PBX AS A SERVICE. Business phone system solution

PBX AS A SERVICE Business phone system solution FEATURE COMPARISON PBX as a Service compared to traditional PBX and telephony PBX as a Service Stan...
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PBX AS A SERVICE Business phone system solution

FEATURE COMPARISON PBX as a Service compared to traditional PBX and telephony PBX as a Service

Standard Landline

Traditional PBX

Music on Hold Call Transfer Caller Queue


Voice Menu


Other Features Include Up to Unlimited Lines Free Internal Calls Voicemail


Call Recording





Ring Groups External Transfer Call Monitoring The bottom line Monthly Costs

Minimal, flexibly scaled to usage

Landline Calls

12c Untimed

Mobile Calls

18c / minute

Typical Projected ROI Scalability

Contractual $35+ per line plus leasing costs

$35 / line

25c—40c connection plus 25c—40c / minute 50c connection plus 45c / minute

Under 6 months

~ 5 Years


Scales from 2 handsets up to thousands

Limited by hardware capacity

Limited by local infrastructure

Limitless possibilities at a fraction of the cost 3rd party costs are based on an average of competitor offerings, current as at January 2012. ROI projections are based on typical figures for an average call volume and average small business. Some advanced features such as CRM integration are only available with the call centre ed ition.

PBX AS A SERVICE FEATURE SUMMARY Hundreds of features you’ll wonder how you ever lived without Cloud Hosted No purchasing, maintenance or upgrades to worry about. It’s all the good parts of a PBX, without the bad. Your PBX is hosted on our Brisbane-based cloud infrastructure. Multi-Site Capable Whether you have multiple offices or just want to be able to work from home, your PBX can span as many locations as you like—you can call from anywhere with broadband. Powerful Reporting Report on individual staff, departments, offices, call destinations, call lengths, time to answer and more. Powerful and flexible reporting is included as standard. Easily Configurable Manage your PBX from your web browser using our easy-to -use configuration interface. Redirect your phone numbers, drop in a holiday message and more with a click. Seamlessly Integrated Connect your PBX to Neural Communicator for integrated “click to dial”, live extension status display and countless other unified communication features. Call Quality Guaranteed We guarantee that your calls will sound the same or better than a traditional PBX. We operate a high quality national network that provides industry leading call quality and consistency. Highly available, Extremely reliable Your PBX is hosted on our “N+1” cloud network. Which is built to be immune to power, equipment and connectivity failures, with complete redundancy from end-to-end.

KEY BUSINESS BENIFITS You’ll wonder how you ever got by without one Never Miss a Call Utilize a combination of PBX as a Service’s features to ensure your customers calls always reach you. IVR Menu’s, Queues and Voicemail ensure your customers never hear an engaged tone. Minimal Upfront Investment Unlike traditional systems, PBX as a Service requires no additional cabling and there’s no PBX hardware to install. The only new equipment you need is phone handsets. Ongoing Maintenance Included Your PBX as a Service is hosted in the cloud, which is maintained by our expert technicians. There’s no onsite maintenance to be performed, which means no ongoing maintenance costs to you. A Future-proof Investment Ongoing updates are included as standard with PBX as a Service, so the system will never become outdated. We operate on a two-week release cycle for new features. Quick and Easy Deployment Typical deployment for PBX as a Service is within 7 business days. All you need to do is plug in your pre-configured phones and start making calls. At the Forefront of Current Technology Keep ahead of the competition by utilising the latest in business communication technology. Our industry leading feature set will give you the edge. Part of an Integrated Solution PBX as a Service is part of an integrated communications suite for business that includes Fax, SMS, Post and more. Streamline all of your communications into a single, unified solution with seamless integration and compatibility.

WHY CHOOSE NEURAL PBXaaS The benefits speak for themselves Better Presence Wow your customers with the unbeatable corporate image only a high quality PBX can provide.

More Features PBX as a Service provides all the features of a top-of-the-line PBX plus many brand new ones.

Work Smarter Help your staff manage time better and improve business workflows with call queues and voice menus.

More Reliable Rest assured that your PBX will be 100% working all the time, thanks to our N+1 redundant cloud infrastructure.

The solution you’ve been searching for... PBX as a Service GIVES your business.

YOU THE POWER you need to revolutionise With MORE FEATURES at your fingertips you’ll obtain a

new level of CONTROL OVER YOUR CALLS. This will lead to improved


MORE PRODUCTIVITY. Neural provides high quality PBX services to HUNDREDS OF AUSTRALIAN

SMALL BUSINESSES just like yours. We pride ourselves on our service’s UNMATCHED RELIABILITY and offer a 99.99% service level agreement, along with our CALL


HIGH QUALITY HANDSET OPTIONS High quality equipment ensures the best quality experience Executive or busy receptionist...


5 Lines

HD Audio

Colour Screen



HQ Speakerphone

Txfer / Hold / Mute /etc

Unsurpassed Quality

3 Year Warranty

Ethernet Passthrough

High quality at a low price...


4 Lines

HD Audio

Caller ID

Ethernet passthrough

Backlit display

HQ Speakerphone

Txfer / Hold / Mute /etc

Unsurpassed Quality

1 Year Warranty

Headset support

Expansion Module

Expansion Module

Cordless Phones

Adds 32 additional buttons for one-touch transfer and speed dial. Also shows status of extensions at-a-glace. Up to two per phone can be connected.

Connect mobile handsets to your PBX for use in non-fixed position working environments. Enable mobility while maintaining full feature functionality - including hold, transfer and conferencing capabilities.

A WIDE RANGE OF CONNECTION OPTIONS Connect in the office, around the office, or on the go iPhone, iPad and Android Compatible Connect on the go, or around the office with our Smartphone integration feature. Full functionality including video calling is provided directly on your mobile phone. Using 3G/4G or WiFi to connect you can make and receive calls directly through your PBX without using calls on your mobile plan*.

* When used as directed, not available in all areas

Conference Phones Connect seamlessly in the board room Host seamless inter-office and customer conference calls using PBX as a Service’s built-in conferencing capability with one of our integrated conference phone options. Supports both dial-in conferencing as well as internal and external ‘bridged’ call conferencing. Scalable to any size meeting room with OmniSound technology and remote microphone add-on options. Video options also available.


Neural is a Plantronics partner and we offer their full range of Plantronics headsets, certified for use with our phones. Options include wired and wireless with premium and budget options for each.

Many other handset options available, please contact our sales team for more information.

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