson, writer, Perth, 1852-1856 Business diaries containing brief notes of appointments in connection with Jameson’s legal business

MS48 J&G Wilson, solicitors, Kinross, papers, 1629-1903 Papers of various individuals whose legal affairs were probably administered by the firm of J&G Wilson, Kinross. Includes: title deeds relating to the lands of Cockcairnie and Dalgueith in the County of Kinross, 1629-1696; papers relating to Thomas Dott, manufacturer, Kinross c1859-1903, including invoices from various textile manufacturers, 1897-1903; legal papers relating to the estate of Miss Margaret Steedman, Portobello, 1865-1901; papers relating to the collection and interests of David Marshall, including newscuttings of the Annals of Kinross-shire by Dr Ebenezer Henderson, volumes 1-3, 1870-1900, with an index compiled by Walter Montgomery; notes, reports and other papers largely from and relative to the work of David Marshall including papers relating to genealogy, 1650-1902; rules and regulations of the Hammerman Society of Kinross, 1783; map of the division of the muir of Kinross, 1781

MS51 John Pullar & Sons Ltd, dyers and cleaners, Perth, c18581990 Accounting records, including summaries, ledgers, accounts relating to shops, 1898-1976, records relating to pay and wages, 1896-1976, report books for various departments within Pullars, 1890-1958, maintenance diaries, 1952-

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry 1975, rent rolls for shops, 1938-1966, inventories of buildings and plant, 18691931, register of applicants for houses at Tulloch, 1882-1916, indentures, engagements and bonuses register, 1858-1920, register of employees, 19271968, other registers of employment, to 1975. Records relating to pensions, 1924-1975, including card index of employees, 1924-1968. Records relating to employee representation including workers council minute books, 19181924, workers representation committee minute books, 1933-1967. Records relating to the Pullar’s fire brigade, 1904-1924. Works notices, 1918-1964. Correspondence, drawings and specifications relating to plant, 1897-1961. Plans for shops and factories throughout the United Kingdom, 1863-1976. Pullar’s Golf Club minute books, 1929-1970. Minutes of John Pullar & Sons Ltd, 1930-1982, Arbroath Laundry Ltd, 1960-1990, Stevenson Brothers (Dundee) Ltd, 1965-1990

MS53 Alexander & Brown, seedsmen, Perth, 1897-1975 Cash books, 1910-1975; some sales ledgers, c 1905-1964; stock books, c1936-1964; illustrated catalogues of seeds and horticultural instruments, 1898-1963

MS62 Lumsden & Mackenzie Ltd, Bleachers, Huntingtowerfield, 1882-1972 Minute books, 1930-1962, letter book, 1916-1947, registers of members, 1930-1961, share records, 1930-1961, accounting records including journals, cash books and ledgers, 1908-1971, inventories of stock, 1920-1953, letters from customers and suppliers, 1935-1957, insurance plans of Stormontfield, Pitcairnfield and Huntingtowerfield works, 1914, photographs of Pitcairnfield and Huntingtowerfield bleachworks, late 19th century, aerial photograph of Huntingtowerfield bleachworks, c1950, notice by David Lumsden concerning his take over of Huntingtowerfield, 1882

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry MS63 Burt-Marshall Ltd, bleachers, Luncarty, 1889-1939 Records of work, 1889-1939; bleaching process book, nd; insurance plan of Luncarty Bleachfield, 1914

MS65 Valentine's Motors Ltd, Perth, 1921-1984 Minute books, 1922-1984, memorandum of articles of association, 1922, 1966, register of members and share ledger, 1922-1982, private ledger, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, 19211977, ledgers, 1973-1982, cash book, 1962-1983. Letters, photographs, newscuttings relating to Valentines including some share certificates, 1922-1983

MS68 R MacGregor Mitchell & Co, solicitors, Perth, 1866-1954 Letter books, 1897-1927; correspondence files, 1906-1923; cash books and ledgers, 1897-1922; receipt files, 1914-1915; diaries, 1910-1912; notebooks, [nd]; factor’s letter book, Loch Lochart Estate, 1909-1926; J Kinnaird’s Trust material, 1912-1921. Correspondence, accounts, agreements, legal records, family, estate and business papers relating to Perthshire including the Carmichael estate and family; Thomas Brown & Co. Ltd; George Patterson’s estate; JD Martin; Alexander Low; John Sinclair; James Miller; Alexander McNicoll; Alexander Morrison; Isobel Gourlay; Elspeth Murray; Charles Scott Allan; John Clark; Maria Powrie Cochrane; the Guildry Incorporation, 18841954; newspapers and magazines, 1866-1952

MS82 A&R Robertson, solicitors, Blairgowrie, 1579-1908 Legal papers concerning various individuals and families in Perthshire, primarily in and around Blairgowrie, including Husband family title deeds, 1579-1701; miscellaneous legal and financial papers of various clients, 17651877; James Brown Trust, 18211868; Robert Robertson Trust, 1827-1860; John Robertson Trust, 1840-1869; Henderson Trust, 1852-1853; miscellaneous legal and financial papers of various clients, 1837-1879; James

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry Hutchison of Coldside trust, 1861-1877; Andrew Fell litigation papers, 18621874; John Baxter of Milton trust, 1869-1879; John Douglas litigation papers, 1858-1879; papers relating to property and trade in Blairgowrie, 17981896; accounts of Robert Robertson, 18261850; correspondence and legal papers concerning various families, 1749-1908, including Robert Robertson, John Brown, John Stewart Grassick, James Brown, James MacDonald, Charles Cargill, John Forrester, the Chalmers family, James Anderson, William Ambrose, Elizabeth Wylie, Jean Cargill, Brown family, John and Thom Donald, the Balnakilly Estate, Ann Syme, Hellen Low and cases of RM Ramsay, solicitor, Edinburgh

MS84 Crieff and Comrie Railway Co., 1888-1900 Letters notes and notebooks relating to the shareholding and construction of Crieff and Comrie Railway Company, 1889-1892; list and index of shareholders, nd; newspaper cuttings relating to the Crieff and Comrie Railway Company, 1888-1896; photographs of the ceremony for cutting the first turf, 1891; papers relating to the Lochearnhead, St Fillans and Comrie Railway, including prospectus and plans, 1889-1900

MS95 McCash & Hunter, solicitors, Perth, 1602-1881 Dispositions, discharges and other legal papers relating to property at Mill Flat, Auchtermuchty; Northgate, Southgate, Bridge Lane, Leonard Street and the Watergate, Perth; Overdurdie in Kilspindie parish and the lands of Balformo, Scone, 1602-1881

MS101 Richardson of Pitfour papers, 1740-1890 Includes papers of James Richardson, writer, business accounts and legal documents, 1740-1763; Richardson & Co, correspondence and related material relating to salmon fishing and the merchant business, 1761-c1821

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry

MS102 Thomas Love & Sons, auctioneers, removers and house furnishers, Perth, 1921-1980 Accounting records relating to business including cash books 19251971; day books 1925-1961; removals and storage day books 1925-1952; transfer purchase ledgers 1921-1961; transfer purchase day books 1929-1954; return sales books 1925-1952; sales ledgers 1949-1961; sales day books-goods 1961-1975; sales day books-removals, sales returns-goods 1961-1969; stock and expenses books 1940-1946; payrolls 1925-1969; account sheets 19201936; catalogue printing blocks 1959

MS105 Stanley Mills, 1876-1973 Minute book of Frank Stewart Sandeman & Sons, Ltd, 1915-1933; Stanley Cotton Mills, committee file, 1961-1962; minute book, 19611968; accounting records for Stanley Mills 1876-1948; correspondence and copy letters, 19201931 including correspondence between Frank Stewart Sandeman & Sons Ltd and James Scott & Sons Ltd, Dundee relating to commission on Calcutta belting, 1920-1924; books relating to production, stock, and sales, 1928-1976; records relating to personnel, workers, arrivals and departures, 1949-1963; record of persons leaving

MS106 United Auctions (Scotland) Ltd, records, 1892-1984 Assorted volumes, 1937-1984; Corporate Records, 1912-1964; Sale Catalogues, 1961-1980; Miscellaneous financial and administrative papers, including financial year end statements, profit and loss accounts, annual reports; assorted stationery items and correspondence,1937-1979

MS108 Ashwell & Nesbitt, engineers, 1896-1911 Records relating to General Accident, Perth, offices, 1899; Duplin

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry Castle Laundry, 1909-1911: Brahan, Perth, 1896-1897, and other projects [unlisted]

MS109 Ranken & Reid, SSC, Edinburgh, 1588-1849 Writs relating to lands mainly in Perthshire, including Lochlane, Trewin, Fairnton, Craig, Innerpeffrey, and Rait belonging to the Murray, Drummond and Campbell families.

MS113 J&D Smith, linen drapers, Perth, c1920-1973 Business records including accounting records

MS114 Mitchell & Thomson, solicitors, Comrie, 1893-1974 Letter book: 1893-1974; letter files 1935-1963 dealing with the company’s legal business

MS116 William Graham, sawmaker, Perth, 1938-1958 Trading and profit and loss accounts and balance sheets, 19381958; specifications for saw benches and motors, c 1940-1953; plans for saw benches, c 1940-1950; Petition by William Alexander Graham and Gillivray Graham for the appointment of a curator bonis for John Graham, 1942

MS121 Les Porritt railway collection, 1835-1990 Records, ephemera and copies taken from records held elsewhere relating mainly to Perth Station and railways in Perthshire

MS123 Alyth Merchants Association, 1905-1983 Minute book, 1905-1953; letter books, 1931-1936; account books, 1906-1983; day books, 1906-1932; miscellaneous papers relating to the association [unlisted]

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry

MS137 Munro & Clow, solicitors, Aberfeldy, 1956-1965 Letter books

MS140 Mott MacDonald, civil engineers, Inverness and Perth, c1951-c1972 Photographs, pictures, plans, drawings and sections relating to the Breadalbane Scheme, St Fillians section and Lednock Dam

MS143 Craigie, slaters, Blairgowrie, 1854-1902 Ledger and account books, 1864-1898; cash book, 1881-1884; debt book, 1857-1865; newspaper cuttings, business correspondence and accounts, 1854-1902

MS144 Crieff Cinema/Bingo Hall records, 1952-1982 Caledonian Cinema, Crieff: advertising material; correspondence; exhibitor’s records and returns; miscellaneous papers, 1950- 1982. Caley Bingo and Social Club: returns & summaries, 19501984; applications for memberships, 1964-1978; incident books, 1978-1980; wages books, 1951-1973. Royal British Legion Scotland, Crieff Branch Club: miscellaneous papers, 1979-1980

MS155 McEwens of Perth, 1868-1997 Ledgers and day books for various branches, 1941-1978; advertising books, 1947-1975, albums of newspaper cuttings, flyers etc, 19471995; fur register 1929-1964; Insurance certificate, opening notice, clearance sale notice for Walton & McEwen, photograph of James McEwen all framed and c1868; Miscellaneous papers relating to the firm including album sheets bearing advertisements, 1975-1989; invitations to centenary dinner and 125th anniversary fashion spectacular, 1968, 1993; Maison Francaise A Londres fashion plates, 1907; La Mode Illustree, 1870-1871; letters of complaint, Page 15 of 19

Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry 1978-1981; price lists, fashion leaflets and photographs, 1953-1997

MS157 Auchterarder Gas Light Co., 1841-1948 Minute books, 1841-1902; Registers of members, lists of persons and balance sheets, 1927-1948

MS158 Dunning Gas Light Co., 1846-1914 Contract of co-partnery, 1845 (printed 1853); Register of shareholders, 18461914

MS162 Grants, WS, Auchterarder business and family papers, 1703-1986 Minutes, accounts, sederunt books, chartularies and legal and estate papers relating to individuals, trusts, property, businesses and families in the Auchterarder area including the Mallis, Mailer, and Hally families

MS163 John Moncrieff & Co Ltd., records, 1859-1995 Financial records of John Moncrieff Ltd, including subsidiaries Tomey and Sons and Monish Glass Co., 1859-1981; administrative records of John Moncrieff Ltd, including subsidiaries Tomey and Sons and Monish Glass Co., 1919-1983; employee Records, 1900-1973; promotional emphemera, nd, 1895-1980s; production records, n.d, 1911-1995

MS165 Air Service Training Ltd, Perth Aerodrome, Scone, 19351996 Files, 1958-1993; miscellaneous papers, 1936-1985, including contracts between Airwork Limited and various parties, 1983-1985; annual reports, 1965-1984; Daily movement logs, 1994-1995; the journal of Airwork Services Training, Perth, 1964-1966; engine log books, 1935-1971; maps and plans

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry relating mostly to Salina Airport, 1964-1990; air traffic control watch logs, 1969-1996

MS176 Crieff Aerated Water Co Ltd., records, 1892-1975 Minute books, 1935-1975; reports of directors to annual general meetings, 1901-1941, 1975; register of members, 1922-1975; register of directors. share and debenture interests, 1967-1968; certificate of incorporation, 1892; financial papers including balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, 19121975

MS180 Miller Hendry & Co, solicitors, Perth, 1752-1975 Legal documents relating to various individuals and families mainly from Abernethy and Newburgh, 1752-1975; cash ledgers of J&S Miller, solicitors, 1837-1861

MS187 East of Scotland railways, shareholders information, 18471856 Reports by directors, circular letters and other information sent to shareholders of the Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee Railway Company, 18471856; documents relating to North British Railway and the Edinburgh and Northern Railway Company, 1847-1856.

MS188 Major JC Cairncross Trustees, 1906-1948 Account book for jeweller’s business, 1906-1921; trust minutes and accounts, 1922-1948; scrapbook relating to the Cairncross family and business, c19151991

MS205 Papers of John Murray, Jailer in Perth, 1755-1792 Receipts, discharges and letters relating to the life and business of John Murray

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry

MS206 General Accident, Perth, records, 1878-1991 Reports, correspondence, publicity papers, plans, records of social activities and other papers

MS224 Perth (Central Bank) Fire Insurance, c1843-1889 Policies registers (13 volumes)

MS234 Commercial Hotel, Alyth, c1772-1991 Legal documents and advertisements

MS242 Banks of Almond Funeral Society, c1890-1970 Membership register

MS252 Blacksmith's ledgers, Abernyte, 1855-1922 Ledgers, showing work done at Whitehills, Hilltown, Southfield, Abernyte, with clients noted as Thomas Taylor, Inchture, North Pithindie, Heritors, Milton Mill, George Stewart, joiner, John Wilson, Free Manse, Mr Playfair, Whitehills by Inchture, for Stockmuir and Southlatch, Kirkton of Abernyte, Mr William Ritchie, Abernyte, Perth Education Authority and others

MS274 Ramsay Decorators, Auchterarder, 19-20 cents Ledgers, prints and decor miscellanea (unlisted)

MS275 Miss Boyd, bookseller, and newsagent, Comrie, 1898-1909 Customer ledger

MS292 Buchanan's of Dunkeld, 1959-1980 Five cash books

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Perth & Kinross Council Archive Collections

Business and Industry MS297 Messrs James H Jamieson & Sons, Regd Plumbers, Ruthven St., Auchterarder, 1935-1951 Ledgers containing record of plumbing work and payments, including work done for the military during WW2 and work done for the town, district and county councils, 1938-1939, 1936-1945, 1944-1948, 1945-1946, 1949-1950, 1950-1951some ledgers inscribed: 'Auchterarder ledger', 1946-1948; 'Dunning ledger', 1940-1946; Income and expediture ledgers , 1941-1944, 1944-1948,1948-1950; bundle of invoices from William G Gordon, builder and contractor, Auchterarder for goods and services, 1935-1940

MS298 James G. Falls, Grocer, Perth, 1940-1944 Financial records: paid receipts for goods supplied to Perth Council

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