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DBR presents PAUSE a competition in partnership with TED2017 ‘The future you’. This year TED is making the conference more explicitly personal. We are questioning what individual space looks like; the personal and private, the open and closed. How do we design an environment and experience that is nurturing, human, satisfying, and exciting? DBR is a non-profit school that teaches design and construction as an agent of social change. For the last three years, our students have created unique structures for TEDsters to gather and connect during the conference. Each structure is designed to be upcycled to provide a legacy use in our community and to elevate the TED message. Part of the challenge will be considering the end use for the structure within a forested site. With a local site being considered, we are excited to see how the future purpose of the structure can help shape its use at TED. The challenge will be to capture both the experience of TED and the experience of the forest.

In complementing the theme of TED, we present PAUSE. The pavilion is about personal reflection. A pause within the forest, within the city. A place to reflect, gather, or interact, the applicant will define the user encounter. To develop an identity of place and experience, but to also recognize and respect the surrounding environment. These are all concerns that should be considered while addressing the design and program requirements. The challenge is to create a space to reflect personally and in the same breath, share that experience with others. A reflection on the past, a moment in the present, and a thought for the future. Can taking a PAUSE and connecting to nature answer the questions that TED is exploring?


ABOUT SITE The site for the outdoor pavilion is located on the West Pacific Terrace of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Sitting next to Jack Poole Plaza and the Olympic Cauldron, the terrace boasts unobstructed sightlines of the Vancouver Harbour and North Shore mountains. VANCOUVER CONVENTION CENTRE (VCC) 1055 Canada Place Vancouver, BC, V6C 0C3

ABOUT TED TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global non-profit dedicated to spreading ideas. TED2017 will bring together some of the world’s most inspired thinkers and doers to the Vancouver Convention Center for five days of innovative and engaging talks and events. TED2017.TED.COM

TIMELINE January 1st, 2017

Competition Deadline

January 2017 Winner Announced Secure Sponsorships Showcase Event January - April

Design Refinement + Build

April 24th-28th

TED2017 Conference


DESIGN IS LIFE LONG LEARNING DBR is a non-profit institute founded to offer a new model for design education and research. Our school is dedicated to teaching the design and construction of socially, culturally and environmentally relevant student-led installations. DBR also offers a research platform with a focus in systemic change in building for climate, environment, disaster and global shelter needs. DBR was founded in Spring 2014 by architect Michael Green, leading structural engineer Eric Karsh and social entrepreneur Scott Hawthorn. DBR is founded on the idea that every kid in grade six knows how to draw and build. By grade 10 only half of the students in a class will raise their hand and say they have those skills. By grade 12, only a small handful feel they have the art and design skills and talent to pursue a design career in particular. We believe design skills should not only scale to design professions, but also lead to design thinking in other professions. Empowering students to bring ideas into reality through building is fundamental. Our ambition is to encourage a generation of designers, builders and mentors across all age groups. It is the tradition of the design professions to pass our skills from generation to generation. DBR was founded to champion that tradition in a new model of teaching. The DBR program brings young kids and old into the design and construction process and helps them maintain their curiosity in the built environment as they grow. By engaging students in community based projects they learn life skills; from hands-on design and building to leadership, teamwork and ultimately the importance of lifelong mentorship and community contribution. DBR-SCHOOL.ORG


SPONSORSHIP GET INVOLVED In partnership with TED2017 ‘The future you’, DBR | PAUSE presents itself as an excellent opportunity for those wishing to connect further with the DBR and TED community. With 217 entries from over 61 countries in our TREEHOUSING challenge and a growing pool of alumni from around the continent, DBR continues to nurture its visibility on an increasingly global stage. Competition information and updates will be broadcast to our mailing list of past and present competitors, and to all DBR social media outlets. The contributions of our sponsors will be included in all competition press releases. The public nature of a gathering space allows for a wide net of connection between the structure and its intended users. With a prominent position on the Vancouver city waterfront, and immediate access to the inspiring and innovative TEDsters of 2017, our supporters are promised exposure through promotional signage at the competition’s Showcase Event and throughout the TED2017 conference. With a local future use site under consideration, this competition is a key opportunity for our sponsors to contribute to a project that will provide a meaningful and long-lasting user experience to the wider community of the Canadian West Coast.


Corporate enhancement through the support of a not for profit organization dedicated to design-build education and developing the next generation of design professionals.

Greater visibility and brand recognition, as a means of differentiating your company.

Widespread exposure to an interested and influential audience.

The entire success and legacy of this project is reliant on the significant donations of our sponsors. Thank you for your interest in supporting DBR | PAUSE – your gifts, advice and support will garner enormous acknowledgment from those that will enjoy the structure we create together, and will enable us to continue to educate the future designers and builders of the world.

WAYS TO SUPPORT DBR will consider sponsorship recognition both for monetary and in-kind donations (material, time, service or otherwise). Some examples of in-kind support needed for this competition include: •

Lumber/Mass Timber products*

Weatherproof Material



Alcohol/Catering for Showcase Event


Build Crew T-shirts + screening

To discuss other potential sponsorhip options or for more information please contact us. * Due to the nature of a design competition, we cannot guarantee the use of a particular product. The applicant has been specified to use wood as the primary structural material. However, what product they choose to design with is up to the designers’ discretion.



For any enquiries about becoming a Sponsor of DBR | PAUSE showcased at TED2017 CONTACT Whitney Robinson, DBR Program Director T 604.336.4770 E [email protected]